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One of the biggest fears of parents is when a lump appears on the body of our children, in this case on the knees. We talk about Baker's cyst, let's get to know it.

A Baker's cyst (popliteal cyst) is a fluid-filled pocket that forms behind the knee. This makes your knee feel tense and sore. These cysts are very common and can be caused by anything that inflames your joints, including arthritis.

Generally in young children, other symptoms such as stiffness or local pain are not observed, although in adolescents they do occur. The mass increases in size when the knee is fully extended and disappears when the knee is flexed. The dough is hard, firm and can be sensed by placing a strong light on the dough, showing the presence of liquid material.

It is extremely important to carefully review the knee joint in children, in order to look for signs of sub-dislocation or early osteoarthritis.

The mechanism by which it occurs is not clearly known. It seems to be related to the development of the knee, but unlike the adult, its presence does not reflect any type of alteration in the knee joint.

It can be caused by the distension of bags filled with gelatinous fluid from the tendon sheath in the back of the knee, although it can sometimes originate from the joint itself.

- Swelling appears in the area behind the knee. The swelling is caused by the fluid that forms the cyst and which in turn causes inflammation in the area. This swelling looks like a lump on the back of the knee and is best seen when standing with the knee straight.

- Some tension is detected behind the knee. When fluid builds up in cysts, it puts pressure on the back of your knee. It usually feels like your knee is about to explode, especially when standing with your leg straight; that is, when the skin around the knee is fully stretched and the feeling of tension is felt.

- Control of stiffness around the knee. Stiffness differs from tension in that if your knee is stiff, you will feel a lot of discomfort when bending it. On the contrary, with tension, your knee will feel like a water balloon about to burst. Your knee may feel stiff because the cyst causes the knee muscles and joints to swell, making it stiff.

- Pay attention to any pain you feel in the back of your knee. When the cyst puts pressure on the nerves behind the knee, you will definitely feel pain when you move your knee a lot.

The diagnosis is made when the child is examined, the mother reports that on certain occasions, especially after physical activity, it is larger, when getting up it is small and increases in size during the day. These cysts They are often discovered accidentally by parents, for example after a child's knee bruise.

The best way for parents to see it is with the child lying down and the knee stretched out, showing a prominence in the innermost part of the back of the knee that does not appear in the other healthy knee. In general, physical examination is sufficient to diagnose Baker's cyst.

In case the cyst is large, causes pain or has grown rapidly, it should be studied with an imaging test. Computerized axial tomography (CT) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) will clearly indicate if the cyst has liquid density, define the relationship with the rest of the structures and guide on the thickness of the cyst wall.

In general, an ultrasound is recommended, which confirms the diagnosis and measures the size of the cyst.

The initial treatment is observation, since the cyst generally tends to disappear, the pediatrician must explain to the parents the nature of the lesion and that there is no possibility of malignancy, in research it has been determined that about 80% of cysts disappear within 2 to 3 yearsIn the event that the mass grows significantly, limits the child's activity or begins to present pain, the surgical indication is not open to discussion. It is not recommended to aspirate the cyst or the infiltration with steroids because with these techniques it always tends to reproduce.

If it causes pain in the mobility of the knee, the pediatrician may suggest taking an anti-inflammatory or analgesic to relieve the pain or acute discomfort.

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How to put your baby to sleep in 3 steps

Probably having a child is the first trigger of lack of sleep among parents. You should know that ten years of sleep studies have shown that lack of sleep has an impact on overall health, learning ability, and mood.

If you are one of those desperate parents, you know that the most important thing is to create a daily routine that you must follow to induce the child to sleep. Do not break this habit if you do not want to create chaos in the child's schedules and that all your efforts disappear in the blink of an eye.

If your patience does not give for more, do not worry, on our site we teach you three essential steps to put your baby to sleep as quickly as possible. You must enter this routine for at least seven nights for it to begin to take effect.

1st warm bath
Bath time is essential when it comes to babies under 7 months of age. The bath with warm water and a neutral soap relaxes them and makes them go from the period of activity to a moment of tranquility. Some babies are stimulated with the bath, if this is your case, do not follow their game and try to make that moment as calm as possible.

2º Give him a massage in the shadows
It dries the child and, in his room, creates a warm environment in low light. Light is a natural stimulant, our body reacts to it by waking us up, so it is important that the child, at least half an hour before sleeping, is in the dark. Darkness causes the brain to release melatonin, a basic hormone for falling asleep.

Several studies have shown that massages with oils and creams with gentle scents and, as long as it is relaxing, put the baby into a lethargic mode. It should be a kind of caress, not a physical therapy session, so that the child is comfortable and relaxed and can feel safe and create bonds with the parent who exercises the massage. If your baby suffers from colic, ask your doctor to teach you some massages to reduce these intestinal spasms and take advantage of this moment to put it into practice.

3º Ensure a moment of tranquility
Do not feed your baby just before putting him in the crib and stay with him while you sing a lullaby or read a story. This routine should not be too long since then you will achieve the opposite, that for him the time to get into the crib is the time to play.

Don't play anything that activates him and talk quietly to him. Nor should you put him asleep completely, since when he wakes up he will be scared by not seeing you by his side. It is best to put it in when you feel sleepy and learn to relax on your own. Babies who fall asleep on their own are more likely to fall asleep more quickly and learn to calm themselves when they wake up at night.

Be patient first of all, but surely by following these simple steps in a short time you will have assured a peaceful night's sleep ... or at least you will have tried.

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Top children's clothing for baptism. The most beautiful clothes for the day of Christianity

Baby baptism is one of the most important events in a family's life. It is a moment that has to be marked properly and is most often celebrated by a party.

To organize this event attended by all the family members and your friends, you have to pay attention to every detail, and the "main character" outfit is extremely important.

We show you a top of the outfits for baptism, both for girls and boys.

The baptismal costume for boys is made from velvet, suitable for such a special occasion as baptism. The bonnet will match perfectly with the outfit, and your little nazdravan will look like a real knight.

A little princess deserves a suitable attire for baptism. Ivory dress with three rows of lace will be a good one only for the day of Christianity.

The products can be purchased from the shops of Unirea Shopping Center Bucharest, Baneasa Mall Bucharest and Cocor store in Bucharest, but they can also be ordered through the website

Ana Bella christening dress for girls and Iridor christening costume in 3 pieces for boys

The pink dress dressed in tulle and with layers of tulle added at the bottom is an occasion, suitable for baptism. The dress also has a lace band that will dress your little girl's waist.

This suit is made up of blue pants, with adjustable straps, a white body shirt with a red pattern and red bow tie with white circles. It is an ideal outfit for baptism and at the same time a comfortable outfit for the little boy, made of 100% cotton.

You can purchase these outfits from the website

Traditional costume for boys and Grace white dress for girls

A christening suit for boys inspired by the traditional Romanian port is a special choice for your boy. The type shirt and trousers with bra with traditional sewing motifs make up an effect outfit.

This dress made of natural silk is a clear outfit for your little princess, being the perfect choice for a summer baptism. Assort a special stripe decorated with beads on the dress to create an outfit worthy of a princess.

The showroom of this shop is on Str. Constantin Daniel, Nr. 4, Sector 1, Bucharest, but you can buy the products for your little one and through the website

Boys blue velvet complexion and dress, bolero and hat for girls

Your boy will look adorable in a velvet complex consisting of a jacket, shirt, vest, pants, bow tie, shoes and a hat.

For an elegant lady, the baptismal complex consisting of dress, bolero and hat is perfect. The ivory taffeta folds, the chest and the back lace, and the ivory and gold beads with which she is accessorized, make the dress a special outfit.

You can buy these outfits from the website

Set of 4 Emile et Rose pieces for boys and Bonnie Jean Baby dress for girls

This baptismal set is made up of long cream velvet trousers, a cotton shirt, an elegant velvet vest and a Baker-style hat and is an ideal choice for baptism day.

With short sleeved dress with floral applications, sequins and tulle bottom, your little girl will be a sic lady.

Buy your favorite pieces from the Kids Plaza showroom located on Str. Belizarie Nr. 16, Sector 1, Bucharest or from the online store

Baptism dress with roses and hat for girls and elegant white suit in 6 pieces for boys

The extremely elegant long sleeve dress accessorized with roses and a nice hat will be a perfect outfit for your little girl's Christian day. The dress has an organza skirt on the outside, but inside it is doubled by a satin skirt. In contact with the skin of the baby is 100% cotton.

Your Nazdravan will look great in the white suit in 6 pieces, which includes white thin and elastic fabric panathlon, carriage jacket, cotton shirt, knitted vest, checkered butterfly and checked plaid.

You can buy these outfits from the online store

The popular costume for girls is made up of skirt, skirt, armchair and bra. It is made of linen, cotton dim, skirt and bra made of natural silk.

The boys costume is made of cotton shirt, trousers and bra of natural silk and bow tie.

These outfits can be found in the Pink and Blue store in Promenada Bucuresti Mall (Calea Floreasca, no. 246B) and on the website

The christening set for girls made of dress, boots and a belly of veil, lace and velvet is perfect for such a special occasion

An appropriate choice for such a special day is the christening suit for boys in beige-cream velvet combinations, it has 7 pieces: pants, jacket, shirt, butterfly, braces, sepcuta and botosei.

Order these outfits from and you will receive them directly at home.

Filip costume for boys and dress for girls

The baptismal costume for boys is composed of trousers, jacket, boots, knitwear, cotton shirt, butterfly and natural silk handkerchief. It is suitable for a baptism in a winter month because the material is thick.

The girls' complex made up of lace and Basque made of lace and silk will attract all eyes.

Order the clothes from

Are you looking for a store where you can buy baptismal clothes, candles and other accessories for this important event? Look in our section dedicated to baptism.

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How to help children sleep alone in their bedroom

How to help children sleep alone in their bedroom

Getting the child to sleep alone in his room is not always easy. Many times due to the habit that children acquire of sleeping with their parents from a very young age, sometimes due to fears, and other times due to regressions, they make the sleep routine when the child sleeps in their own space is complicated.

There are thousands of methods to teach children to sleep alone. From the best known and controversial as the Estivill method, to other more gradual methods for less "disciplined" parents, all of them based on behavioral techniques whose objective is that children learn to sleep alone in their room and using negative or punishing stimuli ( if he cries, ignore him). These types of methods seek the quickest and apparently most effective solution without paying attention to the short or long-term negative effects that they can cause.

Another more effective method is provide them with routines from love, patience and common sense and based on positive stimuli. This method is slower 'cooking' but 100% effective.

If the child is one of those who has been used to sleeping with his parents for a long time, it is not enough to ask him to change rooms.

- The child can be motivated by explaining that sleeping in his room you will have more space and will be more comfortable. This space will be yours and therefore you can choose how it will be.

- The child may have permission to do in his bed what is not allowed in his parents. Read inside for a while before turning off the light, put any toys, etc.

- If the child is already prepared to use the incentive system. A table will be used in which together you will agree on the award for performing the desired behavior.

On the other hand, from the age of 2, regressions are common in children. The causes of these regressions can have different reasons: from the birth of a sibling to the fear of sleeping alone. And it is that at this age of 2 years nightmares are frequent due to their imagination and fear of the dark. These factors intensify the fear of sleeping alone. To alleviate your discomfort it is recommended:

- Leave an indirect light to see what is still in your room. That is to say, leave the door ajar so that the hallway light can give you, or leave the blind half up.

- Maintain the routine of going to bed at the same time and always doing the same. For example, read him a story.

- If you wake up restless, accompany you until you relax.

When it comes to helping your children sleep alone, you should always follow the same routine, which can include a kiss or wish them good night. Something must always be done that is available to us and is brief. Everything that is done to help the child to sleep cannot exceed what is essential such as, for example, holding them in your arms to sleep, going to bed with them to sleep, etc.

Since it can become a difficulty with the passage of time or if there are different circumstances such as a move, other family members taking care of them, etc. In addition to these types of aids there are other types of strategies that we usually use and that have immediate results but imply disadvantages in the future:

- Get angry because you resist sleeping alone and behave badly
If you do, the child understands that the father or mother will not hold on angry for long and will end up giving in.

- Give him arguments why he should sleep alone and not be afraid to do so
If it is done, the child will always want more.

- Help him with things he can do himself
You should not do things that the child can do alone such as going to the bathroom alone or getting up to drink water. Meeting these demands implies that the child gets the adult's attention and can postpone sleeping.

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Folic acid prevents premature birth

Folic acid prevents premature birth

Folic acid could reduce the risk of preterm birth by up to 50%. According to a new study, folic acid supplements taken at least a year before conception could reduce the chances of preterm birth by 50%, up to 70%, depending on age, race and other factors.
The study by the US Institute of Medicine represents an analysis based on the interpretation of the effects of folic acid of 38,033 participants. To date, numerous studies on folic acid they only looked at its effects during pregnancy, in complications such as preeclampsia, chronic hypertension and congenital malformations.
Consumption of folic acid with at least one year before conception, the chances of having a premature birth in weeks 20-28 of pregnancy and 50% in weeks 28-32 of pregnancy are reduced.
We already know how important it is folic acid in our body, especially before conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy. It prevents serious baby health problems such as spina bifida or malformations of the brain and spine.
This study could also demonstrate the prevention of pregnancy complications such as heart attack and cardiovascular disease.
Laura Moise
February 4, 2008

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The nutrients needed in pregnancy for a healthy baby

The nutrients needed in pregnancy for a healthy baby

The diet in pregnancy involves consuming all the nutrients the fetus needs to grow healthy. A balanced diet involves eating as diversified as possible and including in the daily menu foods from all the basic food groups: carbohydrates, dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables.
Here is a list of important nutrients for pregnant women and their sources.

  • Calcium

  • The recommended dose is 1000 mg and you may need a supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps develop strong teeth and bones, nerves, heart and healthy muscles, improves heart rate and blood clotting ability.
    Source: skim milk, calcium-enriched orange juice, mozarella.
  • Hill

  • The recommended dose is 450 mg and you may need a supplement.
    Benefits for babies: it helps in the proper development of nerve cells, helps and prevents neural tube defects.
    Source: boiled egg, pork, cod meat.
  • Chromium

  • The recommended dose is 0.03 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps stabilize proteins in developing tissues and regulates blood sugar levels.
    Source: chicken meat without boiled skin, apple, peanut butter.
  • Copper

  • The recommended dose is 1 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps form the heart, bone and nervous systems, arteries and veins.
    Source: canned crab meat, raw mahogany, beans with large grain.
  • Folic acid

  • The recommended dose is at least 6 mg and you need a supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps prevent neural tube defects, can reduce the risk of other birth defects, critical for blood formation.
    Source: lentils, enriched cereals, boiled or steamed asparagus.
  • Iodine

  • The recommended dose is 2.2 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: helps regulate metabolism and develop the nervous system.
    Source: cod, semi-degreased yogurt, iodized salt, baked potato in shell.
  • Iron

  • The recommended dose is 27 mg and you need a supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps form blood cells, provides oxygen to cells for energy and development, forms bones, cartilage and other connective tests.
    Source: cereals enriched with iron, lentils, boiled spinach.
  • Magnesium

  • The recommended dose is 2 mg and you may need a supplement.
    Benefits for babies: helps to develop strong teeth and bones, regulates insulin and blood sugar levels, forms and repairs tissues.
    Source: dried pumpkin seeds, spinach paste.
  • Manganese

  • The recommended dose is 2 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps form bones and cartilage, protects cells, activates enzymes that help metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
    Source: brown rice, cooked oats, pineapple.
  • Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)

  • The recommended dose is 6 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: essential for the production of hormones and cholesterol, for metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
    Source: avocado, diet milk, or boiled hard.
  • Phosphorus

  • The recommended dose is 700 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: it forms strong bones, improves blood coagulation, kidney function and heart rate.
    Source: canned salmon (without bones), fat-free milk, black beans.
  • Potassium

  • The recommended dose is 4700 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: it helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, helps muscle contraction, strengthens metabolism and nerve functions.
    Source: baked potato, plum juice, dried apricots.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

  • The recommended dose is 1.4 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: it helps growth, good vision and healthy skin, essential for the development of bones, muscles and nerves.
    Source: dietary yogurt, skinless meat, mushrooms, ricotta cheese, semi-skimmed.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

  • The recommended dose is 1.4 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: transforms carbohydrates into energy, essential for brain development, helps to develop the heart and nervous system.
    Source: oats, pork fillets, spinach noodles.
  • Vitamin A

  • The recommended dose is 7.7 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: the importance for cell development, the eye, healthy skin and conjunctival membranes, increases resistance to infections, helps in bone growth and fat metabolism.
    Source: baked sweet potatoes, boiled spinach, carrot.
  • Vitamin B6

  • The recommended dose is 194 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: It helps in metabolizing proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it helps in the formation of red blood cells and in the development of the brain and nervous system.
    Source: banana, baked potato, peas, chicken breast.
  • C vitamin

  • The recommended dose is 85 mg and you do not need any supplement.
    Benefits for babies: essential for tissue repair and for the production of collagen (component of cartilage, tendons, bones and skin).
    Source: orange juice, boiled broccoli, strawberries, cantaloupe.
  • Vitamin D

  • The recommended dose is 0.05 mg and you need a supplement.
    Benefits for the baby: helps in the formation of teeth and bones.
    Source: salmon, milk.
  • Zinc

  • The recommended dose is 11 mg and you may need a supplement.
    Benefits for babies: Helps to grow cells, essential for DNA production.
    Source: hard tofu, fruit yogurt, Alaska imperial crab.