10 Common Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

10 Common Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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Excessive pregnancy can cause cerebral palsy

Excessive pregnancy can cause cerebral palsy

According to a recent study, if a woman is pregnant or pregnant before she becomes pregnant, she may increase the chance of her child developing cerebral palsy.

Your weight can also cause problems for your child

As you lead that research Ingeborg Forthun, a doctoral student at Bergen University in Norway noted that while the rate of increasing cerebral palsy in pregnant women may seem very high, it is important to know that the incidence of this disease is fortunate enough Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain damage or abnormal brain development and primarily associated with musculoskeletal disordersbut also affects sight, hearing, and learning abilities. In the current research, Forthun and his team looked at data from 189,000 Norwegian and Danish children who were classified as underweight, underweight, underweight, and underweight. .Over of the cases examined, cerebral palsy was documented 390 times and the data showed that the number of children whose mothers were above normal weight before pregnancy was 40% higher. Specialists have suggested that excessive complications can occur in pregnant women, such as gestational diabetes or various birth complications, which can be explained by the fact that there is an increased risk of inflammation in the sebaceous tissues.As the authors of the study in the Pediatrics magazine have called attention to, it is especially important that women who have a child, but your child does a lot of health as well.

Name Albrecht - Meaning and origin

Name Albrecht - Meaning and origin
Name Cyprien - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Greek kupris, "originating from the island of Cyprus".
In antiquity, Cyprus was the birthplace of Venus, the goddess of Love.


The 16th century Flemish composer Cyprien de Rore, the French pianist Cyprien Katzaris ...

Saint Cyprian, bishop of Carthage in Tunisia, is one of the fathers of the Church. Born of a wealthy pagan family in the third century, he was a missionary and a theologian sentenced to death in 258.

His character :

Cyprien is a person who has a lot of dynamism and vitality. Courageous, he knows how to cope with adversity. His natural diplomacy also makes him the ideal person to mediate conflicts. Especially sociable and extrovert, naturally focused on communication, Cyprien also demonstrates a great aversion to routine and sloppiness.


Cypris, Cyprille, Cyprian.

His party :

The Cyprien are celebrated on September 14th.

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Fire is a great attraction for many children, but once you get over it, your little ones have to learn some useful things about fire prevention. Complete fire training should provide children with brief information on fire hazards and how they should respond in an emergency.

Children should find out from their parents what the fire risks are:

  • open fire sources (matches, lighters, candles, electric igniter, etc.);
  • flammable substances;
  • electrical installations;
  • fireworks.

After you have explained to your children the dangers associated with the fire, send them in inspection throughout the house. The little ones must correctly identify in each room of the house the potential risks of fire and must know where you know the extinguisher and how it is used, if there is no adult around.

Photo: photos.demandstudios.com

Fire prevention and correct reaction

In order for your little ones to be prepared in case of an emergency, you must explain to them how to leave the house in case of fire and what are the alternative routes to get to safety.
Make sure the little ones understand that they should never hide in lockers or other places where parents or firefighters cannot find them. If a room is filled with smoke, it should stay as close to the floor as possible and leave it quickly.
Your children need to know what the right reaction is if their clothes catch fire: lie on the ground and roll to extinguish the flames.
If using scented candles, explain to the little ones how to always check if they are well extinguished before leaving the room.
A complete fire hazard instruction should also include the fact that fire can be a danger as great as outside the home, where a lit match could injure or kill other children. If, however, they cause or notice a fire that is out of control, children should always look for an adult to inform them of the situation.
After you have "listened" to your little one about this important issue, praise him when he notices fire hazards that you have not seen and realize that your example is very important when it comes to it. of safety.

Tags Fire Child communication Parent-child communication Child education

Fairy fantasy makeup

We show you how to color your child's face with a pretty fairy makeup for carnival and / or birthday parties. If your children like the world of fairies, here is an example for you to learn how to paint the fairy face in a very simple way. Do not miss this video where the step by step of this makeup is shown.

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It must be removed if it is blocked in the esophagus. Because the risk is important: in one hour, there is mucosal damage, it goes to perforation in eight hours.
Positioned at the level of the stomach, some doctors remove it, others do not.