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She's the Man


Viola Hastings (Amanda Bynes) is a Cornwall high school student who is the star of the girls soccer team, and whose main passion in life is playing soccer. When Cornwall cuts the soccer team from their program, and refuses to allow Viola to try out for the boys team, Viola poses as her twin brother Sebastian, who is away in London for a couple of weeks. She enrols at his new school Illyria (Cornwall's soccer rival) so she can try out for their soccer team. With the help of her friends, Viola dons a boys wig, sticks on some sideburns, takes a crash course in how to walk, talk and act like a man, and passes herself off as her brother.

Viola/Sebastian's life at her/his new school becomes complicated when she falls for her new roommate, Duke Orsino (Channing Tatum). He has a crush on Olivia (Laura Ramsey), who in turn is smitten with Viola/Sebastian. Also in the mix is Monique (Alex Breckenridge), Sebastian's totally conceited girlfriend, whom Viola dumps.

The big day of the soccer match between Cornwall and Illyria arrives. Things go awry when Viola sleeps in and her brother, the real Sebastian, who can't play soccer, arrives.


Gender issues; relationship jealousy


  • A fight erupts between Duke and Viola's ex-boyfriend Justin (Robert Hoffman) after Justin catches Duke kissing Viola at a kissing booth. There are a couple of punches to the face, some grabbing, pushing and shoving, which ends in the two rolling about on the ground.
  • Viola, Olivia and Monique became entangled in a fight when Olivia and Monique argue over Sebastian. The fight includes slaps across the face and head, punches to the stomach, pushing and shoving and the throwing of shoes. This all results in the three girls rolling about on the floor.
  • At the soccer match between Cornwall and Illyria, Justin acts in an threatening and aggressive manner towards Duke. Justin slaps his own face several times, inferring that he intends to do this to Duke.
  • Later in the game, an all-out fight breaks out between the two rival teams, involving some punching and a lot of pulling, pushing and shoving. The teams chant war cries such as, 'Who's gunna bring blood and pain'.

Content that may disturb children

Under 8

Although the low-level violence described above is depicted in a comic light, it could still disturb or negatively influence some children in this age group.

Over 8

Although children over eight might appear to cope better with the movie's low-level violence, they could still be negatively influenced by it.

Sexual references

  • When Viola's friends help her out by pretending that they are Sebastian's ex-girlfriends, they make comments such as, 'I was thinking about you all night… call me anytime' and 'In the end I wasn't woman enough for you'.
  • Sebastian's ex-girlfriend Monique comments, 'Girls with arses like mine don't talk to boys with faces like yours'.
  • Viola as Sebastian says, 'Kiss the crap out of her' and 'Which one would you rather see naked?'
  • In a reference to wearing high-heeled shoes, a character says, 'Heels are men's invention to try and make a woman's butt smaller'.
  • A deliberately 'ugly duckling' type girl indicates, through body and facial gestures, that she is open to advances from the opposite sex. For example, she says, 'I know tricks'.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances


Nudity and sexual activity

There is some partial nudity and implied sexual activity in this movie. For example:

  • The real Sebastian proves his gender by pulling down his pants to expose his genitals (lower legs only are shown).
  • Viola proves her gender by pulling up her top to expose her breasts. Her breasts are not shown, but Viola's fellow soccer players stare.
  • There are a couple of scenes in which Viola walks in on her male team mates having showers. Only naked upper torsos are exposed.
  • There is a beach soccer match in which numerous girls wear bikinis that expose cleavage.
  • Some cheerleader-type girls wear costumes that expose their cleavage and midriffs, and some have pierced navels.
  • Viola as Sebastian grabs a would-be pretend girlfriend on the bottom.
  • There is some kissing on the mouth.

Product placement


Coarse language

This movie contains occasional, very mild coarse language.

Ideas to discuss with your children

She's the Man is a romantic comedy that offers a contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It is well suited to its targeted audience of younger teenage girls. Although the lead character is not all that convincing as a boy, her character is very likeable as a girl, and the movie does contain some funny moments.

The main message of the movie is about the unfairness of being treated unequally because of gender. There is also a message about the unethical use of emotional blackmail, as in deliberately making someone you are attracted to jealous in order to gain attention. There are some mixed messages though, as Viola is rewarded for her use of deception to gain what she wants, and there are no negative consequences for her deception.

You might like to talk about a major theme in the movie. This is how Viola perseveres through adversity to obtain her goals, and the manner in which her friends support her. You could also talk about what can really happen if people use deception to get what they want. A discussion with adolescents on constructive ways to handle sexual jealousy could also prove helpful. Another theme you could discuss is gender inequality in the past and how it pervades the present.

Now I like to breastfeed

Now I like to breastfeed

The second baby and three months ago I needed to say: I like to breastfeed - reads ours, Orsolya.

Before she was born the first baby, I thought breastfeeding was the simplest thing in the world. The mother-in-law has been breastfeeding her babies, and women's breasts have been created for this. The baby catches the baby, loses the milk, and that's it. What could be simpler?
To do this, I was breastfeeding my first baby (who is already a two-year-old grandmother) for only three months, and according to my baby diary, it was somewhere around two and a half months old when she was breastfeeding. But this three wasn't there tomorrow zцkkenхmentes. He was already very sick in the hospital, and when we got home he still had a lot of chills, he barely slept. My first thought, of course, was to be hungry, well I don't have enough milk. We tried breastfeeding, somehow it was not straightforward. Early in the week, the pediatrician offered to take a diet.
My mother-in-law, with her first child, had no experience and I didn't want my baby to starve. So he got it from a very young age, which, of course, led to the gradual drooping of the milky beauties. Even though I was really trying, even at night, I was barely sleeping ... Whoever did the same thing knows how much you fancy, I guess I don't have to go into detail. I had a nipple in the hospital, and I came home with bloody urticaria. During every breastfeeding, I would have preferred to scrape the wall.
Szуval summa summarum, the whole kнnszenvedйs volt. When my mother told me about the wonderful feelings of breastfeeding, the beautiful eyes that baby had on her mother's face, I just looked at her with big eyes because she was breastfeeding.
I decided that if it was mбsodik child, I will be better prepared for the whole thing. We did not have to wait much for his brother, he soon moved into the tummy. I accidentally downloaded all the LLL brochures, signed it down. I was prepared like a little school for the exam. I went to a sucker club and bought a comfortable pillow and sucker. When my baby was born, I faced the same problems as my baby. He was a good sleeper, but his nipple was as small as the first one. We were still in the hospital, but I was hurting the whole thing. On our day of coming home, the dairy got into it. I also asked for a Breastfeeding Advice who came to us, showed me correct breast placement, and many little tricks that help heal the breast. Two weeks later, the wounds healed, but the tits were still quite sensitive. My baby son was three months old when breastfeeding wasn't at all.

Now I like to breastfeed

In the meantime, I kept on letting myself be able to stop at any time, which, of course, did not happen, but was not oppressed. Even helped me to always set a smaller time frame, like two weeks, then two more weeks, and so on. Then I just realized that I had generally not tired. My baby was now breastfeeding exclusively with breast milk for seven months.
I already know what my mother talked about when she mentioned that particular look of her baby: as she looks into my eyes, she releases her baby for a moment and smiles sadly. Now I like to breastfeed.
Bukta Orsolya, Budapest
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    In addition Cseperedх children are never bored. Even if we strive to meet the demands of the environment! The "perfect" mother can make our lives very bitter.

    Watch out, supermam!

    Today's women want to make the most of their talents after family fraud. But how can this be done for everyone's benefit? Niemi's laziness and humor are always good, but to do that we need to spend our "perfect time" for some time off. We are easy to describe ourselves in our books, and we are overwhelmed with despair. Christina (33), a two-time kindergarten teacher, is frustrated by her insights:
    "This is utter incapacity! If my child is born, I should turn my full strength to the family, but of course, be a caracas maternal who, in keeping with the spirit of the age, works beside the child. be wrinkled, fatigued, and have sex between two breastfeeding. But who's this life, mine, or some fictional woman that everyone is training to replace me? " Lбssuk, fordнtani how we can make a difference!

    Do not believe it!

    The number one truth we face when a child is born is that the mother is always happy. It is easy to prove that this is false, and we do not even need to satisfy her: it is well known that people are not always happy that mothers are human, and it follows that mothers are not always happy. Yes, sometimes we are sad, upset, desperate. Feel free to feel safe, no need to tune in. Notice that our child is surprised to see that our mood is not very rusty and that he may be able to comfort us.


    For the sake of happiness, when we try to carefully hide our senses, suppress our own needs, we can easily get to the other end: we are irreparably depressed. This can be very annoying after a couple of weeks, and if you do not pay attention to the alarms, you may develop more serious psychological distress. ! If you stay on the point for a while, you don't feel like doing anything, and at the same time, you can't sleep well, constantly lose weight, or are out of gear, which is serious trouble. Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    Career - Don't Say It!

    Nowadays, a woman who considers her work important in addition to her children may think that she is often under the nose: sacrificing her own family's own well-being. It's okay to do both things together, but with the help of the outside. Whether or not a ward, grandmother or a household employee is employed depends on the situation. The bottom line is, let's face it: we're not comic book skiers who can do everything alone, and something! It is very important to be flexible kezeljьk the situation. Measure (32) so:
    "I always loved my job. When I first became pregnant, I agreed with my boss that I would go back to work after a year. It happened, my family supported me, the little grandparents were very caring. That's when the next baby came in. The plan was old, Kata was back to work one year ago, but it wasn't real anymore: I had more problems with the kids and I couldn't really do well at my workplace. this is not going to work. I asked for a year's progress from college. I have not regretted my decision, since I am working again and I do not feel the disadvantage of being left out. "

    Tips dolgozу anyбknak:

    • Learn to Ask for and Accept Help! Involving the family in the upbringing of the family is essential, giving parents and grandparents space in the life of the seedlings as well.
    • If you nurture the child again, be sure! Do not ring for tens of minutes or manage events from the calendar. It is just as important to have faith in the urns, the doctrines. This way you will be able to concentrate on your work.
    • Bigger kids love to be cool - use their enthusiasm, let them cook their breakfast, and keep their belongings in order. If they do, the amount of housework will actually decrease.
    • Ranking your tasks: what you absolutely need to do and what you can expect a little more. Нgy not bury themselves alб burden.

    Who wears the pants?

    Successful women - especially when they are well-paid - are often considered overly masculine. This can also be problematic in a relationship if you take your position at risk in family relationships. and leave with this opportunity. Women can develop in their profession without devotion. We still have this kind of attitude, but don't give up!

    Йs fйrfiak what they say?

    Women, if they come together, woe to the men! However, it might be worthwhile to include them in the conversation. Sándor (35) is not unique in his opinion: "It doesn't bother me at all if I have occasional clutter, or I have to look for socks, and children don't care about these things so much. in the beginning we agreed that the burdens are cohesive and there is no male or female job: everyone is doing the job they need, just for the sake of looking like, but It's not their job.I'm not looking for a household robot in my wife's place. It's much better for us all to be calm and balanced and it is only possible to have some fun with myself. But afterwards I saw that he had a remorse for which he had "wasted time. My wife is a very good mother, she also studies and of course she is recognized at work. I'm proud of it, but it would be nice if you finally believe it! "

    Adventurous mother

    Certainly before deception, we couldn't even imagine the incredible adventures of our lives and what we would be capable of, which we had no idea. Unless we have children, we can overcome difficult, overwhelming, or uncomfortable situations without causing greater tragedy. But as soon as the baby is conceived, most of the mothers realize that there is no turning back, it is not my life but our life. If there is a problem, you have to solve it, if you can't solve it, you have to go through it, you have to heal the pain of losing it - then the happy exchange that can be exchanged for a little bit. For most of us, the trouble is the first such extreme situation: I can't say that we wouldn't be born again, sorry, I'd rather sleep at home! We'll stay there and do it even if we think we're not going any further - and end up catching the little whispering pack and seeming to have lost our pain. As we strengthen our minds, we think back to difficult times: yes, I am capable of it.We are on a day to day prelude and as our baby changes, we are overlooking this situation for a while: In a good case, we look back at one of our adventures with two children, probably like Kati and Kinga, who shared our values ​​with me. " somebody was moaning, annoying each other for a little while watching them. The clean but wet clothes in the washing machine "dry", the dinner was drying in the oven because I forgot about it, my grandmother phoned to see if you did, concert. Jesus, I forgot that, so I have to iron it. After a while I gave up the notion that I was filling my dear one with my job. Late hours for lunch: lunch, nice dress, minutes to sit in front of the machine and bring in the lag. Yeah, here's granny, hi ... huhhh. Whole World.While I do something in the nursery and on the ground my foot is rooted. So in the pool. What is this? Marci akvбriuma newly acquired son. His bottom cracked, with hundreds of liters of water dripping down the side of the cupboard onto the carpet, and the guppies and claws were looking at me, what will we do now? I started laughing loudly, it was so morbid. Well, what would we do, we'll fix it ... and Mom will work at night until dawn ... "" How do you get chicken pox? With elementary strength, right? This is what textbooks say, and so does the word: you can catch it right underneath your living room if you are ventilated at the same time. Or not. With mathematical precision, we have calculated the evil viruses to spend a whole summer in the form of varicella. The three children were together in Gulfport in the second week of June. Alert from the trainer: Watch out, mypox! Woe, we're gonna get out of it, everyone's going to get together for the holidays. Watch out for the kids. Only the most pцttyцs. Three weeks with room lengthening. The tцbbiek megъsszбk talбn? Of course, after two and a half weeks, the middle, then another two and a half weeks later, the smallest "blossom". We left the most adventurous summer of our lives at the time - at least it seemed to me, because I had to organize a staggering amount of indoor activities while the summer rushed outside. "

    Lбtja to the kцltх?

    Careful housewife cook, cook, wash, wash,
    mazdбval jуl elхz, reversing jуl,
    you host,
    beautiful, rich,
    he doesn't whine,
    they don't believe
    it is also fixed that
    don't run out,
    not sick,
    it wouldn't be
    you know what you want,
    takarнt, kiterнt, satцbbit,
    kipenderнti child
    forrбsбt kiderнti wrong,
    the reason for everything
    йs нgy tovбbb,
    hъ but i am tired.
    (Kukorelly Endre Samunadrбg cнmы volume)They may also be interested in:
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    How to hide dark circles and imperfections?

    Since you're a mom, dark circles are betraying your shorter nights? Fine lines, small spots, redness, shadows give you a tired look? The solution ? Cheat! Today, it's easy with concealer and other complexion correctors.


    Your baby is not sleeping? Your big internal clock is set at 5:55, including Sundays and holidays? These bluish shadows under the eyes betray your bad nights. The concealer, essential to good looks, camouflages them with pigments that capture and reflect light. As a result, it makes you look sharp and sparkling, where a few minutes ago you had a sad look of exhausted Dachshund. Magical !

    How to choose your concealer?

    • The right shade is a semitone lighter than the skin tone of your skin.
    • If your dark circles are quite marked or even purplish, opt for a concealer in rather yellow tones, then put a little foundation to hide them well.

    How to apply it?

    • The ideal is to put it like the pros with a brush or failing on the finger, at the inner corner of the eye, following the line of the ring.
    • Blend it then by tapping but not by smoothing it, because you remove the product that will not fix.
    • Last advice, it always applies before the foundation.

    1 2

    Animal Sounds for Toddlers and Babies - Talking Time on the Farm Video - Speech, Songs, Signs Song

    When the baby does not want to eat

    Sometimes food is one of the biggest concerns parents encounter during parenting. But how much truth is there in the recurring phrases 'this child eats little' or 'it is bad to eat'?

    It happens to all of us that for a few days, and even seasons, we are more or less hungry. What is totally understandable in adults, is absolutely reprehensible for babies and children. The important thing is not so much the amount that the child eats, but his weight depending on their age. Experts recommend seeing a doctor when a child loses weight or gains significantly less weight than normal.

    In the case of infants, each baby, like each person, is different and their behavior must always be assessed globally. Although it is obvious, we must also remember that we should not compare babies, since each one grows at its own pace; And, of course, the genetic heritage of the parents must be taken into account in terms of size and their aptitude for food.

    Throughout the evolutionary rhythm of the child, it is very common that there are moments of lack of appetite for breast milk. It is due to the so-called 'lactation crisis' or 'lactation strike', which is related to their growth rate. They are around 3 months and experts recommend calm, patience and perseverance so that eating habits return to normal. Encouraging skin-to-skin, trying to nurse him at night when he's more relaxed, and seeking help from breastfeeding groups are some practical tips for doing so.

    Other important milestones to take into account in the development of a baby can be the incorporation of the mother into the work, the teeth coming out or that towards the first year of life, its growth speed decreases and, therefore, it is normal The amount of food you eat is reduced.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the baby be exclusively breastfed until 6 months of age. In fact, until the baby is one year old, solid food is considered complementary to breast milk. Although it is true that from 6 months, children need to incorporate iron into their diet, so they must be offered other foods rich in this element.

    It is necessary to remember that the spoon and the new textures and flavors are strange for the little ones, who have to adapt little by little, which will depend on their maturity and curiosity. So it is not necessary to be totally orthodox and inflexible with the punctual introduction of purees and fruit porridges.

    Another totally valid option, and that is taking more and more prominence, to start savoring new foods, is the so-called baby-led-weaning or complementary feeding 'on demand', which consists of introducing solid foods into the diet, allowing the baby feeds himself without using spoons or purees. In this way, the baby sits with the rest of the family at mealtime and joins the others when ready, using first his hands to eat and then the silverware.

    Once again, patience and respect for our little one will make us feel more relaxed and globally evaluate their temporary circumstances in relation to their lack of appetite. It is not advisable to force eat, since like any living being, the child is the only one who knows what he needs to eat.

    Susana Torres.Collaborator of our site and lactation consultant.

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    बचच खन नह खत, कय कर?Baby refusing foodSharing Personal Experience

    Teach children to think for themselves without pressure from others

    Sometimes we tend to teach our children what to think or how to think about certain things. It is very possible that this happens because we have already been given certain ideas as valid and we inherited them without further discussion.

    However, I think it is much more important than let's teach our children to think, and that they draw their own conclusions, that they find their own way of doing things, their own philosophy, that they question what they see and what they hear, because in this way we will be laying the foundations for them to be critical, committed, safer and less fearful.

    We tend to want children to do things the way we like them: toys are left in the red box and not the yellow box; the part of the hair is combed for this side; that sweater cannot go with those pants ... We leave little room for them to choose and think for themselves, we do not let them experiment and make mistakes. However, we have to do it, why?

    - This is how we teach them not to believe everything they see and hear, not to take everything for true and to question it.

    - They will learn to make mistakes, to get up and to try again. It is possible that children choose a wrong path or idea, but the mistake is what allows us to react and try again.

    - Stimulates the ability to observe and analyze.

    - Helps children not to feel pressured by the environment, friends, television, fashion ... That is, to forge their own personality and character.

    - Encourage dialogue in the family and leave space for children to reason, state your ideas and can argue them.

    - Give them the ability to choose: be it with food, clothing, routines or what to do with your leisure time.

    - Let them ask all the whys that they need even if they exhaust us. It is good that they ask questions and also that you induce them to find the solutions.

    - And, of course, bring them books, a tool available to anyone and that stimulates critical thinking.

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    Halloween costume for baby: the skeleton

    Halloween costume for baby: the skeleton

    Halloween costume for baby: the skeleton

    Scary this skeleton ... we would believe it.

    13, 20 $

    Where to find it?