Parents say: What I wish I'd known about preparing for life with a newborn

Parents say: What I wish I'd known about preparing for life with a newborn

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Statistical data show that up to 1 in 7 couples may suffer from fertility problems, but this topic remains difficult to discuss, as the stakes can be very high. When you cannot conceive after 2 years of regular unprotected sex, however, it is important to take action and convince your partner to treat your infertility.


The situation may be different from couple to couple, depending on age, but once 2 years of trials have passed without a task, time becomes precious.

Differences in perception regarding infertility

Specialized studies show that men are not aware that their fertility may decrease with age. Lifestyle is a strong influence factor on fertility, but often there can be medical problems that do not go away by themselves.

Most believe that fertility problems can occur as easily in men as in women, and I do not know that, often, apparent infertility is due to a combination of factors related to both partners.

Couples who suffer from fertility problems are more focused on the situation of the woman, often ignoring the fact that fertility is a couple problem as well as raising children.

Infertility, a sensitive subject

The fact that infertility is still a sensitive topic for many couples makes communication difficult. Unfortunately, the delays caused by hesitations can sometimes be extended beyond the couple's medical fertility period. This is not necessarily menopause, during the fetal period many medical or behavioral factors can contribute. Causes that contribute to these delays include:

  • shame, because a discussion about fertility can often lead to a discussion about sexuality;
  • fear: many continue to believe that the ability to procreate is related to their value as a human being, and the answer to questions about fertility might influence their self-esteem and image in front of their partner;
  • Lack of information: In many cases, the situation can be solved with a few minor changes recommended by a fertility specialist, but many couples are afraid that the only solutions are complicated and costly medical interventions.

Discussion with your partner about infertility

The easiest way to start a discussion with your partner about infertility issues is to choose a time when there is no external pressure and use it as a starting point for the beginning of the relationship. Family questions whose answer is helpful at the beginning of the relationship, but can be discussed and now include:

  • how many children do we want?
  • what is the maximum age at which we are willing to have a child?
  • what conditions must we fulfill before having a child?
  • what changes are we willing to accept for the sake of a child?
  • how do we share responsibilities from the first months?
  • how do we share the responsibilities related to education?

It is important to express your feelings of love in front of your partner and explain to them that they are not conditioned in any way by the things you can find after specialized tests, once you decide together to investigate the problem.

Even if 1-2 years have passed since the moment you started trying to conceive a child with your partner, give him a few months' rest when you see that he is not ready and resume then calmly and without reproach. .

Consultation of the specialized doctor

Once you have decided to consult a specialist doctor, the tests needed to identify the problem include: a detailed physical consultation, a sperm analysis, a blood test of the woman measuring the blood progesterone level and eliminating the possibility of Chlamydia infection in both partners. .

Sometimes additional tests are needed, and the stress caused can further aggravate the situation.

Infertility, secret in front of others?

Once you have started discussing fertility issues, it is important to establish a common attitude to display towards those around you. The advantages of sincerity on this issue include obtaining new information, the possibility of removing some fears and negative feelings through their discussion and even the chances of helping the partner during this difficult period.

With sincerity and tact, discussions about infertility can lead to a common solution that will help you solve the problem as a solid couple.

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How to raise a responsible child?

How to raise a responsible child?

Responsibility is one of the most important goals of parents when it comes to the development and education of the child. Once this is learned by the child, it can be said that the child is trustworthy, conscientious and always acts thinking about the consequences. There are several ways you can educate him in this regard!

Here are some tricks to help the child become a responsible adult!

Be an example for him!

Such qualities and abilities are sometimes learned from the actions the child sees in others and less from theoretical exposures. So, be yourself a responsible person so that your little one has where to learn!

Start learning it from a very young age!

From the age of 1-2 anisors it is appropriate to teach him to be responsible. Give them light tasks from this age. Even the simple urge to put a toy from one side to another at this age has its role in developing responsibility for the child. You don't have to expect the baby to be cooperative, but it helps him a lot in the long run!

Do not try to give her lessons of responsibility when she is not willing to listen!

When you want to explain something to him or teach him a behavior or attitude lesson, he does not choose the times when it is slightly irritating:

  • when he was just awakened;

  • when he is hungry;

  • when very tired;

  • in the evening before falling asleep etc.

Give her a vote of confidence!

If you trust your child, then you help him to trust himself and not develop a fear of failure. Follow the potential of your child and help him / her to put it into practice. It does not deprive him of the chance to become responsible by not involving him in various activities for which he might be fit.

Let him bear the consequences of his actions!

As long as it does not involve extremely serious consequences or the child is not able to control it, let him be responsible for what he does. For example, if he loses one toy, he does not immediately buy another. Let him carefully look for it and give him a chance to find a solution to replace it.

To collect money or to help you in certain tasks to deserve to buy it again. Or simply let him sit without her, to figure out what happens if he doesn't take care of his stuff.

Give patience for every failure of the child!

Don't expect a 3-5 year old to mature a room like an adult. Also, do not remove dust as you do. Children will often fail in trying to do responsible things and you should expect it. "Repetition is the mother of learning", so don't lose your patience and patience and go on teaching the little one how to do things better next time.

Give him rewards, not bribes!

Any suitable and successful behavior of the child must be marked somehow. But rewards can be dangerous if not used properly. It is not based on finances or high value purchases, but on simple and educational or valuable things: a book, a visit to the museum, a candy etc.

Do not blackmail the child and do not offer bribes to encourage him to take responsible action. You do not have to be motivated by material things to be responsible.

Allocate daily tasks!

Involve him in the care of the house, cleaning up by giving him tasks specific to his age every day. It is one of the most concrete ways you can help him become responsible. Do not give him to do things that are too difficult for his age because you will create frustration and low self-esteem.

Teach him the value of money!

Use your money to learn responsibility! Money is a powerful tool for empowering children. It helps them to understand what economies mean, that they must make efforts to earn them and that they do not care for themselves.

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That is how the brain and the boys and girls develop the brain

That is how the brain and the boys and girls develop the brain

The fact that what a child plays is not just a question of wisdom: according to one experiment, games also influence brain development and the acquisition of skills.

That is how the brain and the boys and girls develop the brain

It is known that there are professions that are dominated by one of the non-representatives, while other professions are not preferred by the opposite. Does our biological or social gender determine these abilities? The BBC conducted an experiment to prove what kind of play a child has in their hands not only influences how they see themselves, but also how they think. what skills they learn - the experiment, a little boy was dressed in a lingerie and a little girl was dressed in a lingerie, and the children were dressed in toys. kйrtek Цnkйnteseket you to jбtszanak the children: the children felnхttek automatically posts by these people in line hittьk nemйhez adtбk it to them to jбtйkokat, tehбt the lбnyruhбban lйvх Edward babбt were jбtszani.A babбk йs egyйb soft jбtйkok not segнtik the tйrbeli tбjokozуdбs elsajбtнtбsбt of you have already jбtйkvбlasztбssal this is also influenced by the fact that the brain changes within 3 months simply by giving children the games that support spatial congestion. The professions that require mathematical thinking, proficiency or physical confidence are overwhelmingly dominated by males, and by chance, adult chances are also heavily influenced by gambling.
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Christmas tree: our clever advice

Christmas tree: our clever advice

Homemade ham croquettes with margarine for children

Croquettes are one of the favorite foods of children. They are so versatile that they admit a great variety of different foods in their preparation. They can be made of meat, fish, vegetables ... And all of them are delicious!

If you wonder how to make light croquettes that are not very high in fat, the answer and the secret are in the béchamel.


  • 200 gr of chopped serrano ham
  • 1 tablespoon butter or margarine
  • 3 tablespoons of wheat flour
  • 2 glasses of milk
  • 1 egg
  • Bread crumbs
  • Salt
  • Oil for frying
  • Tips: you can change the serrano ham for ham, chicken in pieces or fish.

On our site we tell you how to make it to achieve that these croquettes are, in addition to being delicious, healthy.

1. Make a bechamel over low heat. Place the tablespoon of butter in a pan until it melts and then add the flour, mixing it while stirring. Little by little, add the warm milk until the bechamel thickens.

2. When the bechamel has thickened, add the salt and the ham (or other chosen ingredients).

3. Stir the whole mixture for about five minutes, keeping it over low heat. Remember that it does not have to be very liquid so that later the croquettes do not fall apart. Spread the bechamel on a plate or platter and let it cool.

4. When the dough is cold, you can make the croquettes. Take small amounts of dough and give them the size and shape you want with your hands or with the help of two spoons. Pass the croquettes first in flour, then in beaten egg and finally in breadcrumbs.

5. Fry the battered croquettes in plenty of oil over high heat. Enjoy your croquettes!

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It's Christmas already. Christmas carol for children

It's Christmas already. Christmas carol for children

Eating potatoes with meat

Eating potatoes with meat

Eating potatoes with meat is an extremely tasty and tasty preparation and is an excellent choice for family lunch!


Preparation time

45 min.




1.5 kg potatoes

4 chicken legs (600 g pork or beef)

2 strains

1 carrot

1 pepper



Bay leaf

pepper berry

ground pepper

1 parsley bond

Method of preparation

Clean the potatoes and cut them into cubes or quarters, depending on their size.

Put some oil in a pan and add the meat. Add the grated carrot, chopped onion and chopped pepper.

Let it soak well, then add the potatoes, the broth, a few peppercorns, salt, bay leaf, a little ground pepper and cover with water to the potato level.

Put the pot in the oven and let it fall. It is ready when boiled meat and potatoes.

All the parsley and put it on top after removing the food from the oven.


It can be used dill instead of parsley or it can be served in combination.

For more taste and color you can add two tablespoons of broth or half a can of tomatoes in the broth.

The type of kitchen


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