Noonan syndrome

Noonan syndrome

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Enterocolitis syndrome in children induced by food proteins

Πόσα γραμμάρια πρωτεΐνης ανά γεύμα; 20; 30; 150; παίζει ρόλο; ΝΑΙ

Experiment with water to create secondary colors with children

The overwhelming power of the gaze in parenting

The overwhelming power of the gaze in parenting

Body language is something universal, we raise and lower our heads to nod, we turn it from side to side to deny, we shrug our shoulders when we don't know something, or we raise our eyebrows as a sign of surprise. This is proof that we do not always have to speak to explain something.

Parents often use these gestures with children to avoid yelling, not to say something inappropriate or because we would say so much that it is better not to say anything. Moreover, many times we only use a glance, and that is the power of the gaze in the education of children is overwhelming.

People can speak with our eyes, a look can express love, anger, fatigue, or tiredness, the look indicates if we are happy or sad, it transmits positive or negative thoughts.

The movement of the eyes in one direction, the gestures of the eyebrows and the blinking say much more, at times, than a long, boring and excruciating soliloquy. It is, in short, part of the verbal language that we use.

We all know it and have suffered it on occasion, a single look, one of the ugly and bad ones, can really leave you crushed. Or, the other way around, a tender look, full of affection, can make your day.

Well then, parents also use looks when educating their children. Who has not thrown one of those "murderous glances" when children are hitting each other? Have you ever looked angrily at your children when you saw the room in a mess and didn't have to say anything else? Realized that a threatening look makes children stop in their tracks that blunder they were preparing?

It is a fact, the sidelong glances, the frontal glances, the direct ones or the inquisitive ones work, and if with them you cross your arms, lower your head and raise your eyes, it is already indicative for our children that, or change their attitude, or something really fat is coming.

It is possible that if experts analyze the psychology of the gaze, get us to warn parents about the negative impact it can have on their children. Honestly, so far, I have not found information about it, there I leave a fertile field to face a new challenge in child psychology ...

But, picking up the way parents use the look as a warning to our children, I think it is a better solution to shouting, threatening words, slapping and also ... it works!

The looks go a long way, they can not only stop chaos at home, a sibling fight or an incipient mischief, too We use them to obtain information from our childrenIt is the insistent look, the look to hunt down the liar.

And it is that, it is often said that the one who lies is not able to hold the gaze, so parents use our most inquisitive gaze to know what our children are lying to us and, we learn that when they already know the trick of the gaze insistent, they may try to stare at us with too much energy to try to convince us of something that is not true.

In short, we must not underestimate the power of looks, neither the angry looks, nor the loving looks, because with them and in front of our children, sometimes words are unnecessary. Adapting the saying ... "a look is worth a thousand words"

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Glasses and sun ... how to do?

Buy sunglasses for your child ... good idea, except that yours already wears prescription glasses! How to do in this case? Several options are available to you, according to its level of correction and your financial means.

Tinted clips

  • This is the least expensive solution. They are fixed over corrective lenses. But it weighs down the equipment and does not necessarily fit very well ...

A second pair (solar + view)

  • This option is offered by many optical brands at advantageous rates when buying a first pair of glasses.
  • This choice is suitable if the correction of your child is not very strong. In the opposite case, for technical reasons, the optician will have trouble performing both correction + sun protection functions on the same lenses. Disadvantage: the pair of suns should not be left all day on the nose of the child, who will see nothing inside.
  • It is therefore up to the parents to be attentive and to think about changing their pair depending on the situation (inside / outside). Not easy…

Photochromic lenses

  • This third option is the most expensive, but it is also the safest and most convenient. Indeed, this type of glasses is tinted at least according to the sun.
  • Advantage: you do not have to think about changing your glasses throughout the day depending on the sun. A reassuring point also for school days, where sunglasses are generally not allowed: with photochromic lenses, you know that your child's eyes are protected in all circumstances.
  • Only disadvantage: these glasses do not darken when one is in the car, because it requires a direct contact with the UV.

Sophie Cousin

Eyes and sun: our file.

Magnesium also helps with sleep

For me, one of the most desired and anticipated moments of pregnancy was the day the gynecologist could confirm the sex of our baby. We marked well in advance on the kitchen calendar the day I would have my second ultrasound and, finally, we would know if our baby was a boy or a girl. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Our mothers and grandmothers did not have the opportunity to know the sex of the baby they were expecting, they made their guess by observing the shape of the belly, the symptoms they had, the dates of pregnancy, etc. Were made all kinds of assumptions to know if the baby would be boy or girl; they prepared a trousseau that would serve to both genders (I guess they wouldn't have anything pink).

Now, thanks to ultrasounds, we can be 100 percent certain, but even so, there are parents who prefer not to know the sex of the baby they are expecting. The reasons that are usually given for not wanting to know is that it will be so a bigger surprise, who prefer not to advance forecasts in case they fail, or do not want to be disappointed if for some reason, they want a baby of a different sex from the one they have sired.

Regarding the latter, I know a mother who preferred not to know the sex of your fourth baby, since her three previous children had been boys. What disappointment he would be if he was another child! I preferred not to know to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. Once in her arms, she would not change her little one for any other baby, even if she was not the girl she had wanted ... Your child is wonderful, whatever sex she is! ... and if she were the expected girl, the surprise it would be even greater for the family.

Save for these exceptions, I believe that most futures parents we want to know as soon as possible the sex of our baby. In my opinion, knowing it beforehand is everything advantage: we have the possibility to call our little one by his Name and to be able to anticipate a few months to the preparations for their arrival, since then we may not have the necessary time. Choosing a name, decorating the room, choosing clothes, talking to him or her, imagining his face, thinking about whether or not we will put earrings on him ... I think that does not deprive us of the surprise of seeing and caressing our son for the first time or daughter.

Normally, during the first days of our baby's birth, we don't even have time to look in the mirror. The adaptation that our new family situation and our son's demands must be our top priority. The fact of going shopping to choose clothes of one color or another, the right stroller or decorating your room should wait or, better yet, anticipate. And you, tell us, do you want to know or not?

Patro Gabaldon

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Baby names - T

Choose your baby's name. Some parents are clear about it, but others have not made up their minds yet.
can I help you?
Well here we have many proper names of people, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings vary according to the sources and interpretations.
Children's Guide is a magazine for fathers, mothers and pregnant women to learn how to take better care of our children and babies. We present complete information on pregnancy, childbirth, infant decoration, umbilical cord blood banks, gift baskets and newborn baskets.




TADEOHebrewPrayer of thanks
TAMAR TAMARAHebrewPalm tree
TANIARussianThat comes from Tacio, legendary king of the Sabines
TELMAGreekFavorite, spoiled girl
THEOBALDGermanoPrince of the people
THEODOREGreekgift of God
THEODORICGermanoVillage rule
THEODOSIUMGreekDivinely given
TheophilusGreekLover of god
TERESAGreekThat carries ears of wheat
TIRSOLatinVine branch
TimothyGreekThat honors God
TOBIASHebrewThe lord is good
ThomasHebrewTwin, twin
TRINITYLatinThree in one
TRISTANScottishPact, consolation

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T त,ट स बचच क नम New modern baby names T

The most popular names in Venezuela for boys

The most popular names in Venezuela for boys

One way to choose a baby's name is to look at the list of common names for each country. With this we can observe the trends when naming the child, but many parents also take into account the family tradition or choose the name of a popular character.

In Venezuela, the list of frequent names for children is occupied in its first positions by compound names, with which the child has the possibility to choose in the future which one best suits their personality. In any case, Venezuelan families prefer traditional names for their children.

1. Juan Carlos. The name of Hebrew origin Juan joins the name of Germanic origin Carlos to form one of the most familiar compound names in the entire Hispanic world. The popularity of this name does not diminish despite its long tradition due to the strength it contains in its combination.

2. José Gregorio. The Hebrew origin of José is combined with the Greek origin of Gregorio in one of the most emblematic names for boys in Venezuela. If José brings the familiarity, Gregorio brings the original touch to this unique compound name.

3. José Luis. The name José, of Hebrew origin, is one of the most frequent for children both in Venezuela and in the rest of the world. The same happens with Luis, of Germanic origin, so his popularity remains unchanged despite the passage of time.

4. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Michael joins the Greek origin of Angel in one of the most frequent compound names for boys. Its popularity is not surprising because the strength that both names have separately is joined by the artistic evocation to which it is inevitably linked.

5. José Antonio. We find a Hebrew origin for Joseph along with a mysterious Etruscan origin for Antonio. The resulting combination is a familiar name that inspires trust and respect and stands out for its forcefulness.

6. Carlos Alberto. The name is of Germanic origin. Both names have enough personality to act separately, but they also appear in multiple combinations capable of maintaining tradition and, at the same time, providing a touch of originality.

7. Julius Caesar. It is a name of Latin origin, very frequent both in Venezuela and in other neighboring countries, which takes us directly to ancient Rome. It is not surprising that it ranks as one of the most popular boy names because it is all distinction and history.

8. Carlos Eduardo. Both names have a Germanic origin, which only highlights the strength that it gives off. We find Carlos as one of the preferred names by Venezuelan families, while Eduardo brings the touch of distinction to this compound name that may be the ideal one for your child.

9. Luis Alberto. We find another name of Germanic origin that is formed from the combination of two of the names that are most liked in Venezuela. Both Luis and Alberto contain that traditional and distinguished touch that your child needs.

10. Jorge Luis. Jorge's Greek origin joins Luis's Germanic origin in a combination that evokes nobility and height. It is a compound name for a boy with a great personality and a very special musicality.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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