What taste of colds do you prefer?

What taste of colds do you prefer?

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Forbidden names in the world: Akuma

Forbidden names in the world: Akuma


Devil, why forbid this sweet name in Japan? Simply because it means precisely "devil" in Japanese! No question there to call his little angel.

Minions with hazelnuts and Neapolitan

Prepare a delicious dessert for your family: minions with hazelnuts and Neapolitan. These cakes have a lovely aroma and will delight your senses. In addition, they are very easy to prepare.

Preparation time

60 min




90 g peanuts

2 was from Neapolitan

80 g butter

70 g old

2 eggs

25 g vanilla sugar

200 g household chocolate

50 ml of oil

Method of preparation

Crumble the peanuts and combine, in a medium saucepan, with eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and butter. Bring to the boil for about 8 minutes, until it thickens.

Take the pan from the heat, add in it grated chocolate and mix well, until it is homogenized. Moisten the wrap sheets a little, until they become slightly flexible. Cut them into two equal pieces and then fill them with 1/4 of the hazelnut cream.

Run the wrap sheets easily and tightly. After filling all the sheets, chill them for 40 minutes.

After the cream has hardened, melt some chocolate and soften the heads of the minions in it. After this operation, let them cool again for 20 minutes.

Photo source: retetecalamama.ro

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What counts as having a hard time?

Almost one-to-one disease is constipation. It is not a sickness but a symptom of cognitive and mental disturbance. It can occur in virtually any age group, and many people experience it only temporarily.

When can we talk about constipation?

Constipation is usually divided into two types: primary and secondary constipation. not a sickness, but a symptomIt's worth taking seriously. Secondary constipation is usually a condition in the back: a metabolic or hormonal disorder, possibly a nausea that occurs less than three times a week. case, the amount is less. Slow, cumbersome, and post-workout stays in full-blown exercise. You should see a doctor if your complaints have been relieved for a week, stomachache, blood stool, weight loss, fever, vomiting are present. It is common when the mood changes when traveling. Rather, the problem starts when the recurrence or recurrence of constipation occurs. Civilization sickness it affects harder the elderly and women. It may temporarily occur during pregnancy.Related articles about the problem:
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  • Pregnancy nausea lowers the risk of breast cancer

    Pregnancy nausea lowers the risk of breast cancer

    Disney coloring pages: The 101 Dalmatians

    Disney coloring pages: The 101 Dalmatians

    The 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Cars, Aristocats, Cinderella, the Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, ... Find every week all the heroes of the great Disney classics, with our coloring to download.

    Find each week new coloring, from the great Disney classics.

    And as of today, discover the collection The greatest Disney masterpieces in comics ! These exceptional albums, gathered in a superb collection, present the complete story of the adventures of the famous Disney characters. See you soon at your newsagent and on the site www.macollection.fr.

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    Co-sleeping. Arguments for and against

    Those who defend co-sleeping say that it is a fantastic way to strengthen the bonds of union between parents and children. Children feel safer and sleep better. Those who advise against it, warn of its risks and even blame co-sleeping for problems in the couple. What do you think? We offer you the arguments for and against this practice.

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    Second pregnancy: when is the best time?

    The biological age of the woman usually sets the pattern for the second pregnancy in today's society. Specifically, in Spain, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 30 percent of women have their first child after the age of 35.

    In most cases, the second baby arrives around the age of 35, at which time the infertility rate causes the chances of achieving a new pregnancy to decrease notably and stand at 8 percent.

    After age 38, this percentage drops to 3 percent. However, the age of the woman influences not only when it comes to achieving pregnancy, but also the complications that a pregnancy can cause at certain ages. The physical state of a body, which has already gone through a pregnancy and childbirth, is an important question to assess since a second pregnancy is not usually faced in the same physical conditions as the first.

    In addition to biological age and physical condition, the energy required to care for two children of different ages must be taken into account. Thinking about the future, about the forces necessary to attend to the care, feeding, education and providing the necessary well-being to children for their correct development is key to face a second pregnancy. In general, the energies are not the same at 40 as at 50. On the other hand, the father is not a newcomer either, and the fears and doubts experienced with the first child have already been left behind. Your experience in caring for the first baby will be very valuable in this new phase that is beginning.

    Preparing the first-born for the arrival of his new brother is essential to achieve emotional stability. This stability will be very beneficial for the family and will contribute positively to the day-to-day development. The father's role in family dynamics, his involvement, his help and his motivation will make the arrival of the second child a very special event. Their natural and spontaneous integration into the family will avoid jealousy as a first-born and will foster a good relationship between the two siblings from the beginning. The jealousy of the older brother can become a problem of coexistence and parents must do all the means so that the child lives the arrival of a baby brother as an enriching experience and not as a loss of privileges.

    After delivery, labor is multiplied by two. Parents now have two children to care for and, depending on the age difference between them, they will notice that the time available for personal care and dedication is significantly reduced. A second child also implies a readjustment of the family economy. The diapers, the food, the clothes, the decoration of his room and, later, the nursery school… It all translates into money and expenses. The arrival of a new member to the family represents a good financial outlay. But, with a lot of teamwork and time to adjust to new family demands, the payoff is great.

    Marisol New.

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    Antibiotic abuse in infants and children

    Importance of antimicrobial stewardship - Professor Susanna Esposito