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When does he start playing?

The answer to this question is closely related to what everyone considers to be play. Some of us will say that babies play, others will argue that only when organized play occurs can we talk about it as an activity in itself.

Regardless of the moment, we now refer to the interactions between parents and children, whether they are babies or mothers, whose purpose is pleasure, fun, getting a well-being, spending time or even developing the little one.

So we remember how we played with the child in the first year of life, how he started playing alone with others, who were his first toys, which he got attached to and got scared of. When he started asking for toys and what were his favorites.

We say about some children playing "beautifully", about others "not playing alone", about "not playing with children, but only with adults", about others "not having the patience to play". Beyond each of these expressions, we see a certain kind of being of the child and of its interaction with the environment in which it grows. Watching the play as early as possible is very valuable because it can help prevent some language, communication, focus attention, interaction with others.

Regarding the toy as an object, we are often concerned about it, to buy it, to please the children, to be safe, beautiful, useful, etc.

What are your favorite toys?

What toys does the child require?

How and where do you buy them?

What are the games and toys you can use to teach the little one different things? Here are specific problems for parents, grandparents but also for those just waiting for a child.

So, we invite you and the children to the first meeting of the project "DE (-A) WHY DO WE PLAY?" to play together and to tackle both aspects related to the activity of play in the development of the child, as well as toys as tools for this activity.

Anca Munteanu

Event: What are we playing with? - Interactive seminar for parents and children between 1-6 years

date: Saturday, September 29, 11 o'clock

Location: Adevarul Doamnei Library

Duration: about 2 hours

What sport for my child?

Tobogganing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice skating ... the pleasure of skiing is a real pleasure for children. Enjoy your next trip to the mountains to discover one of these sports.

Tobogganing, first impressions

  • Your little one is happy to slide on his small vehicle. At 2 years, it is you who pull your child. At 4 years, you go down the track with him, well wedged between your legs. At 5, he can start alone with the help of an adult who gives him momentum, at the top of the track, and another ready to receive 50 or 100 meters lower.
  • Equipment. Avoid some sledge shovels, too unstable. Plan a helmet, even if it is not "still" required.
  • Where do we go from here? In the secure area provided in all ski resorts.

Skiing, to play and slide

  • Slide, it's exhilarating! Fun, your child will soon, provided you learn the technique. We must find the balance, coordinate its movements, anticipate obstacles. ESF (French Ski School), present on all the stations of France, will teach him all that, but also prudence ...
  • In small groups of 6-8 children, and only half a day to begin, your beginner will take the time to play with a shovel and a bucket, to put on and off the skis and to make his first slides ... Until he must be strong enough to get out of the walled garden and start on his first green track in a snowplow.
  • Children have less apprehension than adults and progress quickly! At the end of the week, each young skier passes a test: the teddy bear, the flake, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd star ... it gives confidence and want to go further.
  • Equipment. Rent on the spot after-skis and skis, it is practical. And in case of discomfort, we can exchange them.

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The director and choreographer of the biggest stars in the world sign the new production Disney Live - Mickeys Music Festival

One of the world's most renowned directors and choreographers, Fred Tallaksen, offers Romanian viewers an interactive show alongside the most beloved Disney characters in the new Disney Live !, Mickey's Music Festival.

Produced by Feld Entertainment and organized by Amphitrion, Mickey's Music Festival will take place over the period April 22 - 26, 2015, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, and aims to be one of the most intense musical experiences for the whole family!

Fred Tallaksen is recognized worldwide for his creative and innovative performances, being highly appreciated among the top producers and international directors. He collaborated with famous artists in the entertainment industry from Kelly Osbourne, La Toya Jackson, Enrique Iglesias and Madonna, with whom he worked on both the "Sorry" video and the final of the "Confessions World Tour" which brought him the prize, , Contemporary Media Honors. "

Fred has two Emmy Awards, a Latin Grammy® Award, a Spirit Award and numerous Gala Awards. He also won the THEA award for "Best Show" with "The Legend of Mythica" for Disneyland Tokyo and was very successful in public with the shows "Dance Time" at Disneyland Paris and "Pixar Play! Parade "From California Adventure in Anaheim. Fred has put his creative footprint on numerous events and for major corporations including Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Honda, IBM, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Disney Channel.

Mickey's Music Festival puts on a show full of energy that guarantees the public unforgettable memories. The show abounds in enthralling rhythms of hip hop, rock, pop, reggae, jazz and country, spectacular acrobatics and many interactive scenes in which each viewer can become a member of the Disney band. The spectators of Mickey's Music Festival will enter the world of story created by the famous director Fred Tallaksen, in a new musical performance of mega proportions.

The event will have five performances at the Palace Hall between April 22 and 26, 2015, as follows: Wednesday (April 22) 7:00 pm; Thursday (April 23) 7pm; Friday (April 24) 7pm; Saturday (April 25) 11:00 am; Sunday (April 26) 11:00 am.

Tickets are available in the network of Diverta stores, the Music store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore or online, at, at the following price categories:

VIP category 285 lei

Category 1 175 lei

Category 2 153 lei

Category 3 117 lei

Category 4 90 lei

Discounted tickets for children *

* Children up to the age of 12, inclusive, benefit from discounted tickets. The access of children to the room is only accompanied by an adult, based on a valid act that establishes the age of the child: birth certificate, student card, passport.

VIP category n / a

Category 1 140 lei

Category 2 122 lei

Category 3 93 lei

Category 4 75 lei

If the child is under 2 years old, he does not need a ticket.

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Diorshow Mono 273 Parati eye shadow: 30 € (Dior).

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