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Tricks to encourage children to learn

Children are often unmotivated by a specific subject or activity. However, you never have to throw in the towel. You can always find a new approach so that the child re-deludes himself and feels the desire to learn. How?

Since We offer you some tips to help your child get excited about a subject again or to encourage him in that field of learning for which he shows no interest.

Mathematics, reading, writing ... there are children who are not attracted to any of these subjects or important facets of learning. But parents can help them through encouragement and play. How? We encourage you to find a way to encourage your child to get excited and excited about any of these subjects.

Motivate children who lose interest in learning. How to help unmotivated children with studies. How to motivate children who are not excited to learn. Tips to motivate children in learning.

Encourage reading. How to encourage and stimulate the child to read. What parents can do to make their child want to read more and enjoy reading. Tips for parents with children who do not like to read.

Stimulate the children in dancing. Tips to encourage children to dance. How to get children to enjoy dancing. Why it is good for children to dance. Dancing benefits for children.

Encourage in mathematics. Tips to encourage children to learn mathematics. How to motivate children to get excited about math.

Encourage in sports. Tips to encourage the child to practice sports. How to get our child interested and enjoying sports. How to make the child want to play sports.

Encourage literacy. What is literacy. Why it is important to encourage literacy. How to help children improve their literacy learning.

Stimulate the imagination. Imagination offers incredible power to the mind. It is a fundamental ingredient in children's games and learning. Guiainfantil offers you some tips to play with your children and enhance their imagination and creativity.

Stimulate in learning music. Tricks to encourage children to learn music. How to motivate children to get excited by learning music. Tips for encouraging children to study music.

How to stimulate critical thinking. We teach you 10 fantastic riddles for children. With them you can exercise your children's memory and logical thinking. Children's logic and reasoning riddles.

Encourage writing. In general, from the age of 4 or 5, the child can be ready to take his first steps in writing, without haste or pressure. But if it costs him some work, you can help him. We give you some tips to encourage your child in the world of writing.

Stimulate memory. What kinds of exercises can we do so that children have a better memory? our site gives us ideas for how to better stimulate our children's memory.

Games to stimulate children's skills. On our site we have selected a series of activities that can be done with children and that stimulate their learning. These are games that enhance skills such as concentration, motor coordination, memory, logic or values ​​such as empathy.

5 words that encourage children at school. What five words can change the lives of students? Professor Reifler brings us closer to her particular way of teaching. An example of teaching.

Stimulate effort in children. Effort is one of the values ​​that will offer the most rewards to your child. We give you some tips to help you be more consistent and make more effort in your tasks. How to convey to children the value of work.

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How to teach any child to read EASILY and FAST! AMAZING

Early Man


Early Man is a stop-motion animation made by the creators of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run.

The central character is Dug (voice of Eddie Redmayne), a stone-age man who lives with his funny and happy tribe in a remote and lush valley. The valley sits in a large crater that was formed when an asteroid smashed into the Earth millions of years earlier. Until now, the tribe has been blissfully unaware of the rest of the human population. One day, their peaceful valley is infiltrated by soldiers riding in on the back of armoured mammoths. The soldiers are looking for metal to mine, so they chase out the stone-age tribe and take over the valley. Dug finds himself transported to a large and bustling bronze-age metropolis ruled by the comically evil and greedy Lord Nooth (voice of Tom Hiddleston). In a mad-cap chase, Dug races through the city and mistakenly ends up running right onto a football pitch, where he's thrown into the role of goalkeeper. When the other players discover he isn't a football player and is in fact a stone-age caveman, they're outraged. Dug bravely stands up in front of the crowd and demands that his tribe be given the chance to play football against the reigning champions. If they win, they'll be able to return to their valley in peace. If they lose, they'll be forced to work down in the mines.

Dug must return to his tribe and teach them how to play football in the hope they can win the game, but it isn't as easy as he imagines. Although they're not the most skilled players, their strength is that they're a united team with a shared goal. Can Dug and his team win the game and get their valley back?


Football; ancient man; displaced people; colonialism; wealth and greed


Early Man has some mild animated violence. For example:

  • The movie uses slapstick violence for comic effect. This includes people falling and bumping their heads, running into each other, and whacking each other with objects.
  • Bronze-age soldiers riding armoured mammoths enter the stone-age settlement and shoot at the people with bows and arrows.
  • The stone-age people try to hunt a rabbit, capturing it and tying it up ready to be eaten.
  • Tribes fight each other with clubs and punch each other.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5
In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Early Man has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. For example:

  • A dramatic scene shows an asteroid striking the earth and causing mass extinction and devastation.
  • A giant sharp-toothed duck with rolling 'crazy' eyes comes charging towards the stone-age tribespeople.
  • Soldiers chase Dug and his friend Goona through the town.
  • Some scenes feature mild peril. For example, characters jump over hot lava.
  • The tribe chief is hit in the head with a football and for a moment it looks like he might have died.

From 5-8Nothing of concern

From 8-13Nothing of concern

Over 13
Nothing of concern

Sexual references

Early Man has some mild sexual references. For example:

  • A stone-age woman makes a comment about liking the football players' short shorts.
  • A star football player winks suggestively as he says that he likes to 'tackle'.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

None of concern

Nudity and sexual activity

Early Man has some mild nudity and toilet humour. For example:

  • A football player runs onto the field with no clothes on and stands there with an object strategically placed to hide his genitals. The crowd laughs.
  • There is a cave drawing of a team of footballers with their pants pulled down to 'moon' another team. The drawing shows their bottoms.

Product placement

There's no product placement of concern in Early Man, but movie tie-in merchandise is likely.

Coarse language

Early Man has some mild coarse language. The movie also includes some questionable and potentially offensive terms used in relation to the stone-age tribe - for example, 'savages' and 'primitives'.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Early Man is a very entertaining movie with great stop-motion animation, witty one-liners and plenty of humour that both adults and children can enjoy.

There are some violent and scary scenes that might upset children under five years. There's also some language that you might prefer your children not to imitate, but otherwise this is a family-friendly movie.

The main messages from this movie are that working together as a team is more powerful than looking out only for yourself. The movie also suggests that forcing people to move off their ancestral land for financial gain is bad.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include:

  • being brave
  • working as a team
  • caring about other people in your community
  • fighting for what you believe in.

This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about real-life issues like colonialism, displacement of people, wealth, corruption and cultural stereotypes.

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Mariam.

In Spain it is usually used as a contraction of María Manuela. It is also a graphic variant of Maryam, the Arabic form of Mary.

"the one with a beautiful face".


  • Mariam Hernández, Spanish actress (1983-); Màriam Ben-Arab, Spanish illustrator (1983-); Mariam Agudo, Spanish writer (1974-); Maryam Aishah Hassan, American actress and songwriter (1993-).

Mariam name coloring pages printable game

Mariam: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Mariam name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Mariam coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Mariam name to color and print

Mariam name meaning. مریم نام میں چھپے اہم راز

She had six months of urinary illness without an epidemic

She had six months of urinary illness without an epidemic

A New Zealand mother gave birth to 6095 grams of newborns, and is almost completely natural, without epidural anesthesia.

The 33-year-old Nicolina Newcombe during her pregnancy, she suspected she would have a big baby because her belly was as big as a twin baby. son, Tobias however, it surprised everyone, including well-known doctors and nurses, because it weighed more than six kilos. This is almost twice the average birth weight.Nicolina and the "little" Tobias In addition, the mother did not ask for an epidural anesthetic, only a small painkiller. The baby was conceived because of the congestion and was not squeaky because the baby was stuck. "It shocked everyone how huge it was, but I was just interested in being healthy. I wasn't really interested in weight," said Nicolina, who said the size of the baby might be a good explanation for her difficult pregnancy. "I always had something wrong, I kept complaining, but just in my head, would it be so soft? Was it really painful when I was kicking and I was really tired. When I was born, "Neither newborn diapers nor newborn clothes were good for you. She simply jumped in a size," the mom told the NZ Herald, who doesn't know who Tobias was. "Many diabetics in pregnancy have a high birth rate but all tests have become negative."Annika Reid (who has a very close baby) said that she will probably never again go to a baby with a six-pound baby. (via)You may also be interested in:
  • My stomach is too big
  • The largest newborn in the world was the size of a crib
  • If you eat a lot, are you born in Urbis?

We've put together a selection of changes for pregnant women in 2012 to help you navigate.

Well, being a little baby is not easy. We all know this, of course, and now we are not thinking of the victories of the night-begging or the challenges of the grooming, but of the "papermaking", which, as it seems, never ends, almost concludes the account. And what's more complicated this time - if you don't want to get financially wrong. Changes have been appreciated in many places, and we have already dealt with this topic, but we think the reminder is important, so let's summarize it again.
1. The tax assessment for members of TGYÁS and GYED ceased. The government plans to compensate for the loss of income, but only
- in certain cases,
- on demand,
- between $ 100 and $ 95 per month,
- for those who were eligible for this benefit on December 31 and January 1 last year.
GYES-GYED Calculator: Calculate How Much Money You Will Receive!
You can read more about this here, click!
The draft government decree, read here, click! 2. The amount of food paid in the inns is subject to the maintenance fee (also known as the personal fee) in addition to the cost of care. This can be up to 25% of the per capita income, but only those who are - three or more children - children eligible for child protection benefits - children with disabilities or long-term ill children are exempt.
Read more about this here!
For the full text of the law change, click here!
3. Unconfirmed - but not blunt - reports state that the number of baby aids ( support, and interest thereon), can be used by the state and not by commercial banks until the child is 18 years old. (That's $ 75 billion so far.)
You can read more about this here, click! 4. It is good news, however, that since this year, childhood leave has become a reality for all, and this is something that has to be declared in the workplace. The value of freedom has remained unchanged, and continues from the birth of the child to the calendar year in which the child reaches the age of sixteen. However, it is a change that working with a handicapped child is entitled to more holiday leave two days after your handicapped child.
You can read more about this here, click!
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