What is children's free play and why is it so beneficial?

What is children's free play and why is it so beneficial?

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My husband Michael and I exist in a scenario where the little people in our home are constantly compromising our food supply. In other words, they eat up all the food. Sure, I feed them plenty of healthy, nutritious grub, three times a day. I’m a pretty decent cook, too. In other words, these kids get plenty of food to eat.

I don’t even think you could spot a ribcage if you lined them all up.

But, if left to their own devices, my kids will snack and snack and snack until my poor fridge looks like a pack of raccoons assaulted it.

The family-size box of crackers get gobbled up in one day. Apples and bananas and grapes get devoured (and they leave behind the cores, peels and vines to prove it). And juice…well, let’s just say some of my kids need to attend Juice-A-Holics Anonymous. It is so frustrating. And such a waste.

The simple fact is, when you have a lot of children, you have to buy a lot of food. We just wanted to find a way to make sure our groceries lasted a little bit longer in between shopping trips and save what little money we could.

So, one day we just put a padlock on the fridge and pantry.

My husband was the first one to suggest it. I resisted the idea for a while, thinking it was slightly mean and juvenile hall-like. I grew up in a home where my mom never had to restrict the refrigerator, but then again I only had one sister and brother growing up. I had a best friend who lived with her four sisters and they constantly fought over bags of Doritos, and who drank that can of diet Coke, etc. To remedy the situation, they began to put their names on everything and locked it up. I remember thinking that was strange and slightly uncivilized.

Now here I am, having to lock up the string cheese and dried cranberries.

Surprisingly, it has worked out well. I shop less. I yell less. I don't have to stand by the fridge like a sentry, protecting its contents. And we’ve all discovered how much we open the refrigerator door in boredom.

So, if you ever stop by for a visit and you notice the locks, please don't assume we're cruel and inhumane for locking up all of the food. It's just a survival tactic for a large family.

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When it comes to acne, it is certainly not the baby that comes to our minds, though it is surprisingly common for them to develop small skin defects. What is the cause of acne and what can we do about it?

Babies are supposed to have perfect, fluffy, velvety skins - and that's usually true. However, this flawless skin often does not develop immediately, as babies may have about 20 percent acne in the first six weeks after birth. It's even rarer for you. infantile acne, which may be typical of a 3-6 month old baby. Toddler acne develops more frequently in boys. It usually goes away by half.Not all babies have flawless and perfect skin We still can't tell exactly what causes acne, but they believe that testosterone levels and sebaceous glands are correlated with it. small, reddish, white medium leather they occur mainly in the nose, cheeks or foreheads, but can also be found on the shoulder, scalp, neck, chest and even on the back. Infantile acne may be more severe, acne may be larger, more painful, and cysts may develop.It is important to be aware that certain skin diseases (eg, . One of the biggest differences is that in other illnesses, the whole body can be affected, whereas acne rarely affects the lower parts of the body, such as the flank or the leg. Of course, if any baby is suspected of having a disease, or if there is any other condition besides the skin, for example, increased numbness or fever, consult a pediatrician immediately. they don't need any handlers, a few weeks later they think of themselves. According to experts, it is strictly forbidden to press, dirty acne, or to lubricate them with alcohol or other acne medication. Be very careful with your tiny skin, do not use dry or excessively greasy products. For the treatment of more severe infantile acne, ask for a skin care tip: it may be self-explanatory, but you may also need to use special cosmetics, ointments. (Via)Also worth reading:
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Meaning of the name Willehado. Name for boys


Among all the names for boys we highlight Willehado. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

History of the name Willehado

Variant of Wilehado. It comes from Germanic, its Latinization is Willehad.

Meaning of name Willehado

From wil -, "wish", and -hathu, "war"

Saints of the name Willehado

November 8th

Origin of the first name Willehado


Famous people with the name Willehado

  • Saint Villehado, first Bishop of Bremen

Drawing of the name Willehado coloring page printable game

Being a mother is not easy at all, and the standards we set ourselves often lead to chronic fatigue rather than fulfillment. It is true, if we take them separately, we do small things, but put together, they end up consuming time, energy and our whole good mood.

One of the rules we impose on ourselves is feeding the little one only with food cooked by us in the house, so we brave pumpkin puree, apples, carrots and dozens of other vegetables. We clean, cut cubes, blend, wash each particle of the blender three times a day, and at the end of the day we are exhausted.

Although, in fact, the food made in your own home is the safest for the little one, nowadays there are a lot of products of this kind, healthy, organic products, which are just as good for your little one. From time to time it does not hurt to give yourself a little time and yourself, even if you are a baby mom. If you carefully read the label of baby food jars and choose the best products, you will certainly not expose your child to any danger. Talk to your pediatrician in this regard and, as an expert, he will surely give you some useful tips.

Preparing baby food is time consuming and there are many activities we leave for another time because time is not enough. We show you 13 things you can do instead of blending three times a day pumpkin.

A short nap

As a fresh mom, you certainly don't have enough time to sleep. A short nap after lunch will help you complete all your activities and there will be no tragedy if you take a break. Sleep when you and your little baby sleep, the tasks you have to do will be there and when you wake up, but you will be able to do more.


When you juggle dozens of activities, playing often falls into a secondary place. But you must take advantage of the age of your little one and play with him, soon he will grow up and he will not want to roll on the floor with you. Laundry, eating, cleaning, all can wait a little, but your little one will grow and these moments will not return.

A shower like the book

Before you have children you have relaxing and endless bath time, but once you have a baby it is no longer a problem to wear a hair mask, to let the hair conditioner do its effect, to do a scrub or other activities. this kind. The showers are made in a few minutes, on the run, but one like the book, longer than 10 minutes, is not a luxury, so you can enjoy it from time to time.

Sorting of clothes left small

In the early years of your baby's life, you change dozens of pairs of clothes as your little one grows up seeing your eyes. Give yourself some time to sort out the clothes that have remained small and donate / store them somewhere to make room for new ones as needed. However you cannot keep all the clothes your little one wears, many will be gathered. If you cannot separate from them, keep some as a souvenir, and the rest donate them to another child who needs them.

Print photos

Surely you have hundreds of photos of your little one on the phone, tablet or computer, but how many of them were printed, placed in the album or in photo frames? Print a few pictures now, if you postpone, you probably will never do it again and you will never look again in a folder called "3 months baby".

Clean the dining chair

Babies manage to throw food in the most hidden places, and the "victim" falls most often on the dining table. Surely you didn't have time to clean it very well, in all his quilts. You can deal with it during the time you save if you don't make mashed potatoes.

Softens the belts from the car seat

We have no idea how it is possible that whenever we go somewhere with the smallest belts from the car seat to break, bend and give us a headache, but it seems to be an unwritten rule of theirs. Soften the straps now so that the next time you have a road, you won't waste any more time.

A date with your husband

When you try to clean the 1000 components of the kitchen robot after you make a mash it is hard to think of romance anymore. But he must be kept alive. Take a free evening, go to a dinner in the city, away from the bibs, crying and players you prevent.


Do you remember when you came across a good novel and after a few pages it was already feeling more relaxed? It's not the case to forget reading just because you're a mom.

Collect toys

Your little one has dozens of toys, with dozens of other components that are mostly on the floor, where he spends a lot of time. It is time to collect all these toys, we know that it will gradually get on the floor, but if you do not do this periodically and do not throw out the broken toys or donate the toys that your little boy has bored, you will not have to go through they.

Cook real food for adults

Cooking a beef steak with a grilled vegetable dish, or any other food that can even be chewed can be extremely enjoyable and you should not forget that there are other family members who will enjoy eating a dinner. good cook at home.

Solve what you have to solve

It is a good idea to take care of all those things that you keep postponing. Pay the rates / bills, make the appointment at the dentist you still forget, take the car to the service and take care of all the activities you have been delaying for some time.

Keep a baby diary

You will enjoy it over a few years when you recite all the Nazdravani that the little one does. Also note the day you took the first steps, the day when you first said "mom", "dad" and all the other unique moments you had with him.

Even if you say you will never forget the day when your little one went for the first time without your help, the years may be over those memories and these notes will help you a lot.

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Japanese names: Ichirô
Dysorthography When the child has difficulty writing

Dysorthography is a specific writing disorder that conditions and hinders the child when he writes a text, even when he has no problems reading or even has a good reading comprehension.

They are children who constantly make many spelling mistakes, so much so that their texts are sometimes unintelligible. How to detect that the child has this disorder and how to help him?

- Skip syllables when writing a word: prepare instead of prepare.

- Add more letters or syllables of which a word contains: tarata instead of tarta.

- Invert phonemes: folor, instead of flower.

- Substitute some letters by similar ones: m and n, p and q.

- Join words: I often do not leave spaces between words, for example, with my hands or wings three and a quarter.

- Do not capitalize, despite knowing the rule.

- Does not use punctuation marks: their texts are run, they never or almost never add commas or periods.

- commit fouls even copying a text.

It is important to differentiate dysorthography from the normal typing errors that anyone can make at any given time, it is a constant difficulty writing correctly.

Dysorthography occurs in children with normal or even above average abilities. They are not children with neurological disorders, however, they may have deficiencies in space-time perception, visual and auditory perception, and even poor articulation of phonemes.

The child's diagnosis will be made by a specialist who will also give guidelines to help him overcome this problem, with activities such as:

- Get the child used to using the dictionary.

- Teach him study techniques to learn words well, both new and known.

- Expand the child's vocabulary and support him at the graphic level, with drawings.

- Encourage the child to write and always review their texts.

- Carry out lots of practice and exercises to correct the faults.

You can read more articles similar to Dysorthography When the child has difficulty writing, in the category of on-site writing.

Identifying Dysgraphia: Recognizing the Signs

Iza Varga became an educator

For a while, many people have forgotten that the Popular Lawyer of the Friends was a state carer himself. Now, the five-year-old Iza Varga has set her up as an honorary parent for the SOS Children's Villages.

Iza Varga became an educatorThe SOS Campaign draws attention to children living in child welfare and shows what a parent in the family is like. Korбbban Levente Harsбnyi йs Sebestyin Balz has moved into a foster family.Woe Isa on Wednesday he moved into a foster family for a day at the SOS Children's Village in Kőszeg. Margit Balog, 56, has 5 teenagers and 2 little herds every day. His 16 years have been raised in SOS. What is Varga Izaban and Margit? For example, both of them struggle with adolescent problems every day. "A little teenager and a grand adolescent don't make life easy ... I used to say that I have been in family harmony for years, but now I have more time to spend. that I have such strong and determined girls. When I am a teenager, borders are tense, "said Iza, who thinks Margit understands teenage world very well. "All day long I was trying to resist science so that I could smuggle something back home." In SOS Children's Villages, 400 children live in foster families. Children who had to be lifted out of their bloody family mainly because of punishment, neglect, parental illness, or death. Educators, psychologists and developmental educators are working to give children a new chance and make the most of it. Varga Iza 22 йvesen you have already gained access to these nehйz fate into. "When jбtszottam the kecskemйti Szнnhбzban, held jуtйkonysбgi concert gyыjtцttьnk pйnzt йs jбtйkokat the csecsemхotthon there lakуinak. When elmentьnk бtadni the ajбndйkokat, a 3 йv kцrьli kislбny rцgtцn clung to szoknyбmba non tбgнtott mellхlem and then came to me and cheered at me. I wondered at the educators' astonished gaze, I did not understand why they had eyes wide open. would be the most natural thing in the world. We also saw all the little babies, just that day they brought a baby right out of the house, a wonderful, cute, black hair, sneeze-haired baby. In Hungary, 23,000 children live in state care. SOS Children's Villages in Oroshaz, Kecskemét and Kőszeg provide a safe home for foster families with children without parents. SOS also allows siblings to grow up together, as it is often the only surviving family relationship that can help to prevent the loss of a parent. " children may return home, which is rarely the case, either adopting a child or living in child protection until adulthood. we don't give up on any children, we give them a new family, "he says. Romet-Balla Бgnes, communications director for SOS Children's Villages.Related articles in Education:
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