Riddle: He has eyes and cannot see, he has water and does not drink it

Riddle: He has eyes and cannot see, he has water and does not drink it

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Varicose veins in danger

Three-wheel indestructible motorbike

Three-wheel indestructible motorbike On the market, manufacturers are outdoing themselves in the production of various types of toys, and even more the car toys. My son has three at home, but only one is an inseparable playmate. I consider it a total hit, not because it is my child's favorite toy, but as a solid material from which it was made.

The vehicle is intended according to the manufacturer up to 5 years with a load capacity of up to 15 kg. My son weighs about 12 kg, so it's in the range. However, the real strength of the vehicle turned out to be a surprising fact. One day a son, a cousin, who is already in primary school, visited his son, is overweight, valid for over 60 kg. When during the visit I saw the boy sitting on my son's motorbike, my heart trembled, I thought that he probably had everything possible in it. I ordered him to go down and he replied that he was not sitting on it for the first time, nothing would happen, because he also has one at home and nothing has happened so far. From the later interview of the boy's parents it turned out that they actually have very similar at home and the boy has been riding him for several years.

In addition, the ride on the rear has a wide track, which prevents overturning. My son sometimes hit the wall, drove him around the yard and there was never a dump truck. The front wheel has pedals attached, which allows the child to additionally learn to pedal. It is true that pedaling is quite resistant, but you just need to get some practice to move yourself. Certainly it is easier to pedal than with standard three-wheeled bikes (pushers), which are difficult to reach with the pedal leg.

The ride-on has a comfortable backrest, which can also be used as a pusher for a baby just learning to walk. It is great for the yard - especially for uneven terrains, you can easily ride it on sand or stones.

My son got a ride as a gift, so I don't know how much it cost, but prices on the internet range from 70-120 PLN, so the price is not excessive.

Generally, I think that the ride-on ride has no flaws, except maybe stickers that are easy to peel off, which makes the vehicle less attractive. I consider the most important feature of the ride to be durability and stability. He fulfills it 100%.

7 home remedies for pregnancy bloating

Banana Split: A Summer Classic for Kids

The banana Split gacha life

Ingenious inventions for parents and children

For some rebellious babies it is impossible to put the thermometer because they move, cry, or take it off, and in the end you cannot trust the temperature that has marked.

With this pacifier-thermometer You can reassure, even put the baby to sleep, while you take its body temperature.

Medal card for mom

Medal card for mom

Moms give their children their care and love every day, so on Mother's Day we can give them a very special gift, this craft for children from card with a medal, very colorful and easy to make.

The work of mothers is very sacrificed and little recognized, that is why we think that they also deserve a medal, because for their children each mother is the 'best mother in the world' and with this beautiful postcard we will remember it.

  • Blue card
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Orange cardstock
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Marker pen

1. Cut out the template with the medal pieces, which you can find HERE.

2. Cut a 24x16 cm blue card. and fold it in half to make the card.

3. Mark the pieces of the medal on yellow, orange and red cards. Remember that you will have to make two “ribbons” for the medal.

4. Cut out all the pieces carefully with scissors.

5. Glue and place the pieces on the card. Put the yellow circle in the center of the star first. Position the red strips so that they stick out underneath, and glue it all to the card.

6. Decorate the card with a personalized message for mom, and you have your gift ready!

Γιορτή της μητέρας

Gingival bleeding in pregnancy. The recommendations of the dentist!

Is it normal to bleed my gums during pregnancy?

About half of the women who will become mothers have red, swollen and sensitive gums that bleed when brushing or using dental floss. The cause is a mild form of gum disease known as pregnancy gingivitis. Your gums tend to get inflamed during pregnancy because of hormonal changes that cause them to be more sensitive to plaque bacteria.

You can also develop a benign node that will bleed during your toothbrush. This rare node is called a pregnancy tumor or pyogenic granuloma - a scary name for something harmless and usually painless. Pregnancy tumors can occur on any part of the body during pregnancy, but most often occur in the oral cavity.

"A pregnancy tumor can grow up to several inches and usually occurs in areas where there is gingivitis. Normally, they disappear after pregnancy, but if this does not happen, they must be removed. If it causes discomfort, it interferes with chewing and hygiene or begin to bleed excessively, you can remove them during pregnancy, "says Dr. Andra Custura, dentist at Andra Smile's office.

Can gingivitis during pregnancy affect my pregnancy?

"This mild form of gum disease does not cause harm, especially if you have excellent oral hygiene. You may have heard that gum disease can lead to premature birth. But this can become a risk only for women with severe gum disease," says Dr. Andra Custura.

Many studies have shown a link between severe gum disease and preterm birth and low birth weight. Other studies have shown a connection with preeclampsia. In any case, other studies have not shown any connection between them.

How should I care for my teeth and gums during pregnancy?

- Practice excellent oral hygiene and consult your dentist.

- Brush your teeth rigorously, but gently at least 2 times a day (after each meal if possible), using a soft filament brush and fluoride toothpaste.

- Use dental floss daily.

- Consider using mouth water with flour, but without alcohol.

- Go to regular dental consultations. The dentist may remove plaque and tartar if this is not possible during brushing. If you haven't been to a dentist lately, schedule a visit for control and hygiene. Make sure you tell the dentist how many months you are pregnant. If you are at the beginning of pregnancy, you may want to go to the dental office again until you are born - or even more often if you have gum disease, since the pregnancy will aggravate these conditions.

- Do not postpone treatment for dental disorders. If necessary, local anesthetics such as Novocaine are safe during pregnancy. And if you need antiobiotic dressing, there are drugs that do not affect pregnancy.

When should I schedule my dentist appointment?

In addition to the usual programming, set up a consultation immediately if you suffer from the following:

- Tooth pain

- Painful gums that bleed frequently

- Other symptoms of gingival disorders such as swelling, gingival sensitivity, gingival retraction, halitosis or loss of teeth

- Swelling in the oral cavity even if they are not painful and have no symptoms

Dr. Andra Custura believes that our life can become more beautiful with a healthy smile, which is why it helps us with the best tips and treatments to regain and maintain our dental health. Andra Smile is the firm that offers implantology, dental aesthetics, orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, periodontology, preventive, pediatric, restorative and dental-alveolar surgery services. More details on www.andrasmile.ro.

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To a greater extent, obesity increases the incidence of cancer than previously thought: the likelihood is at least twice that.

At least twice as much increases the risk of cancer, according to new results from an international research group, and obesity.
The study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, was led by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a member of the World Health Organization, and was also a contributor to the University of Bristol Medical Sciences.Doubling the risk of cancer The research team carried out a genetic analysis of eight common types of tumors associated with obesity. The testtцmegindex (BMI) йs the rбkkockбzat kцzцtti цsszefьggйst hasonlнtottбk ъgynevezett of Mendelian genetics randomizбciу technikбjбval цssze what mйg developed with the йvtizedekkel of Relationship ezelхtt to цsszetett variбciуk genetic causal relationships hatбrozzбk contemplated herein tъl large mennyisйgы testzsнrrуl you have already bizonyнtottбk the importance Factors in Cancer Risk: In high-income countries, six percent of all cancers are estimated to be worthwhile.Richard Martin, a clinical epidemiology professor at the University of Medicine in Bristol, told the paper: The new analysis showed that the past had an underestimation of the risk to cancer, and that it is likely to play a bigger role in the past.
  • Sugar buds can increase the risk of cancer
  • More and more women are getting cancerous obesity
  • We are the most demanding in Europe, one in four children

Hearing impaired baby can be diagnosed in the womb

Hearing impaired baby can be diagnosed in the womb

With advances in genetics, it is now possible to know whether babies will be born with disabilities while they are still in the womb. The German Hospital for Genetic Diseases and Diagnosis Center initiated the application of DNA from the unborn baby by analyzing the cells can be determined whether there is a congenital or hereditary hearing impairment. From the German Hospital Genetic Diseases and Diagnosis Center Dr. Hakan Ozon, hearing loss may occur as a congenital and acquired, indicating that the birth hearing loss is seen every 1000 or 2000 births, he said. According to the data in developed countries, deafness or hearing loss is inherited at a rate of 60%. Hakan Özön said: 50 More than 50% of hereditary deafness and hearing losses are of genetic origin. Some tests need to be performed to differentiate the genetic origin of deafness or hearing loss from non-genetic origin. In addition to autological and physical examinations, genetic counseling and the elaboration of a detailed family tree (pedigree) is essential for this. Bun

Diagnosis in the womb

Dr. Dr. Hakan Ozon, advances in the field of genetics, albeit partially in front of the births of disabled people expressed that, especially for hereditary hearing loss in the German Hospital said that they are doing important work. Özön stated that couples who have syndromic-hereditary hearing loss in their families and who have consanguineous marriages can apply to this method:
10 Pregnancy 10-16. weeks of the baby's cells by CVS or amniocentesis method. After obtaining the DNA of the cells, we perform DNA analysis on the 'Connexin 26' gene, which causes hearing loss. The finding of a mutation on the DNA after the analysis shows us whether the baby will have hearing loss. ”

If the family wants to have the baby

Stating that the unborn baby (fetus) will be hearing impaired, the family is informed. Hakan Ozon, "If the family does not want to be born hearing impaired baby for medical purposes (baby taking) process is done," he said.

How is DNA Analysis performed?

After obtaining DNA from the cells taken from the fetus (fetus), this region is amplified as many times as required by the method called PCR for the gene region known to be known for its DNA sequence. The product is subjected to an application called 'sequencing' in order to read the letters that make up the DNA. The final product obtained here is analyzed on the DNA sequence analyzer using advanced computer programs. Then the results are compared with the DNA of the normal individual. The differences in the letters on the DNA sequence, which means an apology or a disease, are detected in this way.