Deadly 70-car pileup in Iowa caught on camera

Deadly 70-car pileup in Iowa caught on camera

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When we are pregnant, there are many aspects that concern us on a physical level. Although of course the priority is Health and baby care, many future moms think about how their body will be after nine months of gestation. In a process of change as strong as a pregnancy, it is convenient to prepare ourselves so that the body changes completely.

Something that worries many pregnant women and women who have already given birth is the flaccidity It can appear in many areas of the body. Learning to avoid it is essential for us to regain our figure after being mothers, but there is hope when it is already present.

Prevention is better than cure, and if we do not want to regret that certain areas of our body are flaccid When we have gone through the process of giving birth, it is recommended that we know what to do before anything else.

To begin with, the most appropriate thing is to follow a balanced diet, something essential when expecting a baby, but also important in physical matters. Proteins and antioxidant allies as vegetables they will help us to have a firm skin, something that will not happen if we abuse saturated fats or we abandon ourselves to eat what we want. The same will happen if we do not hydrate as we should, something very important in pregnancy and in general terms.

Exercising and walking contribute to a strong and elastic dermis and the flaccidity do not appear due to sudden changes in weight or a sedentary life.

If even eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise we have not been able to get rid of the annoying sagging, do not panic. There are treatments that help eliminate it and that allow us to show off the skin we had before delivery.

- Diode laser: In a beauty salon, this treatment makes the cells rebuild, as well as the inner collagen, which with several sessions the body can regain its elasticity and leave behind the flaccidity of pregnancy.

- Mesotherapy:This treatment consists of a process of injections in several sessions in the parts of our body that have this aesthetic problem, which must be repeated to achieve better results.

- Subdermal therapy: Through a kind of roller, this treatment helps the affected areas not have flaccidity once the process is completed, since its movements make the affected areas do not store more localized fat.

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The holiday season can be especially magical for small children - we parents have a huge role to play in this. Here's a little cheap, simple idea to make Christmas really special!

Ask the kid out and make a list!

Do you kйrdezzьk tхle it to what you want (drбga йs trendy) ajбndйkot, but we all emlйkszik szнvesen the korбbbi ьnnepekbхl that the kindest emlйkei. "Kids often remember things that adults have forgotten, things they care about other than us," says family therapist Heidi McBain. Feel free to consider this list as an inspiration, a guide! So we can definitely organize programs for the kid that he will enjoy!We can make the holidays unique by simple methods

Give us your time!

Spending time alone can be especially important if you have more children. What do you like best to do: go to the zoo, eat pizza, or just go cinema? Let's make a personalized gift voucher for each person and let's just focus on each one of them!

Let's have a fun party!

Invite friends and make a dullet by making Christmas ornaments like colored paper, painted pine, ribbons, sparkles or any other kind of flour!

Let's Create New Traditions!

All csalбdban there are hagyomбnyok, which is йvtizedek utбn szнvesen emlйkezьnk back йs are also often added to tovбbb цrцmmel sajбt gyermekьnknek. However, we can safely introduce new habits - let the kids decide what it is! It doesn't have to be very complicated: take a walk in a secluded city or watch a Christmas movie in the middle.

Let's have a game day!

Let's have a day to play as much as we can - we can even think of Christmas games! Also, make sure that you have enough time for the outdoor games as well, which helps to relieve the stress of the holidays.

Let's get together with friends and acquaintances!

No one can resist homemade cakes, gingerbread or even candy! Children generally love to cook and at least enjoy enjoying the kindness of the heart. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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ADHD in children, common myths

ADHD is one of the most common clinical conditions among children. It has a negative impact on the quality of life if it is not effectively controlled. Although it cannot be completely healed, it can be kept under control, and children can carry an almost normal wad. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about this condition. Find out what is truth and what is myth!

ADHD is not a disease

Children with ADHD are not the result of poor parenting or upbringing. It is a mental disorder and a neurobiological medical condition. It cannot be triggered by an inappropriate parenting style. Parents who have children with ADHD are true role models, because they are going through very difficult challenges in trying to ensure their child a normal life and help them cope with the disease.

It can be cured with diets

Not only can diets not cure ADHD, but the simplest thing to say is that there is no cure that can completely cure this disease.

ADHD only affects boys

Girls have the same risk as boys to suffer from this condition. Gender has no implication in triggering the disease or manifesting symptoms. Because of this misconception that boys are more at risk, more boys have been diagnosed over time than girls.

Children with ADHD are not smart

This disease does not affect the child's intellect in any way. Cognitive development follows the same path as in any other child, only because of hyperactivity and inability to concentrate, they may have poor school performance, even school failure.

Children who take ADHD medications are prone to drug abuse in adolescence

The specialists argue that the reality is precisely the reverse of this opinion. Untreated ADHD increases the risk of drug or alcohol addiction in adolescence. The drugs prescribed for this disease have been proven to be safe and effective.

ADHD is caused by the prolonged state in front of the TV or computer

It is true that the excess time spent in front of the TV or computer was associated with sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition and even obesity. But there is no evidence that the TV has any influence on triggering this condition.

Sugar and junk foods cause ADHD in children

Sugar and food additives have been shown to be associated with increased levels of activity in children. But this behavior occurs in all children and does not indicate a real case of the disease. ADHD does not just mean hyperactivity and there are no studies to prove that such foods are related to the disease.

If it is not hyperactive, it cannot have ADHD

Hyperactivity is just a symptom of ADHD manifested by only a few of those who are sick. Which means that a child suffering from this condition may or may not have this symptom, but it is not a clear diagnostic criterion.

ADHD is just a "phase" of childhood that will disappear into adulthood

Nearly 70% of children with ADHD will continue to manifest it at adolescence, even into adulthood. It is true that the symptoms can decrease in intensity and can be greatly reduced, learning to live with and control them. But the disease continues to exist, and symptoms can occur at any time.

Only children can have ADHD

ADHD is not a disease specific to childhood. It can be diagnosed even in adulthood. It is true, however, that adults are only diagnosed at this age because they were not detected at childhood. At maturity it is more difficult to diagnose this condition.

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Strange times have come when parents, for various reasons, leave their children locked up in the car - because they are going somewhere for a while, because the little ones are sleeping and do not want to wake them up, because it is more comfortable. Sometimes, as the loud reports of recent weeks show, the parent leaves the child in the car, goes to work and forgets about him ...

Tragedies happen not only in Poland. Also in the US, despite numerous campaigns, children die every year because of leaving them in a hot car.

Andrew Pelham decided to help parents of millions of children around the world and in the fifth grade he created "EZ Baby Saver" - a simple way to protect children from the effects of remaining alone in a hot car.

"Ez Baby Saver" is a bright, neon strip tied to the side of the seat, which acts as a reminder, forcing you to think for a moment if there is anyone else in the car. Thanks to the fact that it is detached from the back of the seat, before leaving the car you have to turn around and look at the back seat ...

Cheap and simple solution. Parents of children who died trapped in a hot car thanked the little American for this invention.

Is it really needed? Is it impossible today?

Idea that rolls

This Raskog shelf will serve you well. To store baby stuff, but also games, books, coloring material ...