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21 weeks of pregnancy

21 weeks of pregnancy
Every visit to the doctor can be full of emotions, especially if accompanied by an ultrasound examination. Keep this memory by asking the gynecologist to print out the test. You can also ask for a recording of the study, which will certainly give you a lot of emotions and allow you to invite to the screening of your loved ones now and in a few years, when your toddler is already a preschooler.


The toddler already has a face almost what you see after delivery. Forms vertical furrow under his noseand above the lips. In addition, she is educated to the end earlobe. The neck muscles are strong enough that the toddler can easily keep his head straight. A very important event in the 21st week is development the immune system.

If you could look deeper into your stomach, you would notice that the child has "A lot more skin" than it seems to need. This is because the skin grows faster than the baby gets fat. There is no reason to worry. The child is growing intensively now (and with you too). By the end of the sixth month, it will double its mass.

It weighs approximately at this stage 350 grams and measures about 19 cm. It can be compared to a larger banana.

They are perfecting sense of taste. The toddler gets to know the sweet, salty, bitter and sour taste through the waters, of which he likes the first one the most.

The baby's heartbeat is so loudthat the doctor can examine them with a regular stethoscope.


You can feel pelvic side pain. A characteristic stinging effect that is more noticeable when coughing or changing positions. This is usually nothing disturbing, only a symptom of stretching muscles and ligaments caused by a growing belly and an enlarging uterus. However, to be sure, talk about your feelings with your doctor during your next visit.

pay attention to your and your child's safety. Do not climb the ladder or stool to hang curtains. It is best to leave this activity to another household member. Also, make sure you wear shoes with non-slip soles at home. It is important that you have a sense of stability and do not risk slipping and falling. Especially since every month your movements can be less shapely.

Do your best eat varied meals. This is very important, because as a result the taste of the waters is changing and the fetus has the opportunity to get to know different flavors. If you want your baby to like carrots, take care of it now. It's the same for your menu to contain everything that is valuable to you and your child.

What is worth remembering?

The baby, despite having grown up so much, is still a defenseless little creature. Remember this and avoid places where cigarettes are smoked. while a passive smoker, unfortunately you give your child a lot of pollution and toxic substances. Specialists believe that as much as if you smoked yourself. Therefore, if someone freely pulls out a cigarette and wants to smoke next to you, ask him not to do it.

From mom's diaries

Back pain is not enough. Even a growing belly is still not enough changes for a woman. There must be more. And he also gets to me. Heartburn appears. Indigestion next to her. I have to be very careful what I eat so that it doesn't reflect on me every now and then.

Of course, my appearance absorbs me as much as my friends. Everyone in their own way. I hear my stomach is huge or "that for 21 weeks, my stomach is tiny." It is not known from today that the point of view depends on the point of seating.

And how do I rate it? I just have no choice but to wear a belly that covers the whole world. It's good that I know his job so as not to break down with his limitations. I see this belly, my friends see it, but sometimes in the queue to the cashier I see (really only sometimes) the kindest cashier, because, for example, the lady in the beautiful fur can't see anymore, the young man does not. People on the bus also have a vision problem. After all, pregnancy is not a disease, and the three of them brought up one another, and he is tired again after work. So I stand much more often than I sit down and don't queue up - I'm waiting for my turn and my thoughts.

From dad's diary

I find joy in cooking, although to be honest I have never liked this cooking. So much man gets tired, it will be at the sink, stove, and then a moment of pleasure and end. Besides, we had eaten in a hurry so far, sometimes I couldn't say what I had after an hour after dinner. Not to mention that we often ate separately ...

Now it is perfect in this respect. She is the best taster I could ever dream of :)

Developed based on:"A healthy pregnancy. Guide of a loving mother ”MD Michael F. Roizen, MD med. Mehmet C. Oz"Pregnancy guide. Problems of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth ”prof. Ian Greer"Pregnancy and natural delivery. How to enjoy motherhood. A practical guide ”Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, Adriana Ortembeg"In anticipation of a child" Heidi Murkoff
The Ice Age 4, Continental Drift

What a joy to find the fine team! Scrat the squirrel, Manny the mammoth, Diego the tiger, and Sid the lazy are in this new adventure confronted with a planetary catastrophe: the drift of the continents .... Whose fault is it ? A Scrat, of course! Hilarious ! For your little cinephile from 4 years.

What is the story ?

  • While the famous squirrel Scrat tirelessly pursues its nutty with as much bad luck, this time it will cause a cataclysm of a global scale ... The continental drift that triggers propels Manny, Diego and Sid in their greatest adventure.
  • After choosing to use an iceberg as a boat, the friendly heroes always zigotos are embarked on an epic odyssey during which they will explore a new world and have to face terrible pirates determined to prevent them from returning home them…

Why will it please him?

  • Still fresh, Manny the mammoth, Diego the tiger, and Sid the lazy. Your young moviegoer will love this new adventure ... and you too because it's always funny. Your child will melt for the orangutan pirate and Sid's grandmother.
  • By Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier, 1:34, Twentieth Century Fox France.
  • Where to find it?

Agnes Barboux

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Elastic woven cotton trousers at the waist: € 7.99 from 6 months (H & M).

Elastic woven cotton trousers at the waist: € 7.99 from 6 months (H & M).
Where to find it?

About pale skin

Pale-looking or whitish skin is rarely anything to worry about.

It's normal for fair-skinned children to look pale in winter because of a lack of sunshine or when they're feeling cold.

You should take your child to your GP if:

  • you suspect your child is anaemic
  • your child is generally unwell or pale, doesn't have much energy, or has a fever
  • your child has been bruising easily and having lots of nosebleeds
  • your child easily gets dizzy or short of breath.

Note that pale skin caused by anaemia is rare in children.

Weaning the baby. Feeding in the sixth and seventh month

The end of breastfeeding and the weaning process is a very important stage in the feeding of the baby and poses endless doubts for parents. According to experts, up to six months of age is not recommended introduce a solid diet due to the immaturity of the child's digestive system and the benefits of breast milk.

Once that threshold is crossed, the weaning process takes place, combining breast milk or formula milk with the new foods for at least two years, as advised by the World Health Organization.

The sixth and seventh month the diet will be based on milk, fruits, vegetables and cereals, while from the eighth month you can gradually introduce meats, fish, legumes and eggs.

According to the specialists of National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico (INP), it is essential to know the type of food, the amount and the frequency with which they should be given depending on the age of the baby.

In the sixth month of the baby, weaning begins and the first semi-solid foods. The INP recommends testing each new product on its own and in a small quantity to rule out any intolerances or food allergies.

The first recommended foods are vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals, such as carrot, pumpkin, banana or apple, always prepared in purees or porridges. The amount will be between one and two small tablespoons once or twice a day, better in the morning, and gradually increasing the variety and the amount as the month passes. Do not forget that breastfeeding or formula milk must be maintained.

From seventh month During the life of the baby, cereals and some tubers can begin to be introduced into the diet, since they have a great energy and vitamin contribution. Rice, corn and potatoes are recommended, the former can be mixed with milk or in baby food and purees.

Regarding the amount, it remains the same as the previous month, one or two small scoops once or twice a day. In addition, the type of fruits and vegetables can be increased, depending on the season.

Do not forget that these first months you must be patient with your little one, especially when he rejects some food. You can mix this product with other flavors or textures, and also take advantage of seasonal foods, always fresh and natural.


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Food Chart For 6-7 Month Baby Malayalam Video

The Newborns of Turkish Women in Turkey are alive

In March, the two newborns born by cesarean delivery in Szolnok are alive after their mother had consumed medication last week. The story was confirmed by a woman's grandmother to MTI on Monday.

The picture is just an illustration

She said that they had been informed by the Semmelweis University about the baby's status after the baby had been raised in the press.

They were consuming a dangerous new psychoactive substance

More people were taken to the hospital in serious condition by a dangerous new psychoactive substance in the city of Mt.
Zita Szabou said that, according to the first medical opinion, the persons concerned were short-circuited by the consumption of some dangerous new psychoactive substance.
In its statement, the county police headquarters drew attention to the fact that, according to information so far, a new, dangerous substance has appeared among drug users, which could be life-threatening in the short term.
Citizens were warned to refrain from consuming any drug or psychoactive substance. Everyone was asked to pay attention to their surroundings, family members, acquaintances and report any suspicions to the police.
The actual M1 channel was spoken in Hrad in the evening: six young people were hospitalized in another day for an insane state of drug abuse.
Tnmea Ecseki, the doctor of the weekly Giza Kourrzh-Ordnance of Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County, told Hnradu: two young, pregnant women they also went to their town halls, they also had to be covered with cesarean section. The two grow in the intensive care unit. He added: drug of unknown origin, called they could eat crystals. An M1 official, logging in from the site, said that besides the two maternity women, three young men were cared for in the hospital, a man in a "very serious condition" was brought to Budapest, and newborns were also brought.
István Elek, chief medical officer of the Peterhof Street Hospital, confirmed to MTI's inquiries: a young man has been transferred from his town to Szolnok, the young man is currently being "supported."
Kardos Jуzsef the Orszбgos Mentхszolgбlat Йszak-alfцldi Mentхszervezet Jбsz-Nagykun-Szolnok county kirendeltsйgйnek vezetх mentхtisztje MTI said the six young kцzьl nйgyet took the mentхk the Hetйnyi-kуrhбzba Tцrцkszentmiklуsrуl due pszichoaktнv material fogyasztбsa: csьtцrtцk йjjel a 28 йves vбrandуs nхt , three-quarters of an hour past a young man, and later a young man. They were taken in a state of gravity to a Seven-year-old mansion, a young male of 26-28 years old, from another turkish-miklós. He was taken to Budapest for the toxicology department of the Peterhof Hospital.
According to MTI's unconfirmed information, the three people who have been brought to the hospital recently are probably part of a family.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of larceny

Meggyanъsнtott ordered in connection with the tцrцkszentmiklуsi kбbнtуszerьggyel fйrfi elхzetes letartуztatбsбt a hуnapra Jбrбsbнrуsбg Szolnok - Szolnok kцzцlte Tцrvйnyszйk sajtуszуvivхje the hйtfхi tбrgyalбst kцvetх tбjйkoztatуn, hozzбtйve the dцntйs not jogerхs.
Judit Papp said: The man is suspected in 2016 of being known as crystal and herb has released an active substance. This may also suggest that on January 28, 2016, more people pentadron content port given, the users of the port were in an insane state, he remarked.
Investigators also seized marijuana at the suspect's residence, he added.
Judit Papp said that the court had ordered the arrest of the suspect on the basis of the above, because of the magnitude of the punishment he could have, because his case was overheard by others. The ruling is not final because the suspect and his defense are milder, he appealed for a domestic detention order, he said.

Gabor Zacher: "scandal" in the Hungarian Book History, which took place in Târkszentmiklós

According to Zacher Toxicology, "scandalism" has occurred in the history of Hungary,
Gabor Zacher, quoted as saying by the current channel M1, said on Friday night that young people were taking well-known drugs called alpha-PVP and pentedrone, which appeared on the market two or three years ago, . Both of them are self-sufficient to cause a life-threatening condition, but at the same time, especially. He explained: Symptoms of overdose include fast heartbeat, tightness, high blood pressure, extreme elevation of body temperature, and cramps.
Toxicologists have stated that "it is human irresponsibility" that the two women who are pregnant have used drugs and endangered the lives of the fetus.
Zacher Gbor also said that the substance young people might have consumed may have been too pure. He said: He must have taken the powder from a drug dealer in some imaginative way (he mentioned the crystal and the music) and did not know what its effect was or what combination of substances it was.