Let the kids explore! They need to try and make mistakes

Let the kids explore! They need to try and make mistakes

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Kanyarу: An orderly status was announced

Kanyarу: An orderly status was announced
Guide to An Understanding Babies 20 in 20 Questions for Mothers

Mom's, no matter how many books they read when their babies are born, even from their mothers, mother-in-law, friends and sisters. baby care Although they get support, they face dozens of questions when raising their babies. Failure to answer these questions becomes a concern.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist at Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Ibrahim Celik, mothers baby care by telling the truth of the information now turned into a folk legend, mothers a mini guide It was created.

1- When the breastfeeding mother gets cold, her own belly hurts, nothing will happen to the baby!

If the mother gets cold, their stomach aches the most, because in the cold the bowel contractions and movements are accelerated, which abdominal pain as felt. However, it is not possible for this physical condition to pass to the baby through milk.

2- If the mother consumes carbonated beverage, there is no gas in the baby.

Carbonated beverages are liquids containing compressed carbon dioxide. Free carbon dioxide, which is released when they are drunk, causes bloating in the stomach in the form of gas bubbles. However, it is physically impossible for these gas bubbles to pass through the milk to the baby. Similarly, when the gaseous foods are eaten, bacteria in the mother's intestines ferment these foods (foods containing intense probiotics and prebiotics) and the gases released can be felt as gas in the mother. However, it is not possible for these gas bubbles to pass to the baby physically via milk. Some allergic proteins and chemicals found in the mother's food have the potential to pass to the baby through milk and cause allergic reactions and abdominal pain in the baby. But this is only in sensitive infants and rarely occurs.

3- If the baby is doing a green poop, it is necessary to investigate

There are many reasons why the baby's poo is green. The main reason is the acceleration of intestinal passage. Any physical and chemical factors that increase bowel movement cause the baby's poop to become green. This often happens without obvious reasons.

4- When the mother is stressed, milk is affected

Numerous foods, beverages and herbal teas have traditionally been thought to increase milk secretion. Unfortunately, there is no specific food or drink that is scientifically proven and has the same effect on every mother. The main factors that affect breast milk are: Structural and genetic characteristics of the mother, moral motivation for breastfeeding, desire and belief, normal birth and meeting the baby's breast as soon as possible, mother's lack of pain, pain, fatigue and stress, the right technique and frequent intervals breastfeeding, taking plenty of liquid and balanced nutrition

5- Don't Wait for Forty to Cut Your Nails

When the baby's nails cross the nail bed, they are cut off, so there is no need to wait for forty. Sometimes it can be long enough to be cut even when the baby is born.

6-Hiccup When Air Stuck

The main reason for the baby's sobbing is that an air pocket trapped in the stomach forms a bubble out of the stomach into the diaphragm muscle and stimulates this muscle. Hiccups continue until this trapped air mass bursts out.

7- Eye Survival Means Irritation Of The Eye Membrane

Baby's tears often occur in response to microbial, allergic or physical irritation of the eye membrane. Sometimes it is because of the difficulty in drainage of the tears to the nose because the tear ducts are congenitally blocked.

8- Cuddle the crying baby frequently

What a pity that the newborn baby is deprived of being alone in the world, vulnerable and helpless, on the grounds that he will be spoiled by the mother's lap, the only environment in which he will feel safe and peaceful! Cuddle your babies every time they cry.

9- Do not be afraid of pooping

The appearance of a reflex present in all living things in the newborn is the phenomenon of gastrocolic reflex, when a foodstuff enters the stomach, simultaneous action of the large intestine and expulsion of feces in the intestine. It is a very healthy and functional process; it is certainly not a sign of digestive or absorption disorder.

10 - Rejects Nozzle When You Get Used to Sugary Water

Neonatal jaundice baby feeding it is a very big role. Jaundice lasts earlier and longer in infants with insufficient breast milk. As a habit from the years before the formula formula, it may make sense to feed the hungry baby at least with sugar water; however, while there are formula foods close to breast milk, feeding baby with sugar water may be unnecessary or even harmful. Because the baby is accustomed to the taste of sugar water can reject the mother's breast.

11- Do not give a false breast to the baby for the first 3 months

Parents' biggest desire is to get their babies accustomed to a pacifier as soon as possible and get rid of the baby's crying crises. Indeed, the baby's pacifier comforting for a short time gives the family the opportunity to breathe. However, the baby pacifier his tongue and palate lip movements to hold are very different from what he does while sucking the mother's breast. Therefore, babies do not seem to be very successful in keeping the pacifier in the early days. However, once they succeed in doing this, they have difficulty in grasping the mother's breast. This means the release of the udder, the formula and the transition to bottle feeding. Therefore, false breasts should not be given to babies for the first 3 months if possible.

12- Baby will relax when she finds her mother's breast

They are powerful search reflexes that connect babies to life. With this reflex, the baby looks for the mother's breast and sucks it when it is found. In this way, both the stomach is saturated, and also feels safe. Because you have not yet seen ability The ability to perceive what is happening around the fully underdeveloped baby is limited. All she knows is the hot mother's lap and the mother's breast. When he meets him, he feels he's in the right place, he's relaxed. Therefore, even if the baby is full, the newborn has to be sought until he finds the right place.

13- Baby's frequent sneezing is reflective

Newborn babies often sneeze during labor to remove secretions and mucus found in their noses. This is a completely reflex event and is not about cold.

14- If the baby collects milk in her breast, wait for it to pass.

From mother hormones With the effect of the newborn baby sometimes breast milk can be collected, it is best not to touch any. This will go by itself in a few weeks. Massage is not recommended as it can result in breast infection and abscess.

15-If the hernia in the belly

Belly hernias, even though the size of the walnut orange is usually spontaneous formations. The objects to be attached on it will not have a positive or negative effect on this process.

16- Do not use powder to lower the hub

Belly powder is a kind of antibiotic used in very old years and is not used today. The best substance to be used in the core is 70% alcohol solutions.

17-Do not drop breast milk into the eye burr

Yes, antimicrobial substances in breast milk may work in superficial eye infections. However, it is best to see and decide by the physician.

18- Herbal Tea Does Not Remove Gas

Such herbal teas or conventional degassers have not been shown to be of scientific benefit. The main harm of these beverages is the cooling of the baby from breast milk and getting used to the bottle due to the sugar contained in them. In addition, it is difficult to predict which side effects of infants, even if they are of vegetable origin.

19- Washing Every Day Facilitates Growth

Some babies relax after bath and sleep well. Since the growth hormone is secreted during sleep, bathing indirectly can contribute to the growth of the baby.

20- Baby Salting May Have Fatal Results

Widely used in Anatolia newborn The salinity of the baby is an outdated practice that can have extremely dangerous and fatal consequences and should never be performed.

Frangipane-raspberry cake

I am tired !

I am tired !

His hand falls slightly, his fingers are not very straight, soft. This is the sign that your baby needs to sleep. If, despite this, you try to play with him or show him something, he may whine and not be happy. Opt instead for a calm atmosphere.

His hand falls slightly, his fingers are not very straight, soft. This is the sign that your baby needs to sleep. If, despite this, you try to play with him or show him something, he may whine and not be happy. Opt instead for a calm atmosphere.

Digital amnesia favors creativity

Digital amnesia favors creativity

Digital amnesia is commonly used to refer to the fact that our phones, mobile devices, and various online applications remind us of everything, no phone number, time of day, or even birth.

Digital amnesia favors creativity

But according to experts, this can be a positive thing as it allows our brains to be more creative. A recent study by Kaspersky Lab has examined 6,000 16- to 55-year-old men and women across Europe. It turned out that the majority of the participants do not know their children's phone number. Almost half of those surveyed - 46 percent - said that the more things they have to keep in mind, the less they will be creative. Some people thought it was worth knowing certain things out of their minds, because that is what makes us creative, but science is on the side of people who think digital amnesia is useful.
"Creativity depends on our short-term memory, where information is temporarily stored for processing, justification and learning. If the information stored here is linked to the long-term memory, good chances for creative solutions szьletnek. When our brains are less loaded with all kinds of information, this connection becomes easier to make. " Dr. Gorkan Ahmetoglu, a fellow at University College London.
She's a known fact that we need to keep our brains as well as our body musclesthat we don't use will be lost in the long run. Our simplest way to keep our brains and minds in mind is to change our usual routines, for example, to change our course, or to start to wear our hands on another hand. It is also a Memorial practice not to use GPS for the route, but to note it, based on the road map.
THE daily reading Level Brain Stimulus: It prepares you to think, learn new words (in your mother tongue), learn new linguistic structures. THE tanulбs - whatever your subject is: a new recipe, a new foreign language - stimulating level.
Any surprises, but mozgбs not only good for the body, but also for the brain: hormones are released from the body every day for 20 minutes to help with learning, relaxation, nerve signaling, more blood, and more oxygen to the brain. Jбtйk we train our brains and our memory: it is easy to think of memory games, but not all of them, but different types of strategy and strategy games.
  • Move your body and your mind!
  • Keep your brain fresh!
  • Memуriatrйning
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    Even more afraid of eating vegetables! Small spinach pies that will amaze your greedy for Halloween.