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Teach your child to make friends, but also to say goodbye to them

Teach your child to make friends, but also to say goodbye to them

It is very common in this summer time for parents to encourage our children to make friends wherever we go. It is true that parents love it and we are proud to see how our children have sufficient resources to make friends. But, once they are done, we must also teach them how to say goodbye to them.

We all remember how bad it was when as children or adolescents we had to say goodbye to summer friends, knowing that in the best of cases you would wait a year to see them and, in other cases, you intuited that this goodbye would mean never seeing them again. .

My advice to parents is that these summer farewells, where it is time to say goodbye to friends or first summer loves, we must treat them as if they were a duel in which the little one will go through four phases:

1. Emotional shock
The first phase is when our children are aware that they will soon have to say goodbye. It is the phase where they begin to discount the days and hours that remain for that unwanted moment. It is very common to hear boys saying things like: 'We only have 3 nights left', 'It's our last Sunday together' or 'In two days I won't see you again'. It is a moment where they are verbalizing what is going to happen.

2. Sadness and anger
Stage that takes place immediately after dismissal, a few hours or the next day. It is an emotionally very hard time where we must support our children.

3. Hopelessness
This phase in which they believe that, whatever they do, they will no longer see those friends with whom they have shared so much, nor will they feel the emotions they have experienced again, that is why they come to the moment of despair.

4. Acceptance
Finally comes the acceptance phase. Once they assume it, they have to start looking for resources for their solution and they try, for example, to see how they will see those friends again.

And in this process that our children are going through, what is our role? What can we do to make them feel supported? The best thing is that you act with them differently depending on the emotional process and the phase they are in.

When your children are in the first phase, it is good that they notice your support, that you are there, without diminishing the importance of what they are going through; offer them your shoulder to cry, hug them and calm them.

When they are in the second phase, talk a lot with them: let them tell you what they feel and share their feelings with you; Let them see that that moment was great and that is why they are excited and, you can even share yours with them. And, of course, this is a stage in which we must continue to be by their side.

When he enters the hopeless phase, ask him questions to make him aware of the situation. They are going to see it all black and that is where we, I insist, through questions, we must make them realize what happened. Questions such as' Why do you think you are going to see us again? ',' Have you thought that maybe next year we could go to spend the summer there too? ',' Have you stayed with their social networks to maintain the contact?' or 'What makes you think you won't see them anymore?'

When they have accepted life as it is, we can help them generate resources to see them again or resume that friendship, if that is what they want.

Parents should never feel guilty about what has happened to them, we as parents have done what we should: go on vacation to the best possible place and encourage them to make friends. Now we have to help them in their dismissal process.

Of course, what is forbidden is that when our children say goodbye to their summer friends or their first loves we say things like: 'Nothing happens', 'You will have other friends', 'Do not suffer for anyone', 'It sure wasn't that bad', 'Wouldn't you think that this or that would be the love of your life?' or 'Forget about those people you weren't interested in, they've been good for you and that's it.'

A friendship lasting 10 or 15 days emotionally can become so intense that we should not detract from it. In the end we are what we feel!

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This morning, it's snowing and Little Brown Bear and his buddies intend to enjoy playing snowballs. But daddy would play well too ...

All the videos Little Brown Bear

Find Little Brown Bear in the children's magazines Popi and Pomme d'Api!

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Trotter: how to do?

How to help?

  • If the "against" arguments have not convinced you, stay very vigilant.
  • The main advantage of youpala is to allow the child to move in a richer environment (such as his park), which will enhance his ability to discover.
  • By not leaving him for more than an hour a day in increments of about 15 minutes, keeping an eye on him, and if he finds pleasure, why not?
  • Choose a model that complies with the CE safety standard. Adjust the height of the baby walker according to its height.
  • Your child should touch the ground with the tip of their feet and not with the soles of their feet.
  • The trotter must always be used under your supervision on a surface without unevenness and course "secure".

If your baby doesn't want to turn around, it's a good idea to try out the practices that, if not in large numbers, have led to success.

If all goes well, the baby will turn around on its own

The Enkin-féle tournament The essence of this is that you should spend at least 15 minutes in the pentathlete position for at least 15 minutes, and this should be repeated once or twice a week. This posture, due to gravity, encourages the child to turn the head down. Put a workbook on a daily basis, and - to make it less boring - read the passage in between.Other methods
Acupuncture, which is very popular in eastern cultures, can be effective in reversing a baby's tail, but it requires the intervention of a skilled practitioner. Cold and warm. Put an icy compress on top of your belly and warm on the bottom. The baby will move up on the warm side. There are also other conventional methods that can help the fetus in a cephalic position. The best known among these is the waist below, twisted blanket method (you should spend at least 10-15 minutes a day lying down), but illuminating the lower half of the tummy It is also very popular with small children (babies are invitingly above the light). Regular, at least one hour of walking per hour can be useful as gravity puts the baby's head above the pool.

Doctor is doing it too

In our country, it is not uncommon for a physician to be 37-40. between weeks he tries to turn the baby upside down. Operation for ECV (external version of cephalicus), which is your doctor's pressure on your stomach. This method works in two thirds of cases, but it is less successful in women expecting their first child. According to a study by Stanford University School of Medicine,Other useful articles:
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10 names of Celtic origin for girls

For its melodious sound and its peculiarity celtic names are becoming more and more fashionable. They were in common use hundreds of years ago in towns in much of Europe such as France, Belgium or Great Britain, and also in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Asturias and Galicia.

If you still don't know what to call your daughter, we suggest the ten most used Celtic names that are setting trends, and their meaning closely linked to nature and the characteristics and attributes of women.

1. Alina. This name refers to two qualities of a woman, one physical as she is attractive and the other has to do with her sense of humor: funny.

2. Brígida. It means 'strength' and was the name of a Celtic goddess of fire and fertility. It is also the name of the patron saint of Europe Santa Brígida.

3. Drusilla. This name, Drusilla, refers to a strong woman. This name was used in the Roman Empire from the wife of Emperor Augustus to Caligula's sister.

4. Eleonora. A beautiful Celtic name that means 'that grows', although some voices also maintain that it refers to a fiery and beautiful woman.

5. Evelyn. This name means 'the expected and the desired'. These are two characteristics that this name is linked to. It is also thought to mean 'origin and beginning of all things'.

6. Hazel. This name, Hazel, name comes from a walnut of Australian origin.

7. Eire. With this name the island of Ireland is called. In addition, that was the name of the goddess of fertility, poetry, music, among other creative qualities.

8. Enya. This is the name of a well-known Irish singer who popularized this name of Celtic origin which means 'little fire'.

9. Myrna. With this name of Celtic origin, it refers to a kind and beloved woman.

10. Yilda. This name means 'the one who serves God'.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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L'Erbolario launches a new range designed to create scented, unforgettable memories

L'Erbolario launches a new range designed to create scented, unforgettable memories

How would you describe the happiness you feel when you look at the starry sky, feel the embrace of your loved one or smell a seductive fragrance? For such moments full of happiness and pampering, L'Erbolario launches the Osmanthus range, designed for refined, sophisticated women, who prefer special products, to create fragrant, unforgettable memories.

The small flower of Osmanthus has been known for centuries for its special fragrance, strong enough to "feel from a distance", as described by Chinese writer Yang Wanli. It emits a delicious fragrance with a surprising intensity, whose aroma was captured in the new products from the L'Erbolario range.

With just a few drops, the delicate fragrance of Osmanthus will lift you, gently accompanying you all day, making you enter as the wings of an emotional breeze. Price 50 ml: 153.99 rum

Body Scented Cream: Osmanthus, a small flower, but with an incredible fragrance, is part of many legends associated with the moon. This rich cream deeply nourishes the skin due to the precious oils and cocoa butter. Price 200 ml: 105.99 rum

Shower gel - the absolute flower and leaf extract of Osmanthus emits a fascinating fragrance, leaving the skin more toned and firmer, gently cleaning it. Price 250 ml: 49.99 rum

Scented soap - gently cleanses and keeps the skin moisturized due to the cotton oil and cocoa butter of this special formula. Pret 2x100 g: 38.99 rum

Osmanthus products DO NOT contain: parabens, preservatives, gluten sources, mineral oils, silicone, aluminum salts, SLS and SLES!

For more questions and information about L'Erbolario products, we are waiting for you at the Sensiblu pharmacies or on facebook.com/LErbolarioinSensibluRomania.