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Cherry verrines with amaretti

Cherry verrines with amaretti

Coloring wild animals: the crocodile

Coloring wild animals: the crocodile

Coloring wild animals: the crocodile

Download the coloring to print

Poultry milk

Poultry milk or "Floating Islands" is a delicate dessert, easy to prepare and very tasty. It can be served with caramel sauce.

Preparation time

60 minutes




1 liter milk

4 eggs

10 ml vanilla essence

200 grams old

1 salt powder

Method of preparation

Separate the whites from the yellows. Combine the yolks with the sugar and vanilla and add a few tablespoons of milk. Leave the composite aside.

Meanwhile, boil the milk and beat the whites with a little salt, until you get a consistent honey. When the milk starts to boil, add a teaspoonful of yolk.

Allow the honeycombs to boil for 1 minute on each side. Then put them on a platter.

In the milk in which the honey boiled, add the composition with yolks and stir constantly. Let it boil for 5 minutes.

Pour the cream into bowls and add the boiled egg on top.

The type of kitchen


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Will you overcome your anger or will your victory be overcome?

Do you want to be angelically patient with your children, somehow always having conflicts and shouting conflicts? The Solution: Overcome your anger, but don't push it! We'll tell you how to get started.

Ideally, it was relatively rare before your children were born conflict situation mбsokkal. Maybe it bosszankodtбl the fхnцkцd due to munkatбrsaid, but eight daily уrбnбl tцbbet not tцltцttйl velьk, йs kцzben jу esйllyel at tudtбl szцkni legalбbb alakнtottбl a ebйdszьnetre.Szьleiddel, testvйreiddel it to your liking valу tбvolsбgot out by this time, the barбtaidat vбlogatod yourself, your love is vйgkйpp. With a conflicts sooner or later they are smoothed out, or if you finally failed to reach a common denominator, then you specialized. It feels like the biggest fun of the day, when you were together twenty times a day, and it was no problem getting you to go out with a book if you wanted it. After becoming a mother, you are almost never alone. THE conflicts The number has increased significantly, and there are not two people working on their solution, but one. You. And your child is waiting for you to find a solution. If something goes wrong, it will not double. And that's frustratingly frustrating. Of course, in a good case, your couple will also talk about their own solutions when they are at home. But most of the time you are alone or have problems.

Overcome your anger!

You are up in the morning, you try to make sure your father and the big one could sleep a little. When they wake up, breakfast. The big one doesn't ask for bread, the little one doesn't spit out whey. They both scold you when their dad walks away and then start talking to you when you want to clean the kitchen after breakfast. You lose a game to win five minutes - to pack. To make a good match, and the big shouting, the little bobbing, try to convince you to give him the truth.

Someone will click

Ismerхs? How difficult is it not to shout at this time? However, achieving this is quite a difficult task. If you simply suppress the dьhцdet, then you will and otherwise, but somewhere you will find your way. An elderly woman in the store asks if her two buns can stand in the queue - she's out loud about herself. Or your childless friend complains about not being able to get to the gym in a week - telling you to half your life and crash the phone. Your husband is back home in the middle of the street - you hit a patella that your neighbor can hear. None of that sounds good, does it? But then what can you do?

Realize What's Annoying Really!

In a quieter moment, you have to think about what they are conflictswhich are the most crazy. If you help, you can write them down anyway. It is almost certain that the little point of the day, which is especially crazy, will make the rest of the day more stressful. For example, you are worried that it will take you a while to move somewhere before you go somewhere, or that you will always run around in the middle of the afternoon and change your table and your kitchen. THE most frustrating situations and solving it will unexpectedly make you feel much better, for example, not having a felt tip pen or a trickle down the kitchen upon returning home.

Laugh at yourself!

Rйmesen frusztrбlу Say the same thing over and over again, but it doesn't seem to have much effect with it. It is easy to find yourself doing your children with full awareness of the truth (and sadness) and the pinching of the things you laugh at in the face of a catastrophe. Try to laugh as much as you can and notice the situations humorous side If during cooking, your dear child will flour the flour and he or she will be floured from the top to the bottom, try to notice how funny it is and take it to the hay so he can laugh at himself. It doesn't always go easy, but it does a lot for yourself and them.

Come on!

THE nevetйs it also helps you to get out of the situation and not be so frustrated. But if that doesn't work, you can physically go back. Put a smaller kid in the boat for a minute while you vent your head in the adjoining room, and bigger ones can be planted for so long, of course, just for them to have a fairy tale movie. Doing so will not reward that behavior, but will cause you to break out of the frustrated situation. Of course, with a bigger child, always talk afterwards what your confused is and try to find a solution first.

Breathe in!

If you are very captivated, conscious breathing can help calm you down. Count on yourself for up to a week, and count on yourself for up to ten. Repeat this at least three times and you will feel as you calm down as your rhythm slows down.

Volume up and down your voice!

Minйl mйrgesebb or yell louder and louder. Make sure that you are close to your normal voice volume and volume. The more you manage to keep your voice calm, the more nyugodtabbб you choose too.

Get help!

If you are home and grown up when you feel it you have run out of patience, ask him to temporarily take the children away from you. And if you feel like it, you can't cope with a particular problem on a regular basis, don't ask for advice! You can ask for help from child-friendly friends, your mother, your father, or even a psychologist, if you feel like it is running out of ideas.

Don't protect yourself when you shout!

Of course, it is best to never really raise your voice, but occasionally the conflict may be yelled at by all your aspirations. It doesn't matter if you think about it again, because you can avoid it in the future. However, it is not worth the long shot and to protect yourself. If you can accept your own imperfections without you, and you will eventually fight with them, you will be giving your children an excellent example of their own acceptance.

Look out the window!

It is an injustice that when you talk kindly and quietly to your children, it will not be heard in your case. If you feel like it will blow up anyway, take a look at the window! You may be holding back the thought of your neighbors - and everyone wins. As spring approaches, we open our windows more and more in the sun. This also gives neighbors more and more opportunities to listen to our family life - if kiabбlunk.
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  • Love, patience, security

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