5 Dad Hacks for Bonding With Your New Baby

5 Dad Hacks for Bonding With Your New Baby

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Should I pull out a very loose tooth?

No. You should encourage your child to pull it out herself. Only your child knows for sure how attached the tooth is and how much discomfort she can stand. If you poke your fingers into your child's mouth, you may injure her. Instead, have your child wiggle her tooth with her finger or push it around with her tongue. There should be very little bleeding when a really loose tooth comes out, but if your child's gums do start to bleed, pack them with a piece of wet gauze and hold pressure on them for a few minutes (or until the bleeding stops). If the tooth comes out unexpectedly, your child may swallow it, but she won't choke on it. Other than disappointing the tooth fairy, swallowing a tooth won't cause any harm.

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It is very common to have suffered from leukonychia on occasion. From the technical name it is difficult to know what disorder it refers to, but it is nothing other than those whitish spots that appear on children's nails.

It has long been associated with a lack of calcium in children's diets, however, and although it is difficult to banish this urban legend, it has nothing to do with food. On our site we tell you what they are due to.

The truth about those white spots that both children and adults sometimes present on their nails is due to small injuries, blows or inflammatory processes that have occurred at the base of the nail and that causes the color of it in a specific area to be different.

The nail usually grows about one millimeter every ten days, although at certain times the growth may be greater. This means that if the child has a stain in the middle of the nail, an injury occurred about two months ago.

These blows sometimes occur without the child noticing or having a large contusion. It can be due to situations such as biting the cuticles, hitting objects with the fingers, touching the nails a lot ... It is frequent that spots appear on one or more fingers of the hands, and even in those of the feet.

In reality there is no specific treatment, the only way to make them disappear is grow the nail. In short, they are minor injuries that do not have to be given much importance, unless white lines appear along the nail or it turns yellow, in which case it would be necessary to go to the pediatrician.

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Talking to your baby will help him develop language earlier

Specialists consider that if parents want a satisfactory evolution of speech in children to occur, there must be cooperation and help from parents.

To learn to speak, you need an interlocutor who will listen to you and talk to you. That is, he needs his parents to pay attention to him and stimulate his language so that he can develop in that area of ​​evolution. It is essential that parents take advantage of all the opportunities to be alone with them, such as: taking a walk, putting them in bed or playing to talk with them. It is a fact, talking to your baby will help him develop language sooner.

Children, from birth, receive all kinds of information from the environment around them and try to assimilate it using all their senses.

During the first 5 years of life he absorbs all that information learning many of the things that will serve him for the future. It is during this time that everything their parents say and do influences their behavior. Therefore, each of the words he hears from his parents marks him, influences him and conditions his development.

From the moment the child is born, the mother usually encourages the development of the baby's proper language. From the verbal point of view stimulates the little one by talking to him when feeding him, when bathing him, knowing that although the baby does not yet understand his words, they make you feel safe, protected and encouraged to communicate.

As time goes by and naturally, the child will move to a stage where he understands the words he hears but cannot express himself. At this time, parents should stimulate the baby by naming the objects used and the activities they do with the. Thus the child will learn that each thing has a name.

Communication is the basis of the family and of society. Parents will be the key piece for their children to acquire the necessary language so that they learn to communicate from a very young age. To encourage children's speech, it is recommended that:

- Get a stimulating environment and flattering where you can give your first words.

- Talk to the child in a normal way since he is born as he would with any other person. In this way the child will receive from his parents the example to imitate them. The little one will learn to speak in the same way that he hears his parents and others close to him speak.

- Give time and pay attention. Whispers, screams and babbling are not yet a language, but with them the little one tries to express his feelings and make those around him react. It is important for parents to encourage, listen and be patient when the child makes these types of vocal sounds.

- Repeat the sounds when the child makes an effort to speak. The best way will be to use a soft and warm voice. Parents should imitate the child's phonic emissions to encourage the little one to repeat and perfect their expressions. Thus, when they are older they will speak in clear and simple language.

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With this video, children will be able to learn and follow the lyrics of the traditional song 'Happy Birthday' and at the same time sing it and have a fun time with their children and friends, on an afternoon, on the weekend or on vacation.

The Ragged Bear invites the children to sing this song and learn about its lyrics. Fun is assured.

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