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Top most popular boys names

Choosing the name for your little one is rarely an easy decision, especially when you think that the meaning of the name can influence its fate. The pressures of grandparents, noses, but also the tendencies started by the stars can play an important role in choosing the perfect name for your little boy. Here are the most popular boy names from the last few years, which can help you decide if you want a name with special significance or a rarer one.


Name that signifies manhood and courage, Andrei comes from the Greek "Andreas", and its significance is even more important in Romania. Saint Andrew is considered the protector of Romania and the name is celebrated on November 30th.


Coming from the Greek "Alexandros", the name can be interpreted as "protector of the people" and is related both to the defense and to the altruistic help offered to others. Alexandru is a name borne by 22 gentlemen of the Romanian and Moldavian countries, starting with the year 1352. Onomastica is on August 30, with Saint John and Paul.


Of Hebrew origin, Gabriel means "God is strong" and is one of the most popular Romanian names, perhaps due to the fact that the Archangel Gabriel is the one who instructs the Virgin Mary to bring Jesus Christ to the world. He will receive gifts on November 8, when the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel are celebrated.


The diminutive of the name Ion means "but from God", it is equivalent to the Greek "Ioannes" and "Yochana", a Jewish name which means "the blessing of the Lord". Ionut is a name that is said to be related to an adaptable, sensitive, often altered and generous yarn. The Onomastics is celebrated on January 6, but also on August 30, with Alexander.


A Greek name that comes from the word for "crown" or "garland", Stefan practically means "the winner of the winner's wreath". Used in numerous diminutive forms, Stefan has the name on the 3rd day of Christmas, on December 27th.


Another name with biblical significance, very popular in 2011, is Matthew, which comes from the Hebrew word "mattitayahu" ("gift from God"). His name is celebrated on November 16th.


Of Hebrew origin, David means "the beloved" or "the beloved" and is a name used for at least 3000 years. David's baptized boys will celebrate their name on June 26.


One of the most popular names in the world, Luca is a male first name that comes from "Loukas", a name of Italian origin, and the accepted meaning is "light bearer". It is celebrated on October 18th.


The only name from the top that does not have onomastics in the Romanian Orthodox Christian calendar, Darius comes from the Persian name "Darayavahush", the meaning of which is "the one who owns the goods" or "the one who maintains the good".


The name of Slavic origin used in Romania for hundreds of years based on "Vladimir", Vlad's meaning is "master", "ruler" or "lord", which is why it has been worn by many rulers of the Romanian and Moldavian countries. Onomastics is celebrated on July 15, St. Vladimir.

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Age of adolescence

The sea, your toddler loves it with all its treasures, sand and pebbles, shellfish and crustaceans. She can scare him a little too when she is angry ... Fish in this summer selection a nice picture book or a fable to help tame her. And remember good memories all year long.

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From 0 to 11 years: all our selections favorites of children's books.

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Pregnancy calendar, or pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy is the period from conception until delivery. The first date is usually difficult to see, so the duration of pregnancy is contractually calculated from on the first day of your last period (some consider the implantation of a fertilized egg in the wall of the uterus as the beginning of pregnancy).

Then the future mother and the father of the child go through a time of dynamic change known as pregnancy week by week, or a wonderful period of growth of a small person in the womb. In this beautiful and at the same time difficult time there are many revolutions, each week brings something new, which is why, to describe these changes, pregnancy is usually described by using weeks rather than months - week by week pregnancy is better described than from a 9 month perspective.

Don't know which week you are in? Take a look at our pregnancy week calculator and calculate it in a few seconds!

When I am born - a question for all future mothers

Based on the first day of the last monthly bleeding, the doctor calculates date of delivery. This during nine months may change with the observation of the woman's body, the development of pregnancy, and especially the changes that occur in the mother's abdomen - in the child.

After each ultrasound examination the estimated termination date may be different. However, the child ultimately decides about the date of delivery. The term pregnancy is considered to be the one in which delivery takes place in week 40 + - 2 weeks. Go to the birth calculator and see when you can expect the baby to be born.

Pregnancy calendar - divided into three trimesters of pregnancy

We divide pregnancy into three trimesters.

Every trimester is three months, during which the fetus develops dynamically and the mother's body undergoes changes.

Week by week pregnancy usually progresses rapidly in the assessment of future mothers, although for many women the third trimester can be particularly long and difficult because of the discomfort caused by the growing tummy.

This is primarily due to the expectation of a child, great hopes and fear at the same time related to childbirth. That is why the expectant mother naturally measures simultaneously with stress and anxiety - how will her body react, will she manage during delivery (read - fear of delivery) and will she be a young mother.

It accompanies these anxieties at the same time feeling that you can't wait to see the baby. The last 4 weeks of pregnancy because of this can be so long that impatience is usually visible at first glance, during this period the problem with mood swings and the transition from one mood to another may increase, tearfulness and nervousness are typical. Our author writes about this period as a "memory of eternity" - read.

Before the zero hour strikes - delivery

However, before you go to the hospital for delivery, be well prepared for this event. In this article you will read - how to prepare the body and mind for natural childbirth, if you are wondering whether it is better to opt for birth by Caesarean section - see this article and get rid of doubts.

Start a journey with us after each trimester and weeks of pregnancy, find out what's going on with your body and what's going on with Baby. Prepare for delivery with us! Week by week pregnancy - this is a guide during an amazing, unique waiting period for your treasure.

Tuna salad

Fish is one of the foods recommended in the daily diet of each person, and if you choose to prepare it in a salad you have an added advantage. Tuna salad is always a healthy choice.


Preparation time

15 minutes




2 tablespoons sweet corn corn

1 preserves tone

1/2 cucumber

1 tablespoon of olive oil

2 radishes

2 green salad leaves

1/2 lemon


Method of preparation

In a nice bowl put green salad, sliced ​​radishes, chopped tomatoes, striped pepper, scallion onions, drained and well rinsed corn, olives and tuna.

Add the olive oil, salt, and sprinkle the juice from half a lemon. Lightly mix and serve salad with toast.


You can enrich this delicious salad with a boiled egg or pasta, fusilli type. Also, if you do not prepare the salad for the little ones, you can add a chopped chilli.

The type of kitchen


Salad Tags Ton

How to protect ourselves from insects?

Natural insect protection for pregnant women and children

How can we protect our children from mosquito bites?

Most of the Romanian market products contain active ingredients of chemical origin. The most commonly used are Icadirin and DEET (diethyltoluamide). The use of these chemicals should be avoided in children under 2 years of age, even in small doses.

Other products use citronella, an essential oil known for its natural protection against external factors. The delicate skin of babies must be protected by means of special repellents, designed for sensitive skin and containing ingredients of plant origin.

The Chicco Anti-Mosquito range is designed to provide natural protection against insect bites. The active ingredient is of vegetable origin and is therefore suitable for sensitive and delicate skin of children and pregnant women.

Chicco Anto-Moscquito offers complete protection, safe and efficient both day and night.

Natural protection from Chicco

The active ingredient of its products is the extract of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora, a natural oil derivative, known as an excellent repellent against mosquitoes. This oil is extracted from a certain species of eucalyptus; the active content is a natural derivative, and its extraction process is certified by ECOCERT, which guarantees the conformity of the raw materials in accordance with the standards of natural and organic cosmetics.

A number of studies, including clinical ones, have shown high efficacy of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora extract against several species of mosquitoes, such as: Culex Pipiens, Aedes Albopictus (known as Asian Tiger), Aedes Agepty (transmitting dengue fever or fever "broken bones" due to bone pain that can be so intense that it causes the sensation of chaos to break), Anopheles Albimanus and Anopheles Gambiae (the main "culprit" for spreading malaria in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean).

Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora Extract is also effective against a wide range of insects such as: ticks, sand flies, small mosquitoes and horse flies.

It is known that the repellent function of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora extract is similar to that offered by the synthetic chemical compounds currently on the market (eg DEET).

Various tests have shown that natural ingredients are even more effective than synthetic ones. The extract of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora was registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency and is subject to the obligation to declare as a biocidal product through European Directive 98/8 / EC.

Why choose Chicco Anti-Mosquito?

Natural protection

The active ingredient in the Chicco Anti-Mosquito range is of natural origin (CITRIODIOL) - extracted from a certain species of eucalyptus in Australia. Citriodiol is widely known as an excellent natural insect repellent. Its efficiency recommends it as the most natural indicating ingredient in the world.

Delicate protection

All Chicco Anti-Mosquito products are dermatologically tested. They are safe and suitable even for the most sensitive skin. They do not contain alcohol, dyes or parabens, so they are recommended for children under 2 years old, but also for pregnant women.

"Night and day" protection

The exclusive formula of the Chicco Anti-Mosquito range works effectively both at night and during the day, offering excellent protection against the most common species of mosquitoes, including against Aedes Albopictus (the Asian Tiger mosquito), more and more. widespread in many parts of the world.

Long-term protection

The repellent effect of mosquitoes lasts longer than in the case of most natural repellents on the market. A single application will protect the baby's skin for up to 3 hours. If this protection is to be extended for more than 3 hours, the product can be safely reapplied.

Due to the practical formats, Chicco Anti-Mosquito products can be easily applied, even on the skin of babies.

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Spray100 ML

Designed to work even when held in a different position than the vertical, so it can be applied more easily and faster throughout the body surface.

Surgical medical product

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel 60 ML

Designed to allow the correct dose of the substance to be applied to the child's skin. Specially designed for "pocket" so that it is always at hand.

Surgical medical product

Roll-On Chicco Anti-Mosquito 60 ML

This product can be applied quickly and easily, even by your child.

Surgical medical product

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Wipes - 15 pcs / pack

It effectively protects the baby's skin from insect bites due to its natural active ingredient. Wet towels are individually packaged. Ideal for travelers or for a walk in the park.

Surgical medical product

Roll-On Chicco Natural Care for soothing insect and jelly bites 10 ML - 0 months +

Ideal for soothing the delicate skin of babies, due to its natural formula with zantoxilum extract (a Chinese plant known for its universal soothing properties) and menthol (for a cooling sensation). Do not leave stains or traces of fat. It does not contain ammonia and alcohol.

Recommended since birth.

Room cleanliness is a very important step in the lives of young children. Some people are easy going, some who have a long time to give up their nappies. Both cases are completely normal and natural.

Girls and room cleanliness

When it comes to room cleanliness, many people think the girls are smarter. Pediatrician Scott J. Goldstein also told that the girls would be a few months older than their counterparts at the same age. But that does not mean that they are not distressed by room cleanliness, and that there are no babies who do not dislike the potty and remain more nappies than babies. . There will come a time when your child is ready to clean, and it is unnecessary to urge him. The parents have a lot to do with the process of choosing a room. If you have a baby, you need to pay more attention to a few things. Why, you can read below. But let's start with a good news: if you have a girl, you will not bother as much with purity. Because the girls are looking at the party, the toilet, so their little ones will never run down the pool and toilet, down the carpet or the bathroom floor or on the side of the closet. Then what are you to watch out for and how can you make your baby's life easier? Get some of our helpful tips below!

1. Observe the correct peeing position!

If your little one is peeing on a party, make sure that the soles should be on the pad. If you are in the toilet, place a foot or bench under your foot so that your feet will rest on it. It is important that your pelvis should be horizontaland, inadvertently, your buttocks down the area, because then some urine can flow back into your vagina during peeing and will only disappear when you put on and put on your clothes, which will be so pissy.

2. Teach him the proper cleaning techniques.

Always front to back save your baby. To master the perfect technique, practice on a baby doll. It is very important to have the right direction, because if you have your baby back from the front, you will probably not get any bacteria into the urinary tract. Forget the wet wipes, because their chemical content can disrupt the natural mucous membrane of the vagina. Smooth paper is perfect for your little one. However, you should make sure that you wash your hands with soapy water after every drying, bilize.

3. Prevent infections!

At the beginning of room cleanliness, relatively many babies are taking some form of infection down there, improper technique because. Unfortunately, if you postpone yourself in the aftermath of a cataract, you are unlikely to get bacteria into the vagina.Signs of a vaginal infection:
- frequent urinary urgency
- painful urine
- Gagging sensation between peeing
- Blood urine
- Fuck
- Transition
- Frequent cleaning of your room after cleaning If you experience the above symptoms on your baby, consult a pediatrician.

4. Let him choose!

Go to the store and let them choose colorful panties. Do you like Minnie Mouse? Or the Jogger? Then buy it! If you can wear the panties he or she has chosen, you prefer to buy the pelvis.

5. Add some extras as needed!

There are countless books to help you quit your pelus (eg Papa Pelus!, Hurray, party games!), And you can even buy baby dolls at play stores, which are sure to keep your baby happy with room cleanliness. But you can buy him a party that makes music if his little owner pees. This is what many small children do. And, of course, the grace you saw on your face when you succeed in bilibe pisilnie.Related Articles:
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- Room Cleanliness: There is a time for habituation