Iron supplements cause stains on children's teeth

Iron supplements cause stains on children's teeth

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The best conception for the little child - many couples have been publicly awakened by this conclusion, well-timed awakenings, infant infiltration, and infrequent sex.

Sex? Do you eat or drink ?!

Until springtime

- Whoever claims to have the same sexual life and mood as children, liars or twenty-one Urbian babysitters - complains Sбra. - I got two kids who didn't sleep the night. In fact, I went back to work early, started to get started, and because of that, I suffer from chronic insomnia. Even if the fire inside us, arranging for the two children to sleep at the same time is difficult. True, my boyfriend wakes up at night and he is just as tired as we are laughing together, but this is instead for little sex. We both know that this is only a transition state and will be lighter, but when will it be lighter? Our most beautiful years are practically sexually withdrawn.


- Your little one's been born sex is less common in our lives, but it has become more colorful and our quality has improved - says Rйka. - Explore every corner of your home, even on bright days, when you find that the little one is alone in his boat. At night, as we are sleeping in a room, it is impossible to be loud enough to wake up. It happened to us that I imagined what it would be like to be a little naughty now and only a few minutes and the child falls asleep, but in the next moment I slept.


- The arrival of our little boy has completely changed our life, including our sexual life - tells us Anna Szekeres, who has a week with his couple. - Although the first few months, my life wasn't really, let alone sexy. Now a one-year-old Bendegz sleeps with me from the start, it also revealed that it was possible for me to have five when my ankle broke in an accident. I lay there for six weeks, so the night-time breastfeeding could only be solved, and my husband was forced out of the living room onto the sofa bed. In this situation, I had to organize the evening pastoral care. The timetable is usually the following: I put the child to sleep in the bedroom, then carefully walk out to the next living room and try to make the most of the time available. Certainly we weren't convinced about the organization, we didn't have to be silent, sometimes in a breathless breath saying, "Do you think he woke up? Don't you think ... or would you?" Now we both look forward to planning the evening date. Of course, the kid is watching us with super-intense antennas, and at the best of times he listens to us, or he starts a loud and unambiguous mommy training. There is nothing to do, in which case you have to go in and then continue or not.

Big family guides

- My brother and I have been married for seven years, we will have twelve children by January - he tells Dуri. - Now we are moving into a family home in the summer, so we're comfortable with it, the twins alone are going to cause some sleep trouble because we'll be in the same room with us. There is no other place for them at this time. There is no such thing as having a sexual life in a family like this, because kids are up for a night, one wants to drink, the other goes to the toilet, or the big ones come home. There is only one solution: in silence to solve things, but there is still a risk that we will open up. It happened once or twice, luckily we were under blankets, and we weren't completely weaned. Of course the little ones are with us, but luckily they don't go out for a night, just yell or yell. We have a lot of practice in making love interruptions, unfortunately very often we are addicted to it. But the kid is the first one, the pro wants him too, and he gets up at night to help. If we are very tired, there will be times when we get to sleep on it five times ... very cynical, but it is. Yet, our affection for each other is very lively. In the beginning, there were milestones in our marriage, but fortunately everything is fine. We got up to the task.

What can you do here ?!

Look inside: you probably didn't like to think that your parents were living a sexual life, they still live today. A small child, whether in the other room, in his or her parent's bed, in his or her sleeping or sleeping state, or when he or she unexpectedly opens, may inadvertently teach you love. It's okay, it doesn't deserve to be bullied if you have sex in a positive way. It is natural for a father and a mother to kiss each other, to love one another. From their point of view, sexuality is also part of this love. If you are not passionate about your emotions (you must have heard the little one quarreling), then it would be good for you to express your positive feelings as well. Don't make the child feel that this is something forbidden, something taboo, because it causes tension in him. Even you can bring the case before you, just for a comment (but we played it in the evening with dad), and with your child's positive feeling, sex, but it doesn't come from having a child hear or see something, but from if you don't handle it properly, if you find something scary or forbidden in the backyard.

Sex bomb for fatigue

Parents with small children often feel that they are not strong enough to have sex because of the all-day drive and fatigue. However, according to our specialist sexuality is a kind of natural transcript (which we get into, for example, for enjoyable sports or meditation), so instead of bathing, it is filled with energy. That is, during good sex, the brain floats in the state of mind and sleep, and it is easy for you to have a newborn after orgasm.

Anybody told me

It's hard to tune into one another
Sex hasn't become less common between us, only the play has lost a bit. After dinner, playing games, bathing, sleeping, you have such an obliging mood. Of course, it has brought diversity into the community, where we have to invent ourselves in the hall and sometimes in the kitchen. There's one more confusing thing: if I had to go straight to the little one after breastfeeding, it was really weird. It was difficult to be a mother again, because I was with my brother for a second. I hurt myself a little.
KittiHы but kнnos ????
One time our sixteen-year-old son opened up to us, and his aftermath went out quickly. He saw everything, but he just said the other day he was afraid to love and hope for each other so much, it will always be so. It was very correct.
ZsуfiExcessive Caution?
To help our second baby, we didn't want to wake our baby up one night by putting the baby on, so my husband didn't put in and used this one to get the baby out.
EditBad breakfast
Once on a New Year's Eve, we tried to start each other's dreams at dawn, and when we were just ready, the kids went into the room in group and then they brought us breakfast. So let me not tell you how gentle my son was, who had his condition before.
MesiThe dog brought us the heartbreak
We have three children, but we never failed. Once, however, the dog was inside the apartment, it was evening and dark, he heard the panting and the rustling, ran into the room, and started barking wildly. Well, it was infarction.
RebekaBrainstorming on the experience
We were born to go to his place
We have three children. Usually they sleep in a separate room, but they come to the toilet at night. In the middle of one of us, our five-year-old girl just stood beside our bed, and asked, calmly, with you: Can I have you next week? Dad and I started laughing, we said no now, go to his bed, but then in the morning, if dad went to work, he could come over to mum. The kid turned around, went back to bed, and two minutes later we heard snoring. Then we finished what we started ...
Our children are real night-time wakefuls, often waking up, often resting only in our bed. It's been a while since it has seriously disrupted sex. I was simply incapable of loosening and surrendering to the pleasures because I was terrified that now they would wake up and give in. The key to this was a good solution. By that time, we simply closed the door, so we either finished what we were starting or had time to get something for ourselves and then open the door.
Bor From Vilbgos to the dark
We have a little trick: a little electricity in the nursery, not in ours. Well, if somebody came out, he couldn't be suddenly in the darker place. Even though the kid's eyes get used to the darkness, it's time to harvest.
AndiSchool, school
Because of the night circuses of our seedlings, it was simply impossible to combine a good release of liberated sex. "Only in silence, only in silence" - that was our motto, though not the most exciting! Flexible working hours are one of the ways in which such problems can be solved by having sex with man's son and girl. As soon as the kids went out to school, school and the whole house was ours, we could have a nap!
Lily Wellnesshйtvйge
We have found that, in the long run, the quality of sex is at stake if it is always in a whim, in silence, with more interruptions. Of course, it can still be wonderful to have sex, but we introduced ourselves to having a wellness weekend once a quarter. In this case, we travel strictly alone and comfort each other day and night. This is a real charge.
Ester Nagyszьlхk
We rely on the most diverse children to have our children on some weekends or just a few days in the sun with some grandparents. In this case, we are the whole dwelling, in complete peace of mind. Of course, it belongs to her that the neighbor is ringing at this time, and she will get a letter from the APEH in the mail, but we won't open the door.
BenedettiExpert: Klettner Anikу sex psychologist
Coloring of stories: Cinderella and its broom

Poor Cinderella! With her broom, she waits for your artist to put a little cheerfulness in his daily life. Download quickly our coloring.

Download the coloring to print

Name Dalia - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Originally, the name "Dalia" comes from the surname "Dahl", the name of a Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl. It is this scientist who attributed the name "Dahlia" to the flower, native to the warm regions of Mexico.


Israeli politician Dalia Itzik (Interim President of the State of Israel in 2007), Mexican actress Dalia Hernandez (who participated in Mel Gibson's film "Apocalypto"), Venezuelan taekwondo player Dalia Contreras, Israeli poet Dalia Ravikovich or Jamaican athlete Dahlia Duhaney.

His character :

Dalia is a hard-working, independent personality who spares no effort to reach the end of her dreams. His determination is flawless, nothing can stop him. In case of difficulties, she does not hesitate to seek a little help from relatives. At Dalia, optimism is always a must. She can not be easily slaughtered. He is also a person of great heart, always ready to offer his support to those in need. The happiness of her family is what matters most to her and she is always ready for anything for the well-being of her family.


Dahlia, Dalya and Dalhia.

His party :

We celebrate the Dalia on October 5th.

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What resort to choose for your family vacation at sea. Here's what my moms say

What resort to choose for your family vacation at sea. Here's what my moms say

It's vacation time and most of us turn our attention to the seaside resorts for a few days of relaxation on the beach. The little ones will surely enjoy a getaway to the sea, where they can swing freely and lift the castles out of the sand.

Before packing, however, we must determine exactly which resort we go to and which hotel we choose to have a dream vacation with us, our parents, but also our friends.

Why go on holiday on the Romanian coast?

Many families opt for the Bulgarian or Greek coast, considered places where the services are of a better quality. A vacation in it Romanian resort but it has its advantages.

The first is that you are in the country and any unforeseen situation can be easier to solve than if you were abroad. An example of this is a medical problem. If you are on the Romanian coast you can reach a large hospital in Constanta in a short time, where as an insured you will benefit from all the medical services you need without having to pay.

The Romanian coast is the most accessible for most of us. From Bucharest to the sea you travel the road in maximum 3 hours, the Romanian resorts from Black Sea It is also easily accessible for families from other areas of the country. In addition, the little ones are not very tolerant of long roads, so the resorts from us remain a good option.

At the same time, our coast is full of beautiful landscapes and well-kept beaches where you can have the holiday you wanted.

On the Romanian coast you will find at a distance of several kilometers from each other, resorts with their own air. From the oasis of tranquility and greenery you find in Eforie Sud, to nonconformism in Vama Veche, the coast from us has everything to offer for anyone, so you will definitely find something to suit your taste and that of your family.

Some of our resorts are more suitable for young people as they are Costinesti or Vama Veche, beautiful places, of course, but where the agitation and fun never stop, so they are not recommended to a family with children. Instead, in resorts like Venus, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord and the like, the premises and hotels are designed for family members, and the quietness of the resort will entice you to relax. Saturn, Jupiter, May 2 or Navodari they are also recommended by mothers for those who want to walk with their children on the Romanian beaches.

Leave on the Romanian coast: the recommendations of the mothers

In the forum, the moms say a "no" decision to the Costinesti resort, which is far too hectic and crowded for a family. Instead, moms warmly recommend resorts that have been known for years as family members, but also Olimp or Neptune they are appropriate, they say.

At the same time, and Mamaia, which is a resort better known for clubs and nightlife, is suitable for a family, especially the southern part of the resort, where you will find hotels with facilities for picnics and where the water depth on the shore is gradually increasing, thus being a more suitable for children. The holiday village, the cable car, the boat trips and the hotels with playgrounds are just a few reasons why Mamaia continues to be the favorite resort for families with children.

Here's what my moms say about some of the resorts on the Romanian coast:

Daniel 37: "If you want peace for yourself and the child, resort 2 May is a very good choice. My girls liked it very much, we really rested, the prices are super ok. "

Marry: "We were with the dwarf in Olimp resort, at the end of August. I find the resort very quiet compared to others. For families with small children I say it's ok ... "

Roxie: "How small were the children I was only in Mamaia in the northern part of the resort, which is quieter and more for families. Honestly I would not go to any other resort on our coast. And something else, in Mamaia, at least in the north where we were, there are no stones in the water. That was an important criterion for me. "

Russian Elena Geanina: "We went with our chicken to Neptune. I liked the resort, it was great, plus the evening was a scene set up in the center where the actors played stories for children. I liked it, this year I still go there. I recommend. "

Gabryoleta: "In the resorts Neptune - Olympus I was. I highly recommend it for families. There is no beach on the beach and not very crowded "

Hotels and villas on the Romanian coast suitable for families

Delta Hotel, Jupiter

The Delta 3 * hotel in Jupiter resort is part of the CO Hotels group next to the California Hotel, in the same resort, and is located approximately 50 m away from the beach.

Children's entertainment services are free for tourists:

  • Story House - There are interactive children's theater shows, held by heroes from fairy tales and cartoon characters.
  • Ballet and Dance Center - Specialists offer ministries of initiation in dance, ballet and bodily expression for children.
  • Theater School - For all the children who are passionate about acting, a professional band will take daily introductory courses in this fascinating universe.
  • Children's Beach - Arranged with mini-pools, slides, inflatable toys.
  • Children's Park - In the only amusement park for children in the South of the coast, where every evening there are theme parties.
  • Kindergarten with babysitting program - Grup Cohotels offers the kindergarten with babysitting program, where children are carefully supervised and involved in creative activities by qualified staff.

Phenicia Holiday Resort, Mamaia

The complex is appreciated by families with children, because here there are many playgrounds, both inside the hotel, within the children's club, where they can color, draw, paint and play freely, but also outdoors, in the children's playground. slides, inflatable mattresses, swings and colorful boxes, always under the careful supervision of our team of entertainers. Throughout the whole day, the little ones can play alongside entertainers and take part in the most intense interactive competitions.

Phenicia Holiday Resort is appreciated by families with children, because here there are many playgrounds, both inside the hotel, within the children's club, where they can color, draw, paint and play freely, but also outdoors, in the park. children with slides, inflatable mattresses, swings and colorful houses, always under the careful supervision of our team of entertainers.

Throughout the day, the little ones can play with animators and participate in the most fierce interactive contests.


Hotel Savoy, Mamaia

Hotel Savoy is one of the most popular hotels for families with children, from Mamaia resort. Here, children can have fun, in complete safety, in the playgrounds specially designed for them. Outside the hotel, right next to the restaurant terrace, on the beach, the little ones wait for the playground, equipped with swings and inflatable slides.

The fun of the chicks is complemented by the swimming pool specially designed for them and the inflatable playground, close to it. Next to the hotel pool, in a specially arranged space, children can enjoy various fun and creative activities, specially organized for them.

On hot summer days, guests enjoy the private beach set up exclusively for them, equipped with comfortable and shaded sun loungers designed to provide them with the desired shade.

The hotel offers All Inclusive services. | Website:

Hotel Complex Steaua de Mare, Eforie Nord

The hotel is located on the cliff, and the beach is 50 m from the hotel. The tourists of the complex have at their disposal free bicycles, chess, boards, rummy, books, billiards. Families have access to all the children's playgrounds:

  • 3 outdoor playgrounds;
  • Kindergarten "Story House" with supervisor (only in the "all inclusive" package);
  • The "Magic Planet" playground with children's shows offered two to three times a week, interactive games, dance party, karaoke, cartoons, play station and many other surprises.

Hotel 2D Resort and Spa, Neptune

The hotel is just 8 minutes walk from La Flags! The 2D hotel benefits from a quiet location near Lake Neptune, 300 meters from the beach on the Black Sea shore. Children have a dedicated swimming pool, a playground, and guests have access to the outdoor swimming pool, with sunbeds and umbrellas.

The hotel offers All Inclusive services. | Website:

Puky Villa, Neptune

Villa Puky offers the ideal setting for a vacation that you will want to tell your friends. The location is a privileged one, addressing both those who want to be at a center bathing but also those looking for an oasis to retire for a few days.

For the comfort of the guests, the villa's garden benefits from a gazebo, a barbecue and a 24/24 monitored parking.

A child in the room up to 7 years old benefits from free accommodation, without being provided with an extra bed.

Villa Puky is located in the "Prichindel" area behind the amusement park, only 400 m from the beach. Within the villa we find different relaxation options for all ages, entertainment both in the villa and in the surroundings. Holiday vouchers are also accepted.


Hotel Mera Resort, Venus

Built in the center of the resort, 100 meters from the beach and near the Venus Lake, Complex Mera Resort benefits from a special positioning, in a unique natural setting, between the sea and the lake.

The hotel has a main swimming pool, with a water surface of 1000 square meters and is equipped with cervical showers, hydromassage areas, Aqua Vortex (where you can swim against the current). Around the pool the space is arranged with sunbeds, umbrellas and showers. Also within the complex is a children's pool, which has a maximum depth of 50 cm and is arranged as a mini aqua park.

There are daily special programs for the little ones and the big ones - aqua gym, shows, contests, etc. In addition to these two pools, a third pool is set up in the villas area.

The hotel offers All Inclusive services. | Website:

Dismantling 5 myths about infant feeding

Dismantling 5 myths about infant feeding

Over time, many tips are passed from parents to children in reference to food, some of them being just myths that the only thing that can negatively affect our diet and the one we offer to our little ones.

These are the five most common myths about infant feeding.

1- Bread is very fattening, and because of this we offer our children sliced ​​bread. Well, the bread per seIt is not more fattening than sliced ​​bread, but rather the opposite. Bread is the traditional source of carbohydrates in the Mediterranean diet, and provides slow-release energy, making it ideal for an afternoon snack, provided an appropriate filling is used. In contrast, sliced ​​bread contains fat and simple sugars that make it much more caloric and much less healthy.

2- The egg is not recommended for health. Due to its cholesterol content, the egg was considered an unhealthy food for years, although studies showed that the effect of the cholesterol it contributes has an invaluable effect on blood cholesterol levels. The egg is a very attractive food, since it provides a high content of essential nutrients and protein of high biological value, which are also easily bioavailable. The recommended serving of eggs for children is one unit a week, although from 9 years of age it can be increased to 2 units, depending, of course, on the child's energy expenditure. It can be consumed up to 3-4 times a week.

3- You cannot mix milk and citrus fruits because they hurt the stomach. It is another of the myths related to infant feeding. There is no problem for the child to eat the two foods at the same meal, since, whether they are taken together or not, the milk will coagulate in the stomach due to the acidic pH.

4- If more scoops of milk are added to the bottle, the baby will get fatter. You know, for grandmothers a chubby baby is synonymous with a healthy child, but the truth is that obesity begins in childhood, and promoting the habit of eating "excessively" in a child is to teach him to eat excessively, the first step to being overweight. In addition, the "extra" scoop, the only thing that achieves is to overload your kidneys, still immature, and can generate very serious problems.

5- Breast milk from 6 months, or when the baby wakes up a lot at night, is no longer enough. Babies wake up at night for many reasons, physical contact being one of them, so a child who takes a bottle will also wake up if he needs to feel his mother. Breast milk is, hands down, the best food for a baby. Not only does it provide all the nutrients that the baby needs, but these are in the appropriate amount for each stage of growth, because breast milk is adapted to its needs. According to the WHO, it is advisable to continue breastfeeding until at least 2 years of life.

You can read more articles similar to Dismantling 5 myths about infant feeding, in the Infant Nutrition On-Site category.

Myth or Fact: Breastfed Babies Should Be Fed Every 2 Hours

Your idea for a bedroom?

Sometimes the child cries a lot after he comes out of the bedroom. Could this be him?

The bedroom is a good therapy for coughing

The heavy air is relieving the stuck in the airways. The ruptured, fluid-like stigma is culled by the body - that's not a problem at all. One of the goals of sytherapy is to cleanse the respiratory tract, eliminate allergies, dust, stinging blood. Especially a good method for young children who do not nose at all or do not use proper techniques. It is also harder for them to teach big nose rinsing, you can replace it with a salty nasal spray. In addition to the slushy nasal sprays you can get, in addition to bedroom therapy, you can have a cold and cold inhalation with your child at home. This way you can get into the cold air as well. Drop Salvus water and a scrabble picture into a suitable inhaler, or play some cool game under your inhalation. If you have frequent nasal congestion at night, and have had a crippling seizure at night, this can prevent you from becoming a daily routine.More articles in this topic:
  • Multiple Cough - Multiple Herbs
  • Cough: asthma or croup?
  • Asthma in childhood: without alertness
  • Asthma, in short