5 important prenatal vitamins for you and your baby

5 important prenatal vitamins for you and your baby

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Common respiratory infections in children

Disney Junior celebrates 2 years in Romania

Disney Junior celebrates 2 years of presence in Romania on March 1. The multi-platform brand dedicated to children between the ages of 2 and 7 and their families has experienced an impressive growth, ranking second in number of viewers. Disney Junior was watched by 12.5 million viewers over 4 years old only in 2013, a number corresponding to 65% of Romanians over 4 years old.

"They were two extraordinary years for Disney Junior in Romania, during which the channel quickly became the favorite destination not only for the children, but also for their parents. We were glad to see that Romanian families love our programs, which delight children through stories. Due to the huge success of the Sofia First series, Doctor Plusica or Jake and the Pirates of Nowhere, we managed to gain a strong position, so that, shortly after launch, Disney Junior ranked second, immediately after the brother or bigger, Disney Channel, "said Maciej Bral, VP & General Manager Disney Channels, CEE.

The success of Disney Junior has been accelerated by the release of key series such as Sofia Intai in May 2013 and Plusica Doctor in September 2012. Currently, these two shows, together with Mickey Mouse's club and Jake and the Pirates of the Country Nowhere, is ranked among the top 4 favorite series by children younger, generating over one third of the Disney Junior audience among children aged 4-9 in the last quarter.

In addition to the Disney Junior portfolio for preschoolers, classic Disney animations such as Tarzan's Legend, Quack Pack, Goof Troop and Lilo & Stitch are an important part of the Disney Junior program and resonate well with a wide audience. The programs created for special occasions and presented in a creative way continued to delight the audience and enjoy significant ratings in Romania.

In March, Disney Junior launches new episodes of the most beloved series: Sofia First, Plusica Doctor, Art Attack and Jake and the Pirates from Nowhere. A special episode of Mickey Mouse Club: The Wizard of Dizz will air on March 1 at 10:25 p.m. This great double episode features Minnie and Pluto on the spectacular Dizz realm. With the help of new friends, the two ask the wonderful wizard from Dizz to fulfill their wishes.

On March 10 at 08:20, Jake celebrates his birthday in Jack and the Pirates of the Country Nowhere: Jake's Birthday Party, with double episodes during the week and short episodes as well as a special episode dedicated to the holiday. On March 2, at 5:20 pm, Disney Junior presents the movie Lady and the Tramp 2: The Adventure of the Unprepared.

Kim: origin and meaning of the name for girl Kim

12 Beautiful Bible Names for Girls with Hebrew Meaning

Pasta with mushrooms and champignons. Quick and easy recipe

Secret to the CREAMIEST garlic mushroom PASTA!

Edis' umbrella Edisa's umbrella was to replace its predecessor: an umbrella added for free when buying a Tako stroller. Unfortunately, it wasn't better. Despite the friendly service of the store and the undoubted plus in the form of purchases made directly from the Polish manufacturer, local patriotism did not overshadow the undoubted disadvantages of this model. It is not even comforting that it is very difficult to find a good quality umbrella for a stroller that will meet all the requirements of a parent ...

Basic minus for matching. The manufacturer describes the product in the categories "universal, matching stroller and deep pram" with a round and oval frame. That's not true. In the case of our stroller (oval frame) the umbrella did not pass the exam. Its adjustment, even by people who like to "pokombinować" that something worked, did not give such effects as we expected. The umbrella handle is extremely impractical, and with stronger wind the umbrella stops sticking even at the base. Not to mention that she skewed at the top, staggering in every direction.

The manufacturer in the description indicates that the umbrella protects against "sun" (truth) and "rain" (not true). Of course, when buying an umbrella protecting from the sun, we did not expect that it would also be a barrier to rain. However, why does the producer mention it? What is the purpose of misleading customers? Out of curiosity, we checked how the material reacts to a slight "rain" from the shower head. It wasn't a surprise that the material didn't last even a minute. Leaked.

Another disadvantage is stability, the umbrella has a design that has not even withstood the season. Of course, when using it in nice weather. In the case of a windy but sunny aura, the Edis umbrella was not used (after the first unsuccessful attempt to mount it in the felt wind). Small rods at the very top of the umbrella fell off, which caused the umbrella to lose stability.

Fortunately, there are pluses that somehow sweeten this unsuccessful choice. The umbrella is available in many colors. There is no slightest problem with its adjustment to the stroller in this respect. It was made of thicker material. In addition, the low price is also an advantage: around PLN 30. Umbrellas of other brands are also on sale, for which you have to pay 60, 100 or 150 zlotys.

Nature is sometimes curious, these days it has given us the story of twins who they were born 24 days apart. Yes, yes, you read that correctly, they are not 24 hours apart but 24 days, about 3 weeks. How is it possible? We tell you his story, a story that has nothing to do with science fiction and that has already traveled the world.

Lindalva Pinheiro da Silva is the mother of these twins. She is 35 years old and had a high-risk pregnancy, like all multiple pregnancies, but without any notable incidence. When the pregnancy reached week 24, her waters broke. The shock was huge because it was too early for her children to be born. She rushed to the hospital and there they were able to stop labor for four endless days, however. Finally they could not avoid stopping it for more days and Lindalva began to have contractions, labor had begun.

Thus was born Alexander, a premature baby who weighed 750 grams and who was admitted to intensive care to allow his organs to mature and survive outside the womb.

The funny thing about the story is that once the first brother was born, the contractions stopped and labor ended, the time for the second twin had not yet come. The mother was monitored at all times after the first delivery due to the risk of infection, since Alexander's placenta remained inside and delivery did not occur.

Three weeks later, the contractions returned, the second delivery was near. And so it came into the world Ronaldo, the second twin, after a normal delivery, although it was also a premature baby and weighed only 1.45 kilos.

You wonder what happened to those twins and how they developed. Well, three months have passed since their birth and both are still in the hospital although they have already gained a lot of weight and their health is good. However, Alexander who was born the first will have to be operated on for his eyesight and for a possible hernia. In any case, the doctors who treat them give good prognoses and believe that the twins will be able to go home shortly and lead a normal life. And it is that, the techniques of attention and care for premature babies are increasingly developed and the survival rate is higher.

A beautiful story with a happy ending that puts a smile on our faces, something that is appreciated, in the face of so much news that we witness that they take it away.

You can read more articles similar to Twins born 24 days apart, in the Premature category on site.

At many hospitals, it's routine to start an IV when a woman is admitted in labor. You'll definitely need one to get antibiotics if you test positive for Group B strep, for hydration if you can't keep fluids down, if you want a spinal or an epidural, if you need oxytocin (Pitocin), or if you have any health problems or pregnancy complications.

But if your pregnancy has been normal thus far and no labor complications are expected, you can — with your practitioner's approval — hold off on the IV. That way, you'll be freer to move about as the urge strikes you, without having to contend with tubing and an IV pole.

Another option is to ask to have a heparin or saline lock attached to your IV catheter (the part that's inserted into the vein). This small device keeps the blood in the catheter from clotting, and it has a portal so your caregivers can plug tubing in at any time. You can get fluids or medications whenever you need them, but you won't have to be tethered to an IV pole in the meantime.

When you're not medicated, you can try a variety of positions during labor, including standing or leaning on your partner, sitting, and kneeling – either upright or on all fours.

You may find movement comforting, too. Try walking around or rocking in a chair or on a birthing ball. Moving around can make you feel more in control, which may ease your anxiety and pain. And a meta-analysis of studies looking at positioning and movement during the first stage of labor suggests that being upright or walking around may shorten it by about an hour.

Giving Birth at a Hospital During COVID-19. How to Avoid Going to the Hospital Too Early

5 + 1 super motion for creatures

5 + 1 super motion for creatures

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Greek "eggelos", the messenger became "angelus" angel in Latin. Her patron saint was, in the sixteenth century, Angela Merici who founded in Lombardy the order of the Ursulines, devoted to the education of poor teenagers. This name is more discreet than his cousin Angèle. His birthday: January 27th.

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