If You Cry You Lose, How the Friendship between Minho and Jisung can be formed

If You Cry You Lose, How the Friendship between Minho and Jisung can be formed

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A perfect summer with the Urgo electric battery

A perfect summer with the Urgo electric battery

On Thursday, July 14th, A&D Pharma Group launched the Urgo electric battery for the care of heels, thus offering a fast and efficient solution to one of the most common problems: thickened and cracked skin on the heels.

The event took place in a relaxing atmosphere, in the presence of media representatives and celebrities Geanina Ilies, Diana Munteanu, Cori Gramescu and Maria Andrei. The latter shared from their personal experience and explained why it is important to have beautiful and healthy heels. In addition, he spoke at the event and Corina Oprescu, brand manager Urgo, this presenting the properties of the product and the benefits of its use, and Georgiana Tranca, marketing manager at The Bar - Beauty Salon presented useful information and tricks for foot care.

It told about the modern woman, the daily commotion, the many roads we have to take and how these things affect us. The fabrics, thickened skin and unpleasant sensation produced by them can now be easily removed using the Urgo electric battery. And as proof, the event was spiced up with dance moments meant to remind guests how important daily steps are.

So, Cori Gramescu stressed that it is important, not only to look good, but also to feel good, while Diana Munteanu told how Urgo's electric battery can help us enjoy a more active life, in which our career and personal achievements are intertwined daily. As for fashion and beauty, we shared a few things Geanina Ilies and Maria Andrei.

About the stack, it is important to know that it has a number of properties that make it simple to use and particularly practical:

- removes thickened skin

- play the skin softness on the soles

- is water resistant

- has ergonomic handle

- it can be washed and reused

In addition to this, the product benefits from a warranty for a period of 24 months after purchase (in EU member countries). There are also reserves for the battery, sold separately.

Thus, with the electric battery from Urgo, this summer you can have funky heels and enjoy your favorite sandals! The product is available in celebrities Sensiblu, Tei Pharmacy & Bebe Tei, as well as Bebe Supermarket. Recommended price: 99 lei.

Witch doll. Felt crafts for Halloween

With the felt you can make endless crafts with the children. This time, our site He proposes to us to make, step by step, a beautiful and sweet witch brooch so that you can have a fun time with your children, and at the same time make a brooch so that they can wear it on a t-shirt, at the Halloween party. An inexpensive and very easy craft to do. You sign up?

  • A piece of black felt
  • A piece of orange felt
  • A piece of white felt
  • Scissors and black marker
  • White son
  • Black thread
  • Sponge or cotton for the stuffing
  • A toothpick or piece of a plant branch
  • Printable pattern

1. Cut out all the pieces in the felt, according to the pattern that you can print it.

2. Put the body parts together, sewing the sides and leaving the upper part free of the witch's body, to fill in. Next, do the same with the head, and then join the head to the body. Sew or draw the eyes and the mouth.

3. The next step is to glue the arms and fold the orange parts to form the broom that should stick to the bouquet and the arms. Also glue the hair and hat. And here we have our little witch.

Dangerous bulbs, child care products withdrawn from the market

The shape of your child's face, the size of his eyes, the drawing of his mouth can perhaps inform you about his personality. Small morphopsychology course with our specialist.

The adventurer

  • What does it look like ? The face is broad and square, the features firm and dynamic. His skin is often a little red and hot. The eyes, the nose, the mouth are tonic, they go back up.
  • What is his character? The little adventurer is always leaving, rarely tired. He moves all the time, speaks loudly and his anger is explosive. He is not necessarily aware of the danger and does not hesitate to embark on dangerous climbs. He touches everything because, to understand, he needs to experiment.
  • How to help it flourish? To channel its energy, nothing like outdoor games. To prevent him from scattering his strength all over the place and to help him make the most of his manual assets, give him a goal: to build a house for birds, for example. Some puzzles will help him learn patience.

The conciliatory

  • What does it look like ? At home, everything is round! Cheeks, forehead, cheekbones. His eyes are huge, his nose turned up and his mouth fleshy, the corners slightly drooping.
  • What is his character? The little conciliatory is a true quiet father. With him, few whims. little focused on physical effort, he is willing to live. Its sensory receptors open to the world (nose, eyes, mouth) make it permeates everything. When he rubs himself in the community, boyfriends appreciate him for his kindness. But he is not always able to win ...
  • How to help it flourish? All stimulations (intellectual and physical) are welcome to motivate this little placid, give him strength and tone. Books, music, rhymes, walks, ball games, he appreciates everything, provided he is trained.

The volunteer

  • What does it look like ? His face is narrow and elongated. The forehead is curved while the temples are hollow. From his physiognomy there is an impression of tension: the mouth is often tense, a wrinkle sometimes separates the two eyes. The little volunteer has dry skin.
  • What is his character? He knows exactly what he wants! He likes to understand everything and get precise answers. More than anything, he is independent and wants to do everything alone. Often more mature than children his age, he sometimes has trouble integrating. Hence a feeling of dissatisfaction that can give him a grumpy side.
  • How to help it flourish? By trusting him and respecting his desire to be treated as a "great". Teach him to relax through swimming and gymnastics, etc. Invite boyfriends to a house to show him that others too have good ideas.

The intellectual

  • What does it look like ? His face is triangular, narrow and pointed at the chin, wide at the forehead. His eyes, his nose, his mouth are big. His face is mobile and expressive, animated by mimicry.
  • What is his character? The little intellectual is hypersensitive; a thing bothers him and his emotions overwhelm him easily. He is rather solitary, likes to stay in his world: he lets his imagination take power and tells stories. The air of nothing, he is attentive to everything because he learns by listening and watching.
  • How to help it flourish? Anything that nourishes his intellectual appetite prevents him from dwelling on and letting himself be won over by anguish. So, take care of it. take him to the toy library, go to the library. Nature and contact with animals can also soothe.

Isabelle Gravillon with the collaboration of Martine Boulart, morphopsychologist.

Pamper your bangs

Pamper your bangs

Whether it falls on the eye or on the other side ... the bangs change, but never goes out of fashion. Which fringe to adopt? How to cut it? All our advice for her to be beautiful and well cared for.

Which fringe to adopt?

We can make a fringe on all cuts, but you must take into account your hair type and the shape of your face.

  • Be ready to "work" in the morning for a nice movement if your hair is curly.
  • Take care to spot the place of your "ears" to cut the bangs in the direction of your hair.
  • Adopt a short fringe and degraded if your face is round.
  • Soften your square face with rather length.
  • Opt for anyyou can afford everything with an oval face.
  • Place it preferably on the side to highlight your long face.

How to cut it?

If you are quite skilled and do not have unruly hair or ears, you can always try to cut it yourself. Some tips are necessary to not miss it.

  • Work preferably on wet hair.
  • Tie your hair in a pony tail.
  • Equip yourself with professional scissors which taper to avoid an unassuming frank cut.
  • Cut everything that goes beyond and let it take its place naturally.
  • Dry. It will rise slightly and thus have its true length.
  • Correct if it is not short enough.
  • Make this cut about every two months.
  • Regularly use styling care, a spray that will help you give it a messy, structured effect or foam for volume.

Monique Fort

Colostrum in your beauty products

We know the benefits of maternal colostrum for babies. It contains antibodies to fight against infections, enzymes to help digestion ... But did you know that the colostrum of some Italian cows was also beneficial for the skin of women ... and men too?

  • Maternal colostrum, this "first milk" between the day of delivery and the fifth day welcomes the baby is full of qualities. Yellowish in appearance, a little thick, this fluid that flows from the breasts after giving birth, gives the baby all that is necessary for him to make his debut on earth: antibodies, enzymes, nutrients, laxatives . It covers all its nutritional needs.
  • In Italy, colostrum from Friesian cows raised in the region of the famous Parmigiano-Reggiano (where Parmesan comes from, with Denomination of controlled origin) is taken at the time of farrowing, and immediately frozen in containers hermetic, before being used in the manufacture of cosmetics Solavie, marketed by the company Phytoquant.

Why this colostrum in particular?

  • In the region of Emilia-RomagnaBetween Bologna and Parma, where the famous Parmigiano-Reggiano parmigiano is produced, the cows come from selected farms, raised under strict and controlled natural conditions: their pastures are healthy, they are only cured homeopathy. The milk they produce is therefore 100% natural, and in addition endowed with particular qualities. The small calf needs only one liter of colostrum after birth, the rest is taken and stored before being integrated into the manufacture of a range of cosmetics for the skin.

What are the benefits of this colostrum?

  • It was studied at the University of Milan on 400 patients suffering from different ills : acne, burns, solar erythema, diabetic ulcer or erythema post-radiotherapy. In all these situations, it causes significant improvements, thanks to its healing and repairing tissues.

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Burn wounds on the child's skin

Burns in children from domestic accidents are very common. Sometimes, an oversight of the parents With an iron on, a ceramic hob, a stove or the fireplace can cause a burn in children, who are attracted by the light given off by the heat source and feel the urge to touch it.

Faced with a domestic accident, which results in a burn, how should we act? The doctor Juan Jesús Hernández, head of the Health Plan of the Department of Health and Relief, of the Red Cross, in an interview with our site, he answers all our questions.

How can we distinguish a minor burn from a serious one that requires medical assistance?
There are different factors that help us to know the severity of the burn. One of them is the extension: it is clear that the more amount of burned body surface we have, logically more serious is the burn.

Burns are also rated by depth, which is measured by the thickness of the skin that is affected by that burn. We are talking about three fundamental degrees: first degree burn, which is a superficial burn where basically what we see is that the skin is red; a second degree burn, where there is a greater affectation of the thickness of the skin and the typical lesion is the blister, the flictena.

And one third degree burn or full thickness burn, in which the entire thickness of the skin is altered and the skin is blackened like leather, even sometimes, there is a loss of sensitivity due to the destruction of the skin and all those nerve endings that we have in she.

To assess severity, one must also take into account the age: the smaller the child, the more serious the burn will be; location: a burn on the back of the hand is not the same as, for example, on the face, not only because of the problems that scars may have, but also because of the vascularization problems that these areas may have.

How the burn was caused, if there is an associated trauma or, for example, if there is an underlying disease such as diabetes, it can make the burn prognosis worse.

What should we never do when caring for a burn in a child?
In the case of burns it can be puncture the blisters, thinking that in this way we are going to accelerate healing, and what we are doing is creating a wound where there was none and increasing the risk of infection.

Another common mistake is to apply ointments or household items such as toothpaste to the bed of the burn, for example, seeking a cooling effect, which will then create problems of skin irritation and healing.

In addition, when we have to clean that wound, it will be very painful to remove or remove that toothpaste or ointment that we have applied. In fact, in general and together with this, a common failure is to use pharmacological treatments with children within what is a wound care.

Medicines or antibiotic ointments, for example, are treatments that should indicate the medical staff and that the parents or guardians of the children cannot decide that it should be administered.

Is it advisable to always use an antiseptic to treat a burn?
The antiseptic is a co-helper in the treatment of the wound, it will help us to prevent the wound from becoming infected. Fundamentally, it is a preventive treatment that we use to prevent the wound from becoming infectedIt is not a treatment of the infection as such, but it can help us as a collaborator of the best procedure, which is washing with soap and water. The antiseptic will give us an added security once we have managed to have the wound clean to prevent it from becoming infected.

Do we have everything we need in the home medicine cabinet to heal our son?
The most important part of a medicine cabinet has to be all the material related to the healing and treatment of wounds.

This means that in the medicine cabinet we will have sterile gauze, gloves, they do not have to be sterile, but it is a good measure for our own protection, tape of different sizes hypoallergenic, band-aids of different sizes or of those that can be cut to adapt them to the wound, small bottles of physiological saline to clean a wound, an antiseptic and bandages of different sizes. And it must be taken into account that medication is not included in a basic first aid kit, but that does not mean that we do not have to have medication at home.

Possibly, our pediatrician will have recommended a series of drugs that we can use when the child has a fever, based on paracetamol or ibuprofen, and that will be part of this kit. It is very important that the medicine cabinet is in a place away from children, locked, so that they cannot access.

I also recommend that, not inside the medicine cabinet, but if in an area that we all know where it is, the health cards of our children are found so that if, at any given moment, we have to run to the hospital we can quickly access the health cards. Up-to-date vaccinations and, of course, all those medical reports of more or less important diseases that our son has had over the years.

You can read more articles similar to Burn wounds on the child's skin, in the First Aid category on site.

After the Burn: At home dressing changes

All about the pains in the first period of pregnancy!

All about the pains in the first period of pregnancy!

Bringing a living creature to the world must be the most special gift bestowed on women. This will only be possible if your pregnancy is completed in a healthy way.

Pregnancy is a challenging process that lasts for up to 9 months. 38-40 weeks and you'll experience things you've never experienced during your lifetime.

As your baby grows in your belly, you will be happy by feeling its tiny movements and kicks, sometimes you will find yourself holding edema and complaining of swelling of your body or stomach burns.

Pregnancy is not only a happy and exciting situation, but it can also create troublesome situations. Perhaps the first of these situations, pain in the first months of pregnancy It is live.

But these pains cause anxiety to the expectant mother, is there any treatment, threatens the baby's health?

Is there pain in the first weeks of pregnancy?

When you learn that you will have a baby, the number of questions you wonder and the number of questions you seek answers increase. Your priority and focus is now on your pregnancy and your baby.

Therefore, every situation you experience, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, even the slightest pain, discharge, pain becomes very important for you.

'Is the first week of pregnancy pain?? ' The question is among these issues that mothers are curious about.

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters. In any of these trimesters, you may experience pains from pregnancy or other reasons.

Especially 1st trimester period contractions, cramps and pain in the form of pain, miscarriage brings to mind. However, these pains do not always indicate abuse.

Many expectant mothers pain in the first weeks of pregnancy may occur. It is normal for prospective mothers who have just received the news that they are expecting a baby to be afraid of this situation.

The cause of your pain may be a simple pain caused by pregnancy or another cause. In the event of such a problem, it is best to consult your doctor without fear. Thus, the cause of the pain can be determined.

Pain in the Early Months of Pregnancy What Herald?

As the first signs of pregnancy occur, some biological and physiological changes occur in your body. Your body is able to adapt to this change due to the increase in pregnancy hormone levels, pain in the first months of pregnancy may occur.

These pains in the early stages of pregnancy can be a precursor to some situations.

  • The slight pains you experience in the first weeks are indicative that the fertilized egg is settling in the uterus.
  • In the first months, there may be signs of pregnancy loss (miscarriage) if there are pain in the form of pain similar to contraction and if this condition is accompanied by bleeding.
  • The presence of contractions similar to uterine contractions in the early stages of pregnancy may indicate loosening of the uterine ligaments and enlargement of the uterus.
  • Pain in the abdomen may be a sign of bowel problems. Increased progesterone hormone may slow down bowel movements and may cause constipation and gas pains.

What are the Causes of Pregnancy?

Many doctors examine the pains of pregnancy under two headings. These causes, which are listed as non-pregnancy and non-pregnancy, can be listed as harmful and harmless pains:

  • Harmless Pains in Pregnancy

The symptoms that you experience during this period may be caused by pains in your body that do not involve any danger and depend on your pregnancy.

Placement of fertilized egg into uterus

Mild contraction and pain in the uterus are common in the first weeks of pregnancy. This is the pain of the fertilized egg settling in the uterus and is one of the first signs of pregnancy. It is normal to live.

Intestinal Problems Like Constipation, Gas Problem

During pregnancy, progesterone hormone level increases. This increase may cause the bowel movements to slow down in the mothers' body.

Slowing bowel movements can cause gas compression and constipation in the abdominal cavity. In short, one of the reasons that pregnant women experience bloating and pain in the early days is the slowing of bowel movements, and these pains are not dangerous for the baby.

Stretching of Round Bonds with the Growth of the Uterus

Ties starting from the two upper corners of the uterus and extending to the genital area are called 'round bonds'. These ligaments are stretched and contracted as the baby begins to grow and help the uterus to expand.

These contractions are also felt as pain in the expectant mother. As it can be seen in the first months, it is normal pains to be seen in recent periods when the baby's weight increases.

Baby's Womb Pressure Application

It is one of the pains in pregnancy that does not pose a risk. It is the pain and pain in the groin by applying pressure to the uterus as a result of your baby growing up in your abdomen and pain in the first month of pregnancy rather than being a cause of pregnancy pains.

  • Harmful Pains in Pregnancy

The causes of pain and pains that can be considered harmful are mostly due to pregnancy.

Urinary Tract Infection

When your baby grows in your abdomen, it puts pressure on the bladder and the urine flow slows down. This can lead to infection of the urinary tract and may cause problems in later pregnancy. The pain is accompanied by itching and burning.

Ectopic pregnancy

Pain in the early stages of pregnancy may be indicative of ectopic pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy, the baby tries to develop by clinging to an area outside the uterus; however, due to the lack of suitable environment for the development of the baby, pregnancy cannot progress and pregnancy must be terminated.


Pain in pregnancy The most risky of the causes is pregnancy loss, ie low. In the first period of pregnancy, the baby can not hold the uterus as a result of contraction and cramps with fever, pain and bleeding may occur and cause miscarriage.

Another Disease in the Body

Pain and pains caused by appendicitis, gallbladder or other internal organs can be a harbinger of a dangerous situation. Although not due to pregnancy, treatment or surgery may be required.

How to Treat Pains in Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers who are in pain are wondering how to treat pain. Actually, it is not the pain that causes the pain, but the pain that causes it.

for example urinary tract infection, constipation pains caused by such problems can be eliminated by treating these problems.

Your doctor may take appropriate medication to cure the infection or suggest activities and supplements that are good for constipation. Thus, the pains can be eliminated.

However, due to the normal course of pregnancy, uterine enlargement, the placement of the egg in the uterus, such as pains can not be treated. These are from the nature of pregnancy.

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How to distinguish pregnancy-related pains?

The pains you experience when you are pregnant can sometimes pose a danger and sometimes a simple gas pains can mislead you and cause unnecessary worries. At this stage, the subject that the mothers are curious about, pain in pregnancy and how it can be distinguished.

Some symptoms and complaints allow doctors to comment on the cause of the pain. However, when you have a pain, it is not possible to determine for yourself what caused it.

A condition that you interpret as a gas problem or constipation pain may be causing appendicitis, or you may perceive the pain and pain you experience as looseness of the uterine ligaments as a sign of miscarriage.

Therefore, if you have such complaints, you should contact your doctor immediately and consult him / her. Your doctor will advise you on what to do if you feel a risky situation.

It is best to wait for your doctor to diagnose, rather than misrepresent, the cause of your pain.

Pain in the first months of pregnancy is normal. However, it should not be forgotten that not all pains are risky, but it should not be ignored that it may be caused by your pregnancy.

You can consult your doctor or go to the nearest health center while keeping your calm. Remember that pregnancy is a process your body tries to adapt to, and it can sometimes be painful for your body to keep up with these changes.

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