How much physical activity is good for children?

How much physical activity is good for children?

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Support Line Between Mother and Baby: Umbilical Cord The umbilical cord extending between the baby and the placenta, blood vessels passing through the middle is a structure similar to the hose Op. Dr. Black; 'The cord is the support line that meets all the needs of the baby for life during its development in the womb. Without the umbilical cord, the baby cannot survive. The nutrients it needs and oxygen reach the baby with the umbilical cord. The waste materials are also removed from the baby's body. Cord entanglement25% of live births of the cord in the mother's womb or during the birth of the baby's neck or wrapped around different parts. It is usually associated with a 'long cord' problem and is among the first problems with the umbilical cord. The cord is entangled in other organs of the body at a rate of 1-2%. Cord entanglement can only be a cause for caesarean section if it causes dangerous drops in the baby's heartbeat or causes delays in delivery.
On the other hand, if the cord is twisted two or three times, it may cause the cord to jam or blood flow to stop as the baby descends, causing the baby's life to be troubled. Although a detailed ultrasound can sometimes be detected in the first trimester, it is usually recognized in the last trimester of pregnancy. This problem, which is mostly understood during labor; As the baby advances in the birth canal, it may cause birth pains and contractions and decrease the baby's heartbeat. However, this often does not cause permanent damage to the baby.Cord Knotting The core cord acts as an elastic tube swinging in the liquid in the cavity. The knot movement of the cord from anywhere in the baby is called the düğüm real knot on the cord.. Some babies may be born with a real knot on the umbilical cord. In this case, which is seen at an average rate of 1%, the decrease in blood flow in the cord may endanger the baby's life.
In addition, there is a situation called düğüm false knot on the cord;; this is a varicose-like dilation of the vessels within the cord. Here, the cord becomes so twisted in a certain region that it is seen as a knot. This is because one of the vessels is longer. This vein may take a knot-shaped appearance by twisting its neck to match the length of the cord. False nodes generally do not cause a problem, while the actual node in the cord can cause infant losses of up to 6%. True nodes are more common, especially in identical twins in a single amniotic sac. Actual nodes cannot be detected on ultrasound in most cases. When the baby's heart rate decreases during ultrasound, the possibility of cord knotting is considered (although other anomalies related to the cord may lead to similar findings), it cannot be definitively diagnosed. The exact diagnosis can usually be made at birth. However, if ultrasound is detected in the cord, it is essential to perform the cesarean section.Cord ProlapseWhen the water bladder is opened at birth, it is called cord hanging. 0.5% of cord sagging is most commonly seen in fetal development disorders. Breech and lateral incidence are among the important risk factors. This anomaly is more common in premature births or when the baby is very small. Risk factors include multiple births of the mother, multiple pregnancies, premature opening of the water sac, longer cord than normal, or excess amniotic fluid. Diagnosis is made by hand sensing the cord during the examination or by visual observation outside the vagina. When the cord hangs, the uterine contractions may deteriorate, leading to the death of the baby. If the baby is alive when the condition is understood, it is necessary to give birth immediately by cesarean section. Cord JamThe compression of the umbilical cord between the baby's arms and legs, or between the baby and the placenta, and its inability to move freely, is called cord compression. This is very common, especially in cases where the cord is short, entangled in the neck or has a real knot. Lack of amniotic fluid or large baby also poses a risk for cord jams. The baby's heart rate normally ranges from 120 to 160 per minute. In cases where the speed drops below 100 beats per minute and does not return to normal within a few minutes, some precautions should be taken, such as returning to the left side of the expectant mother and giving oxygen. In general, babies easily get rid of this situation. However, caesarean section is seen as the most appropriate delivery method in order not to put the baby at risk.Short CordIf the length of the umbilical cord is shorter than 35 cm, there will be ord cord shortness ”. This may prevent the infant from entering the birth canal and may also delay the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Most of the deliveries go to an emergency caesarean section because the short cord can lead to delayed labor and endanger the baby's life. Umbilical cord shortening may also cause premature separation of the placenta; this means that it increases the risk of premature birth.

Can We Lose Weight With Our Grandma's Weight Loss?

Do you know how women went about weight loss when they weren't wearing gymnastics, and they cut their skin-tight baby boots by centimeters? What practices did today's grandmas and dads use? When we look at the tricks of the past century, we can find interesting things…

For some reason nowadays, modern diets and consuming machines have been fighting women's plus gulls. Although plus size shapes simultaneously symbolize wealth and well-being in history, more and more studies have emerged since the 1800s that address the issue of health in the long term. And since the 1900s, slenderness has become "fashionable" and our grandmothers, jeddys, and grandmothers have exhausted themselves just as much as we do to get rid of hoodies.

Simple but great: apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water

The simplest granny method, dietary circles, is still known for apple vinegar, which was incredibly popular at the beginning of the last century. Its popularity was due to the fact that it was not necessary to follow a predetermined diet, nor even to adhere to strict rules. The only requirement was to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water at 10 to 15 minutes before eating, and sip it slowly.
It was almost a miracle cure, as it was a multifunctional cure: its consumption stimulated metabolism, lowered blood sugar and cholesterol levels, watered it, reduced blood loss, and reduced its effectiveness. In addition, apple vinegar containing 95 percent water and low acid contains important and valuable nutrients such as calcium, fluorine, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, silicon, and potassium.
Of course, there was a simpler diet recipe, lukewarm water! According to the Adventist Council, if we start the day by drinking a large glass of lukewarm water after waking up in the morning, we will be able to ease the excess weight on us.

Can We Lose Weight With Our Grandma's Weight Loss?

Lose weight with sleep, eating, fasting and walking

Our dads and grandmothers lived in a completely different rhythm than ours. Getting roosted, lying down with hens is the secret of a long and healthy life - it has been a reality. Besides long, restful sleeps, of course, your daily physical activity was not lost: on public transport, walking, going to work and going to work on the phone were all a good time. There were no computers, no cell phones, less work done, and spending almost all time outdoors. If they were losing weight, holding multi-day fruit drinks, or suddenly wanting to get rid of a couple of pounds, they took food only once a day, or simply started fasting for several days.

Extreme granny tips from the words to the gorgeous

Of course, in the twentieth century, various methods of assisting with weight loss have emerged one after the other, which have at the same time revealed the rationality and the belief in the human mind. For example, at the beginning of the century, a number of weight loss soaps were marketed in the United States with the following slogan: "do not let go of the loss of the skin" and "wash away excess bones". These pills have a mild laxative and diuretic effect, and they have been used for cleansing purposes, and for popularity, there are dozens of different types of pills to consume today.
Scrubbing tea mixes are not new products of the past, but in the beginning of the last century, shelves of drug stores and convenience stores have been hidden. Our grandmothers used to be in their early days, who were not afraid to lose weight even in the face of weight loss! Some people simply infected themselves with tapeworm eggs! These eggs settled in the intestines and devoured what they needed. Whose men died in their bowels could eat anything at any time, anyway. Fortunately, the dangers of such a "blight" were proven very quickly, so it quickly disappeared from the diet. On the other hand, the first "consumer machine", the Graybar Stimulator, appeared, beginning today with the vibrating massaging belts, which, when applied to the waist, simply "bounces off the kale."

And what does the expert say?

Emese Antal, a dietitian, smiled at her grandmother's little tips. "Women have also been tempted to take extremes to achieve their desired shape. The yoya effect starts. A weightlifter should be patient, since the normal weight loss is 0.5-1 kg per week ". The dietitian also calls attention to the fact that a person who has only one or two meals a day can have the opposite effect.
In this case, it may happen that you take in a calorie intake that corresponds to a normal meal. Suddenly eating too much food in a stressed body will also increase your blood sugar levels and may eventually lead to diabetes. We also have to be on the lookout if we lose just one kind of food, for example, we keep a glass of wine. "In this case, up to 4-5,000 calories can be added to the body, because this fruit is full of sugar. The dietitian also warns against the dangers of fasting: "After daily hunger, the body begins to break down its own whites.
The problem is that our major organs are lining up the wall muscles, so the heart and lung wall lungs are 'broken down' in this process. "Emese Antal also emphasizes Research has proven that among those who sleep 7-9 ounces, the proportion of those who sleep excessively is reduced. .
So instead of weighing the miraculous power of weight loss pills with insurmountable side effects, eat healthily and sleep after a workout to get the most fat! Not least during sleep, the body releases more leptin hormone, which transmits the sense of fullness to the brain! This means that with eight ounces of restful sleep, leptin reduces the number of fat in your body, making the body much easier to get rid of the extra bones.

Chlorine in cleaning products, a danger to the health of the child

Chlorine in cleaning products, a danger to the health of the child

The dispute of the colors. Kid stories

How to explain to children what is the value of cooperation? Why is teamwork important? The best, without a doubt, is to use a story, a tale.

'The dispute of the colors' it is a classic tale that talks about pride, humility and cooperation. Neither is more than the other. None is less. Together, everyone can achieve really beautiful things. This is the story of how the rainbow was created ...

One day the colors of the world began to argue among themselves, since each one claimed to be the best, the most important, the most beautiful, the most useful and favorite of all.

The green He stated: 'I am the most essential, it is undeniable. I represent life and hope. I have been chosen as the grass, the trees and the leaves. Without me, the animals would die. Look at the field and you will see that I am the one most present. '

The blue He spoke: 'You only think about the land, but you forget the sky and the ocean. Water is the basis of life. And the sky gives us space, peace and serenity. Without me, none of you would be anything. '

The yellow He laughed at those words: 'How funny you two are! I bring laughter, joy and warmth to the world. The proof is that the sun is yellow just like the moon and the stars. And if you look at the sunflower, it will show you that I am life, without me, there would be no pleasure in this life. '

The Orange he raised his voice amid the tumult: 'I am the color of health and strength. Maybe they see me less often than you do, but I am useful for the needs of human life. I carry the most important vitamins. Think of carrots, pumpkins, mangoes and papayas. I am not present all the time, but when I color the sky in the sunrises or sunsets my beauty is such that it no longer looks only at you, it looks at me. '

The Red, who had remained on the sidelines until that moment, spoke loud and strong: 'I am the boss of all colors, because I am the blood, the energy of life. I am the color of danger and courage. I am always willing to fight for a cause. Without me, the earth would be empty like the moon. I am the color of passion and love, of the red rose, of poinsettia, and of poppies. '

Purple He stood up and spoke with dignity: 'I am the color of royalty and power. Kings, chiefs and bishops chose me because I am the sign of authority and wisdom. People don't question me, they listen to me and obey me. '

Finally indigo I speak much more calmly than the others but with the same determination: 'Think of me, I am the color of silence. You may not have seen me, but without me, you would be insignificant. I represent thought and reflection, the shadow of twilight and the depths of water. You need me for balance, contrast and inner peace.

And so the colors continued to boast, each convinced of their own superiority. Their dispute grew stronger and stronger. But suddenly, lightning appeared in the sky and thunder growled. The rain began to fall hard and, restless, the colors approached each other to feel more secure. And amid the clamor the rain spoke:

- You do not stop arguing and each one trying to rule over the others! Don't you know that each one of you exists for a special, unique and different reason? Put your hands together and come with me. -The colors obeyed- And the rain continued: 'From now on, when it rains, each one of you will cross the sky to form a great arc of colors and show that you can live together in harmony. The rainbow is a sign of hope for life and every time the rain washes the world, a rainbow will appear in the sky, to remind the world that we must love one another. '

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Name Nevena - Meaning of thumbs and names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived female Neven, the word "nenv", which means heaven in Breton. This pretty name already known in the Middle Ages is also sometimes given to girls and worn as family name. It remains rare. His feast: April 6 to honor Celestine I who was Pope from 422 to 432 and showed concern to defend the church and expand its borders.

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Ion Creanga Theater shows, May 2015

Ion Creanga Theater shows, May 2015

Ion Creanga Theater shows, May 2015

The program of performances of the Ion Creanga Theater on the days of 02, 05, 09, 12, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 26, 30 and 31 May 2015:

Saturday, May 02, 10.00 and 12.00

Melomani Penguins (3-6 years old) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Saturday, May 02, 11am and 4pm

Mysterious island (over 7 years) Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

Tuesday, May 05, 5pm and 7pm

Rotocol (1-3 years) | Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

Saturday, May 09, 10.00 and 12.00

Lalaladodo (3-6 years old) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Saturday, May 09, 11.00 and 18.00

Mysterious island (over 7 years) Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

Tuesday, May 12, 5 pm and 7 pm

In the Park (3-6 years) | Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

Saturday, May 16, 10.00 and 12.00

In the Park (3-6 years) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Monday, May 18, 5 pm and 7 pm

Melomani Penguins (3-6 years old) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Wednesday, May 20, 5 pm and 7 pm

Lalaladodo (3-6 years old) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Saturday, May 23, 10.00 and 12.00

Cocos (3-6 years) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Saturday, May 23, 5 pm and 7 pm

Igloo (1-3 years) | Representation hosted by Tandarica Theater

Sunday, May 24, 11am and 6pm

Mysterious island (over 7 years) Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

Tuesday, May 26, 6pm

Igloo (1-3 years) | Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

Saturday, May 30, 10.00 and 12.00

Melomani Penguins (3-6 years old) | Representation hosted by Elisabeta Theater

Sunday, May 31, 11.00am and 6pm

Mysterious island (over 7 years) Representation hosted by the Excelsior Theater

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