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The manners of the children in the use of the phone represent a broad process in which the parents play an essential role. Young children are attracted to phones, they handle and play with them all the time, but first of all, they always try to imitate their parents in the way they use and talk to them. It is the right time to grind the child's hands on the phone! Here's how!


Child's use of the phone, how and at what age?

Learning good manners in using your phone is a process that involves three essential steps that every child must learn:

  • when to speak;
  • when to listen;
  • how to respond.

In addition to these three essential steps, the little boy must learn how to dial numbers, how to hold the phone to his ear, and how to close when the conversation is over, but these things are unmanageable.

There is no ideal age to start learning your little manners during phone conversations.

However, he must be of the age at which he can speak as coherently as possible, to read some sentences and sentences. This is happening somewhere around preschool.

When you notice that your little one shows a deep interest in the phone and how it works, it is the right time to help him become a polite and polite conversation partner.

Addressing formulas during the telephone dialogue

The first attempts to teach the child the proper behavior during the phone call should be practiced on phones given to one of the parent, brother, sister, etc. They must be alerted to the moment when the child will put into practice the first lessons and give the first phone.

First of all, teach the child what to do when the phone rings or when he is calling someone (buttoning, waiting for buzzing, etc.). Teach him that the answering formula with which he answers the phone is "hello".

Then, a first rule is that when the phone rings and he has to answer, he is the first to say "hello", but when he calls someone, he has to wait for the answer and then he greets and shows up - "hello, Hello / Hello, I am Andrei.

Don't forget to remind them that they always thank you at the end and say hello before saying goodbye.

Good manners during the telephone conversation

It is important for the child to learn that the telephone is spoken one at a time.

Thus, if he is the one who calls his grandmother, he says "hello, hello, I'm Ioana" and then waits for a reply from the grandmother. Then, the discussion continues based on the information received, all in a row, without ever interrupting the one at the end of the thread.

But if he is calling and he is the answerer, he has to say only "hello" and wait for the interlocutor's reaction (to be presented and to say the reason why he called).

Learn it and how to take or leave a message when the person you are looking for is not home.

It is also important to warn him not to give personal information to strangers and not to talk to people who do not say his name.

You can practice and apply good manners in everyday situations, letting him answer the phone or playing together.

The child learns the best from the experience, but needs a prior theoretical exposure. But practice remains the most important method of acquiring good manners while talking on the phone.

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Relationship between the diet of the pregnant woman and allergies in the baby

At present, as well as in the last 50 years, the investigations about the increasing food allergies in babies and children are very numerous. The reality is that these allergies are extremely dangerous, becoming a serious public health problem in developed countries, especially allergies to milk proteins and nuts.

Can this allergy arise in the womb as a reaction to what the mother eats? We clarify what is the relationship between the diet of the pregnant woman and allergies in the baby

During years, recommendations during pregnancy included a strict ban on the consumption of nuts, with the idea of ​​preventing the development of this allergy in the growing baby. Some studies supported this prohibition, claiming that early exposure to the antigen or allergen, both in the mother's womb and through milk during breastfeeding, increases the possibility of developing a nut allergy.

Further, the consumption of other foods such as soy and its derivatives was limited, capable of producing cross sensitization. Some protein fractions of soy are homologous to the proteins of nuts that cause allergic reactions, that is, soy proteins can be mistakenly identified as nuts proteins also in the body, and develop the same type of reaction.

This concept, known as in utero sensitization is based on the baby's contact with all kinds of substances from the mother's diet through the amniotic fluid, including the proteins that cause allergic reactions.

In the same way, these proteins can also be found in breast milk, being able to produce the sensitization that causes the allergy. However, at present, more recent studies have revealed that breastfeeding in itself does not seem to be a risk factor for the development of this allergy, but that, in most cases, it can act by exerting a protective effect, hence The possible in utero sensitization has also been questioned, generating great controversy.

The mother's diet during pregnancy possibly has an appreciable role in relation to the appearance of allergies in her offspring.

However, this relevance is limited to cases in which there is a predisposition to the appearance of allergies through genetic inheritance (history of allergy, atopy or asthma, both on the maternal side and on the paternal side).

These children have a high probability of developing allergies throughout their lives, so the mother's diet only influences this sensitization to develop sooner or later, without exerting a protective action.

In these cases, to postpone sensitization, it may be considered It is recommended that the mother limit the consumption of relevant allergens such as nuts, soy, fish or shellfish.

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Αλλεργίες and Δέρμα: Πώς να τo φροντίσω εαν έχει παρουσιάσει αλλεργίες;. La Roche-Posay Greece

Retroverted uterus: is it serious?

Retroverted uterus: is it serious?

At the time of puberty, the uterus of some women will tilt slightly backward, this is what is called having a retroverted uterus. What consequences for pregnancy? Is it embarrassing? Answers from Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist.

No, it does not matter at all, it concerns 1 in 4 women or 1 in 5 women. So it is very common. We are born like this and it is useless to try to put the uterus forward. It has rocked at the time of puberty in one way or another.

The uterus is usually anteverted, that is, it is slightly bent forward. In the case of the retroverted uterus, it is a little more towards the back.

So when you look at the patient, it is a little more difficult to feel because it is tilted backwards. It is a uterus that can eventually, late, or after childbirth, have a little more tendency to descend than a uterus that is anteverted, which is retained somehow. But otherwise there is no problem.

One can have pregnancies as well as an anteverted uterus.

Book Thief, The

Book Thief, The


Based on the novel by Markus Zusak, The Book Thief is set in Germany during World War II. The story is narrated by Death (voice of Roger Allum) and is about the experiences of a young, highly spirited girl, Liesel (Sophie N?lisse). Liesel is orphaned when her mother is taken by the Nazis for being a communist. Liesel's little brother dies on the train journey to their new home. At the impromptu roadside burial, Liesel steals a book from the gravedigger. The book is called The Gravedigger's Handbook.

Liesel is handed over to her adoptive parents - gentle Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and sharp-tongued but kind-hearted Rosa (Lisa Watson). Liesl is initially withdrawn, but Hans reads to her from The Gravedigger's Handbook each night. This forms a strong bond between them, as well as a great love of books and reading. Hans also teaches Liesel to read and write.

Meanwhile the Nazis are becoming more powerful. Liesel befriends her neighbour Rudy, (Nico Liersch) and together they attend Hitler youth meetings. They watch a book-burning ceremony and a denunciation of Jews and communists. This appals Liesel.

Liesel's adoptive family are placed in grave danger when Hans and Rosa hide a young Jewish man named Max (Ben Schnetzer). He is the son of a soldier who saved Hans' life in WWI. Max and Liesel become firm friends and share their love of books and literature. Liesel 'steals' books from the Burgermeister's wife (Barbara Auer) to read to Max. But war eventually comes to their neighbourhood. Death arrives and takes its dreadful toll.


War; death of family members; genocide; racism


The Book Thief has some violence. For example:

  • Liesel is teased at school because she can't read and write. A boy called Franz (Levin Liam) teases her badly. Liesel retaliates and punches him quite hard, leaving him with a bloody nose.
  • Liesel is smacked by a teacher.
  • On Kristallnacht, the Brownshirts start smashing glass shop windows. They punch, kick and attack people with rifle handles. They also drag people out into the street.
  • Rudy is dragged home by his ear by a shopkeeper who sees him with his face painted black, emulating his hero, Jesse Owens.
  • Franz, now a high-up member of the Hitler youth, pushes Rudy and orders him and Liesel to burn books.
  • On another occasion, Franz attacks Rudy, pushing him to the ground and leaving him with a bloody lip.
  • Soldiers arrest a Jewish butcher, and Hans comes to his aid. The soldiers push Hans to the ground.
  • A truck is blown up.
  • Liesel thinks she sees Max in a line of Jews being herded off somewhere and comes to his rescue. Liesel and Rudy are both thrown to the ground.
  • There are war scenes of bombing raids. Houses are blown up and fires start everywhere.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5

In addition to the violent scenes above-mentioned, The Book Thief has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. For example:

  • There are many scenes of war, burning houses and dying people.
  • Dead bodies are shown lying on the ground.
  • The German soldiers are all very scary and they act ruthlessly.
  • The air raid sirens are very loud and people are huddled in bomb shelters. They are all very afraid, listening to the bombs dropping all around them.

From 5-8

In addition to the violent scenes and scary visual images mentioned above, The Book Thief has some scenes that could scare or disturb children in this age group. For example:

  • Soldiers come to search Hans and Rosa's basement. This is quite a tense scene while Max is hiding beneath a German flag.
  • Rudy's father is sent off to war leaving Rudy and his many siblings alone with their mother.
  • Max gets sick. He gets a fever from lying in the damp basement and he looks awful. He almost dies.

From 8-13

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, The Book Thief has some scenes that could scare or disturb children in this age group. For example:

  • Hans is conscripted and sent off to war. He is shown sitting in the back of a truck, which gets blown up.
  • The line of Jews being led away is terrible to see. They all look gaunt and frightened.
  • The street that Liesel lives on is bombed and many people die. Bodies lie on the ground. It's a very sad scene.

Over 13

Children in this age group could also be disturbed by the scenes mentioned above.

Sexual references

The Book Thief has some sexual references. For example, Rudy is always chasing Liesel for a kiss but it never happens.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

The Book Thief shows some use of substances. For example:

  • Hans drinks out of a bottle.
  • Characters smoke.

Nudity and sexual activity

None of concern

Product placement

None of concern

Coarse language

The Book Thief has some coarse language.

Ideas to discuss with your children

The Book Thief is a drama based on the Markus Zusak novel about a young girl growing up in Nazi Germany. It is a very well-acted and moving story.

Because of its violence and disturbing scenes and themes, The Book Thief is more suited to older children, teenagers and adults. At 131 minutes, it is also a long movie.

The main messages from this movie are to stand up for those in need and to make the most of your life because no-one knows how long it will be.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include:

  • kindness and generosity
  • empathy
  • patience
  • love
  • the power of books and literature
  • the courage to stand up for what you believe.

You could also talk about what happened in WWII and, more generally, the futility of war and the terrible waste of life it causes.

Hey cop: She was hungry, and she breastfeeded the baby

Police officers are often seen in dangerous and feisty situations, but being cooled down can be a matter of everyday life, like feeding a baby baby.

A photo taken by a police officer of a foreign baby breastfeeding in an Argentinean hospital posted on Facebook is really futuristic on the Internet. Not by accident. Although there is one thing that is commonplace every week, what a Celeste Ayala This lady took me to the end, and is considered to be a real treat for a hungry baby.Hey cop: She was hungry, and she breastfeeded the baby The photo was posted by Marcos Heredia to the Russian media site, who witnessed a heartbreaking incident at Sister Maria Ludovica Children's Hospital in Buenos Aires. According to Hereida, police officer Ayala arrived at the hospital on August 14, when he found a baby bitterly shrieking from his hometown, and immediately hurried to his aid. " It helped that hungry baby as if it were yours, "Heredia said in a Facebook post.Several Spanish-language sites have come up with the idea that a 6-month-old baby is one of 6 siblings who will soon be placed under guardianship, as their mother is no longer able to provide for her by herself. Before the incident, the children were in the hospital just to get the necessary examinations before they had to be institutionalized. That's when the police came in, who found the old woman exhausted and placed a baby on her breast - the report said. , as a mother of two, asked if she could feed the baby. "I thought he was hungry because he put small food in his mouth many times, so I asked him if I could get it and breastfeed it. It was a very sad moment, and my heart was interrupted by this condition. Society should be much more sensitive to the dire situations of children. This egyszerыen unsustainable "- said the Ayala lapnak.Ayala egyйbkйnt not only йdesanya йs rendхr but цnkйntes tыzoltу, whose tыzoltу kollйgбi szintйn elismerхen declared Ayala hхstettйrхl." Szeretnйnk gratulбlni цnkйntes tыzoltуnak Celeste Ayala, who yesterday vйgezte rendхri munkбjбt mikцzben, segнtett a kуrhбzba йrkezх well, babies. "Well, the helping profession saves some people from the fire, and sometimes feeds babies when it's needed. (via articles in breastfeeding:
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  • 10 things you need to know about those who are breastfeeding
  • How long to breastfeed?
Summer accidents

The time for carefree summer rest is shortened by the more or less unexpected bruises. Significant parts can be prevented or their severity reduced by carefully planning out trips.

Summer accidents

If you visit a Madrasas Street Children's Hospital for a ward on a fine summer's day, you may experience a more severe or more severe accident in the injured group. Part of the kids a she's alive, stupid, the boys who are looking for trouble are almost eliminated, they are the ones with whom something always happens. THE tъlуvбs in the future, we are oblivious to movement, not exercising, and often too high. Experiences are much less exposed to the risk of injury than children, who are allowed to experiment, hanging out, running, and just not protecting them from their parents.

A shower from the cherry tree

It is a deliciously sweet fruit that belongs to the first season of the poplar. Taller than other fruit trees, its limbs are much more fragile. For this reason, the accidental wound only rarely encounters with other people who have been disguised. Anything can happen, unfortunately it can also occur in the spine. Unlike cats, children do it is not good for them to recover, because it leads to vertebral fractures.Our Expert Advice: Let's hang out!
The solution is not the ban. Warn your child of the dangers and teach them safe sailing. If we see him at scary heights, let's not panic and start screaming, "Watch out, fall!" This kind of screaming screams work more like a self-serving jerk. Instead, calm, balanced explain ithow to safely land.

Bringing dangers

The majority of summer shootings from bicycle accidents adуdik. It is a sad statistic that, compared to the number of bicycles in Europe, Hungary has the highest number of such accidents. It is not accidental as we are inclined to use the least protective helmet. A significant part of the injuries are to the head and, as a result, it accidentally crashes into asphalt, wood, car, unfortunately with a fatal or severe outcome. The most vulnerable age group, adolescents, adolescents, are those who do not want for good reasons or poorly interpreted vagina wearing a helmet. Even so, you should not go for short stages! The good example and strictness of parents is very important, but of course you can try to convince yourself. The other most common accident is death. If we are not transporting children in regular cycling, but simply transporting them on the trunk or some kind of wheelchair, the small, reciprocating foot is in need of fast-moving fish, and it causes heavy weight, weight. Just as the use of safety in childhood has significantly reduced the severity of minor injuries to small passengers, so the helmet and bicycle can be expected to have a similar overall effect.Personally: Dr. Gykey Velkey,
Bethesda Gyermekkуrhбz igazgatуja, intenzнv terбpiбs doctor цt йdesapja children and нgy itself kьzdeni kйnyszerьlt the kids sisakviselйs ьgyйben.Miutбn kйrlelйs proved to be useless, he took the хket intenzнvre where lбthattбk sajбt szemьkkel what tragйdiбkat cause vйdхfelszerelйs viselйsйnek elmulasztбsa. The shock therapy was effective, and since then they were wearing helmets on every bike. Other parents, of course, cannot resort to such tools, so they are reluctant to rely only on consistency and sanity. Perhaps it also affects kids when they see that professional bikers never roll without a helmet!

Jump on you?

Jumping is one of the favorites of the kids, and it was really surprising to hear how many cartridges it causes. A convincing example is that on Children's Day, when in the City Park and on the Margaret Island they are waiting for the celebrated with free jumpers, on Sundays, Madagascar has the lowest number of fire jumps in a single day. Always kartцrйssel come the kids who either fall out of the jump and fall with a huge zest to the hard surface or fall so unconscious inside the body that their bodies are underneath Business Opportunity because of the turbulence.Our Expert Advice: Let's teach it to fall!
Martial arts are not about fighting. More and more, we learn how to fall in childhood. It's more important than we think! Now, carting is very rare. THE movement culture closely related to the gravity of the bruises.


The first degree of burn only causes blemishes, so you do not have to consult a doctor before applying any coolant to reduce inflammation. In the case of a second degree, it is still only a superficial injury, but there are also some blisters. Mostly sunny and if it is a big deal, for example, the child has both a choice and a back, it is imperative to see a doctor. This requires a lot of healing and healing, as there are a series of wounds that can become infected. The campfire, the cauldron, attracts them like a magnet, and they quickly pick up a hot-headed stick to wage war and sword. This is where the gunshot wounds are located on the face, hands and arms.Our Expert Advice: Immediate cooling is important!
Never do not leave it alone fire next to the kids! If the problem is reversed, let the broth be cooled under cold water for at least ten minutes to cool down the cold tissue.
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  • Recipe: Veal Cutlets with Lemon and Rosemary

    Recipe: Veal Cutlets with Lemon and Rosemary

    Veal cutlets with lemon and rosemary

    We put on the perfumes of the South and we let ourselves be captivated by this real little ray of sun on the plate. Yum ! A light and tasty recipe.

    See the recipe




    No, but who is this rascal? Till the mischievous is a hero of the first half of the fourteenth century, famous for the tricks he plays to the nobles.

    Original, this name comes from the Germanic till which means "skillful". Tempted?