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Carolyn Robertson

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It must include antipyretics, analgesics, ointments against bumps and itching, intestinal disinfectants, sun products.

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There are 5 reasons why your doctor may recommend an emergency cure

Playmobil Country House

Playmobil Country House

With load-bearing insulin resistance

Sometimes the baby won't come. Or, what is more painful is just getting started, but it doesn't work out of the two shaky tests because there is something wrong with the organization that prevents us from staying with us. Before my two daughters, I also had some such "almost" dolls.

"You can miss it every month without knowing it." I think that was one of the saddest sentences in my life that I heard. Németh Tünde, a special baby-giving gymnast (Arwen Tournament) developer told me this when he was reviewing my findings and my eating diary. It turned out that insulin resistance I am, and for that reason I will not get pregnant in two years, but if I succeed, I will have problems with adhesion.

Diabetes in the hall

The insulin resistance latent illnesses can be categorized as they do not always have any underlying symptoms, but can easily develop into diabetes without treatment and lifestyle. Abdominal dyspnea, vigorous hair, hair loss, cysts in the ovaries, irregular menstruation may all be symptoms of the disease, but these have not occurred. I was fat and depressed and acne - but this was due to a series of failed attempts and stress.

What's wrong with high insulin?

Insulin resistance is one carbohydrate metabolic diseasewhich, among other things, also causes the ovaries to malfunction. In the insulin-resistant state, certain cells become insensitive to insulin, which prevents insulin from entering. However, the pancreas receives the message that more insulin is needed, so it produces more. The ovaries are more insulin It can react sensitively, fail, and cause infertility or multiple weaning.

Insulin resistance in pregnancy (Photo: Europress)

Thousands more

Although the disease affects hundreds of thousands of women, many people still do not take this disease seriously. The desperate woman was bombarded with hormones to help relieve the symptoms. The condition may improve, but the underlying disease remains untreated. With insulin resistance - after that one hormonal metabolic disease - consult an endocrinologist. So did I.

All right when it's over

As soon as the illness came to light, I was immediately reinvigorated because I was finally moving out of a precarious state. Instead of drugs, I changed my lifestyle. THE carbohydrate intake by reduction With the help of optimization and five to six times the quality change I avoided the glucose fluctuation. Not only did my energy increase, but my mood and feelings improved. The Arwen-tornбval I strengthened and energized the pelvic organs and did a lot of my metabolism for three times a week. Much of my time was spent planning what I was eating that day. I got to know exciting cereals, and instead of sugar, I used my own sweets to toss my own cooked ones. Quick-release carbohydrates were banned, and my stock was filled with seasonal greens, fruits, fish and mushrooms. And bars often missed chocolate and cream, and I wasn't too sorry because my big one had moved in during the first month of my life. And for two years, the smaller one. Megйrte!Look for the current issue of the News and Watch Magazine!
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Why Children Should Read Fables

Why Children Should Read Fables

Parents should encourage reading from the earliest stages of childhood. Reading will bring you many benefits and all good ones. Even before they know how to read, we can read stories and stories to them, and thus lay the foundations for the child to become a good reader.

One of the readings that we can do with children is the fables, it is about short stories, written in both verse and prose, whose main characters are usually animals or inanimate objects that have human characteristics. The intention of the fable is to teach, educate and learn, therefore all they contain a moral.

1- They teach values: Through the fables, the children will learn values ​​such as empathy, generosity, solidarity, kindness or effort.

2- Children learn to differentiate the good from the bad. In fables characters often appear to whom bad things happen when their behavior has been negative and vice versa.

3- They stimulate the love of reading: they are short stories, easy to read and understand so they are a great vehicle to introduce children to the pleasure of reading.

4- They encourage reflection: the fables end with a final moral that encourages the child to think and reflect on what is happening, therefore also stimulate the child's thinking and critical capacity.

5- They stimulate creativity and imagination: these stories are usually carried out by animals that act like people. This helps the child to make his imagination work.

6- Connect the children with the animals: helps children to develop affection for animals, and by extension, to behave responsibly and kindly to them.

7- For any age: there is no specific age to read fables. They are for children and adults and can accompany the child throughout its development.

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Home pregnancy tests ... do they work?

Home pregnancy tests ... do they work?

Today it is relatively easy to know if you are pregnant or not, just go to a pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test. And it is that, even if it is finally a doctor who confirms the pregnancy, if a pharmacy test is positive ... it is positive.

However, before the existence of these tests, women thousands of years ago already used other types of more rudimentary pregnancy tests, some have even survived to this day. And, there are those who believe that certain elements react to the urine of the pregnant woman but, Are these home pregnancy tests reliable?

If we go far back in time, back in ancient Egypt, women used to urinate on wheat and barley seeds. If they did not germinate, there was no pregnancy, if the barley germinated, the baby would be a boy and if the wheat did, it would be a girl. It seems like a strange idea, and yet research conducted a few decades ago found this method to be 70% reliable.

We will jump from the Egypt of the pharaohs to ancient Greece. There the renowned Hippocrates pointed out a method that I don't think many women today would be willing to carry out. They had to introduce an onion into the woman's vagina and wait one night. If the onion retained its flavor the next day, she was pregnant.

In the 1960s, the frog test that was done in clinics became well known. Urine was collected from the woman and the frog was injected under the skin, if the woman was pregnant the pregnancy hormone, chorionic gonadotropin, stimulated ovulation of the frog and in about 14 hours, it began to spawn.

Nowadays there are those who resort to certain practices to know if they are pregnant and thus avoid buying the test that is sold in pharmacies. These are tests that were previously known by word of mouth and that today, due to the impulse of the Internet, are more widespread, these are some of them:

- The vinegar test.

- Soap test.

- Oil test.

- Cold urine.

- The vaginal discharge test.

- The chlorine test.

These are just some of the tests that can be done at home and, as you can see, all of them are carried out with elements that are easy to find in a house, inexpensive and accessible materials.

These methods are based on the reaction that occurs when urine is mixed with one of them. And it is that, it is believed that a reaction occurs in the resulting mixture that only occurs during pregnancy, because only at this stage of the woman's life, a hormone called hCG, chorionic gonadotropin is produced, which is responsible for this reaction.

But are these pregnancy tests reliable? The answer is simple, they are not reliable. Why?

- Lack of methodology in the tests: sterilized elements are not used, nor is information about the appropriate proportions of each element usually given.

- Some of these tests state that mixing both elements produces bubbles. But whether you are pregnant or they will not be produced because there are natural substances that react by producing gases when mixed with bleach or chlorine.

- If the test is carried out in the first days, the concentration of the hCG hormone is so low that it could even be negative in a home pregnancy test, therefore it is difficult for it to react to a substance.

In conclusion, if you want to know if you are pregnant you can "play" to perform any of these home tests but knowing that they are not at all reliable and the medical community discards them due to their lack of scientific rigor.

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