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There will be no free flu vaccination for children

Bar experts warn that this year's flu flu will be more severe than last year, not expanding the list of people who can get free flu protection.

There will be no free flu vaccination for children

Specialists have urged every year that as much as anyone who can vaccinate themselves against the flu, this time, they have been particularly drawn to this because it can be expected that we will have more severe flu control than last year: older than 60, diabetics, pregnant women, teachers and social workers, asthma patients and people with cardiovascular disease. They can ask for a vaccine from your home doctor.Backa Labszlou An MSZP spokesman asked Emmin if there would be a free vaccine for those under 18. According to Bence Révvvri, "the primary purpose of vaccination against influenza is to prevent serious disease," so people who are at risk of getting an influenza get free vaccination. That way, there is no widening of the circle of people who can get free flu protection.Related Articles on Flu:
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    12 points for baby dolls

    12 points for baby dolls

    Origin of first name:

    Ancient, French, Germanic, Originals, Rare

    Meaning of the name:

    Aliaume comes from both German terms adal and helm, meaning "noble" and "helmet". The name Aliaume was a common Germanic baptismal name in the Carolingian and Merovingian period.


    There is no Aliaume known to date, your son may be so?

    His character :

    Aliaume is an emotional person, but able to keep cool. Whatever the circumstances, he has perfect control of himself. He knows how to relativize problems, calmly study situations and find appropriate solutions. Through his positive thoughts, remarkable inner peace and joie de vivre are constantly reflected in him. He is a sociable person who likes to approach people and keep in touch. His sincerity is greatly appreciated by his entourage. Direct, frank, loyal, he knows how to be a faithful friend without however being allowed to walk on his feet. On the professional level, he demonstrates an iron will and a rigor in the accomplishment of his tasks. His patience and ambition are his assets to succeed. He works hard and tirelessly, his eyes constantly on the goals to be achieved.


    Aleaum is the name derived from Aliaume.

    His party :

    Aliaume is celebrated on January 30 in honor of Private Aleaume who gave up his military career to serve God in Auvergne and Spain. He became a monk at the monastery of La Chaise-Dieu before being named abbot of the abbey Saint-Jean.

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