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Prénom Geneviève - Meaning and origin

Diabetes Hall - IGT, IFG

Diabetes Hall - IGT, IFG

Ready for a high blood sugar test? Or have you ever done that before? Based on your results, you may be in a state of diabetes. The details are dr. Marietta Porochnavecz, director of Diabetes at the Diabetes Center, says.

Prediabйtesz. Have you ever wondered about this term? There are three types of conditions that precede diabetes, and timely therapy is very important in all of them. The IGT reduced glucose tolerance, that IFG increased fasting blood sugar, and the the appearance of two states together, IGT and IFG. A slight increase in fasting and fasting blood glucose levels may be indicative of some pre-diabetic cancers - emphasizes dr. Mariett Porochnaveczthe.


Healthy carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes status when fasting blood glucose levels did not rise significantly (below 7mmol / l), but After-treatment with urine glucose is between 7.8 mmol / l and 11.1 mmol / l.The glucose load line After consuming 75 grams of glucose measures the increase in blood glucose levels. If your blood sugar level is over 7.8 mmol / l after 2 hours of exercise, you can discuss the need for a diabetic treatment.


Even with elevated fasting blood glucose (IFG), you have a pre-diabetic condition. The fasting blood glucose levels are above normal and 6.1 mmol / l, but still below 7 mmol / l-t. IFG certification requires fasting blood glucose levels and glucose loading (OGTT, 2 lbs.).


We talk about joint condition when it is New York Blood Sugar is between 6.1-7.0 mmol / l, and the 2-U values ​​range from 7.8 and 11.1 mmol / l in the glucose load line..

Why early detection is important?

Misbehavior, such as unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, can lead to frequent abdominal or central obesity, and can lead to type 2 diabetes, which can be associated with severe heart disease.Diabetes Hallway - IGT, IFA It is important to recognize and treat carbohydrate metabolism disorders early in diabetes and to treat them as they may. High, untreated blood glucose levels can damage vital organs (heart, blood, nerves, eyes, kidneys). - added the diabetics. Source: Diabetes Center

Missing tips for babies

What to do when the child is not assertive

How To Communicate With Disrespectful Children. Supernanny

Creative education programs, Houses in stories, La Carturesti

We invite you, together with Vellant and Carturesti Publishing House, to a series of creative education programs in two unique places: the Carturesti bookstores in the Promenada Mall. Thus, in the mornings of Saturday and Sunday, families with children of 2-10 years are invited to spend a fun and instructive hour, starting from a children's book, but going much further from it, in a fantastic or concrete world. ; in the next period we will tell stories and build houses out of books and around, that is, Houses in stories / La Carturesti. The programs include part reading and games and part workshop.

The programs start at 11:00 and last at least one hour. At all the programs it is necessary to register and we guarantee to spend a nice and fun time, full of surprises and revelations about the world and about itself.
The books chosen as starting point for the play are selected from the shelves of Vellant Publishing House, beautiful objects to read and dream in winter: "Stories at the mouth of the stove (for winter evenings)" by Caitlin Matthews and Helen Cann, "Fairy tales everywhere" republished by Malachy Doyle and "Cottage Seeds" by Philippe Lechermeier, classic or newer stories, Hanseli and Greteli or modern stories. At the workshop the little ones helped by the parents will make a small room for their toys, made of surprising materials, processed with imagination of a child-reader or child-maker.

Workshop schedule

Saturday, January 18, 2014, 11:00 am (Promenada Mall) - program for families with 2-3 year olds;
Sunday, January 19, 2014, 11:00 am (Promenada Mall) - program for families with children aged 4-6;
Saturday, January 25, 2014, 11:00 am (Promenada Mall) - program for families with children aged 4-6;
Sunday, January 26, 2014, 11:00 am (Promenada Mall) - program for families with children 2-3 years old;
Saturday, February 1, 2014, 11:00 am (Promenada Mall) - program for families with children aged 6-8;
Sunday, February 2, 2014, 11:00 am (Promenada Mall) - program for families with children aged 6-8;

The appointments are compulsory and are made from Monday to Friday during the week of the program, by e-mail: [email protected] (it is necessary to specify the date of the program's development, the name and age of the child, and the registration is valid only after receiving a confirmation email ). The registrations are made individually by each family and the tax is paid on the spot.

Participation fee

50 lei / family consisting of two members (parent and child),
70 lei / family consisting of three members,
80 lei / family consisting of four members, etc.

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