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Bunk beds in the children's room

Bunk beds in the children's room

When our children's room must be a shared space, we are faced with the dilemma about what type of bed to choose. The dimensions of the bedroom and the use of it will be factors that will influence the decision. For example, if we want have a play or study area when they are growing, we must opt ​​for a solution in which the beds leave the necessary free space. One of the possible options is bunk beds.

The bunk beds are pieces of furniture made up of two bunk beds, one on top of the other, with the characteristic that they do not need to be moved for use. Is a model of beds that especially children love but that mothers find them more uncomfortable due to the difficulty of making the upper part.

The most traditional model, one on top of the other at the same level, must have a space between beds of at least 80 cm to make them comfortable and it is important that you take into account that from the top mattress to the ceiling you must have at least 90 cm

Some bunk beds have the option of incorporating, under the lower bed, storage drawers or an extra trundle bed, ideal for when a friend comes to visit or if the room is shared by three brothers. Keep in mind that when opening this bed you must leave an appropriate space for circulation. About 50 cm may be enough.

A very topical variant are the train bunks in which the two beds only partially overlap. This will allow for additional storage space under the upper bed: a closet, drawers, and it can even host a small study area. This type of bed is ideal for a narrow room with a wall 3 to 3.2 meters long.

And another option is to place the two beds in an 'L' shape. This allows you to take advantage of the corner area of ​​the bedroom if it is more square and use part of the lower area for a bedside table or a small storage unit.

All these types of bunk beds need an access ladder (about 40 cm wide) to climb to the top. In addition, as an additional security system, it is advisable to have a protective bar to prevent possible falls, especially if the person who sleeps upstairs is still small.

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Diversification: at what age to start?

Diversification: at what age to start?

Long recommended from 6 months to prevent allergies, diversification is now recommended from 4 months and a half. A little lost in the face of these recommendations? take stock and help you see things more clearly.

  • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby will gradually see other foods. But at what age do you start diversification?
  • Long recommended from 6 months, the introduction of new foods (cooked fruits, mashed vegetables, meat, starchy foods ...) is today recommended by European expert committees between the ages of 4 months and 6 months. However, milk will remain the staple of your baby.

Why not diversification before 4 months?

  • Before 4 months, the metabolism and physiology of your infant do not allow to consider the introduction of solid foods in his diet. Her body is not yet able to tolerate or digest anything other than mother's milk or infant formula. In addition, your baby must wait 3 months to stop his tongue from ejecting in a reflex movement any solid food placed in his mouth.
  • And it's around 5 months that the coordination of the muscles of his tongue finally allows him to swallow and swallow solid foods. It is also during the same period that the transition of breast milk is usually carried out, if you are still breastfeeding it, or, if necessary, infant formula, milk in a row, the second-age milk.
  • From the 4th month of your baby's birth, food diversification can begin. Some doctors prefer to postpone it to the 5th month or even the beginning of the 6th month. Anyway, in order not to expose your infant to certain risks of allergies, it is recommended to start diversification at the earliest at 4 months and at the latest at 6 months

What about the risks of allergies?

  • It is to lose your Latin! After having long heard that with the exception of gluten introduced between 4 and 7 months, the integration of potentially allergenic foods, such as fish or eggs, should be delayed to 1 year, now the pediatrician asks you to suggest them to your baby under 6 months. In addition, it does not seem to take into account your family history with many allergic antecedents ... Do not worry! Allergenic foods are no longer put in the pillory, on the contrary!
  • Today, medical practice recommends early introduction, because it would be beneficial in terms of allergy prevention, including for high risk infants. These foods can now be introduced from the age of 4 months: if your baby is allergic or likely to be (born in a family of allergies for example), introduce only one food allergen at a time, so to determine the culprit in case of allergic reaction in your toddler. Specifically, give a food "at risk" at noon and another in the evening, without waiting for a week in between.

Month by month: what new foods?

His first recipes, our ideas.

Meaning of the name Teodosio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Theodosius. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Like Teodoro, this name alludes to happiness before a newborn. There are several saints, a Roman emperor and two Byzantine emperors with this name.

It comes from theos dosis: "gift of God"

January 11, July 17


  • Teodoro Adorno, German philosopher (1903-1969)
  • Theodore Roosevelt, American politician (1858-1919)
  • Fíodor Dostoyevsky, Russian writer (1821-1881)

Theodosius name coloring pages printable game

Theodosius: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Theodosius name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Theodosius coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Theodosius name to color and print

Free abortion: Up to 14 weeks of pregnancy

All women who wish, for whatever reason, to terminate their pregnancy may do so freely, up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. That is what the reform of the law on abortion says, which could come into force in Spain, even this year.

If the new abortion law comes into force, all women who decide to interrupt their pregnancy will be able to do so with total freedom and legal security within well-defined terms and assumptions. In addition, the law includes a stimulus to prevention through affective and sexual education, and contraceptive methods. The voluntary interruption of pregnancy will also be a benefit of public health, so that public hospitals will have a specialized unit for women who wish to abort.

The new law continues to maintain the term to abort until 22 weeks of pregnancy in the case of malformation or serious mental and physical anomalies in the fetus, although the committee proposes to postpone this limit until the last days of pregnancy. It will continue to allow termination until 12 weeks if the pregnancy is due to rape.

When the baby enters the second trimester of gestation, all the basic structures of his body, both inside and out, are already formed, albeit in miniature. The baby is a little over 9 centimeters. Its body grows faster than its head, but you can already see its neck.

At the end of the 13th week, your little arms will lengthen and be proportionate to the rest of your body. The baby will already have more developed facial muscles, which will allow him to make faces and even suck a finger. The controversy is served. On one side is the Government, and on the other the sectors that oppose the total decriminalization of abortion.

Among other things, they allege that this new law may cause an increase in the number of abortions among the younger population and threaten the rights to life. And you: What do you think about that? Do you agree with this new law? What would they agree on and what would they disagree on?

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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Promotions for children's items

Promotions for children's items Where to shop to use the cheapest options? Every week we publish a list of the best offers from known stores. Print and shopping! :)


  • Bebiko 3 and 4 modified milk in Kaufland at PLN 28.99 for a 800 gram package (pre-sale price: 37.39).
  • Hipp Bio modified milk at Super-Pharm at PLN 36.99 instead of PLN 43.99 with a Life Style card,
  • Nestlé Sinlac Gluten-free cereal product over the 4th month 500 g in Carrefour at PLN 21.99 for the first product and the second 50% cheaper.
  • Bobovita rice porridge in Real, first piece for PLN 6.89 and second piece for PLN 3.45.
  • BoboVita porridges for children at Super-Pharm at the price of 6.79 instead of 7.99 PLN.
  • BoboVita children's dish 190g. at Carrefour for PLN 3.33 when buying three pieces.
  • Hipp Bio children's dish at Super -Pharm 1 plus 1 for half price for PLN 8.99,
  • Hipp juice for children in Real at PLN 2.99 per 200 ml.
  • Gerber juice 300 ml at Super-Pharm for PLN 3.49 instead of PLN 3.99,

Hygienic accessories

  • Johnson's Baby baby shampoo in Kaufland at PLN 4.99 per 200 ml,
  • Helen Harper diapers in Carrefour for PLN 21.29,
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at Tesco at PLN 110 or with a Clubcard at PLN 84.99 (various sizes, unit price Midi size PLN 0.71),
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at Super-Pharm at PLN 46.99 instead of PLN 56.99.
  • Pampers Mega Box baby diapers (size 3 - 186 pieces, one piece at a price of 0.54) price PLN 99.95 for packaging in Real,
  • baby wet wipes Linteo Baby in Carrefour for PLN 2.49,
  • Nivea wet wipes in Super-Pharm 4 × 63 pieces for PLN 19.99 instead of PLN 29.99,
  • Jelp products with LifeStyle card at Super-Pharm 25% cheaper.
  • Nivea Baby 500 ml bath lotion at Super-Pharm at PLN 13.99 instead of PLN 20.99,
  • Nivea Baby soothing gel for body and hair at Super-Pharm for PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 12.99,
  • Penaten care products the whole series at Super-Pharm 25% cheaper.

Toys and accessories

  • shoulder pads for swimming in Real 5.49 zlotys
  • sets for sand with a watering can PLN 10.99
  • Avent baby soothers at Super-Pharm at PLN 17.99 for two (instead of PLN 31.99)

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