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A child who does things for himself also has emotional autonomy. The psychologist Alice Banderas explains why physical and emotional autonomy are united in children.

In this interview with Guiainfantil.com the psychologist reveals some tips for parents to help and motivate their children to do things for themselves.

Journalist: Marisol Nuevo
Camera and editing: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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Children's right to education

Children's right to education

Children have the right to education. It's one of the 10 Fundamental rights of children drafted in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. Unfortunately, those rights that every child should have are not always fulfilled.

So we want to remember that we all have a responsibility to children, not only to protect our children, but to guarantee the rights of all children regardless of the part of the world in which they were born. Because not all children have the privileges of our children, but they do have the same rights.

All children have the right to an education. Education is not just about learning to read and write, but about forms the basis of personal development. For the machinery of a society to work, its members must have a basic education that allows them to develop as individuals in order to coexist in society.

Despite the importance of education, there are millions of children around the world who cannot access it. That is why we highlight this Right of children to education, access to education without discrimination of any kind and to a free education for boys and girls. Because all children have the right to learn and because education will be their best tool to build a decent life.

Principle 7 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child says: 'The child has the right to receive education, which it will be free and mandatory, at least in the elementary stages. ' And we all have the responsibility that this fundamental right is fulfilled.

Any child needs the basic education, reading, writing and a minimal culture so that they can develop their personality and integrate into society on equal terms. Today millions of children, especially girls, watch their right to education violated for political, economic, geographical and religious reasons.

The right to education for all children is not only aimed at providing them with the basic tools such as reading and writing, but also at providing them with the necessary values ​​so that they can actively participate in society as full members.

It is also in our hands to pressure governments around the world to guarantee this right to their children. And on a domestic level, we are responsible for instilling solidarity in our children making them see that going to school is not an annoying obligation, but a right that they must enjoy. Raising awareness among our children that together we must assert the rights of the most disadvantaged children is an exercise of responsibility that we sometimes forget.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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Fun summer activities depending on the child's sign

The fun summer activities for children are beautifully divided into categories, according to the sign they belong to. If you have no idea what activity your child likes, check the prediction the zodiac has for him and choose the one that suits him.


Your child is an active person and loves physical movement. Berbecutul needs summer sports to maintain his good disposition at high levels.

Choose swimming, volleyball, tennis, but also games that involve movement: leash, badmington, frisbee etc. You must know that the ram prefers team games and sports.


Even if you prefer to stay at the top of the bed all the time and play only on the computer, you can instill the love for summer activities in a clever way.

Take him on hikes or outdoor trips or have him help you with gardening.


Your child is a stud and does not leave books in his hand even during the holidays. It is important to take the child out with books from the house and take him / her in the middle of nature.

There he can read freely or even create a reading circle with several children.


The wood is the type that prefers the comfort of the bedroom instead of any summer activity.

In addition, trips to the country, grandparents and the preparation or preservation of food for the autumn will do with the child's eye.


All you have to do to a Leo child is to give him freedom and a little confidence. He knows how to become appreciated and listened to in creative ways.

It is the kind of child who prefers the games of childhood in front of the block: leash, face-hide, elastic etc.


If your little one is Virgo, it means she has an inclination towards medicine. He is interested in things and activities that promote health.

Excursions and hiking on the mountains, where he can find interesting plants and flowers, will be pleasing to him.


It does not matter the type of activity you involve, as long as other children are present.

Your little one loves to socialize, so the best idea to have fun this summer is a children's camp or trips specially organized for them.


The child in the sign of the Scorpio loves the mystery and to look for different things around him.

Therefore, outdoor games of the face-hide type or those in which an object is hidden and go in search of it are to his liking. Encourage the detective ability of the little one!


Curious in nature, your little one will love traveling to places he doesn't know and is ready to explore to the full.

Choose vacations abroad or tent trips to explore nature.


Your boyfriend is an enterprising spirit and he is interested in making money. You can help by creating and organizing small lemonade or homemade cakes for sale.

Try other fun activities from which you can get a penny.


Aquarius loves to spend time outdoors. There are plenty of options for entertaining: sea, mountain, swimming pool, dolphinarium, zoo, botany, astronomical observatory etc.

The offer of summer fun is varied!


The child in Pisces loves nature. Any activity that has a pharma of fun, but that happens in nature is a source of good will and joy for him.

He loves parks, hiking, the sea and the mountains.

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Early childbirth by week 24 succeeded

Early childbirth by week 24 succeeded

Reintegration of premature babies on the spot is a special, and very rare, task for ambulances.

Earlier this morning, the rescue workers were alerted to the Cserkeszhely settlement in Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County. The staff of the outgoing Cushion wagon from Kunstmárton found a deadborn baby who was born at 24 weeks of pregnancy and was immediately started to rebuild. The baby was transported to the perinatal intensive care center in a stable condition by an early-stage baby being alerted. On-site resuscitation of premature infants is a special, infrequent rescue task that has been successfully solved by the National Ambulance Service in a highly professional manner.

The picture is just an illustration

28 weeks of pregnancy

28 weeks of pregnancy Can't wait to finally become a mom? It may be hard to imagine, but in a few weeks you will want a moment just for yourself. Use your pregnancy time for catching up on reading, go to the cinema or theater with a loved one - if you are active, time will pass faster and you won't even look back when you are born!


The average weight of a child at 28 weeks of pregnancy is 1140 grams, height 38 centimeters, head circumference 26 cm and waist circumference 23 cm. The foot measured at this stage is about 5 cm.

The head, which a few weeks ago was disproportionately large in relation to the rest of the body, is now taking on the appropriate, final (visible after delivery) proportions. The toddler's activity also changes. He can lie still for twenty minutes, then "wake up" and the next twenty minutes to actively move. It's a certain average. The cycle of activity and rest is an individual feature for each individual.

Already at this stage slowly final fat tissue begins to accumulate, which gives a plump look to the baby, as seen at birth. In addition, they are already visible on the face clearly eyebrows, eyelashes and facial features. The nap that covers the baby's body begins to disappear slowly (although some babies are born with its delicate outline on the body).
Every day, a brain develops that grows and becomes more and more folded. In the lungs, on the other hand, blood vessels are formed, and the bronchial tubules branch out on a regular basis. It is also created a surfactant that lets you breathe in air for the first time after delivery.

The toddler does not only practice at this stage suctionbut it happens to him cough, he has hiccups and practices eye blinking. The child also has dreams due to REM, which is the active phase of sleep that appeared recently.


Gently pressing on the stomach, you can feel the top of the bottom of the womb midway between the navel and the end of the sternum (about 3 cm above the navel). It has a simple consequence - it's getting harder and harder to breathe. Shortness of breath and shortness of breath are typical.

You're most likely watching at home too itchy stomach yours the navel may already protrude. Occasionally Braxon-Hicks contractions may appear when the uterus hardening and then returns to its normal state.

The constantly growing belly receives grace. You move with increasing difficulty. Even tying shoe laces can now become a problem. Also, don't be surprised if the footwear you have worn so far is too tight for you. In pregnancy, the footwear number can change by growing by half a number or even one number (read more about it). In addition, ankle and foot swelling are often a problem.

What is worth remembering?

If you feel itching, burning in the vagina area and you have a white, not very pleasant smell of vaginal discharge, most likely it means that you are suffering from vaginal inflammation. Although such situations of pregnancy are common, they are not worth ignoring. Tell your doctor about all alarming symptoms. Inflammation is usually treated with creams or suppositories.

if you are tired of pregnancy, Your well-being is deteriorating, do not be afraid to share your feelings with a loved one. You don't have to be constantly happy during these amazing nine months. Moments of worse mood are very normal.

From mom's diary

The belly is really pregnant already, a spine pain with more or less intensity accompanies me throughout the day. In addition, I feel discomfort in my feet. They swell and seem to rebel against the challenge they face.

Now I hear the questions almost every day: "And when is the date," "And what is the sex," "And where is the delivery." Everyone wants to know this type of detail, ask neighbors, distant friends, or a family that has sclerosis. This curiosity is complemented by the increasing difficulty of movement I struggle with. It's not very feminine, but I have to admit that groaning accompanies me at every turn. I moan when I want to change position, when I have to get up or put on my shoes. Fortunately, Hubby has been helping me in the last few days, who, whenever he can, reduces my discomfort.

And another confession, which in total I would not like to share, but it's difficult: he's snoring. Earlier, the husband was responsible for this variety in bed life, now I am supporting him and, what is worse, I often win in this game without too much trouble.

Fortunately, heartburn has already passed, so all that is left are colorful dreams, back pain, discomfort caused by the enlargement of the uterus, memory problems, swelling of the feet, indigestion, constipation.

From dad's diary

Not only I snore ... and you know what? It's cute. Although I recorded it several times, let it be my secret (thinks I deleted it, which is true, but I recorded it again). A really charming sound is when your woman changes like that. Ideals are boring :) And I have my interesting souvenir, even if you do not understand it completely ...

Developed based on:"A healthy pregnancy. Guide of a loving mother ”MD Michael F. Roizen, MD med. Mehmet C. Oz"Pregnancy guide. Problems of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth ”prof. Ian Greer"Pregnancy and natural delivery. How to enjoy motherhood. A practical guide ”Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, Adriana Ortembeg"In anticipation of a child" Heidi Murkoff

Valuable calculators with the calendar of your pregnancy week by week

Valuable calculators with the calendar of your pregnancy week by week

During pregnancy, we welcome a small and wonderful baby into our body, but thousands of doubts are also installed inside us that assail us at every moment. What will my baby be like when I grow up in the week of gestation in which I am? What is the most likely due date? What should I eat to make sure my child develops as he should? Is it normal to have this discomfort? To solve all your doubts, in our site we have elaborated some calculators with the calendar of your pregnancy week by week. Do not miss it!

Calculators with pregnancy calendar week by week

Pregnancy calculator and calendar. You are pregnant? Check out this pregnancy calculator and calendar to find out what stage of pregnancy you are in and what your expected due date may be. Calculate the most important dates of pregnancy. Pregnant calendar. The period of greatest risk of abortion. Calculate the date of your baby's birth.

Calculate the weeks, months and trimesters of your pregnancy. Find out what stage of pregnancy you are in. How to calculate the weeks, months and trimesters of pregnancy. The stages of pregnancy according to the week, month and trimester. Useful stages calculator for pregnant women. With this simple pregnancy calendar, you will be able to know what stage of pregnancy you are in, a way not to get involved with the weeks and months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy week by week. The pregnant woman and the baby's growth in pregnancy week by week. A complete summary of the changes that occur in the body of the pregnant woman, the development and growth of the baby, the health and emotions of the future mother, the diet and food for the pregnant woman and the curiosities of each week of pregnancy .

Pregnancy calculators. On our site we help you to keep track of your pregnancy easily and quickly. Through our calculators and pregnancy calendars, you will be able to know what your fertile days are, in what week of gestation you are, how the baby is developing, the changes in your body, or know the possible date for delivery.

You are pregnant and we send you all our best wishes and the best of congratulations. From the moment you tested positive for that pregnancy test, it changed your life. You embark on the greatest adventure, the most exciting and the most beautiful. You face a period full of uncertainties, worries, worries. But you should know that it will also be charged with magic, love and, above all, emotion for the arrival of a new member of the family. How exciting!

During these next 9 months and in the first years of your child's life, everyone will try to give you advice on what is best and what you are doing wrong. 'You have to eat more of this, you have to move less, you have to wrap yourself more ...' It is possible that so much information ends up losing you more than you already are and, to solve it, you go to all kinds of information sources. In Guiainfantil.com We are here to help you solve all your doubts, we have all the channels open for you: social networks, whatsapp, the best articles from specialists from different sectors ...

One of the first questions that you should inform yourself from the moment you know that you are pregnant is about the process that you are going to go through in the coming months. In our first calculator we tell you what will happen to you and your baby in the following weeks of gestation and what are the key dates of your pregnancy.

These are some of the data that we talk about in the calculator.

- The date of your baby's conception
You will only have to enter the date of your last menstruation to know important data such as the date on which your baby was conceived.

- Time of greatest risk in pregnancy
One of the most useful information that you can extract from this calculator refers to the period of greatest risk in terms of problems that may arise during the development of your pregnancy. It is at this moment when you must be most attentive to the signals of your body to identify, calmly but quickly, the problems that may arise.

- Important moments in the different weeks of pregnancy
Surely in the fifth week of pregnancy you are already noticing some of the symptoms of pregnancy. By week 10, your baby will be completely located in the placenta and will gradually develop limbs, such as the fingers of the hands. In week 13, your kidneys will work; at week 23, your lungs; In the 27 you will be able to know the sex of the baby ... This calculator will allow you to know when all these important moments for your child will arrive and the weight and measurements that will be by then. The emotion will surely overwhelm you.

Each pregnancy is different, however, in all of them you can recognize more or less the same patterns that occur trimester by trimester. Calculating in which stage you are of pregnancy at each moment will help you to get an idea of ​​how your belly and your baby are in each stage. Although your gynecologist and your midwife will provide you with all the information you need, our calculator will serve as a complement to all that information that you must attend to at this time.

You should know that there are different ways to count the stages of pregnancy. Can be done in quarters, months and weekss. Due to the difficulty to calculate the exact date of conception, it is usually used in a generalized way on the day of the last menstruation. Starting from this moment, 280 days (corresponding to 40 weeks) are added to calculate the most probable date of delivery. But, until then, how are the stages of pregnancy calculated?

- The first trimester of pregnancy
Encompasses from the first week to the 13th. Therefore, it corresponds to the first 3 months of pregnancy. It is the beginning of pregnancy, so you will gradually discover what it means to be pregnant. It is important that you start taking care of yourself, since it is the way to make sure that your baby is developing in the best conditions. Watch your diet, go for a check-up with your doctor, try to keep your mind calm, etc.

- The second trimester of pregnancy
The second trimester of pregnancy corresponds to months 4, 5 and 6, that is, from week 14 to 26. During this period some of the symptoms that you had been suffering until now, such as nausea or fatigue, usually remit. In fact, often women feel much more vital and energetic during this period, although the recommendations of the experts must be followed to the letter.

- The third trimester of pregnancy
From week 27 to 40, that is, in months 7, 8 and 9, you will be in the third and last trimester of your pregnancy. There is very little left to see your baby's face in person! In the final stretch of pregnancy, it is normal to have discomfort due to the large size of your belly. The baby is already laying down for delivery and is getting bigger and has less room to move. Enjoy the last moments as pregnant!

Since Guiainfantil.com We wish you the best for your pregnancy. You are sure to be wonderful parents! Enjoy every second, because in the end, 9 months go by very quickly and you will miss feeling your baby inside you.

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