Monster trucks. Children's song in English

Monster trucks. Children's song in English

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Science has shown us that cellulite is a signal, that in order to get rid of it you have to change your way of life. In the first cellulite phase it is a little noticeable: tighten between the fingers of the skin and you will see what the layer immediately below the skin looks like, if you see some grammars, the famous "orange skin" is the case to worry about.

Later weights will be observed with the naked eye in the form of skin irregularities. Then cellulite is in the second or third phase. Regardless of which phase you are in, cellulite should be treated with great care.

Most often "orange skin" feels good on the hips, thighs and buttocks but sometimes we find it on the legs, on the belly and even on the arms!

You have to start the season of "discounts" with what you eat - not more than 1200 calories per day.

Cellulose-rich products are recommended - grains and graham bread - but without high sugar content. Big discounts must also be for alcohol, coffee and sweet drinks. Try tea, preferably green or herbal!

Less salt will help you remove water from the body.

We know that during this time you will "take down" cellulite from yourself and that is what you have to do. You can start by rubbing the skin with loofah sponge once or twice a day! You should not leave any unpleasant marks on the skin, but only move the upper layer so that the area is drained.

Sport is one of the factors that help the most. Sport Sport Sport! We know you have no time and yet you are the number one enemy of cellulite.

Electrostimulation can take place with great movement or can complement aerobic and taebo sessions.

Muscular stimulation aims to strengthen the muscles, improve circulation, absorb fat excess under the tissues under the skin. Thermolecrostimulation involves conducting electrostimulation sessions lasting 60 minutes. in a thermocouple that heats to 70 degrees producing vasodilation and perspiration on the skin.

It is recommended a subscription of 10 sessions of electrostimulation (60 min / session) that will help to tone the muscles and the disappearance of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite packaging, extraordinarily beneficial for both water retention and cellulite removal.

Anti-cellulite packaging

Anti-cellulite packaging:

improve blood circulation by removing superficial toxins and excess fluid from adipose tissue.
• they smooth the fluffy portions of the skin, improving and rejuvenating its texture.
• prevent cellulite.

Cellulite, including the appearance of orange, is easier to remove when in its infancy. In the advanced stages of cellulite, longer treatments and professional cellulite massage are required.

The cellulite massage not only relaxes and spoils the skin of the body, but also helps prevent and fight against cellulite. It also facilitates the recovery of the natural tendencies of the body, by manipulating the muscles and stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic system that destroy the adipose tissue.

The weight loss massage aims to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, but unlike lymphatic drainage it is much more rigorous and profound, being performed with more force, but without causing discomfort or bruising when performed by qualified and experienced people.

Depending on the cellulite grade, the number of weekly massage sessions is established, sessions that can last 45 or 60 minutes and which use thermal creams and massage oils with active ingredients that act in depth.

Call for professional help ... creams and gels professionally applied on the entire affected surface, accompanied by an hour of relaxation under the thermal blanket, they work wonders.

To get results you have to be persistent and conscientious. And if you "skipped" a day in the program or you didn't follow the diet to know that the fight is not lost. All you have to do is take it off the next day.

Yes, yes I know from now on that you will not go as you initially promised each evening at the salon for 60 minutes of electrostimulation! Think about losing more if you stop the treatment you promised than if you postpone a week.

Dakima Bodycenter awaits you in a relaxing atmosphere with the latest anti-cellulite products to support you in your endeavor. You can choose combination treatments that give amazing results.

This fall in any time interval BODYCENTER DAKIMA you have treatments for weight loss and body remodeling at SUPERPRESTS.

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Program: L-V: 8-22 / S: 9-18
Tel: 3159871; 0726325462; 0743216481;
E-mail: [email protected]

How children should carry the backpack to avoid back injuries

How much can the school backpack weigh? How should children carry the backpack to avoid back pain? Is the backpack on wheels or the backpack on the back better?

In this video from our site, the Doctor Francisco Kovacs, director of the Spanish Network of Back Injury Researchers, explains how we should teach children to carry their backpack to school. He gives us recommendations on how to protect the back of children with the proper use of the backpack.

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What's up?

What's up?

What distinguishes baby strokes from each other? What does it mean? It is a great task for parents to understand what their children are saying to them.

What's up?

The baby shit that we just have to understand is that it speaks to us. Until the baby can speak, we're worried, "How do we know what's wrong?" This is a bit difficult at first, as much of parenting is crazy. Aztбn gradually we learnwhat you really need.

I'm hungry!

Once we learn it signs of communicating in the United States - looking for her breast, giving voices, moving her hands and feet lively - then we can prevent moaning, understand her delusions. But if you shit, first make sure you are really hungry.I feel hot! Fбzom!
Newborns love warmth (as a rule, a lot more clothes are needed by the good public than we are by adults). If your baby is freezing, for example in a diaper, it also tells us in a hurry. Over time, of course, we become more and more diaper-less, and soon the time it takes to waste (be careful not to move too much).Clear it!
Some of the little ones will tell you in a nutshell when the diaper is full. Others quietly miss it, as it is warm and comfortable. Listen to them!Pick it up!
Babies love to be pampered. They like to see their parents' faces, hear their voices, palpitations and smell (especially breast milk). They require the company after feeding, diapering. And we're worried about letting it go. But in the first few months of your life you can't be. If the little one is interested, put it next to us or pick it up multiple times.

I've had enough!

Many times they get tired soon. It can be observed that, as a result of a larger family reunion or at the end of the day, it is difficult for more people to fall asleep. It is harder to process lights, sounds, hand-to-hand, and to be exhausted in a stimulating environment. Even then, they tell us that they are enough. In this case, relaxation and tranquility are paramount.I feel bad
And if we feed me and feel that everything is fine, but he just shit, there may be other problems. Check if a carpet is wrapped around your toe, it has not been trapped in your mouth, and it has not irritated your skin. If you haven't found any anomalies, but the little one is still scratching, note the temperature check. The sick baby list differs from hunger and we will soon learn when to see a doctor.If nothing helps ...
What can we do then? Cover it, pick it up and hug it! Newborn babies love to feel warm and secure, like in the womb. Some people prefer tight physical contact, others prefer rhythmic rocking.
The little ones are used to motherly heartbeat. Maybe they love it, too welcome them to us. In the meantime, we sing worship songs. You'll love it. The most reassuring thing you can do with a baby is to stroke your stomach or your back, especially when it comes to producing stomachs.
Let him suck something, even if he is not hungry, because it soothes, calms down, relaxes the stomach. This is best done by breastfeeding. Remember: Breastfeeding is not only about nutrition, it also soothes the baby.

Immunization of the child

Immunization of the child

If your child is very young, it may not yet have been defined by a specific color, but the truth is that the colors that children choose are not random, but rather define part of their personality or their mood.

Whether it's the color of the clothes they like to wear, the game tile they always choose, or the color of their toothbrush, children tend to pick a favorite color, and although they may change it as they grow older, the favorite color of each moment of their life is showing us something about their behavior, personality or feelings.

Although it is not a science, the truth is that hundreds of studies Market and marketing have dedicated part of their investments to see what are the behavior patterns with respect to the colors of potential buyers.

The same goes for toys, toy companies use colors depending on the type of child they are targeting, their age, and even their gender.

It is undeniable that colors affect our mood, and that they are associated with it, hence such successful phrases as: "today I see everything black", or "life is pink."

The colors give off energySince they are wavelengths of light, and that energy also affects people, especially children who are more receptive to them.

Psychology has discovered common patterns of behavior in people's color preferences, so if your child likes a particular color, he may be very close to the type of color. personality that is associated with him.


Very few children choose it as their favorite color. It is the color of the innocence, of good and organized, independent and common sense children, perhaps that is why it does not become one of the favorites until they become adults.


Its a color contradictory, since on the one hand we find very optimistic children, but also jealous. They are very creative children, and imaginative, but rational and practical.

They are usually demanding with themselves and with others, and they have a lot of control over their emotions.


Very outgoing children, who claim to always be with their friends, but who always need the approval of others.

They are children who constantly seek the Balance, who like sports, movement and constantly challenge themselves.


They are passionate, intense, active and very optimistic children. They tend to move on impulse, and have no time for reflection. They tend to be self-confident, open-minded children, competitive and with the need to control everything around him.


Very associated with girls, this is the reason why many boys reject it. Reflects the unconditional love and the acceptance of those close.

They are very sensitive children who are greatly affected by the emotions around them. They love romanticism and are very loving with their parents.


The color of nature, of hope and of loyalty. They are children faithful to their friends, whom they consider especially important. They need to feel close to others and are very dependent on them.

They are positive and vital, but they are always aware of what others think of them.


The color most appreciated by children, as it is one of the ones with the most shades.

Children who have blue as a favorite color seek the tranquillity and the truth. They care about others, but are independent and firm in their opinions without outside influence.

They are children who do not change easily, since their beliefs are deeply rooted, and they are very balanced.


They are very sentimental and spiritual children, but they do not usually show their emotions in public and reflect before expressing themselves to others.

They are children perfectionists those who like to help others.


Very few children like the color brown. However, the children who choose it as a favorite are great friends, simple and natural children. They like comfort and feel safe surrounded by their own, who like stability and simplicity over luxury.


There are no gray children, but children who like this color are balanced, calm and conservative people.

A little distant in their emotions and too rational. They can be a bit passive and like to move between routines.


It is the color of elegance, power and denial. Children who seek this color are people who like control and power, but far from appearing distant, they are children who can have great artistic inclinations.

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A perfect Christmas. Christmas story for children

Stories, especially Christmas stories, are a valuable resource for teaching values ​​to children. This tale of 'A perfect christmas'speaks precisely of two essential values ​​for the education of children: generosity and humility.

If your son finds it difficult to share his things with others or collaborate and help his friends and siblings, we propose this beautiful Christmas story.

Claudio is such a generous angel and so willing to help others that he forgets his own tasks. Do you want to know what happened?

Claudio was delighted with the cast. Of all the things that had to be prepared for the birth of Jesus, he had been called 'The Speaker'. And it was not just any loudspeaker, it was the loudspeaker through which the voices of the angels and of God himself would be heard directly from Heaven to Earth.

For a normal little angel he had been very lucky, because most of the important things had been entrusted to the impressive and magnificent archangels and other higher-level angels. But since everyone knew that Claudio, in addition to being a charming little angel, was a madman of technology, they thought that he would be the best suited to invent such a complex device.

Claudio had a thousand ideas for design in his head, and he got to work right away. But when he had only been a little while, Raphael, one of his favorite archangels, appeared there

- Can you help us with the palace, Claudio? We need a door that opens automatically to the passage of Mary and Joseph.

- Of course! - He said as willing as ever - What I'm doing can wait.

It took the little angel several days to complete the difficult door, and many more to complete the many inventions that Rafael kept asking for. But the result was worth it: they built a palace worthy of the greatest of kings who was to set foot on earth. So much so that when no one was looking, angels peeked out from heaven to admire him.

Claudio was walking back to put on his loudspeaker, when the archangel Michael saw him in the distance.

- Claudio, can you please help us with some wardrobe touches? We want that when the songs of the choir sound the dresses of those who listen to them shine with gold, precious stones and colored lights, and that the clothes of Mary, Joseph and the Child undulate to the rhythm of the music.

- What a magnificent idea, Miguel! That will be great. I'm going to help you right away.

It also took several days to complete all those costume effects, but they couldn't have done anything more beautiful. Little angels came from all corners of the universe to contemplate that marvel and congratulate Miguel effusively.

Gabriel also asked Claudio to help him with the light and sound effects for the celestial choir. And then the cherubs arrived with their thousand requests, and another bunch of angels from higher levels with orders so important that Claudio couldn't help but help them. And everything was so perfect and wonderful, that the angels congratulated each other very satisfied and proud, and that same night, the night before the birth, they celebrated a great party.

But Claudio could not attend, because after so much work, he remembered that his own commission, the loudspeaker, had not even started yet !!

There, Claudio was left alone, working hastily on his speaker, listening to the music of the party in the background. He was working with tears in his eyes, knowing that he would not arrive in time, and then God himself appeared at his side.

- Hello, my dear Claudio, what are you doing here that you are not at the party?

The little angel, ashamed, only showed his speaker half done and his eyes filled with tears.

- I see. I know you've been busy helping others, but isn't anyone coming to help you?

"Well, they are celebrating a great party and they deserve it," Claudio replied. They have worked a lot and everything has been magnificent. Also, they couldn't help me even if they wanted to, this invention is very complicated.

"Hmmmm," was the only thing God said as he turned around. He didn't seem particularly happy.

Claudio was terrified. He knew he would only be there in time if God decided to help him, but he was dying of shame to ask. As if reading his thoughts, God turned to say:

- Well, do the best you can. But above all, make it sound strong.

Claudio did not have time. It was just the hour when he finished putting all the pieces together, and he reached his place by the hair, at the same moment that Gabriel gave the signal to begin. The chorus cleared their voices and, for a second, they all fixed their eyes on Claudio. The little angel closed them, said a prayer, and turned on the speaker at full power.

BOOOOOOM !! A tremendous explosion shook the sky, which opened to give access to the earth and transmit the song of the angels. But the force of the explosion was so great that it spread like an earthquake and a hurricane over the earth, destroying everything they had prepared: the palace collapsed and only the remains of some walls remained; the place appeared cold, uncomfortable, dirty and untidy, and even the beautiful dresses of all those who would see the child flew into the air and were made a few rags. In a few seconds, all that was left of everything they had prepared were the voices of the heavenly choir, and a brilliant flash in the sky, that of the great speaker that burned slowly.

No one in heaven dared to say anything. They only looked at the embarrassed Claudio with sorrow and disappointment, ashamed themselves for having left him so alone. But then the Child was born, and instead of the crying that everyone expected, a joyous laughter flooded heaven and earth. A laugh that spread to everyone, and that let them know that God was delighted with that preparation, much poorer, but made by Claudio on the basis of helping others by forgetting their problems.

And as if expecting something like this to happen, the three archangels whispered to themselves: 'This is indeed the Lord's style. Everything has been perfect. '


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