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How to make a turtle out of egg boxes for children

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The guardian angels of babies according to their day of birth

Beware of home accidents in homes with children!

Beware of home accidents in homes with children! Home accidents occur in the home and can often be prevented. Home accidents are usually seen during the growth and developmental stages of children. Children try and understand everything by experimenting, handling, seeing. Accidental home accidents occur at these stages.
Falls are at the beginning of child accidents. Crashes take second place. And they are followed by ingestion of foreign bodies, burns and scalds, poisoning.
The mother is tired, the family members are uninformed about home accidents, objectionable goods left in the middle of the large, no balustrade on the balcony or low levels, chairs left in front of the window are among the main reasons for the occurrence of home accidents.
According to the records of DIE, accidents rank 4th among the causes of child deaths in the 1-4 age group. According to the research carried out by the Ministry of Health in our country, 120,000 children applied to the hospital as a result of home accident in the last 5 years and 2000 lost their lives.
'So, how do I protect my child from all this?' You mean? Here are some suggestions…
1. Keep cleaning equipment out of the reach of children.2. Cook dishes in the back eyes on the stove.

3. Do not leave tools and equipment that are in danger of burning, such as lighters or matches.4. Wear protective devices.5. Make sure that balcony doors and windows are not left open.6. Keep cutting tools out of the reach of children.7. Put plastic anti-slip on the bottom of the bathtub.8. Take precautions to prevent contact around heat emitting devices.9. Cover these areas of the pointed furniture with a soft sponge.10. Your child's toys must be safe. Paints should not come out and should not contain small parts.11. The waste container lid must always be closed.12. The glassware and ornaments to be broken should be at a height beyond your child's reach.13. Always keep sewing items such as needles, buttons in a locked place.14. The edges of the baby bed should prevent the baby from falling.15. The seat belt must be fastened between the high chair and the baby.16. Scarecrow intervals should be within the range your baby can not head.17. Various hot drinks should not be given to the child.18. Behaviors such as burying your head in a pillow or putting a nylon bag over your head should be prohibited.19. Your child's laughing or crying while eating may cause suffocation.20. When the food is taken, the expiration date should be checked and especially the raw foods to be eaten raw should be washed with plenty of water.
If these precautions are followed, many home accidents will be prevented. Your baby will be healthier and you will be more peaceful.Compiled by: Contact Ege directly
[email protected] to

Your 8-year-old: Tempting toys

(S) Twin Story - The Day of the Pumpkin

(S) Twin Story - The Day of the Pumpkin

So why not just get Americanized on Halloween? Valentine's Day is also a fertile feast for the Swallow-tailed Valentine's Day, with Valentine's Day as well. I didn't realize we could have gone without Halloween so far.

One can become more and more desperate if he wants to do things with his own children. It seemed to me that this year I was overwhelmed by the sacrament of the Holy of Holies. (Thinking about the closeness of a toothpick, if you don't screw it up, to a decent wood carver, I was amazed at the decision.)
Need a pumpkin!
In urban environments, the first step requires less effort, for example, we would need a pumpkin for a pumpkin, and not much for a homeowner. Of course, a public inquiry from a celebrity court revealed that only I was acquitted of such a purchase, and everyone had a good idea for a source of capital. Finally, one of my colleagues was discontinued and offered to bring me a bag from Pomerz, not to mention my kiddies. (Slightly szabadkoztam because jбrok work bringбval, which nйmileg felйrtйkeli a цtkilуs tцk бtviteltechnikai йs anyagmozgatбsi problйmбjбt, remйltem йs secret, in a polar zцldsйgesnйl obtains a lбmpбsnak valуt sooner. It would not have нgy.) Szerencsйre the цtkilуs pйldбnyok Pomбzon also quickly sold out, нgy had Almost six and a half kilos of pieces, which I have honestly and unabashedly admitted to folding this something into my backpack. I do not go into detail about my vicissitudes, but the fact that by the time I wrapped my cap on the North Bridge I had to put the twelfth ring on the bottom of the screen was so proud of myself and the life. Fortunately for the Danube, fish are dying.
My enthusiasm didn't leave me behind even when I was proudly showing off my most recent book, which was difficult to get home, but the kids didn't show the slightest interest.
- Dad, will this be the same as Nojman Pagay's Sam in the fire department?
"But, Dad, be very careful, because Nojman Pajsz also collected the house with him!"
- And how can you get mad at him?
- No way, this will be as good as you usually are. Rather, tell us how many teeth to make for him!
- I drank seventeen eighteen.
I definitely remember from my childhood that such well-produced potions were ripped by the neighbour's ax, and he is just about to make such a bright green lamp. Lastly, some of my losses (wiped blade, drooping tooth decay, tiny cut wounds on my hands) were finished.
It is believed that the gospel precedes the bad spirits (after the holidays I watched the plenary and the mediocre, unfortunately, all the bad spirits are written), but my fanciful face has the same good tooth.
The puppies were giggling with laughter when they had our full glow in the evening. Like all of us, our capampion had to find a name right away (Béla's friend, of course, fought for Filkou and Juden's names, but again we excluded him from the cross-clutch when he added Csenge-Csombor) Magdi. What is more typical of the lady's overwhelming success was that I had to put her in the window of the cuckoo for a large night (an installation of a hokedlin set). So two flashing eyes were watching over my mind that night.
In spite of all this, I would like to call the attention of the Chinese Lantern Manufacturers to the fact that my strong doubts about the future have rested upon me in carpet carving. But I'll probably get it for an inflatable / papermaking / splashed cap.

A quarter of humanity is poor and two out of two are morbid. Improper nutrition can also be responsible

A quarter of humanity is poor and two out of two are morbid. Improper nutrition can also be responsible

Almost one in four people in the world have ailments that are largely attributable to iron deficiency in childhood, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

Improper nutrition can also be responsible for the development of diseases.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common illnesses in children, but it also affects around 3 million people in Europe. All of them were sick premature or improperly initiated nutrition felelхs: the йlet elsх 1000 napjбnak kцrnyezeti hatбsai, the belьl the tбplбlбs because a key role jбtszanak the kйsхbbi egйszsйg alakulбsбban.Az allergiбs megbetegedйsek the glutйnйrzйkenysйg йs by the vashiбnyos vйrszegйnysйg a felnхttkori nйpbetegsйgek also megelхzhetхk the elsх 1000 days as the elhнzбs the cukorbetegsйg or diseases of the cardiovascular system. A quarter of them suffer from ailments, and every second touched iron-deficient anemia beszйlhetьnk. Iron iron is alultбplбltsбg one of the most common forms, which claimed the lives of 841,000 people worldwide in the past years, and caused more than 35 million cases of delays in development. the amount needed for development, so the healthy, on a balanced schedule keresztьl tцrtйnх may develop pуtlбs nйlkьl vashiбny (fхbb tьnetei the fбradйkonysбg, йtvбgytalansбg or koncentrбlуkйpessйg csцkkenйse) .The tehйntej high nбtrium- йs fehйrjetartalma rбadбsul strain on babбk emйsztхrendszerйt, йs haspuffadбst, or hasmenйst vйres szйkletьrнtйst cause. According to the Hungarian professional recommendation, cow milk should be avoided until the age of one, but many people would recommend breastfeeding until the age of three in the order of small children. Following breastfeeding, a fluid, milk-based diet continued to introduce baby drinks that are tailored to the specific needs of the age group and contain sufficient amounts of the vitamins and minerals needed for development.

Increased problem of celiac disease - prevention of illness in the first 1000 days

Bar for flourish a It is most common among children aged 8-9, the first symptoms usually appear as early as infancy, with the introduction of gluten. If you recognize the disease too early or if it is not treated properly, it can cause serious developmental delays: iron and vitamin B12 can lead to mild anemia, vitamin D calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis.The intensity of gluten may decrease with age, but in the thirty, forty years of age, they reappear with great currency complaints and end-of-life (20% of patients over 60 years of age). Almost 3 million people in Europe are struggling with the disease, with the most cases occurring in the country and in Finland in the last decade. " ellensйgkйnt handles glutйnt. to elkerьljьk large esйllyel the йrzйkenysйg kialakulбsбt, according tudбsunk optimбlisan 6 йs kцzцtt 12 hуnapos when йrdemes your first time kнnбlni the babбt present glutйntartalmъ йtellel. If hasmenйst, haspuffadбst, sъlyvesztйst йszlelьnk or ъgy tыnik that the child is not is growing at an appropriate rate, seek the help of a specialist immediately! keep abreast of internal complaints, can cause other organs to become ill and, due to chronically abnormal absorption, can lead to severe deficiency. If the problem is recognized in time, the painful symptoms can be prevented and remedied with a strict diet, "he explained. Dr. Nablia Lбsztityis a member of the Board of the Hungarian Pediatric Gastroenterology Society. "Gluten and cow's milk with timely introductions not only can the early onset of celiac disease and malignant iron deficiency be reduced, but proper nutrition can also prevent adulthood diseases such as obesity, diabetes, or disease. Hungary is on the top of the European list for all sicknesses, "said Dr. Natalia Lsztstity.
- What do you know about anemia?
- Introduction of gluten: the offer changed
Use of forceps at birth

Using forceps at birth is a way to ease the baby's arrival on the world, not necessarily necessary, but preferable to cesarean section. When reaching the last stage of labor, sometimes an episiotomy, the use of a forceps or a suction cup is needed.
The forceps presents as a large, slightly curved forceps that is inserted into the mother's vagina to grab the fetus's skull and is used to remove the baby quickly if it is in a dangerous situation.
When can the forceps be used?
At the end of labor, when the pregnancy begins to push, it may happen that things slow down and that the last phase of labor is unexpectedly prolonged.
By the time the baby's head is already on the birth canal, but the mother is exhausted and unable to push, or if the baby does not feel well, the baby should be rushed to ensure the baby's health.
The forceps is also used when the fetus is not returned to its normal birth position, but is with its legs towards the birth canal.
What happens when the forceps are used?
The pregnant woman should be lying on the bed, in a position similar to that of the gynecological examinations. If an epidural or spinal anesthesia has not been administered until then, it can be done then.
The forceps is then inserted into the vagina and placed on the baby's head, each arm of the clamp above one ear of the fetus. The obstetrician gently pulls for about half a minute each time you have a contraction, to help the baby move forward little by little, until it can be removed manually or through an episiotomy. The rest of the baby's body is removed without the use of forceps.
When the forceps is inserted into the vagina, if the baby does not move at all for three contractions, it is recommended to abandon the instrument and start a caesarean section.
Normally, the pregnancy does not feel any pain when the forceps is in the vagina, but anesthesia is recommended, as the case may be.
What are the risks of birth with the help of the forceps?
Although some moms feel that they were born assisted, wanting a natural birth, the effort that exempts you from using the forceps is worth considering, especially when you are exhausted and have no power to push.
It is possible for the baby to:
• have small bruises on the head or face, but this fact is transient and does not leave traces in time.
• suffers injuries of the facial nerves, but in rare cases and is corrected in time.
• have a fractured collarbone due to the forceps applied
• suffering from cranial malformations, as osteopathic doctors say (who deal with bone pathology), who complain that most of the children they have as patients suffer from the use of forceps at birth.
However, the use of forceps may increase the risk that the new mother may need stitches, due to a tissue rupture or an episiotomy, as well as the risk of affecting the muscle around the anus.