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Wacky Beliefs around Baby Sex: Feet

Wacky Beliefs around Baby Sex: Feet
Should parents be able to give any name to their children?

In Sweden, a couple appealed to the Supreme Court for the right to call their son "Q". And you what do you think ? Should parents have complete freedom in choosing the first name of their children? Take our poll.

Should parents be able to give any name to their children?

Yes No



Play of 2 characters to represent at home with children

Do your kids love to play great actors? Sure you do, that of dressing up in playing story characters is usually among the favorite hobbies of the little ones in the house. What do you think then if you propose to represent at home the play script for children What are you going to see here? It is a short play to do with two characters, for example, two brothers, to have fun, laugh and, incidentally, to realize how wonderful it is to have a brother or sister.

This representation is titled 'My brother is a monkey'and with it you can organize a family theater session without leaving home. Let's go to see her!

Short plays like the one you are going to read here are perfect for entertaining family time and also for teaching children an important value. In this case we emphasize the relationship between siblings, in the importance of taking care of each other and in how necessary it is to know how to understand that whoever has a brother has a treasure for life.

We have written it just for two characters, so it is perfect to perform at home between two brothers and tell parents to play the role of a dedicated audience eager to applaud at the end of the play. Are you ready? Do not miss a detail, dear readers, this is where this fun play to do at home with children begins.

Work description: Paula and Alonso are two brothers who love each other very much but do not always know how to play together without fighting. Paula is the oldest and sometimes she forgets that little siblings tend to imitate older ones, take away their toys, want to get their attention at all costs ... What happens in this story? Well, Paula doesn't realize how much she loves to hang out with her brother Alonso until he turns into a monkey.

Characters: Paula, older sister; Alonso, little brother and parents as spectators.

Place of action: the house, the living room without going any further.

Necessary material for the staging: a monkey costume or a simple mask that children can make at home with paper and colors, ordinary toys that are at home, a handful of invisible magic powders and a lot of desire to have fun and to learn things.

The curtain rises. Paula is seen playing in the living room.

Paula: (picks up a toy) Run! Hurry they'll catch us! We have to reach the enchanted valley before dark ...

(Alonso enters the scene and interrupts her)

Alonso: What are you playing? Can I play too? Can I have that toy?

Paula: (with an angry face) You're there again, can't you see that I'm playing?

Alonso: I want to play! (He sits down and takes the toy his sister has)

Paula: Look how heavy you are! Here, keep the toys, I'll go to the table to draw a picture.

Alonso: Great! (Starts to play on the living room floor)

Paula: I think I'm going to draw a beach and a big sun.

Alonso: (goes to the table because he's bored of playing alone) What are you doing? I will help you! (He takes a painting and paints on his sister's folio)

Paula: What do you do! There was a palm tree, you spoiled it.

(Exits the scene angry)

Alonso: (starts painting) She's already angry again, she always tells me that I can't do things and all I want is to play with her.

Paula: (is on one side of the room) My little brother is always the same, he doesn't know how to do anything by himself, he wants to take what I have all the time. I wish it were not so!

The curtain closes.

For this scene little Alonso has to put on the monkey mask. The curtain opens, Paula is seen again in the living room playing with some racing cars.

Paula: I love playing with cars! Although surely my brother soon comes to say that he loves them. I already have it! (Reaches his hand in his pocket and takes out a handful of invisible magic powder) I'll cast a spell so he won't talk to me anymore.

Paula: Open cadabra, houndstooth, my brother stop bothering me, (opens his hand and blows). There, it sure has worked. I will continue with my cars!

(Alonso enters the scene turned into a monkey)

Paula: (jumps in surprise when he sees it) What happened to you!

(Alonso shakes his shoulders, he's a monkey and can only make gestures)

Paula: Something is wrong, I just wanted you to let me play at home, not to become a monkey. The spell has gone wrong ...

(Alonso gets on the couch and makes monkey gestures with his hands)

Paula: And now what do I do? (She goes to sit at the table because she is a little scared)

Paula: I will no longer be able to play hide and seek with Alonso, or draw pictures, or race cars ... I have to do something! (Write some magic words on paper)

Paula: That's it, I'll say them in a low voice to see if they work.

(Paula looks at her brother but he's still a monkey. Alonso jumps and jumps, goes to his sister, gives her a hug and leaves the scene)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Paula is seen sitting on the couch.

Paula: I get bored, I want to play with my brother, I don't care if he is a monkey or a rhinoceros, I want to play with him and then we can see some pictures together. I love him a lot!

Alonso: (the monkey mask has already been removed) Paula, shall we play hide and seek?

Paula: (jumps with joy to see that his brother is the same as always) How glad I am to see you! (He gives him a hug full of affection).

Alonso: (makes a surprised face) Why do you say that? If I was just in the living room 10 minutes ago.

Paula: Haven't you heard what happened?

Alonso: The what? Has Dad made cake for snack?

Paula: (laughs) Oh no! You had become a monkey.

Alonso: (laughs out loud) What nonsense! I've never been a monkey, although I'm sure I'd be very good at it. (Jumps from side to side imitating a monkey)

Paula: (hugs his little brother again) How I love you!

Alonso: And I to you! Are we already playing hide and seek?

Paula: Of course! You link it! (Exits the scene to hide)

The curtain closes, the end of the 2-character play 'My brother is a monkey'. Did you like it? Let's forget to applaud those great little actors!

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Board games offer children many advantages. In the case of dominoes, in addition to offering moments of fun, it also provides many benefits not only cognitively but also emotionally.

Dominoes, being a simple game, makes it accessible to adults and adults, in addition to being small in size, it can be easily transported and can be practiced anywhere. These are some of the benefits of dominoes for children.

This ancient game of Chinese origin, has multiple variants since not only children can play with the usual white tiles with black dots, but we can also find their variants with geometric figures, with colors, with letters or with drawings, among other adaptations.

1- One of the advantages of dominoes for children are the playful moments that allow them to keep adults and children, being an ideal game to practice as a family.

2.- Dominoes favor concentration and memory to think about the strategy to follow based on the pieces that the opponents place.

3.- Improve the mathematical knowledge by having to count the points on the cards as well as the number sequences.

4.- It favors interpersonal skills and socialization as it is a game played between several players.

5.- Helps control children's emotions both when they win and when they lose, in addition to encourage your patience waiting their turn to play.

6.- Children playing dominoes improve your visual perception by looking at the moves of the chips.

7.- Children develop logic and problem solving skills.

8.- The practice of dominoes improves psychomotor skills of children by having to correctly position the tiles during the game.

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Rube Goldberg easy examples

Children's Academy, Antipa Museum, October 14 - November 11, 2012
Food prohibitions during pregnancy

Many future mothers know that they should not consume alcohol during pregnancy. However, there are plenty of other foods and drinks that specialists say should also be avoided during pregnancy:

  • Raw foods, including meat, fish, shells and eggs.
  • Prepared or semi-prepared products and smoked seafood, which can promote the growth of bacteria that are particularly dangerous for pregnant and pregnant women.
  • Unpasteurized dairy products
  • Coffee and alcohol
  • Fish that might contain mercury. This category includes shark meat, swordfish and ash. The specialist doctor can recommend depending on the pregnancy the types and quantity of fish that the future mother can consume during pregnancy.
    Gabriela Hotareanu
    January 24, 2008
  • How to correct childhood jealousy

    How to correct childhood jealousy

    The duration of the situation of jealousy that a child lives in the family depends a lot on the actions of the parents. Its consequences on the eldest child or eldest children can remain in a temporary crisis, suffered within reasonable limits, or become entrenched throughout childhood. Parental intervention is essential so that jealousy does not represent suffering for the older child, avoiding that the rivalry between the children is lasting.

    The effects of poorly resolved jealousy can change the character of the child or increase some defects of his temperament such as selfishness, envy or greed.No child is prepared to receive another sibling and the receipt of the news depends solely on their parents. For this reason, psychologists recommend that parents be the first to notify their child of the arrival of a new sibling, before someone else gets ahead.

    It is advisable to speak with great affection and tact so that the child knows clearly what is going to happen. If you are concerned that he may feel displaced, you can ask him for his opinion about the decoration of the little brother's room, about his clothes or the toys that he can leave him, now that he is older.

    Explain that his brother is going to love him very much and that he will be able to take care of you and protect you. In addition, it can teach you a lot of things. It is recommended that, from the second trimester of pregnancy, your child begins to communicate with his brother through his mother's navel to establish a first communication link between the two.

    Whenever possible, the mother should say goodbye to her child before going to the maternity ward. It is convenient that the person who is going to take care of you, does it at home. The child will feel more secure. Remind your child of the reasons for some absences and share everything that is happening with him. Even if you are in the hospital, call him on the phone to ask about his activities.

    The role of the father, in these moments, must be even more visible. And when possible, accompany your son to the hospital to visit his mother and meet his little brother. An important detail may be to receive you at the hospital with a gift, brought to you by your new little brother.

    The moment of returning home is the one that demands the most tact. It is recommended that you show your child the joy you feel when you return and see that you are all together again. If possible, show an interest in hearing everything the older man tells you about the days he was without his mother at home. The child needs the security and trust of his parents now more than ever. So don't feel guilty if your child starts to suffer with jealousy. The only thing you can do is give him affection and warn the visitors so that they pay attention to him as well and not just the newborn.

    It is important not to change the routine of the child after the birth of his brother, avoiding not to alter the customs that you had before the new baby was born. Try to participate in their games, be at the table at lunch or dinner, prepare their favorite snack and allow them to snuggle in your arms. Make sure that the moment you had reserved for him is not altered and make him participate in the care of his new brother. Thus, for him too, the family will be a team effort.

    1. Prepare him during his brother's pregnancy
    From the fourth month of gestation, it would be good to explain to your child that you carry his baby brother in the womb, and that he or she will not only be his brother (a) as his friend (a) for life. That they will share games, toys, funny moments and everything else. That the family will be bigger and happier. Answer all the questions he or she asks you, lovingly. Every day, you should remind your child about that and make him participate in what is changing in your body, how the belly grows, etc.

    2. Avoid changing routines and habits with your child
    Many times, the fatigue of the pregnant woman makes her stop doing routine activities with the child. As much as possible, prevent that from happening. If you cannot be with your child, ask the father to be there for you. You must maintain the entire routine of play, care, outings, with the child, before and after childbirth. Moments with the older brother should always be kept.

    3. Make him responsible for his little brother and value his help
    When the baby is born, have his brother help you bathe him, clean him, sing him a song, or just watch him while you have to do something in the kitchen, for example. Avoid comparisons and comments that the baby behaves, sleeps, or eats better than his older brother.

    4. Be tolerant and patient with your brother's jealousy.
    Jealousy is very normal for the evolution of children. By overcoming them, children will mature. There are cases in which the brother suffers a regression or a maturational setback, that is, he wants a pacifier again, or to piss on himself, or even to use baby language. Be patient, think that it is a necessary stage and that together you are going to overcome it.

    5. Praise your achievements and teach your brother empathy
    The brother continues to grow, learn and do new things. Time has not stopped for him. So he recognizes his achievements such as tying his shoes by himself, getting his first steps, or writing a letter of the alphabet, etc. Take the opportunity to teach him to put himself in the place of others to help them grow like him.

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    Manual treatment recommendations for ankle sprain in pregnant women

    Manual treatment recommendations for ankle sprain in pregnant women Okan University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Gamze Şenbursa provides important information for those who care about ankle sprain:Why is our foot sprained?Ankle sprain that has happened to every human being at some stage of his life. It is often seen as a result of the foot falling into the void with the feeling that there is a ladder, high-heeled shoes, while doing sports and / or the wrong choice of sneakers or falling.Watch out for the last months of pregnancy!Ankle trauma is a common condition in pregnancy, especially in recent months. In pregnancy, this condition develops due to relaxin hormone. Relaxin is a hormone that is secreted in the ovaries only during pregnancy. It relaxes the ligaments between the joints of the hip bone during pregnancy and also has the effect of softening and expanding the cervix and facilitating birth. This hormone, which acts not only in birth-related regions but also in other ligaments in the body, causes loosening of the ligaments around the ankle mostly due to increased body weight and swelling of the feet. As the elasticity of the bonds increases as a result of excessive relaxation, the ground between the people and the foot rotation is prepared.If you force small veins will breakAs a result of excessive force that may occur in the joint, some small vessels break with the fibers. As a result, around the ankle: • Pain • Swelling • Redness, bruising after a few days • Sensitivity to touch • Pain and inability to step on it.Apply ice firstAt this point; The first thing to do is to position the ankle above the heart level and apply ice. This can help to reduce swelling and pain in the ankle.The most effective way of manual treatmentThe sensitivity that occurs when you touch it depends on the damage of the ligaments. The most effective way to treat ligament injuries is Manual Therapy. Manual Therapy is one of the most current treatment approaches in recent years. Basis; It is based on manual examination and manual treatment. This method was also used by Hippocrates and Gallen for treatment in their own time. After the examination of the ligaments around the ankle, friction massage can be used as a manual treatment method for the ligaments required. In this way, the blood supply of the injury site is regulated so that healing agents can be introduced and the body is guided to the restoration of the ligaments.Recurrence after pregnancyOne of the important points of treatment is kinesio taping. The selection of the most appropriate taping methods, both in support of the injured area and in raising awareness and in reducing swelling and bruising, will contribute to the improvement.You be the ankle sprainBecause; an untreated ankle sprain during pregnancy may make you more susceptible to such injuries after pregnancy. Repetitive and untreated ankle traumas may present with problems that may threaten the health of the knee, hip, waist and spine in the future.
    Simon and his flea. Children's story about friendship

    Friends are very important, it is not necessary to have many but very good ones. Good friends listen to us, understand us, support us and are in good times and bad.

    To make children understand the value of friends in childhood, we suggest that you read this touching story, Simon and his flea, a children's story about friendship, that you can then comment as a family to extract all its meaning.

    Simon was an abandoned dog. He had no family, no home, and no occupation. The only thing poor Simon had was a smug flea in his hair.

    - Simon, you're useless. They don't want you in any job and you're getting thinner every day. If this continues like this, I will be forced to abandon you too –the flea used to say to him vainly.

    - I'm an honest dog. I just lack luck in life. I also play the harmonica well.

    - That's true, but what use is it?

    - It helps me to accompany myself and feel alive.

    - Silly stuff! Exclaimed the flea, laughing at the dog.

    "Don't laugh at me, we both have something in common," Simon continued.

    - What do we have in common?

    - Your name and mine, both have five letters.

    "I think it's the only thing we have in common," the flea replied proudly.

    Simon spent cold winter nights in a ramshackle abandoned barn.

    He lay on a pile of straw that gave him warmth. That freezing night he felt very cold and had to dig through the straw to cover himself. With so much movement, it happened that the flea brushed against a blade of straw and fell to the floor of the hayloft.

    Simon searched for her among the pile of straw. As it was very dark, he couldn't find her.

    He called her several times.

    - Flea, little flea! Where have you been? Won't you want to abandon me too?

    The flea did not know what to do. She was lost in so much straw and she couldn't stop sneezing. She was very sad and then realized how much she needed Simon.

    -How proud and vain I have been! Simon is a good dog and I had to lose him to realize it.

    Simon didn't know what to do. He thought it was the end of his long relationship with that little animal that tickled his ribs.

    Simón played the most beautiful of his songs with his harmonica.

    The flea heard the melody, the sound clearly reaching it. Simon couldn't be far away. Guided by the music, which she heard with increasing intensity, she managed to see a flash of light. It was the metal of Simon's harmonica.

    She took a breath and contracted all her little legs. He jumped like he never had before.

    The flea managed to get on the harmonica that Simon was still playing.

    The dog, mad with happiness, saw the flea leap to the beat of the song. The truth is that he danced phenomenally.

    - Forgive me, Simon. I have not been fair to you –the flea apologized.

    - Get back on my back, little flea. From today our luck will change.

    - Thanks. How warm I am here between your hair!

    The two of them huddled and slept until dawn.

    Later, the story goes, that Simon and the flea formed a very famous duo of artists. Between songs and dances they managed to buy a house to live comfortably and be happy forever.

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