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Your 4 1/4-year-old: Learning responsibility
Milk intolerant

The seed. Short poems by Emilio Ballagas

The seed. Short poems by Emilio Ballagas

Emilio Ballagas in a Cuban poet who died in 1954, among his work written mostly for the adult public, wrote a book: Color hunter with verses aimed at children

The seed is one of the poems contained in that book. A great way to bring children closer to literature in verse and also for them to learn from poems.

Playing hide and seek

the seed is hidden.

(Deep in the earth

a blind star beats.)

How scared you must feel

inside the dark land!

(The children look for her and she

beats deep, hidden.)

But they call her the trills

the sun and spring;

shy she looks out and soon

add two green wings.

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Weekend walk in the Garden with Artists

The Bucharest Museum opens, for the first time, "Garden with Artists", for all art lovers.
Creative and spring workshops: glass paintings, ceramics, photography, music, theater jewelry and hand made accessories, all will be found in "Garden with Artists", on Saturday 20 and Sunday, March 21, at Sutu Palace - Boulevard I.C. Bratianu, no. 2, the University subway station, between 11:00 and 19:00.
"Beautiful" enthusiasts are invited to practice their talent in creative workshops arranged in the courtyard of the Sutu Palace and to choose their favorite gift from the "hand-made" exhibition.
"Garden with Artists" aims to promote art, manual work and the development of personal creativity, through the common participation of artists and the general public, in creative workshops. Skilled "craftsmen", coming from all over the country, will try for two days to reveal to those interested a few of the secrets of painting on glass, of setting Easter eggs, of making ceramic pots or of "hand-made" jewelry.
Visitors who want to spend as much time in the relaxing atmosphere of the "Garden with Artists" can swing in colorful hammocks and serve tea prepared with care by the Serendipity tea.
Admission to the "hand-made" exhibition is free.
Participation in the creation workshops of the "Garden" is made on the basis of registrations, the price of a ticket being 5 lei.
More information can be found on the blog of the event:
March 15, 2010

Age of destruction in children

Age of destruction in children

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You want a boy or a girl?