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The first signs of asthma

Many people identify asthma only with an asthma attack: the patient suddenly suffocates, does not breathe, has a need for wheezing and inhalation, which will make them better.

The first signs of asthmaHowever, this is just the tip of the iceberg, asthma has a much larger face, and due to its varied symptoms, it is often just not diagnosed at the onset of a true asthma seizure. Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi lung, allergologist, a doctor at the Allergy Center in Buda said that asthma is being signaled by early signs, just as we have already diagnosed patients with worsening.

It is not natural for you to gasp after running the bus

Asthma can also be a symptom if you lightly swallow, often the first sign of illnessstress-relieving difficulty. It may be an intimate sign if a child does not take part in a toothache, and running is often accompanied by a wheezing, coughing attack. Asthma can also develop in adulthood, not just a lack of self-esteem if you lose your breath for even a little while. Oftentimes, the disguise of the disease is obscured, and the affected person thinks that the fatigue in the midst of the walk is merely the result of carrying extra kilos, and indeed the symptoms of asthma.

Nighttime seizures

When lying down, you may be coughing up chronicle for example because of an allergy orrmellйkьreggyulladбs also, the hiccups caused by a rupture of the pharynx do not allow the patient to sleep. It is often caused reflux also, when acidic gastric juice from the stomach to the esophagus irritates the throat, it causes a coughing sensation. Nocturnal seizures are often the first signs of asthma and should not be overlooked. If we do not consult a doctor, we risk not only sleep deprivation, but also the underlying disease may become more severe.

What happens when we see a doctor?

If you have symptoms suggestive of asthma, a sore throat can help with your treatment. Repetitive cramps and exertional distress will definitely be necessary in the first instance Respiratory function test to help you get a picture of your lung status. If during the examination it is found that the symptoms are caused by asthma, the attending physician will schedule a personalized treatment, which will eliminate the symptoms completely in a timely manner. Asthma is not curable but can be treated, patients can achieve a good quality of life similar to their healthy counterparts with appropriate treatment.

Do I need to take medication for ages?

Asthma treatment is gradual, with symptoms primarily determined by the regularity of the patient's medication. THE half - an annual control Occasionally, the current status can be changed depending on the treatment up and down, and the amount of medication needed can be increased or decreased. There is no need to take the same medications for cows, and with constant control, we set the amount at which the patient can live asymptomatic and exercise - explains dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi.Related articles in Asthma:
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Older mothers have better behavior

According to a Danish study, older mothers are less disciplined and punished, which results in less behavioral, social, or emotional problems with these children than with young mothers.

Older mothers have better behavior

As soon as the research leader arrives Dion Sommer, an Aarhus University expert reported that older mothers live in a more stable relationship, better educated, smoother, more mentally resilient, more tolerant of others, and the more psychological heredity that these children have, This is the kind of educational approach a positive psychosocial environment and all of this has a positive effect on children's emotional health and behavior. In a study published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology, researchers evaluated more than 4,700 mothers, The average age of mothers at the time of pregnancy is 31 years. to silence that, besides the dangers Parenting also has the benefits of parenting.
- What are the benefits of having a baby kid?
- Children of older mothers have better cognitive abilities

What for a suffocating child's cough?

What for a suffocating child's cough?

How to develop emotional skills in children through play

How to develop emotional skills in children through play

Have you ever done any extreme sports? Feeling that feeling of triumph where you could overcome your limits and fears, and learned that you are capable of doing great things? Children experience the same thing when they play, when they tell you “look at it” with so much happiness in their eyes that it seems that they did the most gigantic feat in the world.

When we do an activity that encourages us to leave our comfort zone and go beyond our limits, we are approaching the playful world of children. And is that, Through play children can develop emotional and cognitive skills.

The game, in essence, is spontaneous and has no purpose in itself other than the mere pleasure of playing. It has its own language through which the internal reality of each child can be entered, acquiring different characteristics depending on the age and maturity of each child. The game, as well as extreme sports, lead us to discover both physical and emotional abilities, increasing the feeling of self-efficacy that refers to the belief in oneself to do what you set out to do, to achieve any goal or purpose no matter how difficult it may be. . It also increases self-esteem, which is unconditional love and acceptance of oneself.

The question is how to create an appropriate atmosphere so that through play we can facilitate the development of emotional and cognitive skills for children. Here are some practical tips:

- The game as an expression of emotions: There are games that facilitate emotional expression. For example, one way to express anger is by playing games that promote sensory motor release, such as breaking things or hitting pillows. If you express your fear of the dark, you can use cell phone screens or flashlights to light up, playing the "party of light." Another element that is recommended is drawing or collage, where children can gradually shape their emotional world in this way they can name their emotions, to understand them and thus modulate their expression.

- Accompany in the game: Sometimes adults find it difficult to enter the playful world of children, so it is advised that although it makes it difficult for them to enter that space, they can provide physical availability -that is, look at them, pass them toys, avoid being distracted with an electronic device , etc. In short, it is being more than doing.

- It is also recommended to favor a physical space where children can display their creativity. For example, eva rubber mats can be used to provide greater comfort. The idea is that the child feels that this space favors his play. Another proposal would be to organize your shelf, leaving your toys at your fingertips and at your complete disposal.

- Unstructured or structured toys: Have you noticed that children generally enjoy the toy wrapper more than the toy itself? Possibly this responds to unstructured objects such as fabrics, papers, cardboard boxes or elements of nature such as shells, stones, pine cones, wood, bark, seeds; they facilitate the symbolic game that is the "as if" game. In it, creativity unfolds to its maximum potential, a fundamental skill in cognitive development. So, instead of offering the barking plastic dog, why not give some wooden and cardboard blocks to build a dog. Toys must provide experiences in the child's consciousness, that is, they must promote the tactile, auditory, vision and taste senses. Only then can they get to know and discover the world.

- Favor the company during the game: it is essential that children can go socializing. For this, it is highly recommended to be able to collaborate by taking him to places where there are more children, such as parks or squares.

- Look after: An environment to explore must be provided that does not involve apparent risks such as nearby outlets or swimming pools. The idea is that the child can feel confident enough to investigate and know the characteristics of his world.

- Avoid overprotection, because children can block their creative as well as investigative abilities. The idea is that they can build trust in their surrounding world.

- Boredom: When children get bored, it is not necessary to cram them with activities but rather accompany them in that unpleasant state. By passing through this state, they will be able to face and manage unpleasant emotions that will allow them to direct their emotions and promote their creativity. One idea is that in a container they can deposit papers with activity ideas, then every time they are bored they can go and get an idea, so that boredom can be dealt with in a better way, another idea is to simply perform some type of exercise such as running, jumping etc. Through physical activity, different neurotransmitters are released that provide a feeling of well-being.

For this reason, getting on this new extreme sport is the possibility of bonding even more with our children. It allows us not only to get to know them better, but to accompany them to new sensations that transform us into little "heroes" for them.

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How to know if you are pregnant without a pharmacy test

How to know if you are pregnant without a pharmacy test

Do you think you can be pregnant? Can't afford a pharmacy pregnancy test or don't want to buy it? Our great-great-grandmothers and their great-great-grandmothers already used certain methods to know if they were pregnant.

There are some very old home pregnancy tests that, although they are not 100% reliable, they are curious to perform. You dare? So you can know if you are pregnant without a pharmacy test.

The pharmacy test is very fast and easy to perform. It is only necessary to put a few drops of urine on an applicator and in a few minutes, the answer will appear on a small window. It is based on the fact that the urine of the pregnant woman contains a hormone that is only present at that stage of life, it is the Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, hCG. If there is presence of it in the urine of the woman, there is no doubt, there is pregnancy.

A positive can never be lacking, although a negative in a pregnancy test can be positive later on. This is because, if the pharmacy test is carried out too early, the concentration of the pregnancy hormone may be too low.

The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans and even the Chinese, who obviously did not have a pharmacy test, already carried out home pregnancy tests to clear up doubts in the event of a lack of menstruation.

The tests ranged from urinating on wheat and barley seeds to inserting an onion into the vagina. Some tests were so strange that today we can not do anything but clench our jaw to listen to them. However, other Home pregnancy tests have been passed down from generation to generation until we reach our days before the conviction that they do work.

In the kitchen you keep some materials that, according to some voices, react to the urine of a pregnant woman:

- Test of Oil
This home pregnancy test known as the oil test, is the most reliable, they say. To do it, it is only necessary to collect the first urine in the morning, letting the first drops fall out. You can put it in a glass glass and add two drops of oil separated from each other. They say that if they get together, there is pregnancy.

Test ofVinegar
It is done in the same way as for the oil but by adding a tablespoon of vinegar and letting the mixture rest for 20 minutes. If your urine has changed color or has bubbles, you could be pregnant.

Test of theBleach
The bleach test is about mixing both liquids and, if the urine reacts and bubbles appear, there is pregnancy.

These tests are based on the hCG hormone react to these types of elements. But beware, there are many more, if you go to the bathroom and take white toothpaste and add a few drops of urine, again there are those who believe that you can know a pregnancy if this mixture foams.

It can also be done with "lizard" soap the scrubbing of a lifetime. We must put it in a glass where we have collected the urine, if after a while, we see bubbles again, there is pregnancy.

After reading what are the tyou are home pregnant most popular, the question is clear ... are they reliable? The reality is that no doctor will tell you yes. Some laboratories have done tests on some of them and it has not even exceeded 70% reliability.

The point is that, although it has worked for some women and the mixture has bubbled or changed color, there is no scientific evidence that it reacts to the pregnancy hormone. And the thing is, those elements such as oil, vinegar, bleach or toothpaste can also react to other liquids.

In any case, if you want to do them, they are safe home pregnancy tests and not harmful, it is your decision.

Apart from the delay and lack of menstruation or menstruation, the first symptoms or signs that may indicate that you are pregnant are:

1. Nausea, with or without vomiting, especially first thing in the morning.

2. Strong breast and nipple sensitivity. Also, in some cases, they may have some swelling.

3. Increased urge to urinate. Frequent urination

4. Tiredness and fatigue

5. Cravings or aversions to certain foods, especially citrus and strong flavors

6. Headaches

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Pamela: origin and meaning of the name for girl Pamela

Αλέξης Τσίπρας Υπόθεση Δημήτρης Λιγνάδης Ηχηρή παρέμβαση για ηθική και πολιτική ευθύνη της συγκάλυψη


- I have a boy of 8 years and 4 months and we have a problem: he is emotional and very scared. For example, he does not want to stay alone in the house (for 5-10 minutes), he is afraid that we will not come to pick him up from school (although he would manage to get home), at tennis he will not let us leave from land for 5 minutes or a quarter of an hour. Must always be accompanied. I also wonder at what age we could let him go to school alone (he was interested in this). Thank you.


I cannot say that there is a recommended age to allow your child to go to school alone, because elements such as the distance between home and school, the means of reaching the destination, the school program and more, must be considered. the appropriate one will be agreed according to all this together with the child.

I cannot say that there is a recommended age to allow your child to go to school alone, because elements such as the distance between home and school, the means of reaching the destination, the school program and more, must be considered. the appropriate one will be agreed according to all this together with the child.
From what you say your child has shown an interest in doing this alone, so I see no reason not to encourage him if the situation allows.
As for your child's fear of being left alone, I recommend that you think about what causes such a fear. Has he always been more fearful and emotional, or has this fear lately appeared? It is important to identify the possible causes of this avoidant behavior.

You can discuss this with your child to find out if something happened that might have scared him. His fear of being left alone can mask a fear of abandonment of the child, fear not necessarily justified by something that has happened in the past, but events such as losing the child, your delay in getting him to say kindergarten must be considered. or from other places, family climate sprinkled with parental quarrels, etc.
Recommended would be a balanced attitude towards the child, avoiding exaggerated protection and orienting towards increasing the child's confidence in him. In this sense, for the beginning you can give your child small responsibilities that involve activities that he can carry out alone, always encouraging and sustaining his success.
With time, if you do well you can assign other responsibilities, thus giving you the opportunity to do without the presence of parents. Being able to get involved in various activities without your presence can take longer and therefore a supportive and patient attitude displayed by parents is desirable.
It is important as we mentioned increasing the child's confidence in him and therefore every success of his in the tasks you give him must be rewarded as such. If certain activities inspire him or her fear or insecurity do not force the child to get involved, but it would be advisable to talk with him and find out what is behind his restraint.
Good luck!
Clara Monica Christmas,
- Psychosolutions Clinic .

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