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The return of the umbilical cord at the birth of the baby

The umbilical cord It is a tube about 55 cm long that connects the baby with the placenta. Due to its length and the movements made by the fetus inside the uterus it's normal that she can make out with him.

Normally during pregnancy, the umbilical cord coils and uncoils regularly and is not a problem for either the mother or the baby. Only if the moment of delivery has arrived, the cord remains coiled around baby's neck there may be problems.

We tell you the causes of the return of the umbilical cord at the birth of the baby.

Statistics have revealed that the reasons why the umbilical cord wraps around the baby are a longer-than-usual cord and more amniotic fluid than normal and therefore more space available for movement. An estimated 30-40 percent of babies present with a cord wrap at the time of delivery.

To check, before Baby's birth an ultrasound or ultrasound doppler is performed. However, this test usually gives a large percentage of false positives and negatives, since the baby is moving inside the uterus until the moment of birth. The umbilical cord can be wound anywhere on the body, especially in the neck, arms, legs or trunk of the fetus. Although the loop of the cord remains until the moment of delivery, sometimes, with some gesture of the baby, the cord unwinds.

Normally, it does not cause any problem for the woman to deliver her baby vaginally and it is not usually necessary to perform a Caesarean section. The technique used so that the baby can be born vaginally is based on putting the finger between the neck and the cord to undo the circular while the child comes out.

When the umbilical cord is too short and tightly wrapped around the baby's neck, it is necessary to take precautions, but the way of action is practically the same: it consists of releasing the cord loop at the moment of delivery. If the cord is so short that this cannot be done, the cord can always be clamped and cut before the baby is finished.

When the cord loop it is so tight that it presses on the carotid arteries or the baby comes with several turns of the cord could cause fetal distress in the baby. In this case, the mother will be monitored to control the baby's status and heart rate at all times, and it will be assessed whether the baby can be delivered vaginally or a cesarean section should be used.

It is called circular cord to the loops that the umbilical cord can make around the neck or any other part of the baby's body. In reality, this problem is very frequent and does not usually lead to any complications, while the baby remains in the mother's womb, since the umbilical cord is covered by a gelatinous substance, Warton's jelly, which has the function of dampen any compression and thus avoid interruption of the blood circulation between mother and baby. By means of this jelly, the cord becomes a slippery conduit that can be easily slid over the baby's body.

This condition prevents the baby from choking on its own umbilical cord due, firstly, to the fact that the baby does not breathe inside the uterus, but receives oxygen through the mother's blood and, secondly, to the gelatinous substance that covers it.

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A serious event occurred in one of the twin children of Siam

A serious event occurred in one of the twin children of Siam

Rabeya's reconstruction has fallen, and Rukaya is recovering from a severe event.

The Action's Leading Doctors of the Served Foundation Foundation - Dr. Gergely Pataki, Dr. András Csуkay, and Dr. Marcell Csapody - returned to Dhaka on September 9 to September 1, 33 and start designing and implementing the fourth phase of the operation, entitled "Operation Freedom", rehabilitation and skull reconstruction.Serious event with one of the twin children of Siam (Photo: Actioned Served Charter) Rabeyбn - who you have already tйrt and azуta fejlхdik 5 days utбn magбhoz, beszйl йs jбtszik, you have already нgy to leave the intenzнv osztбlyt - 5 уrбs plastic sebйszeti beavatkozбst, koponyarekonstrukciуs mыtйtet йs hegplasztikбt vйgeztek doctors Pataki doctor vezetйsйvel September 11 йn.Rukayбnбl the vйgsх szйtvбlasztу mыtйt on the 33rd day, severe cerebral hemorrhage occurred. This is due to a clotting disorder caused by the return of previously successfully treated infectious events. As a result, the state, which has been improving continuously until then, has developed a significant disruption of the state of consciousness of children, while at the same time its limbs are still able to move and open their eyes. Nбla the felйpьlйs vбrhatу mйrtйkйnek felelхs tekintetйben statement now mйg not tehetх.Meggyхzхdйsьnk that gyуgyнtу tevйkenysйget segнtette greatly by the work of many tudomбnyos tбmogatу imбja, spiritual segнtsйge what is tovбbbra kцszцnьnk szйpen.A Cselekvйs Alapнtvбny Hungarian orvoscsapatбt in 2017 by the then kйrtйk mбsfйl йves Rabeya йs Rukaya szйtvбlasztбsбra, immбron 15 йvnyi domestic kцzhasznъ medical йs egйszsйgьgyi minхsйgjavнtу tevйkenysйg йs 7 йvnyi Bangladesh missziуs work utбn.A full egйszйben Hungarian tervezйsы йs kivitelezйsы "Operation Freedom" szйtvбlasztу mыtйtsorozat elsх fбzisбt kцzцs the brain fх szбllнtуйr section szйtvбlasztбsa meant endovaszkulбris method with Dr. István Hudbk in 2018, also in Dhaka. The Second - Plastic Surgery - Phase of the Specialized Hungarian Designed Implant System and the Graduation of the Ph.D. the fourth phase is currently undergoing rehabilitation and reconstructive craniofacial surgery in the field of plastic surgery under the direction of Dr. Gergely Pataki. To continue this series of operations, the Hungarian Medical Team of the Action Foundation still needs great financial and psychological support.
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Vitamin D for children, daily intake

Andrew is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'brave man', which already gives us an idea of ​​the energy that children called Andrés give off. It is a frequent name that has not lost any of its freshness even though its origin dates back to classical Greece. Andrés is a very attractive name both in its original form and in its different variants. Celebrate your name day The 30th of November, which is the day of Saint Andrew the Apostle.

On November 30, you cannot forget to give a big hug to all the grandparents, parents and children who are called Andrés, because he is their saint. On this day the saints of San Andrés are celebrated, one of the twelve apostles who accompanied Jesus and who passed away on this date. Saint Andrew was the brother of Peter and in the Orthodox Church he is known as Protocletos.

It is told of him that, like Peter, he was a fisherman until he decided to follow Jesus. In fact, Saint Andrew became one of the most important and closest disciples of the Messiah. The X-shaped cross in which he was martyred has become the symbol that represents him. There have been many famous painters who have captured this episode in very important works: Rubens, Caravaggio, Murillo ...

There are many cities that celebrate this special day on November 30, since they have an important temple in his honor. This is the case, for example, of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew the Apostle, in the Italian city of Amalfi. There is also a cathedral in his name in the Greek town of Patras. In addition, Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland (his flag is inspired by his cross), Romania or Ukraine.

Although the majority of children named Andrés celebrate their saint every November 30, throughout the year there are other dates in which they honor other saints of the same name. For example, on January 6 the day of San Andrés Corsini is celebrated; on February 1, that of Blessed Andrea de Segni; on May 13, the day of Saint Andrew Hubert Fournet; on May 16, the day of San Andrés Bobola; and on November 10, the day of San Andrés Avelino.

And with what other saints does Saint Andrew share the month?

  • November 3: Santa Silvia
  • November 6: Santa Beatriz
  • November 9: Santa Almudena
  • November 13: Santo Leandro
  • November 20: Saint Octavian
  • November 22: Santa Cecilia
  • November 25: San Gonzalo
  • November 28: Santo Jaime

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The different variants of the name Andrés are each more interesting. In French André, in Italian Andrea, in Russian Andrei, in German Andreas and in English Andrew or the diminutive Andy. Andreu in Catalan and Ander in Basque are also widely used forms for this name that has never left the lists of frequent names.

The feminine version of this name for boys is Andrea and it is curious because not too many diminutives of this name are usually used. If anything, the English version valid for boys and for girls Andy.

Soon many come to us celebrities bearing the name of your son. The comedian Andreu Buenafuente, the actor Andy García, writers like André Gide and André Breton, the Greek politician Andreas Papandreu, the model Andrés Velencoso, the journalist Andrés Aberasturi or the plastic artist Andy Warhol are just some of the most prominent men named Andrés .

The Argentine singer Andrés Calamaro has served as an inspiration for many parents when choosing the name of their children, but if there is someone who has revitalized the name Andrés like no one else, that is the F.C. Barcelona Andrés Iniesta, one of the most beloved and admired football figures for that goal with which the Spanish team won the World Cup in Africa in 2011.

Andrés is also a name widely used for call different locations around the world. There are nothing more and nothing less than more than a hundred cities and rivers in the world.

Compound names are back in fashion. And it is that sometimes they are a very useful resource to avoid having to make a unilateral decision: you choose two names and your child will use the one he likes the most when he has the ability to choose it. For this reason, and as a help, below we propose some names that combine perfectly with Andrés.

  • Jose Andres. Many of the compound names that are chosen for the boys have José. And it is a very traditional option that combines well with almost any name. As a curiosity we tell you that it is a Hebrew name that means 'to add'.
  • Diego Andrés. Diego is also a name of Greek origin that means 'educated' or 'wise'. It forms a beautiful combination with Andrés, since both names are balanced in a very harmonious way.
  • Julio Andrés. Do you like this compound name? Julio is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who belongs to the Julia family'. If you are looking for originality when calling your baby, this may be a good option.
  • Juan Andres. We love the name Juan! In addition, this name combines perfectly with Andrés, because it forms a balanced and very beautiful compound name. It is a Hebrew name that means 'compassion'.
  • Dilan Andrés. Dilan, which some parents also spell like Dylan, is a very modern name that updates Andrés. For this reason, the name of Dilan Andrés is a very thought option by some parents.

Numerology proposes us to know a little more in depth the personality of children according to the name we give them. Although it only offers us some generalities, knowing what it says about your child can be a fun game.

It is established that each letter has a value, according to its position in the alphabet. By adding these numbers, we arrive at the figure that corresponds to that name. In Andrés's case we would have: A (1), N (5), D (4), R (9), É (5), S (1) = 1 + 5 + 4 + 9 + 1 = 25. Al add 2 + 5 we have his number is 7.

It is said that children who are related to the number 7 are little ones who have a very special charisma, which is appreciated for miles. They are so friendly that it is impossible for you to like them when you meet them. Thanks to this quality, they are great leaders; people follow them because they like them. They use this possibility wisely and, almost always, to their advantage.

However, the children of number 7 also have a clear dreaming spirit. Sometimes they need time to be alone and enjoy their solitude.

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