The dodgeball. Classic children's game

The dodgeball. Classic children's game

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Among all the names for boys we highlight Afraates. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Saint Aphraates, Persian anchorite.

Adaptation of a name of Persian origin and meaning included.

April 7


  • Ata├║lfo Argenta, was born in Castro Urdiales in Santander in 1913, an outstanding pianist and conductor, specialist in German and Spanish romantic music and with a special inclination to the music of the composer Manuel de Falla.

Drawing of the name Afraates coloring page printable game

Afraates: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Afraates coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Afraates coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Afraates name to color and print

Puss in Boots - competition results

Help your child choose a New Year's wish

The symbolic burden of the beginning of a new year can be strong for children. Help your little one choose a New Year's wish for self-improvement over the next 12 months. Talk to your little one about the opportunities that open up in front of you at the start of the New Year and explain that it is a good time to set a goal that you can then accomplish.
By teaching him from now on to set goals and to strive for their fulfillment, he offers the little one an important tool for later life.

Encouraging the child to choose a wish

As a parent, you can suggest a few choices to your little one, but it is not advisable to turn this occasion into a recap of the reproaches of the year that ended.
Maintains a positive attitude and encourages the child to find the areas where he can work on self-improvement. But make sure that the little boy does not set too many wishes, which will be difficult to fulfill.

New Year wishes for preschoolers

Preschoolers can easily get used to New Year's wishes, but they will need your help to gauge their progress.
For children under the age of seven, it is important to choose easily defined and verifiable wishes. Your little one can choose a simple wish, which will still improve his life in the new year:

  • daily brushing of teeth twice;
  • ordering clean clothes in the closet;
  • collecting dirty clothes in the laundry basket;
  • hand washing with warm water and soap at least 20 seconds before each meal;
  • ordering toys.

Encourage the child to make a drawing that represents the desire for the new year, which he can frame in his room, so that he does not forget the purpose he has chosen.

New Year's wishes for older children

Between the ages of 7 and 12, children learn the responsibilities better and can put on New Year's wishes which require less supervision from their parents.
You can guide the little one towards desires that can be used either in education or in adopting a healthier lifestyle:

  • eating at least one fruit a day;
  • reading for 15 minutes before bedtime each evening;
  • weekly cleaning of own room;
  • giving up time spent in front of the TV or computer;
  • compliance with safety rules.

In order to help the child more easily respect the proposed goals, it is important to discuss with them about their details. "I will be more orderly" is a wish too vague. A better option may be "They will clean my office every night."

The importance of parental support

Parent support is very important to help your child meet the goals he or she has set, but don't let your concern turn into a continuous buzz.
Give your example, by adopting a wish or decision for the new year or together you choose a purpose for the whole family. By transforming the New Year's wish into an annual ritual with your little one, you will encourage him to become more organized and gain confidence in his own strengths.

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Father's Age and Lifestyle Affect Baby's Health

The number of women over 40 years old queuing for in vitro fertilization clinics, wishing to become mothers before their biological clock ceases to work, is growing, writes The Independent, in the online edition yesterday. The figures show that the largest increase among those who will fertilize in vitro has been registered in recent years, in the age group over 40 years. If in 1991 there were a thousand patients over 40 years who chose this method, in 2006 there were 6,000 requests.
Experts say that this trend is a consequence of the social pressure women are subjected to. They postpone becoming mothers until they make a career. But, they warn that more and more of those who try to have children after they turn 40, using the in vitro fertilization method, remain disappointed because the success rate has decreased compared to previous years.
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June 07, 2007

Eat lighter ... in CO2

Each ingested meal is equivalent to emitting 3 kilos of C02, due to the production, processing, transport, recycling of packaging. Our advice to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Privilege local products. The longer a product is imported, the higher the CO2 emissions.
  • Choose seasonal productsthat is, at a time when they are naturally mature. They are not grown in overheated greenhouses or imported from distant countries with heavy energy consumption. Tomatoes are eaten in summer, endive in winter, cherries in June. The obligation for sellers to display the origin of the products is a valuable aid for "eco-friendly" shopping.
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging. You will save CO2 but also waste and therefore natural resources.
  • Read the eco labels. Some supermarkets, such as Leclerc and Casino, now display the CO2 balance of products on the shelves. Make races "anti-warming" climate is possible! During checkout, the ticket also shows the total of the truck in kilo CO2 equivalent.
  • Buy organic baskets. Many networks offer and deliver fruit baskets and seasonal vegetables. You are spoiled for choice.

Maryse Damiens

My little organic basket

Your organic basket of fruits and vegetables delivered to you? This is possible with the directory of organic basket networks on

Find more video tips.

Green generation: find all the videos.

Ideas to take advantage of the remains of Christmas meals

The same thing happens to us every year, at the end of Christmas the marzipans, nougat, polvorones and other sweets pile up in a closet where we end up forgetting them for months and finally, they end up in the trash. And not only that, we also have a fridge full of prawns, leftover turkey or fish that we bake

In We propose original and easy cooking recipes to avoid throwing away all those Christmas sweets or the leftovers of meals and take advantage of them in the preparation of appetizers, first courses, cakes or biscuits.

1- Polvorones and mantecados: you can make a delicious sponge cake with them. You just have to use the classic recipe and substitute the flour for the crushed polvorones. It will have a spectacular touch.

2- Pralines and chocolates: we suggest you make an exquisite brownie using all those bonbons and chocolates that have been left over. It is an easy recipe to make and very tasty.

3- Hard nougat: with all the hard almond nougat that has been left over, we can make a delicious Santiago cake. A perfect dessert for the whole family.

4- Soft nougat: It is perfect for different types of sweets, be it muffins, cookies, cupcakes or cakes. But we recommend you make a delicious nougat ice cream or an original flan.

5- Prawns: If there are some left, you can cook the children a risotto with peas. A very tasty and nutritious dish.

6- Marzipan: crushing about 150 grams of marzipan and mixing it with two egg yolks, 100 ml of liquid cream and the two whites whipped to the point of snow, we will obtain a delicious marzipan mousse that will be difficult to resist.

7- Chicken or turkey: with the remains we can cook some croquettes, one of the star dishes of children.

8- Fish: If we made fish in the oven and there was a lot left over, we suggest you cook some fish meatballs.

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Super Moist Fruit Cake Recipe for Christmas Simple and Easy Boiled Fruit Cake Recipe

Hormones and pregnancy

Hormones and pregnancy

The role of hormones during pregnancy

Numerous hormones influence the functioning of the body during pregnancy. These are: gonadotropin, estrogen, progesterone, placental lactogen hormone, prolactin and ocitocin.


This hormone is secreted only during pregnancy, first by the ovaries and then by the placenta. Increased secretion of gonadotropin during the first trimester of pregnancy can cause dizziness and vomiting. This hormone prevents the release of other eggs and stimulates the secretion of estrogen and progesterone to help implant and develop pregnancy.

Placental lactogen hormone

The placental lactogen hormone, produced by the placenta, ensures the normal development of the fetus and stimulates the mammary glands during pregnancy.


Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics.

Estrogen usually secreted by the ovaries, but also by the placenta during pregnancy, helping to maintain the normal course of pregnancy. estrogen promotes uterine growth, helps maintain the uterine mucosa after implanting the fertilized egg, promotes blood circulation and activates and regulates the production of other important hormones in pregnancy. Estrogen is responsible for that glow the pregnant woman has, but also for things less pleasing than the stuffy nose, vascular stares, excessive coloring, hyperpigmentation of the skin of the face (pregnancy mask). All estrogen promotes breast augmentation in the first part of pregnancy.


Progesterone is secreted by the ovaries, and during pregnancy and by the placenta. His blood level increases greatly in pregnancy. It stimulates the thickening of the uterine mucosa before laying a fertilized egg. During pregnancy, progesterone is responsible for the functioning of the placenta. progesterone keeps your uterine contractions in check before birth, relaxing the muscles of the uterus and allowing the baby to grow.

The secretion of progesterone will decrease at the end of nine months, and labor will install. Unpleasant consequences of progesterone action are constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating and feeling full. Progesterone may also be responsible for acne from pregnancy and excessive sweating.

Prolactation and ocitocin

Other hormones involved in pregnancy and lactation are prolactin which together with ocitocin stimulates milk secretion. Ocitocin is also involved in labor, helping to contract the uterine muscles during birth.

Cortisone and insulin

Cortisone and insulin are also involved in breast secretion.


Relaxin helps relax the joints, important in the pelvis, to ease the baby's birth.