Program of shows 8 - 17 November 2013, Excelsior Theater

Program of shows 8 - 17 November 2013, Excelsior Theater

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To welcome 10% of poor children and, ultimately, the same proportion of children from poor families as they represent in their commune ... this is the goal that wants to fix the crèches by the Prime Minister, Jean- Marc Ayrault. The goal ? Fight against certain inequalities. And you what do you think ? Our survey.

And what do you think of the goal set by the Prime Minister?

I am for: it is a good idea to reserve a percentage of place for poor children. I am against: it is up to the nurseries and municipalities to decide.



Smoking during pregnancy can cause sudden death

A new study reveals the relationship between women who smoke or are exposed to passive smoking in pregnancy and the risk of developing sudden infant death syndrome.

Researchers at McMaster University have discovered a mechanism that explains why the ability to respond to a baby's lack of oxygen is compromised by exposure to nicotine during weaning.
While cigarette smoke contains different compounds, the researchers found that there is a direct impact of a compound (nicotine) on the ability of cells to detect and respond to oxygen deficiency.
For example, when a baby is lying face down, he should feel the reduction of oxygen and thus move his head. But this arousal mechanism does not work properly in babies exposed to nicotine during pregnancy.
The laboratory study in guinea pigs explains the critical role of catecholamines - a group of hormones secreted by the adrenal glands - in the baby's transition to the extrauterine world.
During birth, the baby is exposed to a reduced amount of oxygen, which signals the adrenal glands to eliminate catecholamines, which contain adrenaline.
These catecholamines are the ones that warn the baby's lungs to replenish fluid so that it takes the first breath of air and that its heart beats effectively.
A few months after birth the adrenal gland continues to function as an oxygen sensor, helping the baby in the event of apnea or asphyxiation.
Unfortunately, the ability to release catecholamines at these critical times during adaptation to extrauterine life is impaired by nicotine exposure.
At birth, the adrenal gland's nerve control is not active, so babies rely on these direct oxygen-sensitive mechanisms to release catecholamines.
Nicotine causes the premature loss of these mechanisms, which would normally appear much later in development, after nervous control has been established and therefore become more vulnerable to sudden infant death syndrome.
Gabriela Hotareanu
January 30, 2008

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