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How to care for your hair at home like in the salon

How to care for your hair at home like in the salon
Foods that will help your child sleep better

Although a healthy and balanced diet should be the basic one in childhood to avoid present and future health problems and to keep obesity at bay, This diet can also be an ally to control stress, mood swings and even achieve a rest pattern appropriate to the child's age. Do you want to know what foods can help your child sleep better?

Nowadays, and due in many cases to the busy lives that adults lead and the great distances we travel between home and work, children are immersed in a whirlwind of extracurricular activities, whether physical or intellectual, at the end of their school day, extending their activity almost until dinner time.

Dinner, unfortunately, is postponed to include a bath and, due to lack of time, something is even prepared quickly without realizing that it can be an excellent time to promote relaxation in children through the intake of some foods. Which? We tell you!

- Complex carbohydrates
Rice, pasta -if they are whole grains even better- or potatoes are characterized by gradually releasing energy, so they do not increase blood sugar when digestion begins or generate peaks in insulin secretion, being ideal at dinner. In addition, they enhance the absorption of tryptophan, an amino acid closely related to relaxation.

- Warm dishes
Warm soups, creams or purees are perfect for the body to enter that state of relaxation before going to bed. We must avoid offering cold foods, such as salads, at dinner time.

- milk
Milk is a source of tryptophan, the amino acid most necessary for rest. Tryptophan, for its part, needs magnesium and vitamin B6 to promote the release of serotonin, which is in turn a precursor to melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone directly involved in relaxation mechanisms, so together, foods rich in these tryptophan, magnesium and vitamin B6 constitute the ideal cocktail for a perfect rest. A glass of warm milk before going to sleep provides additional muscle relaxation ideal for infant rest.

- Eggs
They are a source of tryptophan, as well as being a very complete food. They can be offered to the baby from 6 months -except for express pediatric indication-, and, preferably, they should not be eaten fried at dinner time, since the excess oil makes them heavier and difficult to digest.

- Blue Fish
These fish provide omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, selenium, and tryptophan. Selenium is related to a decrease in stress and anxiety, while magnesium, in addition to participating in the release of melatonin along with tryptophan, helps prevent muscle tension and reduce arousal. Fish also provides B vitamins, including vitamin B6.

- Lean meats
Like fish, they provide vitamin B6. In addition, they also provide iron and zinc, two minerals whose scarcity negatively affects the quality of a child's rest.

- Banana
In addition to tryptophan, this fruit also contains vitamin B6 and small amounts of both magnesium and selenium, the most recommended minerals for falling asleep.

- Honey
It is characterized by containing potentially anti-inflammatory substances that help the brain to relax, so that, added to milk before going to bed, it can intensify its relaxing effect.

- Water
Good hydration is essential for a good rest, so we should not substitute water for any other drink at dinner time.

Have you taken good note of which are foods that will help your child sleep better? Now we only have to list which ones should be prohibited at dinner time and thus achieve your goal: have sweet dreams!

- We mean the products containing caffeine (coffee, infusions or certain soft drinks).

- cheese, since it carries a substance, tyramine (an amino acid), which is an activator of brain activity.

- Sausages. They are difficult to digest, so it is best to omit any processed meat from your dinner. Change the chorizo ​​or salami from dinner and pass it to the snack.

- Chocolates. They say that chocolate lifts your spirits, and for exactly that reason, we should almost ban it at dinner time. We will only get the little one to activate more than necessary!

- Spicy foods. These are very strong foods for the little one's stomach.

- Diuretics, that is, those foods with a large intake of water (watermelon or pineapple), which will only make the child wake up to the bathroom more than once throughout the night.

And with all this, we can only wish you happy dreams!

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The wicked monsters of this game are eager to go play nasty tricks and scare the neighborhood. But, before, we must find identical pairs!

Simply flip the cards one by one by clicking on them. 2 identical pictures and it's a winning pair, it takes 6 to complete this game.


Pregnancy diabetes can be cured after birth

Overweight women or those with diabetes in the family are prone to gestational diabetes.
One of the diseases that can occur during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, is gestational diabetes. It is detected by simply measuring the blood glucose level, and an early discovery can save the baby and the future mother from many complications.
Overweight women, over 25 years old, who have been through multiple pregnancies, or who have diabetes in their family, are prone to diabetes.
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Avoid wet wipes for the health of your baby

Avoid wet wipes for the health of your baby

Wet wipes have been the salvation of mothers for years, we carry them in our bag, in the baby's, we have them in the bathroom, in the room ...

We use them not only to clean the baby's bottom but also to wash them if their hands or mouth get stained. However, lately more and more voices warn against certain chemical components present in this product, and that is that the substances they contain can cause serious damage to the skin of children.

Photo: Jill Webber

Dr. Mary Wu Chang, a professor of dermatology at Connecticut Medical University, is a co-author of a study on the use of wet wipes on baby's skin. The doctor studied the impact of this product on the skin of several children. Six of the children studied attracted him a lot of attention due to their irritations. An 8-year-old girl developed a huge rash on her buttocks and mouth. After several tests it was determined that the cause of the severe rash was the baby wipes. The mother stopped using them and all the rashes healed.

Consumer associations have been battling for some years against substances present in cosmetic products for babies. In 2009 a campaign called "Campaign for Safe Cosmetics" was started, bringing together almost 2 million consumers who are leading the fight against these substances. However, even today there is no clear regulation at a global level.

What has been achieved? Parabens, substances that are used as preservatives in cosmetic products and that have been surrounded by controversy since some studies claim that they are carcinogens, have been eliminated in many baby products.

Nevertheless, that do not contain parabens does not save them from having other synthetic preservatives. In particular, many wipes contain a phenoxyethanol concentration, a chemical that has replaced parabens and that can cause damage to the baby's liver and kidneys when absorbed through the skin and also cause damage to the baby's dermis. Why can phenoxyethanol in baby wipes be harmful?

- It is related to dermatitis

- Some babies find this substance allergic and irritating.

- It can irritate the respiratory tract.

- Some associations qualify it as carcinogenic.

- It can inhibit the natural immune response.

What to do then? Water and neutral soap, it is the least harmful and the healthiest for the delicate skin of children. Our mothers survived without wet wipes, can't we?

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Toba is one of the traditional Romanian appetizers, specific for winter holidays, which is prepared from pork and pork.

Preparation time

120 minutes




200 g pork tongue

500 g pork kidneys

200 g pork heart

1 kg pork chop

1 piece pork belly




Bay leaves

2-3 garlic cloves

Method of preparation

Wash organs and pan in cold water, rinse several times, then boil them in salted water. Add bay leaves and pepper, then remove the foam formed during boiling. After the organs are well cooked, remove them and leave to cool.

Bone in the pan, cut into small cubes, then add salt and pepper to taste. Add the minced garlic, along with the dried thyme, and homogenize the composition with a little juice in which the organs were boiled. Cut the organs into small pieces and add them over the previously prepared composition.

Fill the pork belly with this composition, then sew it well and put everything to a boil, in water with peppercorns, bay leaves and salt. Let the drum boil for about 30 minutes, then remove it from the pot and leave to cool. As it is still warm, put the drum between two wood chippers, and above it places a weight, to press, at least 24 hours.

The type of kitchen


Tags Aperitif

10 Christmas sayings. Christmas phrases

10 Christmas sayings. Christmas phrases

Gallery with Christmas postcards with Christmas sayings to share with friends and family


With this saying: 'On Christmas Eve and at Christmas, the hottest house embers are', He advises us to take advantage of the Christmas season to be close to our family and friends. May we fill the house with warmth and family gathering.

The Christmas saying 'Whoever you see in espadrilles for Christmas, do not ask how they are doing', refers to moderating our comments with people who seem to have financial difficulties at Christmas. advises parents not to let their children show off gifts to children who do not have them. Encourage them to share and donate toys.

With that saying, 'Until Christmas comes, don't start pruning', it means that before the holidays, we do not spend everything we have or stop meeting commitments. suggests that we explain each saying to our children. Much can be learned from it.

The Christmas season is approaching again and like everything else, it is filled with phrases and quotes regarding such a beautiful holiday. Share with you one of the most popular sayings: Garlic for Christmas, neither born nor to be sown. He advises us to focus only on what really makes sense at Christmas.

The Christmas saying, 'Do not praise or praise until seven Christmases', emphasizes that the more the judgments, whatever they are, are considered and weighed, the better. invites us to reflect on Christmas.

With the saying 'Christmas oven has no rest', advises families to get together to play, to chat, as well as to make delicious and healthy Christmas recipes with the children.

With the saying 'New year, new life', our site invites us to take advantage of a new year that is beginning, to renew our lives, create new illusions, new challenges, and become close to family.

Time passes very fast. So fast that we live one Christmas today and then another one comes. That saying: From Christmas to Christmas, only one year goes, invites us and makes us reflect on time. One year, fly! invites us to learn with this saying, to live in the present, always. Happy Holidays!

This saying: For Christmas, save your home, advises to stay with our family at Christmas time to be able to share with our loved ones, moments as endearing as Christmas. invites us to be with the family during the Christmas holidays.

There is nothing that represents Christmas than being home to gather family and friends to celebrate the most bonding holidays of the year. He has selected that saying: At Christmas, happy is the one who sees his home, so that you can congratulate your loved ones on Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Sayings And Phrases - Christmas Greetings Text

It is easy to do and simple to make our children's environment more harmonious.

"Fengsuj" regards our living body as a living body, which has the same body parts, organs as we, humans. A speciбlis tйrkйp the bбgua shows that the lakбs kьlцnbцzх terьleteinek what funkciуjuk, jelentйsьk, task van.Otthonunkban kьlцnнthetьnk eight terьletet the tйrkйp alapjбn: gazdagsбg йs success hнr йs hнrnйv, love йs hбzassбg, egйszsйg йs csalбd, alkotуkйszsйg йs children , Knowledge and Knowledge, Human Relationships, Helpful People, and Travel. -the basic rules are as valid as the rest of the home, but there are tricks, useful methods that can make your baby's bunks even more harmonious.

Children's room for children

1. The basic color of the room should not be loud, let's focus on the more neutral, lighter colors, and the furniture, accessories, and toys should add color to the room. Among the basic colors, we prefer to encourage nature, such as green and beige, because they bring about the energy of nature.3. If there is a window in front of the door, the energy cannot circulate, it runs through the room and is lost. To avoid this, you can decorate the window with handmade glass decals, for example, or display a crystal block engraved at eye level, which shades the light and the positive energy of the sun. There should be no sharp objects in the room, no flies in the shape of a ridge, and no corner of the wardrobe should be directed to them, as they can cause restlessness, concentration disturbances, and school failure. If you mount a mirror, make sure you see it inside, otherwise your body image may be damaged.6. Have the living space of your child, not be cluttered into the smallest room, and the furniture of your empire change with it, according to your age, your wisdom! Anyone who is weaned to a small place when they are young, may choose to be a small believer, will have to deal with permanent misery, as he has received the smallest childhood child. When we sleep in a child's room in early childhood, the bed should be close to the door so that the mother can feel her eyes and eyes. It would be better to have the bed - just like in the adults' bedroom - move to the corner furthest from the door, so that the child sleeping in it would slide on the door, with its head resting on the wall. This gives you a greater sense of security and a more relaxed rest.8. If your child has a lot of pains, anxiety, and suspicion of poor radiation, it is worthwhile to make sure, with the help of a radesthetic, where to place the radiation and where it goes. If you are painting a wall, the child should be of age and maturity! If possible, have an outside photo with the parents as this will strengthen the parent-child relationship.10. Avoid wildlife, waterfalls, guns, aggressive scenes, negative symbols, such as posters depicting fish heads! They can elicit anxiety, anxiety, and excessive fighting spirit from your child.This article was written by Judit Szilvaby Fengsuj Specialist.
- Fun Shui
- I love letters in color ... - nursery decoration tips