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The style of raising and educating a child differs depending on the parent dealing with it. There is no couple who can educate the child as well. The parental styles differ, and the specialists consider that the fathers have some aces up their sleeves to deal with children when their mothers are missing sometimes.

After all, it is normal to complete. It is best for parents to support and support each other when it comes to the discipline and education of the child. It is good to keep the same broad directions in terms of culture, values ​​and principles, but be unique in their way of dealing with the small.

Let the child experiment and learn from mistakes

Fathers are not as cautious and overprotective as mothers. They allow the child to explore the unknown more and to experience more things, without stopping it only because of the risk of doing a little hunting. Although it is believed that fathers are more caring and protective of wires, it is not so.

They know that the little one has to test and explore many things to learn new things. They must be faced with new situations, find solutions and deal with the outcome of his actions.

Ignore insignificant details, focus on the essentials

Take the child's clothing as an example. While some moms focus more on color matching and accessory attire with the risk of the baby being cold, tactics are primarily about comfort and protection.

They may not know how to match the colors, but I know that if it is cold outside, it is better to give up the scarf in favor of the scarf. Sometimes the details are useless, sometimes not. It is important that the tactics are mostly focused directly on the problem and do not do this bad. The child is always protected and safe!

They act like children with little ones

Do you often say that your partner is like a small child as he behaves? Then he is the best playmate of the child. They manage to put themselves in his mind more easily than their mothers. And I'm almost always eager to play with him when you don't have time or do anything else.

They will always prefer to play at the expense of going to the market or washing the dishes. They are also a little more rested than their mothers. They have to make sure every day that the dinner is ready, that the dishes are washed, that they have put the washing machine in the socket and so on. I am not condemned that sometimes they simply do not want to play with the little ones.

It lets them handle themselves in some situations

Moms are more caring and tend to solve the child's problems instead. Dads put his mind to the contribution and try to let him solve his problems, even though sometimes that frustrates the little one.

For example, when you leave the baby in the crib and start crying because he does not want to, your dads tend to leave them longer until they go to bed. Moms immediately jump in to calm the baby. Sometimes it is necessary to have a little patience and strength to allow the child to silence when he is going through a problem.

This is not a sign that they do not care about the child, but that he wants to grow up to be a man who is upset, on his own feet, without ever depending on anyone. I do not do much shaking from any illness of the child Tatar usually avoids emotional confrontations with the child. They know they can't win them.

Unlike the moms, who make the mosquito stallion until they come out, the tactics have another strategy. Try to distract the child or give him alternatives. They are more flexible and always avoid the hard way.

There is an explanation for why tactics are more flexible in this regard. They do not stay with the child all day and do not realize how difficult it is to follow a schedule or routine that you have set for your child. For the same reason they are a little more patient.

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Deadly decoration

Deadly decoration
Pregnancy and childbearing have deep emotional implications for the expectant mother. The cost of having a child means increasing responsibility for the mother and the loss of much of her independence. Pregnancy is an important turning point in a woman's life. According to some instinct, while considered to be learned behavior according to some, in both cases is a phenomenon that serves the continuation of the lineage. Therefore, pregnancy is not only a physiological part of the expectant mother, but also carries a social meaning. In addition to hormonal and physiological changes in women, it also affects the relationship and communication with spouse, family, friends and other social environment. In short, pregnancy psychology can be positive or negative. There is a process from mild emotional difficulties to psychological diseases. Pregnancy is both a period of time that includes hope and development, and a period in which a woman can feel vulnerable and experience emotional turmoil. Many women may experience emotional ups and downs that they cannot control during this period. Every couple wants to have a baby for different reasons; to fulfill the dreams of childhood, to please another (wife, first child, parents), to challenge the biological clock, to increase the satisfaction in marriage, etc.… All of these reasons; pregnancy, childbirth and mother-baby relationship. These reasons look at the concept of having children from different points and make different definitions. Pregnancy; Even if it is the fruit of a loving relationship, whether it is the result of unplanned / poor timed or abrasive treatment, the main concerns in the process are the same: Pregnancy? What about the birth? What about the baby? What kind of mother will I be? Not knowing what kind of experience she is expecting while waiting for her baby is a state of complete uncertainty. With these restrictions, there are concerns about whether the baby is good, whether it will be born healthy, whether the birth will be comfortable or not, whether it will be a good mother. At the same time, there will be some disturbing situations that may occur regardless of pregnancy; like nausea, feelings of fatigue, suddenly repressing sleep, variable mood, suddenly feeling very fragile, weak and dependent while feeling strong. Each trimester (3-month periods) presents its own difficulties; these difficulties can be listed as follows;First trimesterThe first stage of pregnancy is defined as a period in which opposite feelings develop. Conflicts related to the roles of femininity and motherhood stimulate emotions such as anger, unhappiness and aggression, which will increase the psychological distress of the pregnant woman, leading to little joy in pregnancy and not wanting pregnancy. Some pregnant women blame the baby for feeling nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, while blaming himself for thinking so. There are spiritual conflicts. Mother; pregnancy and the inability to fully feel the baby may experience the boredom and guilt. Since she is an inexperienced pregnant woman, she may not be able to distinguish what she should or should not do, and therefore may impose intense restrictions on her. Since most abortions occur in the first weeks, they may have concerns about miscarriage and have nightmares. Measures should be taken to reduce the risk of family conflict, as well as informing fathers to participate in the birth process and ensuring that they are solution-oriented.Second trimesterIn this period, mothers feel physically better. Nausea-vomiting, fatigue, such as discomfort. Pregnancy was accepted. The opposite emotions have disappeared. During this period, pregnant women may give emotional hesitant reactions to all things, such as being overly sensitive, breaking quickly, sometimes annoying and sometimes being happy happily. This is the period when the pregnant woman is open to learning. However, during this period, double and triple screening tests, which check the development of the baby, detailed ultrasound can create stress for the mother. If these tests show suspicious results, further examinations are performed and conclusions are drawn about the baby's development. Since this process involves the risk of losing the baby, it may adversely affect the psychological state of the couple.Third trimesterIt is the period when the mother's body changes and the birth is approaching. As the fetus movements begin, she starts to communicate with the pregnant baby. Indicates that the psychological connection with the fetus has begun. Due to the growth of pregnancy, movements decreased and fatigue increased. Mother's daily life becomes difficult, she gets tired of pregnancy, wants to end as soon as possible, worries about birth begins to increase. He may be afraid to leave the house alone, his nervousness may increase. With her growing belly and breasts, the mother begins to see herself as a “mother çok rather than a“ woman ”. The breasts, which were previously sexual objects, were filled with milk and became objects that undertook the mission of motherhood and feeding the baby. The sexual life of a woman who is completely “mother” may be disrupted and perceive herself as unattractive. It may take months for the mother to feel her former sexual identity; sexual intercourse is difficult to return to normal before 6 weeks after birth. Wife-husband roles in marriage turn into parents roles. The differentiation of roles is also a transition period for marriage and may not be easy for every couple. In this period, the support of family members, the baby should be looked forward to, the physical and emotional place at home should be prepared. The mother's trust in the hospital and the doctor she will give birth, and the detailed speech she gives to her doctor about birth will reduce the fear of birth and worries about her baby.Psychologist Burcu DAĞLI
Saint Victor's Day, December 28. Names for boys

Baalveer Returns - Ep 227 - Full Episode - 4th November 2020

Ferenc Jahn is waiting for patients with better conditions at the Gastroenterology Clinic in South-Pest and the Order in Gastroenterology.

Department of Gastroenterology in Kielh-Pest Kyrgyz

The well-known and increasingly popular Protexin probiotics distributor in Hungary, Vitaminkosabr Ltd. not only prioritizes the prevention of various diseases, but also the conditions of European patients. The company has concluded a sponsorship agreement with the Ferenc Jahn Ferry Foundation in South-Pest, within which Vitaminkosár Kft. Has contributed a grant of approximately HUF 1,000,000 to the II. For the rehabilitation of the gymnastics department of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Inner-Gastroenterology. The total cost of the Department of Belgrade-Gastroenterology was more than 3 million HUF. Following previous developments, the corridor and rooms in the classroom have now been redesigned, the bathrooms in the spa have been completely renovated, new furniture has been added, and the medical gas grid has been expanded. The Vitaminkosбr Kft. Bьszke to egyьtt kezdemйnyezйsйre the tцbbi tбmogatуval successfully цsszegyыjtцtt tбmogatбs rйvйn the kуrhбzi betegellбtбs kцrьlmйnyeinek йs szнnvonalбnak jelentхs mйrtйkы javнtбsa vбlt lehetхvй.A Vitaminkosбr Kft. Йvek уta domestic egйszsйgьgy elkцtelezett tбmogatуja.A Magyarorszбgon 2001 уta kaphatу Protexin termйkek kizбrуlagos is the second largest player in the Hungarian probiotic market. The company is committed to improving the health status of the country and improving the health culture of the population, not only in words but also in deeds. Vitaminkosбr Kft. Ezйrt kцtцtt also szбmos mбs kуrhбzzal egyьttmыkцdйsi megбllapodбsokat, the limits of which also belьl hozzбjбrul tцbb helyszнnen one or kуrterem osztбly felъjнtбsбhoz and most dynamically fejlхdх probiotic kйszнtmйnyeket medical mы times beszerzйshez.A Vitaminkosбr Ltd. Magyarorszбg forgalmazу vбllalkozбsa. About twenty years ago, the company began operating in 1998 as a family-owned company, which in 2001 first introduced modern, complex probiotic PROTEIN in the Hungarian market. Probiotics szakйrtхjekйnt elsхdleges cйlja: egyrйszt meglйvх the probiotic termйkek kimagaslу minхsйgйnek compromise nйlkьli biztosнtбsa, mбsrйszt minйl introduce the latest clinical vizsgбlati eredmйnyeket-szйle more kцrben that megvilбgнtjбk probiotic baktйriumok vizsgбlt each korkйpekben szerepйt, igazolhatу jуtйkony hatбtбsбt йs helyйt the evidenciбn alapulу for more information, please visit www.protexin.com.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are two chemicals, namely detergents, that are used in all skin cleansing products. Recent studies have shown the harmfulness of these two substances - they are absorbed by the skin and reach the vital organs of the body: brain, heart, liver and lungs.
The daily use of cleaning products containing these two substances results in an increased concentration of residues with devastating effects for the whole organism.
The negative effects of these substances
The negative effects range from skin irritations to dramatic hormone fluctuations. SLS is recognized for its ability to effectively "cross over" into estrogen, thus causing true hormonal chaos that will especially affect the thyroid gland and lead to effects such as infertility, menstrual problems and early menopause.
This substance can also affect the cornea, leading to permanent vision problems. SLS and SLES have also been linked to the occurrence of cancer because they can damage each cell structure.
So if these chemicals can affect the health of every human being, as a pregnant woman, you have to take care of yourself and choose body and intimate hygiene products that do not contain SLS and SLES.
Gel for intimate hygiene
From the Vita Age Mamma range you have an Intimate Hygiene Gel (designed to restore the normal level of acidity of the vaginal mucosa).
This gel for intimate hygiene is enriched with natural extracts of almond and rice, and its pH brings to normal limits the acidity of the mucous membranes and the skin, helping to restore the natural barriers of defense. It is used as a normal gel for intimate hygiene, once or twice a day. S
It is recommended to use the gel for a gentle cleaning of the genital mucosa, to prevent irritations, inflammation, itching and unpleasant odor in this delicate area of ​​the body. The product does not contain parabens, synthetic dyes, petroleum, allergens, SLES, SLS, animal proteins, silicones, alcohol and ethoxylates (PEG / POE). Dermatological and nickel tested product.

On World Animals Day, they deserve special attention. Teach your child how to deal with animals!

A European wide program is launched to spread the Responsible Animal Husbandry initiative to the European Food Industry Initiative. In Hungary, the Hungarian Pet Food Association is in charge of the project, the educational program of which was developed by the Association of Responsible Animal Friends.

I do not bite

The emphasis of the FRISK program for ovis is on preventing dog attacks. At nemharapok.hu you can find many details about the job. Dr. Krisztina Temesvбry According to the president of FBBE, the overwhelming majority of dog bites can be attributed to human neglect, as there are hardly any breeds of dogs that do not inhibit aggression due to appropriate breeding and conditions. That is, there is almost no "factory" bite dog. The Presidents mentioned that keeping this pair of breeds in Germany is subject to testing, meaning that prospective farmers must prove that they are suitable for keeping and raising a dangerous animal. We have also heard about other Western examples in the program press. Responsible animal welfare campaigns and education have almost completely reduced the number of wretched animals: "they don't want to reproduce, they are almost natural. The FRAKK program shows children how to approach a dog, what to do, and how to request permission from the owner of the dog to play. It is also a challenge for these 3-6 year olds to learn how to be a responsible owner, and of course at this age it's the parents' job.


At the center of the school program is a short film, the backbone of which is the golden rule of responsible animal husbandry, of which we are just quoting here.

1. Love

Every pet needs the care of its owner, dogs, cats, love, compassion and play. Play every day with your puppy, cat, pet it, caress it so you will become a team, so you will have a close relationship. In order for you to feel comfortable together, well, if your dog has given these basic instructions: lie, lie down, stay in place and stay. So it respects people's needs and space, both in the public and at home. However, it is your job to respect their needs, not to disturb your buck when you are ill or resting.

2. Responsibility

Just before you buy an animal, you need to think about whether the family has enough time and money to support the new family member in the past. When selecting a breed, it is worth consulting a specialist or reading specialist books. Therefore, it is the pet you are responsible for throughout its life. You also have to take care of your pet even if your lifestyle changes. The unfortunate mischievous animals left behind are being trapped by irresponsible people.

3. Health

Animals, like children, need regular health check-ups. Vaccination of dogs and cats every year, regular hair drive, and tick, flea control / prevention is a favorite and the health of people in the environment.

4. Table

Home favorites are just as dangerous to hunger or obsession as to people. Always add the right quality and quantity of food to your diet, and if you don't eat more, take your shrimp. The right amount also depends on the age and weight of your dog kitten, follow the information on the pet food packaging.

5. Movement

What kind of blasphemy did a fat dog think? How bad is it to be bored and not meet your friends for days? Housed dogs need at least two daily publishing libraries, and bring a dog with you in the garden from time to time to get to know new smells and new friends. Exercise and play are the basic necessities for dogs and cats.

6. I hate you

The propagation is left to the breeders. Believe that every female dog should be born once in a lifetime. It is best to neuter the babies, this is especially true for free-riding cats.

7. Environment

It is important for the well-being of animals that they live in an environment appropriate to their breed. It needs a small, well-ventilated, clean, close-to-white spot for small animals. The dog in the garden should have a warm shade in the hot and a covered, insulated dog shelter in the cold.

It can lead to learning difficulties when little sunlight hits your baby

It affects the development of the fetus's brain by how much sunshine a baby is exposed to in the first trimester.

Pregnant children who are not exposed to sunlight during pregnancy may be less likely to learn, with more recent chances of learning, according to the latest research, which can lead to learning difficulties. Researchers examined 422,000 school-age children in Scotland and found that low levels of UVB radiation - not UVA radiation - during pregnancy to bring it together with lesser learning difficulties.

Is Vitamin D A Ludwig?

Because only low levels of UVB radiation affect this, not UVA levels, researchers believe the problem may be caused by inadequate vitamin D maintenance. This is because vitamin D uptake occurs in the first trimester essential for the proper development of the brain by the fetus.

That is why the time of conception was important

The proportion of children with learning difficulties in the study varied depending on the month of conception. While for children conceived in July, this rate was 17%, it was conceived in February, March or April - when less sunlight - 21%. However, research has not been able to establish a causal relationship.- Learning difficulties can cause life-long problems for both children and their parents. The purpose of our research was to have few children this can also help you prevent learning difficulties said research director Jill Pell, director of the Glasgow University Institute of Health. The university said in a press release that the next step in clinical trials would be to prove whether taking vitamin D during pregnancy could reduce the risk of developing learning difficulties (VIA).Related links:
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