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5 Comedy Spy Secret Agent. Detective Investigation Action Thriller. Hollywood Tamil dubbed Movies

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The monthly amount of family bars is an important monthly income for many families. However, there are also conditions for a family to receive this from day to day. Requirements, demanding way.

Monthly family receipts are an important time-to-income income for families that need it. At the same time, it is important for the legislator not only to have the benefit but also to attach conditions to the reference. According to this, family education now consists of education support and education support. The former before school age, the latter afterwards can go to the family cashier.
It is important to note that as of January 1, 2015, parental support is subject to a curfew and will be suspended for 20 unverified days. Similarly, educational support is provided under strict conditions, meaning that if the school-age child has more than 50 unauthorized students, then the link to the family will be suspended, as in the previous case.

It is worth taking a look at the family poults

The family ticket should be applied for from April 1, 2015, not from the Hungarian State Treasury, but from the locally competent government window. Only one parent can apply for the child by submitting an application form. If you qualify for the Family Butterfly, you will receive it on the day of your request, but only two months back may your parent request the child.
In addition to eligible parents who are eligible for Family Birds, the adoptive parent, foster parent, child and potential future parent who will receive the child in the foster family will be eligible. In addition, support may be sought from the head of the orphanage / social institution and the seriously ill / infirm person over 18 years of age. The situation is similar in the case of educational support.
Foreign students often ask parents when a child is raised in his or her own household. Important: Families with families who are in transit will also go after the family. However, it is also worth remembering that educational support does not extend beyond infancy, up to the age of 20 in public education (up to the very last day of the school in which he or she reaches the age of 20). So parents do not necessarily have to count on the family pegs throughout their education. However, it is important to be aware that even though a child of 21 years of age is not eligible for support, it does not count as children, or if three children live with their parents in the same household, as if we were counting the allowance for 3 children).
Look at the totals when it's up:
  • after a child the family 12 200 you get forints,
  • even if the child is raised by a single parent, this amount 13 700.
  • Two children foster family 13,300 for children in forints,
  • mng a raising two children alone szьlх 14 800 forints, and even children.
  • Three or more for a family with children 16,000 children forint again,
  • and that amount is $ 1,000 higher, that is 17,000 forint single parent esetйn.
  • He's permanently ill, after a seriously disabled child 23 300 forint family brothels,
  • single parentto him 25 900 Forint.

Satchel My Little Satchel

Satchel My Little Satchel

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Tobacco, alcohol, cannabis: what are the risks?

Tobacco, alcohol, cannabis: what are the risks?

Tobacco, alcohol, but also cannabis and other drugs are substances harmful to your health and that of your future baby. The effects and risks of the different pyschoactive substances are reviewed.

Tobacco and pregnancy: the risks for the future child

  • Several hundred substances have been identified in cigarette smoke, including carbon monoxide responsible for chronic hypoxia (a decrease in the amount of oxygen delivered to organs). Among the most serious repercussions of smoking on the fetus are stunted growth, labio-palatal malformations, in utero death (11% of deaths in utero are attributed to smoking). In children, the most serious repercussions are also stunting, alteration of pulmonary function at birth, an increase in ENT infections and an increased frequency of childhood cancers.
  • To find help during pregnancy: network maternities without tobacco www.appri.asso.fr

Alcohol and pregnancy: serious consequences

  • It is estimated that one in 20 pregnant women is daily in trouble with alcohol, most are polyconsumers (alcohol + other substances). The most serious consequence of fetal alcohol syndrome is a mental handicap (0.5 to 3 per thousand births).
  • This is the first cause of non-genetic mental handicap at birth). Other consequences due to fetal alcohol are known: growth retardation, characteristic dysmorphism, microcephaly, organ malformations, central nervous system abnormalities, cognitive and behavioral disorders.

Cannabis and pregnancy: consequences in case of heavy consumption

  • Say "soft" or "hard", any drug systematically passes from mother to child during the pregnancy, and later during breastfeeding. The effects on the unborn baby are mainly due to the tobacco consumed at the same time as cannabis: decrease of the birth weight (75 to 105 g), decrease of the duration of the pregnancy (1 week) for regular and important consumptions ( at least 6 times a week). No effects are known for occasional smokers.
  • Canadian studies have assessed the long-term consequences for children of in utero cannabis use: from 3-4 years of age, verbal scores, short-term memory, and reasoning skills (abstract / visual) decrease, then from 5-6 years and up to 18-22 years, were notably recorded deficits of attention, hyperactivity, a disturbance of certain cognitive tests (reasoning abstract / visual) at children mother who has consumed cannabis at least six times a week during pregnancy.


  • The main risks are due to weaning during pregnancy: the lack felt by the mother can have serious consequences for the fetus. Studies have shown that what makes the severity of these consumptions (cocaine, crack, heroin) is more the way of life that the products themselves.
  • Heroin, cocaine, morphine ... have dramatic consequences not only on the future mother herself but also on the baby of course. The unborn child will be very affected: weight and height below average, birth in a state of great respiratory distress ...
  • Do not hesitate to talk to the doctor who will refer you to specialized services to support you and help you.


Role plays and identification with other characters in children

Roles and identification of the child with other characters occur naturally in the development of the preschooler and it is recommended to be encouraged among his daily concerns. In addition to the fact that imaginative games play an essential role in the intellectual, emotional and social development of the child, they are also a powerful learning tool for this age. Find out what role-playing games are and how important it is to identify the little one with other characters, in early childhood!

What are role-playing games and when do they appear in child development?

The identification with other characters is natural at the preschool age, especially between 3-4 years. The child naturally engages in various mental activities, in which he "gets in the skin" of several characters, real or not.

the rhymes people with whom the little one identifies are the parents. As he grows up and makes contact with more people or discovers new story heroes, the characters he will identify with will be more and more varied. Starting with the age of 3 anisors, you will often hear the child saying that he is a doctor, Superman, fireman, policeman, teacher or that when he is older, he will become an actor or singer. These are imaginary projections that are part of the role play.

The child uses his imagination to create scenarios and pretend to be another person. This type of mental projection appears with a higher frequency around the age of 5-6 anisors. It is the period when the games of mother and father, teacher, prince and princess or teacher will be constant among his favorite interests and activities.

Identification of the child with the parents, the first form of role play

Parents are the child's first idols and the most important behavioral models for him. You can easily observe, even before preschool, how the child often analyzes you carefully and wants to imitate you in everything you do.

Starting with the preschool age, the child begins not to consider himself "little", but to have the impression that he is a "big man", who deserves to have all the privileges of adult life: he wants to read the newspaper just as you do. , to button the remote control on the TV, to sit and work on the laptop, to drink coffee, to slip into shoes with a heel, to wear a tie, just as you or his father do.

When he is young, he tries not only to imitate his parents, but to overcome them and to make things better and more beautiful than they are. If you arrange some food on a plate, the child will endeavor to make a decoration even more beautiful than yours and will take care to tell you that it is more "nice".

If you run with him and overtake you, he is proud and glad that he has overcome you. Identifying yourself or your father and his constant attempt to overcome you in what you do have a positive influence on his self-confidence.

The benefits of role playing in children

Role play is not just a source of fun and relaxation for the child. When identified with various characters, the little one has the opportunity to learn and understand new things, which he has not been able to capture through other methods.

Encouraging role play in the preschool's daily program is very important for its development, both in childhood and in adulthood. Their benefits affect both cognitive or intellectual development, as well as emotional or social development.

Imagination plays a crucial role at this age and is essential in the role play. It is the one that allows the child to create their own scenarios, make connections between different situations, but also find their own creative solutions to various problems. With the help of imagination, the child explains and understands in his own way certain life situations or things in the environment.

Also, with the help of the imaginative game, he manages to create a protective shield and a comfortable environment, when he feels insecure (imaginary friends are an example in this regard). Each time a character is put on the skin, be it a doctor, teacher, print or princess, the child learns something new about the activity or lifestyle of the respective persons.

Play and experience are two of the most effective learning tools at preschool age. The moment he becomes involved in a role, the child becomes a small actor on the stage of social life. Get in touch with the environment, the function and the way a character presents himself in society and find out more about him. It thus manages to develop its vocabulary, language and speech and to improve its social skills.

With the help of these fictional reproductions of real life situations, the child has the opportunity to practice and learn good manners and learn positive behavior patterns. Last but not least, the role play puts the child in a position to put his imagination and creativity to work in order to find his own quick solutions in certain key situations. It is a useful exercise, which will be useful not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. It teaches him to think, both logically and abstractly, and develops his intelligence.

According to specialists, engaging in imaginative games results in the formation of synaptic connections at the brain level. The more such connections develop and develop, the more intelligent the child becomes. Also from the perspective of the role-playing games, the little one has the opportunity to feel the emotions, feelings and feelings of some characters in certain situations. It helps him to better understand the point of view of others and to raise awareness of the consequences of some actions on others. The role play helps the child to turn into a strong, intelligent, sociable and successful adult, because his benefits are kept to maturity.

How did you encourage role-playing in your child's life? Do you think they had a strong impact on his development? How do you think they helped him? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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