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Purifying Hand Cream, Cottage

Purifying Hand Cream, Cottage

Cracks and cracks just have to stand! Its very rich formula in very nutritious shea butter will make the happiness of the hands very dry and damaged. No more tugging and roughness: 3 € 50 ml.

Cracks and cracks just have to stand! Its very rich formula in very nutritious shea butter will make the happiness of the hands very dry and damaged. No more tugging and roughness: 3 € 50 ml.

Triple test and ultrasound, the guarantee of a healthy baby

According to statistics, out of over 200,000 newborns annually, over 10,000 have congenital malformations. Congenital malformations are one of the leading causes of death among newborns and can strain family relationships, which has negative consequences for both the development of children with malformations and for other family members.

The triple test is a special analysis that provides a series of information on the congenital development of the baby and is very important in detecting Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, trisomy 18 as well as other possible congenital malformations that may occur during pregnancy.

The investigation is called a triple test because it determines three biochemical parameters in the blood of the future mother. If the values ​​are lower or higher than normal, the prospective mother must carry out further investigations to confirm the suspected anomaly.

Dove comes to meet future moms with the Healthy Children Foundation - Children matter to us!

A happy woman is a woman whose children are healthy and that is why it is important to support women by facilitating their access to special tests that are done during pregnancy.

Dove donated 1 RON from the price of each Dove gift package from the special summer edition, and together with the Healthy Children Foundation - Children count on us! happy 200 pregnant women who received free pregnancy ultrasound and 100 women who performed the triple test.

Healthy Children Foundation - Children matter to us! facilitates women's access to tests to ensure the early detection of birth defects and to prevent the abandonment of children with abnormalities.

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Derived from Zechariah, Hebrew zekharia, which means "God remembered". In the Gospel according to Luke, the angel Gabriel announces to the old Zechariah, Jewish priest of Jerusalem, that he will have a son. His wife Elisabeth, cousin of the Virgin, is very old and sterile. Zechariah doubts and loses the word, which he finds only at the birth ... of his son, John the Baptist! His birthday: November 5th.

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Provide sleep ranges

A birth is an immense happiness, but a childbirth remains a trying moment. You will need a lot of rest to regain your energy.
That's good, baby sleeps a lot. So, take advantage of his naps to give you breaks, lie down, sleep, take a book, put your body on standby.

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10 bad habits that indicate that a child is very intelligent

10 bad habits that indicate that a child is very intelligent

Perhaps we think that the intelligent child must be a model child: a child who does not break the rules, who is very still and attentive in class, who always obeys, who studies a lot, who keeps his room tidy and never gets into trouble ... Forget it. Intelligence has nothing to do with all this. Moreover, according to some studies, the most intelligent actually has certain bad habits that will surprise you.

We explain what are those 10 habits that indicate that a child is very intelligent, although obviously, it is not always fulfilled.

Before getting alarmed, let's think that they are relative data: It does not mean that all the people who have these habits are very intelligent, nor that children who do not have them, are not. However, it is a curious fact, an amazing relationship, that catches our attention: most children and people who share some of these bad habits actually have a high IQ.

1. Tardiness. It turns out that this, which is so frowned upon everywhere, can indicate in a person a lot of self-confidence and optimism, two very positive characteristics of those who succeed. However, it is true that it is not advisable to be late ... in practically no corner of the world is it frowned upon.

2. The disorder. It may seem counterintuitive, but clutter doesn't always project a cluttered mind. In fact ... it has nothing to do with it! Some psychologists assure that a mind with clear ideas can tend to be disorderly in its external world. In fact, clutter is more closely related to more creative and spontaneous people. Clever people who are messy are capable of finding anything in the middle of clutter, no matter how strange it may seem.

3. Complaints. While we all tend to think that complaints only make us see the negative side of things, some psychologists such as the American Guy Winch, affirm that they can be very beneficial, since they make us realize what we want to change and help us to push to get it. They are typical of very intelligent people, he says, who are able to use a complaint appropriately to change a situation. But, beware, you have to differentiate the complaints that help to obtain a benefit from those pitiful complaints that are released rather as an outlet.

4. They responded. Children who are more 'contested' show that they have more capacity to achieve their goals. They have clear ideas and great confidence in themselves. They are more fighters and this denotes perseverance and another series of qualities that will help them succeed. In fact, the most intelligent children, with an above-average IQ, constantly argue with the intention of expressing and defending their ideas (in which they strongly believe). As they argue, they learn from the other person and their opinions.

5. Daydreaming. Dreamer children constantly stimulate their creativity and this helps them find solutions to the problems they encounter. A very useful tool, although from the outside, everyone sees this child as someone who is 'always in the clouds'.

6. Be a gossip. The curiosity of 'gossiping' children is a positive point in their learning. Children who like to tell secrets or extraordinary things are children with a tremendous desire to discover, create and acquire new knowledge. Using information strategically, telling some things to another person for a specific purpose, is typical of strategic minds and truly amazing.

7. Staying up late. There are children who, even if you send them to bed early, are not able to fall asleep. What's more ... they seem to be more active! Well you will be happy to know that many studies by expert psychologists have found a relationship between intelligence and creativity and 'night' activity. That is, the smartest people tend to be more creative and active in the afternoon and at night.

8. Laziness. We constantly fight laziness, not realizing that the same is not so bad ... It turns out that children and adults who try to procrastinate, are actually the smartest. Not because they try to get rid of the task, but because they prefer to find 'the right moment' to do it and prioritize another task. They are able to organize their time in such a way that they can squeeze every minute without leaving anything undone at the end of the day.

9. Rude. Every time a child swears or swears, we obviously correct him. However, several studies show that children who speak 'with the ugliest words' have a large vocabulary and an astonishing agility and dexterity in handling words.

10. Anxiety. Anxiety produces discomfort in the person who suffers it, but nevertheless, it is a symptom of someone very intelligent, who, yes, worries too much, but which denotes perfectionism, interest and great knowledge. The more intelligent, the easier it is to see problems and even to intuit them before they arrive.

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18 month old baby. Baby development month by month

18 month old baby. Baby development month by month

At eighteen months the babies are precious. Is a magic stage, every day they learn something new and sometimes not good. The little one is forging his character and even smiles before committing a rogue act.

Most already know that when something falls or we hide it, it is somewhere and they look for it despite not seeing it. Some babies begin to understand the issue of limitations and cry if they cannot do what they want so much.

Thebaby She is already around the house, in the park, and she loves going out to the park and playing with the sand, going up on the slide and feeling free on the swings. These activities will help you develop your motor skills better and build your character tomorrow.

In books, he also recognizes animals and relates them to the sounds they make. And, thanks to his growing skill with fingers and hands, he manages to turn two or three pages of a magazine at a time.

The baby clearly demonstrates what he wants and what he does not want, during meals, walks, and activities. He no longer wants to be in his seat with the belt. Try to get out of it anyway. At home, it shows that you want to participate in housework, such as sweeping the house, dusting, etc.

The baby understands what you ask for simple commands. Listen to a story, looking at the pictures and naming the objects that you see and know. It can warn when the diaper is wet.

The baby recognizes his parents, siblings, friends, and other closest relatives, if he sees you in a photograph. He knows who they are, he is even able to say their names.

It is convenient for the baby to sit down with the rest of the family to eat and feel integrated into family meals. It is also a way of learning.

You can now drink from your own glass so you have to gradually withdraw the use of the bottle. You can also eat using the spoon.

At this age, he will also respond positively to artistic stimuli. Play finger painting with him. He likes games and paintings, but also songs, try playing the five little wolves with him, they will love it!

The baby's reasoning begins to evolve. To pick up an object that fell under the bed, for example, you will no longer use only your hands. If necessary, he will look for a stick or something similar to reach it. You can help him use reason with simple games like esdondite.

Baby development month by month
First yearSecond year
Month 1Month 7Month 13Month 19
Month 2Month 8Month 14Month 20
Month 3Month 9Month 15Month 21
Month 4Month 10Month 16Month 22
Month 5Month 11Month 17Month 23
Month 6Month 12Month 18Month 24

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Baby nutrition smart for beginners and advanced

You almost got six weeks of apples, fries, booze with breast milk or half milk, and by the time you were half full you could eat almost anything. Would be. If there hadn't been any "blogging".

THE feed started from that time and in the next, chances are, and your mother is remembering all about nutrition, she remembers most well-meaning pairs. You can count on it, but it's the easiest part of your life to feed. After all, if you are more comfortable, you can feed the well-used all day long with breast milk or formula well - but you can still trust a feeder if you have been exclusively breastfeeding until now. Sorry for this time, we will hopefully help you get the answers you need.

The most important steps

According to the recommendations in today's law, a hozzбtбplбlбst much shorter, at six months It's worth starting. However, the order in which the food was introduced has hardly changed.1. Fruits The most popular baby fruit of the summer season is the хszibarack, but it is Apple you are also likely to succeed. You can give the fruits either in the form of a juice or as a puree, or you can mix them with breast milk or rice.2. Potatoes and riceBlend soft boiled potatoes or rice with breast milk or formula and give it to the baby at lunch time. If he doesn't feel well, wait a few days and try again. It is also in the name of nutrition that the goal is not to choose breastfeeding, to abandon breastfeeding, but to get the baby acquainted with food.3. GreeneryThe first greens to be introduced are also mostly delicious: the baby or the roasted garnish will almost certainly be welcomed by the baby. If not, you can also mix fruit juice or breast milk.4. GlutenThe latest recommendation meaning sometime And then at daybreak In between, it is worth introducing gluten, preferably during breastfeeding and in small amounts. Because the nutrition recommendation is from six months old, glutйnt should be introduced between the ages of 6 and 7 months, most of the time, so that the baby is still breastfeeding by her mother. Gluten is what contains wheat, rye, barley, vodka or malt. We can cook breadcrumbs and mix them in baby's apple pie or mix in cereal and baby fruit or vegetable puree. completely obsolete it is due to the fact that we can certainly find sugar and milk powder in every case.5. Hes and dairy productsBlend soft-boiled chicken or turkey meat into your favorite vegetable sauce, or mix it with grated cheese after eight months, or you can add natural yoghurt to which you can add fresh fruit yourself. When introducing new foods, be careful not to cause an allergic reaction or abdominal pain - this is especially true with the introduction of whites.6. Get it all in!Sometime on the 12th of November, a baby comes to eat almost anything you can. there are also babies who still get the most nutrition from breast milk, and if it grows well, that's okay, because kids don't change exactly the same way. Of course, most things are still being refined or refined - and even more so that less sugar and sugars are added to the price. You will be able to consume cow's milk at the age of one, berry fruits, and diet and peanuts at the age of two.

Baby Nutrition Smart For Beginners And Advanced (Photo: Europress)

Get ready for feeding!

You don't have to prepare yourself for the first couple of tasters: you put the little one in the arm and the tongue around the tongue. He eats the mouthful and then tongues out his mouth. However, when you are eating larger quantities, it is good to prepare yourself and your kitchen properly for feeding.1. All will be all filthPlace the feeding chairs so that the area around you is easy to clean and be careful not to add the most beautiful gown to the baby. Even with a long-sleeved gait, you can run into the rape with a tricky gesture, and be no illusion: your child will learn this gesture very soon.2. You will not eat the nippleBut maybe the banana, the apple and the rape. You can read a lot of naughty recipes - in our Baby Kitchen Recipe Collection - but there are more babies it is very old up to one year old in apples and bananas, especially if you are getting regular quantities of breast milk or formula. Don't be afraid! There is plenty to make you enjoy the more exciting tastes.3. You will eat littleIn the first days, even the smallest possible amount of milk can be a lot. To avoid annoyance, you can do two things: or cook a snack for your family to cook (for example, bites of broth, potatoes, or onion).4. It is up to you whether you like itIf you start feeding with a lot of enthusiasm, and they don't show any interest in the world of cooking, you don't want to be angry. Hey, give it a try. Like him, his senses are constantly evolving and changing. If you force it, you will only choose the opposite. Laugh or plead for an acrylic, and then do some other work. After a few weeks, you may be the one you picked on the pole today. Kitartбs!

Let's make a difference!

1. Eat Your Family Together!As soon as you can sit at the table in your little nourishment, try to keep your family eating multiple times. He will also come to you if he sees how jealously you have eaten.2. Call another baby into the kingdom!It is similar or even more enthusiastic if you see a little bigger kid snacking on your own. This is also the reason why overweight children tend to become more interested in solid foods than the first ones.3. Organize a picnic!In nice weather, you can eat in the garden or on the terrace. Put a clean field on a picnic dinner and curl up on the ground. She must be very pleased with the situation!4. Allow yourself to eat alone!Bar increases your nutrition, let a small spoon take hold. It may take just half a spoonful of meat in your mouth while you are feeding it, but it will learn much faster to eat indefinitely, which you will find much more useful.

Let's taste it!

As your baby becomes interested in new tastes, he or she will want to taste your food as well. With a few basic rules, you can safely afford it. Wheels that are perfectly matched to the average can be delicious, but not as exciting as the different shapes of the father and mother. Naturally, the baby being brought to the table would also like to observe and laugh at these. If you pay attention to what you put into your hands, you can safely do it. In fact, English is becoming more and more widespread it is up to the child to determine the time and degrees of nutrition.In the English translation, baby lead weaning - BLW), the followers of the new-name method provide exclusively snack-sized snacks in front of six-month-old babies starting to feed. It is possible for the little one to be sympathetic to the little one and thus get exactly the nutrients he or she needs - the beliefs of the guideline, of course. When it's simpler and more comfortable, you can feed it with a rounded meal, a small baby cubicle, but in the meantime, you can give it to a party or a cucumber, for example. , but if you let him exercise, he will be able to eat with you almost completely by the age of two.

When to potty? This is the right moment

Fortunately, times are gone laborious washing of piles of dirty, meter diapers in a rotary washing machine, which supposedly makes us more - modern mothers - lazy. Diapers do their job so well todaythat there is no need to start toilet training too soon, just wait until the child will be ready thanks to which this stage will take place much more calmly. However, the question arises - when to potty? At what point can you begin the adventure of eliminating diapers.

Is it time to say goodbye to the diaper - click

When is the right time for the potty?

When to potty?

It is difficult to unequivocally determine when this is the only and right time for potty. Each child has its own individual character, but also physiology, which may differ slightly from peers.

We usually start thinking about it around 18 months, this is the age when most (but not all) babies are able to hold their urine for a short time. Learning toilet habits can be long and tediousHowever, you should not give up.

Sometimes it takes several months of rehearsals or waiting for the child to reach a sufficient level of maturity.

Read some tips on how to effectively rid your child of ridding off.

About 60% of children achieve full success during the day at 2.5 years old, and 87% at 3 years old. It is usually slower for boys than for girls.

How do you know that your child is ready for bum removal?

Many parents wonder when the time is right for the potty. Some want to get rid of the diaper quickly. Meanwhile…

Earlier stripping it is an individual matter and it is impossible to determine exactly when it will be the right time to do it. However, a parent, a watchful observer, can very likely assess for himself when the right time will come.

A toddler who can control his physiological needs usually gives some signs. What can indicate this readiness when on the potty? Here are the signals that you should consider:

  • the toddler closely monitors how adults use the toilet,
  • shows that it's wet in the diaper,
  • while playing, he suddenly stops, hides in a corner, escapes to the other room,
  • the diaper is often dry - the toddler gives less urine for it in larger quantities

How to encourage a child to use the potty?

Once we know when to potty, it's time to write about effective methods of abandoning diapers.

Each mother certainly has a lot to say about her own ways of leaching. Parents often try different tricks, bribery, petitions and threats, these are rarely good ways. But it doesn't hurt to try:

  • let your child choose the potty himself, let the trip to the store be a great event,
  • explain what the potty is for and how to use it
  • buy a doll with a small plastic potty and show your child how it all happens
  • read your child a booklet on how to use the potty
  • let your child watch the adults use the toilet, let them use their potty at this time
  • tell me that only large children use the potty
  • every time a child sits on the potty, praise them (even when they remain empty)
  • reward every pee for example in the form of applause

On the next page about when to potty, or how to start toilet training step by step.