Is it normal for my baby to have body odor?

Is it normal for my baby to have body odor?

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Two year old baby. Baby development month by month

Step 8

Step 8

In each plate, make two dumplings of mascarpone cream. Place the salmon on top and decorate with the pastry sheets stuck in the cream.Good appetite!

In each plate, make two dumplings of mascarpone cream.
Place the salmon on top and decorate with the pastry sheets stuck in the cream.
Enjoy your meal !

Diet with nuts and seeds

The diet with nuts and seeds is a diet plan to lose weight, which has created, over time, more controversy. Many have wondered how can seeds and nuts, which are full of fat and calories, help to lose weight as most weight loss strains adopt less caloric foods?

It seems that the unsaturated fats and proteins contained in these foods help to eliminate the pounds when they are integrated into a balanced diet. Here's how you can lose about 3 kilos in maximum 10 days with the help of nuts and seeds!

How do seeds and nuts help to lose weight?

The secret of weight loss in seeds and nuts diet lies in the nutritional content of these foods. Despite the fact that they are quite caloric, nuts and seeds contain a lot of valuable nutrients for the health of the body:

  • good or healthy fats (Omega 3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated oils);
  • fiber;
  • protein;
  • complex carbohydrates;
  • vitamins.

With all these nutrients they contain, seeds and nuts have the ability to quickly install the sensation of satiety and inhibit the appetite. The satiety effect is ensured with very small portions of these foods, which means that very large amounts of calories are avoided. It reduces the total caloric intake provided daily to the body, and the weight decreases.

Dietary program of the diet with nuts and seeds

In order to lose weight, it is important to follow a diet program specifically designed for weight loss. The nuts and seeds are integrated into a fairly well thought out and calorie balanced menu so that at the end of the diet you get the desired results.

There are several variants of diets with nuts and seeds. We present a version of the menu that helps you lose 3 kilos in no more than 10 days. It is based on the consumption of nuts and seeds combined with vegetables, fruits and cheese.


- cheese (cows, sheep, goat);

- some raw almonds;

- a slice of whole grain bread;

- coffee or tea (not sweetened);

- a glass of fresh orange juice.

Snack 1

- grapes and a handful of nuts


- salad with spinach (or other vegetables with green leaves), cheese and olive oil (the whole portion should not exceed 250 g)

Snack 2

- harms and a handful of nuts


- potato soup;

- salad with olive oil (tomatoes, green salad, cucumbers, etc.), in which you can add some seeds or nuts (oil of choice);

- a glass of vegetable juice.

This is an example of a daily menu, but recommended foods can be replaced with other calories and nutritionally similar. For example, instead of potato soup at dinner you can opt for one of vegetables, mushrooms or broccoli.

A strict rule of the diet is that no portion of food exceeds more than 250 g.

It is understood, from the way the menu is composed, to avoid hyper-caloric foods, full of harmful saturated fats, sweets and alcohol.

If the diet is combined with intense or constant physical movement, you may lose weight even more. In addition, the body remains toned and acquires a harmonious appearance after weight loss - no stretch marks, flaky skin, etc.

Have you ever had a diet with nuts and seeds? If so, how much did you manage to lose, and if not, does it tempt you? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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