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Ventilating is dangerous in Budapest

Due to the increase in the concentration of light dust in the atmosphere, Deputy Mayor István Tarlús ordered a smog alert in Budapest until further action.

The Fхpolgбrmesteri Office kцzlemйnye the kismйretы szбllу powder szбmнtott one day бtlageredmйnye januбr 3 бn the vбros hбrom, mнg januбr 4 йn цt mйrхpontjбn elйrte йs exceeded tбjйkoztatбsi kьszцbйrtйket the kцbmйterenkйnt 75 micrograms йs under meteorolуgiai elхrejelzйsek vasбrnap jelentхs javulбs not vбrhatу .According to air purity regulations, increasing levels of a pollutant may, at first, result in health limits, A level of information is ordered when the short-term exposure to dust above the exposure limits poses a risk to particularly vulnerable groups of the population (children, the elderly, chronic patients).
According to a statement from the Mayor's Office, populations at risk are those with respiratory and circulatory disease, infants, children and the elderly, active and passive smokers. We recommend that they avoid areas that are subject to significant machine traffic, sections, and avoid ventilation, outdoor activities.
According to the information, one third of the autumn dust level in the capital city of Budapest can be derived from household solid fuel, most of which is fuel oil, while one sixth can be linked to transport emissions. A small amount of fine dust is a liquid or solid particulate matter in the air, with a size in the range of 0.001 to 100 micrometers. The risk of light dust is related to its particle size: particles smaller than 10 micrometers are more hazardous to health than larger particles because they can enter the respiratory system more easily.

Agaba: origin and meaning of the name for girl Agaba

Agaba: origin and meaning of the name for girl Agaba

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Agaba.

Saint Agabus, prophet of the New Testament.

Noble, illustrious, magnificent


  • Aphtonius of Antioch, Greek rhetorician and fabulist of the 3rd century.

Drawing of the name Agaba coloring page printable game

Agaba: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Agaba coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Agaba coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Agaba name to color and print

How to make a blogger from a loser?

Coloring picture: the cat and his friend the dog

Download the coloring to print

Mr. Conopida, Comic Opera for Children

Mr. Conopida, Comic Opera for Children

Mr. Conopida - just two performances in June, at the Comic Opera for Children
In the last month of the season, the Comic Opera for Children will invite you to the show "Mr. Conopida", the funny story full of charm of the newly enriched main character, who organizes a musical evening in his own house, in the occasion of comical situations born from his culture.

Only two performances - on Friday, June 14 and 21, from 17:00 - will meet you with the musical designed after the opera of the famous French composer Jacques Offenbach. The absolute premiere of the work took place in Paris, in 1861, even in the presence of Napoleon III.
To prepare this show on the stage of the Comic Opera For Children, a team of artists worked: Catalin Voineag - director, Viorica Petrovici - set designer, Vali Rosca - choreography, Valentin Racoveanu - assistant director. The organ will play Madalina Florescu.
You will applaud and see the beloved theater artists: Raluca Oprea, Oana Serban, Gabriela Daha, Stefan Schuller, Andrei Lazar, Valentin Racoveanu, Lucia Racoveanu, Roberta Enisor, Valentino Tiron, Levente Ambrus, Fang Shuang, Andrei Manea. Together with them, the ballet ensemble of the Comic Opera For Children will take part.
For more details on the productions of Comic Opera For Children, we invite you to consult the site operacomica.ro. Our headquarters is located in Calea Giulesti, no. 16, sector 6, Bucharest.
To reserve tickets for our shows, please contact us at phone number 021 / 319.28.19, from Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 16:00. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office, based on previous reservations or within the limits of available seats, one hour before the show starts.

Mr. Caution

Friday 14, June 21 - 5:00 pm
Musical, adaptation by J. Offenbach's operetta

Directed by: Catalin Voineag
Set design: Viorica Petrovici
The Organ: Madalina Florescu
Choreography: Vali Rosca
Assistant Director: Valentin Racoveanu
In distribution:
Raluca Oprea, Oana Serban, Gabriela Daha, Stefan Schuller, Andrei Lazar, Valentin Racoveanu Lucia Racoveanu, Roberta Enisor, Valentino Tiron, Levente Ambrus, Fang Shuang, Andrei Manea
Dance Comic Opera Ballet for Children

Website: operacomica.ro

Tags Children's shows

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Your 8 3/4-year-old: Memory games

Your 8-year-old now

Having strong memory skills will serve your child well in his school years. He'll be better able to learn and retain key concepts and will feel more confident about his work.

Kids can boost memory skills in simple ways. Teachers often have children this age memorize poetry, for example. Memorizing multiplication tables is also good practice.

Certain games employ memory, such as those that require you to match cards facing down. Word games in which players repeat and add onto a continuing list are good: "I'm going to the store and will buy an apple, a banana, a cat, a diaper…"

Encourage your child to give detail when talking about his day: What did you eat on the field trip? Who sat next to you on the bus? What was the most important thing the guide told the class? What questions did the kids ask?

You can also teach your child tried-and-true memory tricks, like the spelling rule "I before E except after C." Show how you can tell the left hand because when you extend the forefinger and thumb, they form a letter "L."

Your life now

What can you do when you dislike an item of clothing your child adores? Sometimes kids get gifts from friends or relatives that rub parents the wrong way. Or they covet an item you can't stand in a store or catalog. Maybe it's a top that seems a tad too racy for an almost-9-year-old or a T-shirt with an inappropriate slogan.

If you're feeling torn, remember: You're the adult here. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. You may also want to reserve veto power on items bought with allowance or birthday money – even over gifts or hand-me-downs. Your guidelines now help shape your child's taste. Don't make a scene over "off" clothes; calmly explain what you don't like and look for ways to compromise if possible ("You can wear it to bed but not to school").

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Is your child a genius? Fun memory test for kids.