Whose last name should you give your baby?

Whose last name should you give your baby?

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Atopic dermatitis in children Question:



You must present with the child to a dermatologist for the evaluation of the lesions and the modification of the treatment according to them, being the only one able to conduct the therapy of this condition.

You must present with the child to a dermatologist for the evaluation of the lesions and the modification of the treatment according to them, being the only one able to conduct the therapy of this condition.
Atopic dermatitis begins at the age of five in 90% of cases, with 60% of cases occurring in the first year of life. It evolves in interrupted poses of remissions of different degrees, with the disappearance of the manifestations in about 80% of the cases at puberty.
Being a chronic disease, atopic dermatitis requires long-term care, optimal psycho-social integration, with patient education to avoid aggravating factors of the disease and orientation to low-risk occupations.

Aggravating factors are:

  • skin dryness;
  • irritants - hot water, soap, detergent, flax, feathers, acidic foods, medicines;
  • allergens - food (cow's milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, fish, strawberries, etc.), metals, airborne (pollen, house dust, etc.);
  • perspiration - physical exertion, fever;
  • emotional stress;
  • climatic factors - cold, low humidity, high temperatures.
    The symptomatic treatment aims to combat the dryness of the skin, the control of the skin infections over-added to the scratching lesions, to reduce the itching and inflammation.
    It is recommended daily bath with warm water, avoiding soaps and friction and applying creams or ointments. At the level of exudative lesions, compresses with antiseptics associated with local or systemic antibiotic treatment are applied depending on the severity.
    The treatment of pruritus and inflammation is done with topical corticosteroids, and in the case of extended lesions resistant to the symptomatic treatment it is possible to resort to ultraviolet therapy.
    Dr. Dana Paduraru ,
    Resident doctor in the pediatric surgery specialty
    Emergency Clinic Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu"
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    Fun board game to correct spelling mistakes in children

    There are many children who at the beginning of writing show little difficulties, either due to lack of attention when writing certain words or due to doubts about the rules of spelling. This usually causes them certain blocks and insecurities in the face of writing, something that with a little time, brief trainings and, why not, some imagination and fun can be solved. Can you imagine ucorrect spelling mistakes in children through play?

    Practicing, both at home and at school, the famous dictations or copying words many times without fail are two of the most typically used resources. But below we propose a fun game beyond dictations and systematic copying, and that is We reinvented the traditional board game to correct spelling mistakes in children. We will work around two tasks to achieve our goal: spelling out aloud and drawing. Shall we start?

    - We recommend using this board or game whenever there are signs of difficulty in spelling mistakes, be it a specific rule or more than one, or whenever we can appreciate insecurity or doubts when writing certain words.

    - To play you only need a dice and some tokens (one for each player who participates). Make sure that your child is always with an adult who can supervise that the writing is correct and positively reinforce him when it is.

    - Like any other board game, the theme is very simple. Participants start by rolling the dice to determine who starts the game. It will be the one who gets the highest score and the game will be followed from right to left. Whoever reaches the last box first will win. But in this case, in order to stay in the new place indicated by the dice and, therefore, continue advancing to reach the final square, we must pass one of the two tests that will be indicated on the same board: the spelling or the drawing, otherwise we will have to go back to the previous position. With this last rule, we will be able to keep the little ones motivated in the task of passing the different tests and moving towards the end of the board.

    - The objective of this game is to encourage the child to train those complex words, focusing much more on their details. Surely, without the dynamic concept of play, writing words would arouse very little interest on the part of our son.

    - You can create the board with your own hands or download the image above. If you create it on a sheet of paper or cardboard, the only extra material you will need will be two blocks of stickers of two different colors. Each color will correspond to a task, drawing or spelling.

    - Another important resource will be to have a list of words in which the child habitually makes mistakes and even lists of words for certain spelling rules (for example: b / v, the letter h, capital letters, accentuation, etc.) .)

    - The two tasks on the board indicated with two different colors of stickers correspond to 'spelling' (white color) and pictures (orange color). When we find the blue, we will have to spell back and forth a certain number of words from the previously chosen list, according to the age and level of difficulty that we want to agree on in the game. For example: if we get the word "had", we must spell h-a-b-í-a and a-í-b-a-h correctly. Instead, when placing ourselves in the other tone, we will have to copy the word on a separate sheet, add original drawings and reminders around the word to remember its more complex characteristics. For example: if we touch the word "caveman", to remember the "v" and the "i" we could draw a cave using the shape of the "v" and a spear for the accent.

    Have you seen how easy and, above all, how fun it can be to study the spelling rules? Children will learn and parents ... we can review!

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    Chalazion in a child - appears and disappears by itself?

    Researchers at Ohio State University randomly selected 30 of the most frequently checked-out children's books from the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Then they counted the number of words in each book.

    On average, board books contained 140 words and picture books 228 words. If you read five board books a day to your child from birth through his third birthday, and then five picture books a day for the next two years, he would hear 1.4 million more words than a child who has never been read to, the researchers calculated. (They assumed the children whose parents reported never reading to them might still be exposed to at least one book every couple of months.)

    This study was motivated by an earlier study, by the same author, in which half of the children from a national sample had reportedly never or seldom had a book read to them.

    Does five books a day sound like too much? Don't worry. Even reading just one book a day would result in your child hearing almost 300,000 more words than children who are rarely read to. And reading just one book three to five times a week would still result in exposure to more than 169,000 unique words, according to the study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

    This estimate is probably conservative, the authors noted. Parents often add commentary to stories as they read them, which results in children being exposed to even more vocabulary.

    Words in a book tend to be more varied than those in everyday conversation, lead author Jessica Logan said. If you read a book on penguins in Antarctica, for example, you will introduce your child to words that wouldn't typically come up in everyday conversations (unless, perhaps, you live in Antarctica).

    Hearing words early in life improves children's vocabulary and better prepares them for learning to read those words when they get to school, Logan said. As a result, they may learn to read more quickly than kids who don't have such a broad vocabulary, she explained.

    For more great ideas on preparing your child to excel at reading and how to choose engaging books, check out our tips on how to raise a reader.

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    Ep. 162: How To Make 2021 The Year Of The w. Rep. Jackie Speier. Rumble with Michael Moore

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop


    Paul Blart (Kevin James) is a likable security guard at the West Orange Pavilion Mall. He patrols the mall on his Segway scooter, assisting and directing shoppers. He has worked in the mall for 10 years after failing to get into the police force because of his hypoglycaemia. Paul is a single parent, who lives at home with his mother (Shirley Knight) and daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez).

    While patrolling the mall, Paul is attracted to the owner of a small kiosk, a young woman named Amy (Jayma Mays). Their first date turns into a disaster when Paul, unaccustomed to alcohol, becomes drunk. From then on, he is determined to get back into Amy's good books.

    A new trainee security guard, Veck Sims (Keir O'Donnell), arrives. Paul takes Veck under his wing, not realising that he is really a criminal. Armed criminals led by Veck rob the mall and take Amy and Maya hostage. This gives Paul a chance to prove his real worth.


    Crime; hostage-taking


    Many of the frequent violent acts and examples of accidental harm depicted in this film are slapstick. There are occasions when the violence takes on a more intimidating and harmful nature. There is also some behaviour that might be imitated by children. Examples of violence include the following:

    • While riding his scooter, Paul is chased by a small yapping dog that snaps at the tyres. We hear the sound of the scooter's wheels running over something and hear the dog yelping in pain. We don't find out whether the dog is killed or injured, and Paul does not seem upset by the event.
    • Children playing in a pit filled with small balls throw some of them at Paul, hitting him in the head. Paul is uninjured.
    • Paul intervenes in an argument between two female shoppers and is attacked by one of the women. She punches Paul in the face, stomach and body, head-butts him and bites him on the neck. When we see Paul later, he has a bloody nose and face and torn clothing.
    • After accidentally becoming drunk, Paul assaults a man sitting on a barstool. He behaves rudely towards other people in the bar. For example, he crawls across table tops, pushes people out of his way, dances wildly and pushes a man off a stage. He then overbalances backwards and crashes through a glass window.
    • Two men kick a bucket out from underneath a security officer, causing the man to fall on the ground.
    • Several robbers terrorise mall shoppers when they ride BMX bikes and skateboards recklessly though the crowded mall, while waving guns in the air. We see people screaming and running out of the mall.
    • Dozens of armed police officers point their guns at the mall's entrance.
    • A robber points a shotgun at Paul, who escapes on his scooter followed by a couple of robbers. Paul crawls into an air-conditioning duct, but is discovered when a robber repeatedly spears the duct with a sharp metal rod, narrowly missing Paul. Paul falls through the duct and lands on top of his attackers, knocking one of them (a woman) unconscious. Paul binds her hands and feet and then lifts her up onto his shoulder. He accidentally knocks the woman's head on a door frame, then drops her heavily on the ground.
    • The commander of the SWAT force says that he abused Paul at high school by setting him on fire at a pancake stall.
    • While struggling with a robber, Paul pushes him into a sun-tanning bed and repeatedly slams the lid down until the man is knocked unconscious.
    • A mall robber fires his gun at Paul, but misses him. The robber chases Paul on his skateboard and repeatedly hits Paul on the side of his body with a baton. Paul escapes into an elevator as a robber crashes through the elevator's glass window and punches him in the body and face. A second robber jumps onto the elevator, but Paul pushes him off. The first robber threatens to kill Amy and runs off with Paul in hot pursuit. Paul catches the robber, and they crash through a glass roof and fall into a pit of rubber balls with Paul's scooter falling down too. Paul appears uninjured while the robber has cuts over his face. Paul grabs the robber and head-butts him, knocking him unconscious.
    • In a bid to get Amy a birthday card, Paul tries to smash the glass door of a mall shop by jumping through it. When he hurls himself at the glass, the glass holds firm, and he bounces off and falls to the ground. Paul appears uninjured. Later in the movie, he tries the same thing using his scooter. This time he succeeds in shattering the glass but tumbles head first over the scooter's handlebars.
    • Paul knocks a valve off the top of a gas cylinder, causing the cylinder to fly across the room at great speed. It hits a robber in the stomach, knocking him unconscious.
    • Paul places a device with a naked flame next to an open gas outlet, causing a building to explode.
    • Paul uses a hockey stick to knock a robber's feet out from underneath him. We then hear the sounds of punches as the man is knocked unconscious.
    • We see what appears to be Paul on his scooter with a robber shooting him several times in the body. It turns out to be a store dummy on the scooter, not Paul.
    • Paul flicks hot chilli sauce into Veck's eye. Veck covers his eye and shouts out in pain but recovers quickly with no lasting effects.
    • Veck manhandles Amy and Maya, forcing them from a bank and driving away with them as hostages.
    • Paul challenges Veck to a fight, and both raise their fists. Paul collapses as though unconscious. He is faking and takes Veck by surprise by knocking Veck's feet out from underneath him. Paul then pins Veck down and handcuffs him.
    • A SWAT officer points his gun at Paul and tells Paul that he is going to shoot and kill Paul, Amy, Maya and Veck. The gun is shot out of the SWAT officer's hand by an elderly security officer.

    Content that may disturb children

    Under 5

    In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, there are some scenes in this movie that could scare or disturb children in this age group. For example, there are life-size models of a caveman and jungle animals in a coffee shop.

    From 5-8

    Children in this age group might also be disturbed by the scenes and scary visual images mentioned above. They could be particularly concerned when Paul runs over the dog.

    From 8-13

    Apart from the violent scenes mentioned above, there is nothing else in this film likely to scare or disturb children in this age group.

    Over 13

    Children in this age group are unlikely to be disturbed by anything in this movie.

    Sexual references

    There are some sexual references in this movie. For example:

    • When Paul approaches Amy (who runs a hair extension shop), he asks her, 'Do you do men?' Realising what he has just said, he changes his question to, 'Do you do hair on men?'
    • Two women argue over a bra in a shop. One of the women says that she has to have the bra because she has a date that night. The second woman comments, 'Is he blind?'
    • While drunk, Paul says, 'Time to pluck the grape from the vine' in relation to Amy.
    • Paul tells Amy that it was weird the previous night (when he was drunk). He asks if he tried to make out with her purse.
    • Paul is given a bottle of hot chilli source with the label 'The Devil's Crotch'.
    • A man says a woman is 'into leather'.
    • Paul gives Amy a birthday card that tells her how he feels about her. The last line says, 'You make me feel stuffed'.

    Alcohol, drugs and other substances

    There is some use of substances in this movie. For example:

    • People consume mixed drinks in a bar, but no one appears intoxicated.
    • Paul states several times throughout the film that he does not drink alcohol. But while at a bar, he mistakenly consumes a pitcher of Margarita and becomes highly intoxicated. Paul loses all inhibitions and gets out of control, embarrassing himself in front of Amy. He harasses several people, crawls across table tops, drinks other people's drinks, knocks a man off a stage, and finally overbalances and falls through a glass window. His actions jeopardise his chances of forming a relationship with Amy. Later in the film, it is revealed that he has a large tattoo of an eagle covering his entire back, a result of his drunken escapade.

    Nudity and sexual activity

    There is some nudity and sexual activity in this movie. For example:

    • Paul rides his Segway scooter rather suggestively. He looks a bit like a pole-dancer, thrusting and pumping.
    • Paul uses security cameras to watch Amy working at her store.
    • During Paul's struggle with a shopper, the back of the woman's shirt is pulled up to reveal her back and bra strap.
    • Women wear revealing clothing.

    Product placement

    There is some product placement in this movie, including:

    • Segway scooters
    • mobile phones
    • computers
    • internet dating services
    • food products including nachos, peanut butter, hot chilli sauce and apple pie.

    In addition, when Paul tries to fight off the mall robbers, he uses several products from various shops. These products range from a scuba diving tank to a remote control toy robot. Many of the products would appeal to children.

    Coarse language

    This movie contains some occasional mild coarse language and put-downs.

    Ideas to discuss with your children

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a slapstick comedy that is likely to appeal to children over 10 and adolescents who will be able to identify with the film's underdog hero. Adults looking for a light-hearted laugh are also likely to enjoy and be entertained by this film.

    The main message from this movie is that true courage and heroic action come from a stout heart and a clever mind, rather than a handsome appearance and a body full of muscles.

    Values in this movie that you might wish to reinforce with your children include courage, selflessness, forgiveness, compassion and the ability to see the best in people.

    You might also wish to discuss the real-life consequences of:

    • drinking alcohol
    • some of the scooter, bike and skateboard stunts in the film
    • hypoglycaemia (as suffered by Paul).

    Descaling during pregnancy. What do you need to know?

    Descaling during pregnancy. What do you need to know?

    Girls Hair Accessories


    What accessories can we use to make hairstyles for girls? The children's hairdresser 'Mis Pelitos' presents different ideas of accessories to decorate girls' hair. Beautiful, romantic and ideal accessories for the girl to look very cute.

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    15 false beliefs about kids with ADHD

    The baby navel cure. What you must not do

    My mother told me that it was simple, but that I was in that period of life in which everything becomes a world for you. In the maternity, they explained to me how I should heal my baby's navel step by step, but noor they told me what I should never do. Coming home, right after giving birth, I felt like a novice at everything. It was like my first day of school for a new course, that of a new mother.

    During those early days, my body was in chaos, my mind was somewhat clouded, and my emotions seemed to have gone on a roller coaster ride. As if that weren't enough, I had my baby, who was also adjusting to outside life and to his parents, whom he had just met. And all of a sudden there he was on the changing table with that clamp on the navel that had to heal every time I changed her diapers.

    If the diaper changes, which I was not used to, already involved an exam that I had to present myself to several times a day, the navel cure, of course, was not a 'maria'.

    When you become a mother, you notice a lot the changes between the customs of before and those of now. While mothers and grandmothers give us outdated advice with all their good intentions, gynecologists and pediatricians update us. So, for example, my mother told me that in his time navels were used, a bandage that was put on newborns in order to hold a cloth that covered the navel until it was dry.

    It is now known that it is not very convenient because the tapes, whether made of paper cloth or anallergic, can cause skin lesions and the bandages press on the belly and are uncomfortable. For this same reason, it is not advisable to use girdles either. Contrary to what it may seem, they do not cure or facilitate the healing of navel hernias and can be uncomfortable for the baby and even cause vomiting or difficulty breathing.

    Regarding the cure of the cord, it is not recommended to use cotton balls. It is preferable to dry with sterile gauze and leave the navel in the air, since covering it, you increase the humidity and the risk of infections. Another thing that should not be done is to leave the alcohol-soaked gauze on the navel for too long because it could irritate the area. And when it comes to antiseptics, those with color are not the best choice.

    Mercurochrome, which is red, can cause eczema and iodine is not recommended for newborns and infants because it is absorbed through the skin and can cause alterations in the function of the thyroid gland. 70% alcohol and chlorhexidine are the most indicated antiseptics to heal the umbilical cord of the newborn.

    Patience was my best ally when dealing with and healing with my baby's umbilical cord. It seemed that it would never fall, but one day it happened and you have to wait for it to come off itself. Pulling and tearing the umbilical cord, even if it seems that it is already dry, is not a recommended practice because it can cause bleeding.

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    HELP! MY BABYS BELLY BUTTON FELL OFF and its bleeding. Dr. Paul

    We love its ergonomic shape that allows the child to catch it easily and especially its flexible attachment system that will take you on a ride. 9th (Baby Comfort).

    We love its ergonomic shape that allows the child to catch it easily and especially its flexible attachment system that will take you on a ride. 9th (Baby Comfort).
    Where to find it?