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Tales of theater and puppets


1. The farm with puppets
Caryn jenner
This book contains nine small books with finger puppets. Each book is dedicated to an animal that lives on the farm and tells a funny story. With the puppets the child will be able to represent each story with all its characters.

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Tales of Gekijou Tales of Theater ているず おぶ 劇場 Episode 2 with English Subs

The inns. Mexican Christmas tradition

The inns. Mexican Christmas tradition

Top 10 Mexican Christmas Dishes

Heartwarming letter from a girl with Asperger syndrome who is bullied

"Never change the way you are." This is the strong message that a girl with Asperger syndrome who suffers from bullying has wanted to write in an exciting letter that makes the hair stand up and that the young woman has written as a result of a job for the Valentine's Day.

We do not know the name of this young woman who lives in a small town in northern Spain, but we do know that she is 15 years old and that she always says that she is "happy", although her mother knows that she has a horrible pain inside.

T.G., as we have identified her, has been diagnosed at age 7 with Asperger syndrome, something that has conditioned his school career. This young woman has difficulties relating to the rest and this has been the unjustified and incomprehensible reason why some classmates from the institute "have decided" bullying her: stick a gum in her hair or speak negatively about her in her presence, but without naming her.

His reaction to these attacks is to ignore them: "I pass them, they are very immature, Mom," he tells his mother, but she knows that it is not. Her mother says that T.G is a girl who does not know how to defend herself and who finds it difficult to start conversations with girls her age because the topics they talk about, fashion and boys, she is not interested in anything.

A few days ago, on the occasion of a work commissioned by the teachers for Valentine's Day under the title 'To love you, love yourself', T.G. wrote a letter that left all the teachers and staff of the institute speechless.

The letter, written in the second person, has made it possible to give greater visibility to the thoughts of many boys and girls who, like T.G., are Asperger syndrome and, unfortunately, they suffer the ridicule and insults of their fellow students.

Next, we invite you to read the full letter from T.G. It will thrill you and make your hair stand on end!

"For the most important person in this world: without you this world would be just a sea of ​​boredom. You are the solution, you yourself are your answer and your solution to all your problems.

For someone special that everyone needs to understand you, you who try 100 times more than others to achieve success, for all your important qualities that define you as you are, you don't need to do much to get that every day of your May life be a great day in which all your optimism is reflected by your big smile.

To you who, thanks to your great imagination, manage to create interesting stories, peculiar characters; you who always encourage yourself, you don't need much to get a smile from everyone, that despite what you have you are not left behind because you can achieve what you propose, that you encourage others like you to enjoy their flaws because you know they never had them.

That you encourage your colleagues when they say they are doing it, they do it or they did it wrong, but you know that this is not true, that you applaud not because something did not come out, but because they tried and it did not work out, but with a bit of determination sure they get it.

You who never thought that saying with your great sincerity others would not like it. You find it a bit difficult to make friends, but you still try to be yourself. You who never cared what others thought of you, that you do not care about the criticism you receive about what you do, that you do not give a damn what they think of you, because you yourself know that they are very wrong because YOU are you and not what others wish you to be.

You don't care about criticism, because you know they don't really know you. You, who know what your magnificent qualities are: your kindness, your tolerance, your optimism, your desire to explain to everyone how wrong they are to judge me without really knowing you. For you, even if you fail an exam, you keep your optimism and your positivity because you know that even if you fail, you can make an effort to pass another exam.

For your desire to change the way of thinking of some ignorant people. You who do not like when they mess with someone, who do not like how they treat those who have the same as you. To you who do not want to change your ways of thinking, who deserve a big applause for being who you are. To you who greet everyone when you get to class, you would like to ask everyone "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN MY PLACE?" To you who would not change your tastes for anything in the world.

NEVER CHANGE YOUR WAY OF BEING. You can get what you set out to do. CHE UP, YOU CAN!

Your best friend: your subconscious. "

Undoubtedly, some lines that suppose a message of encouragement for those who, in their same situation, feel that they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. And a letter that teachers and parents should keep in our memory and in our hearts as an example of improvement and strength.

Against him bullying or the school caseWe, parents, teachers and students must remain united. To end this type of abuse, nothing better than to prevent it and detect it in time. Here are some tips!

- It is important detect bullying from the early stages, in this way we will prevent it from perpetuating over time and increasing the intensity of harassment actions.

- If you notice that your child has changed his behavior, refuses to go to school or personal belongings disappear, talk to him or ask to meet with a teacher.

- Both parents at home and teachers at school must develop attitudes of rejection of bullying. According to the ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk), 80% of students believe that the mobilization of their peers is one of the most effective measures to stop bullying.

- Another measure to take would be promote and transmit values ​​at home and at school such as respect for others, solidarity, tolerance and equality.

- To help a child who suffers bullying is important boost your self esteem. Try to make the child feel loved and valued at all times.

- Teach him that there are situations that cannot be overcome and that there is limit. If you notice that a classmate is bullying another, you need to report it to a teacher immediately!

- And of course, show him that violence is not the solution to any problem. To achieve something, you do not have to resort to this type of behavior.

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Not everyone can make sure that they regularly take care of their childhood while exercising. However, it is generally true that in your company you will be much easier to move. The Solution: Go Together!

Let's start the field tour with baby spinning!

Spinning beans

Spinning with the baby

"Not only for the bikes you are looking for, but also for those who are looking for a good cardio trainer and entrepreneurial mindset, they can also improve this with a baby wearing a backpack or in the fabric of their backpack" Bбlint Katica, BikeWithBaby's Inventory. Because you can control the resistance yourself, you can customize the implementation according to your own preferences. Your baby will surely love the rhythmic movement, the pleasant, not too fast-paced music (and it was like being asleep in the middle of the night) and you will feel that you can also express your imagination. a carry-on that can be shown for safe use, or you can take a course before it here, for example.
"Active movement in this space is also 60 minutes. Its movement is different from that of other indoor cycling because the weight of the baby is due to the shift of the mother's center of gravity, which also affects the overall coordination. sudden movements that were a little out of your mind.

Maminbab Latin Fitness

Molnber Enikh you have introduced this great musical fitness range that is not so much innovative that you can get it in more places, and even if you like it, you can train yourself even more, because Enikket's on franchise system. The idea is that as more and more parents become acquainted with the secrets of using a laptop, they discover the incredible freedom, security and closeness you can get with it. And why wouldn't this particular situation be something of a gymnastics thing if it were to do both your shape and your fitness? Of course, you can go for baby dolls not only with cloths, but also with other dolls in your usual carry case.

Baba-mama gymnastics

There are already plenty of gyms, but far fewer that cater to the needs of baby women and allow them to move around. This is certainly a sign that there are no enthusiastic or persistent applicants. Experience has shown that mothers find it difficult to move because they always feel that there is something more important to do at home than sports. However, if you want to keep your health healthy for a long time, you also need to take the time to provide some recharging. It is worth trying out the baby-mom gym, where you can take your baby a little over 2 months (up to high school age).

Nordic walking

Have you heard about it? It is equipped with a special, fast walking technique, which is powered by powerful arm strokes. All this is out in the open, so it's a double enjoyment. If running seems to be too fast or strenuous for you, then give it a try, you won't even think how well you move! Because you carry the baby all the way, you can be sure to sweat and reinforce the nordicosis.You can carry the baby in well-concluded carry-ons and back-to-back, but those carry-ons that aren't secure, secure. The trainings are done in groups, so you can stay in the gym all the way. Coaches are usually paused during the day, but you can now start writing in March and start the season through November.

Baba-mom yoga

Professionally directed yoga is the right choice for you if you are more relaxed, meditative, but in your own way, you only want to exercise with great effort. It improves body awareness, posture, water and exercise, and helps with stress management, so you can expect everything you need in the months after birth. At Asram Yoga and Meditation Center, you can play with your baby, but you can also take care of your children while you are playing.
How do you get rid of the cannon?

The big heat also bears on the kids. We give you ideas on how to spend your hot nights.

- Organize your day in the Mediterranean! Feel free to extend your bedtime, spend evenings in the evening and stay longer in the shaded room in the warmth of the south.- shut out the hot sunlightso you warm less in the apartment.- Hang some wet sheets in the room.

You don't even need a lot of clothes when you're sleeping

- Before going to bed, shower the baby with lukewarm water. Hey, play the fьrdхszobбban: give him a tбl jйgkockбt or jйgkбsбt, nйhбny mыanyag cup, a spoon, a dцmpijйt to the lapбtolhassa zuhanytбlcбban, kevergethesse, szбllнthassa csъszуs the cold darabkбkat.- Kйszнts pбlcбs jйgkrйmet йdesнtйs nйlkьli gyьmцlcs-, citromfы- mentateбbуl or possibly gyьmцlcslйbхl . Swap your evening drink for this cool sucker.- Swap your duvet cover and sleep for a smooth feel. Before going to bed put your uber in the blankets, a baby cushion and a warming pad filled with cherry kernel to lie down on the cold bed, and before you fall asleep, you can crumble in a cold bag. - Air conditioning Flowing cold air and constantly operating climate can cause respiratory illness.They may also be interested in:
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Advent calendar with values ​​for each day

Advent calendar with values ​​for each day

Teach your child the fundamental values ​​of Christmas through this Advent Calendar


Goodness is perhaps the value among values. Because with this value, many others are already instilled if they know it. The good person is the one who always tries to do good to others. Sure, kindness is a very abstract thing, right? How do we explain to a child what kindness is? In this case, the example is almost the best tool. If our child sees kind behaviors in us, he will know what it means, without the need for words.

Children can be good in many ways: paying attention in class, being obedient, tidying up their room, having details with their friends. You have a story that talks about kindness on our Children's Guide page. Is named Pedrito, the snail and the slug.

Obedience implies collaboration and partly responsibility. It implies for the child to assume and respect a series of rules, and it is very useful in education because it is part of the imposition of limits on their behavior.

A child will obey if he is clear about the rules and sees that by acting in this way and by obeying his parents, he receives rewards in the form of praise, affection and appreciation.

Children also learn from failures. For example, learning to persevere, to strive continuously. To keep fighting for your dreams.

But how can we teach our child this value? Through studies, a sport you enjoy, games with your friends ... Perseverance often requires discipline. For example, in a sport that you like and want to practice more professionally.

Explain that with perseverance you can achieve almost everything.

Responsibility implies commitment. To the extent that the child commits to something, he must accept his share of responsibility. And not only with others. The responsibility must also be with oneself.

The value of The responsabilityBut the best way for them to understand what it entails is by using a pet. Your pet will have to take care of it, feed it, keep it healthy. They will understand that responsibility is closely linked to love as well.

Effort is the way to get what you want. That is why it is convenient to instill this value from when the child is very young.

Discipline is a good way to instill the value of effort. A specific time to study, a routine ... The effort is also closely related to the ability to overcome frustration. Use a box motivations, so that it costs the child less effort and incidentally to improve their self-esteem.

Being sincere means being honest, not hiding anything, being clear and truthful. Not only with others. Being honest with yourself also means not fooling yourself, accepting yourself and not trying to be a different person.

A person who is incessant with himself, breathes harmony, peace. Your child must understand that sincerity is essential in relationships with others. That lies can do a lot of harm to other people.

If you want, you have a story about sincerity. It's called 'Sara y Lucía'.

Respect for the common good means that we must instill in our children respect for everything that belongs to humanity. That is to say: nature. Something as simple as explaining every time you pluck a flower that the flower belongs to everyone, that it does not belong to you, and that by plucking it prevents other people from enjoying its beauty for longer. Or that the signal not to step on the grass is to protect a common good.

It seems simple, but at first, children are not very aware of the things that belong to everyone. The water, the air, the sea, the mountains ... It is you who must teach him not to throw garbage on the street or not to make noise in a theater, for example.

You have a very nice story in Guiainfantil that speaks of this value: it is called 'Itzelina and the rays of the sun'.

Union make force. Nothing clearer and easier for your children to understand that cooperation is very important to achieve goals in life.

Cooperating with others will also be rewarding. You will be helping, you will feel valuable. Your work will be reinforced by the end result.

Encourage your children to do chores at home. That they help you clean up, clean up.

They can also learn the meaning of cooperation when they play as a team with your friends. Games like soccer, basketball, handball ... would be meaningless without everyone's cooperation.

Generosity is another of the values ​​that must be learned little by little. No one is born being generous. That is why the example of parents is essential. Children will learn to be generous to the extent that they see that others are with him.

Show him that if he shares, this gesture will have benefits for him, because later the others will share with him. If you want, you have a story about this value: A plate is not a lettuce.

Kindness is a basic value. Kindness opens doors, helps the child to relate to others. It means to be loving, affectionate, respectful. And also, pay attention to others.

This is another of the values ​​that must be learned. Children are not born being kind. No one is born being kind. Quite the opposite. As children we are impulsive and we move by instincts. But little by little the child must learn to control impulses.

In these cases, it is best to lead by example. If children see that we are kind to others, we say hello, we ask, and we care about another person, and we give thanks, they will tend to imitate this behavior. In Guiainfantil we have a fantastic story that talks about kindness. It's called, Daniel and the magic words.

Compassion is a value that makes us more sensitive and humane. It involves caring for others and doing everything possible to achieve their happiness.

It is a value closely related to kindness, generosity and empathy. If you want, you have a story that speaks of compassion: 'A rabbit on the road'.

Solidarity exists as soon as someone is aware of the needs of others and collaborates to help. It is a value that is learned, and that is learned above all by example.

Solidarity requires empathy, putting yourself in the place of the other, and generosity. You can explain it to him through a story: 'It's cold'.

How difficult it is to educate a child in patience, right? Children are often impatient by nature, but the value of patience is very helpful. Whoever perseveres must be patient. So patience is also related with success.

Play games to teach your child to be patient. For example, the puzzles they are very good at getting it.

Friendship teaches you many things throughout life. Friends are chosen, and they are chosen in many possible ways: by affinity, by sharing values ​​...

Like family and school, friends also help shape our personality. In fact, the first childhood friends, will mark the child forever. Friendship teaches the child to be generous, tolerant, compassionate ...

Being tolerant implies respecting the other, respecting their differences, their thoughts, their beliefs. Respect an idea even if it is not shared. Well, this is something that has always cost all of us since we were little. You see the children who argue among themselves and try to impose their ideas on others, right?

To instill the value of tolerance, stories can be used. For example, the Ugly Duckling, a swan among ducks who laughed at him and did not want to accept their differences

Trust others and yourself. Children will trust another person if they feel respected, if they are sincere and honest with them. Confidence feeds on kindness.

Self confidence however it is linked to self-esteem. The higher the child's self-esteem, the more he will trust his chances, and the closer he will be to success.

Consistency is a value that is conveyed by example. Parents must be consistent in what they say and do. If there are contradictions between your words and your deeds, you are creating confusion and difficulties within your family.

Be consistent and teach by example what this abstract word means to them. Consistency is closely linked to sincerity and honesty.

An honest person attracts the trust of others. But what does it mean to be honest? Being honest means being honest, with others and with yourself. Be transparent, don't hide anything.

For a child to learn to be honest, he must first know yourself, know their strengths and weaknesses, and that implies some maturity. Only in this way can it show itself as it is.

Punctuality is not only a value for oneself, but also means a commitment to others. In many places, lateness is viewed as a lack of respect for others.

Instill in your child the value of punctuality, but above all, set an example so that he understands the importance of it.

Empathy is that ability that human beings have to put themselves in the place of the other. It is a value that makes us more human and that is also related to other values, such as generosity, understanding, kindness.

The empathy it can also be felt towards animals or Nature.

More on the value of empathy, HERE

Respect for differences is essential in social relationships. Respecting the other implies being tolerant and respecting their differences. It is the key to a good coexistence between different cultures.

Guiainfantil.com It will help you to teach your child to be tolerant of differences from a young age, to respect different cultures, races and religions.

More about the value of Respect for diversity, HERE

Younger children are not very aware that their actions can hurt other people, so it is convenient to instill the value of forgiveness little by little.

If your child breaks another child's toy, for example, you can emphasize the sadness or crying of that child who has run out of toy. In this moment, teach your child to ask for forgiveness, to acknowledge that it was an accident, and to comfort the other child.

More on the value of forgiveness, HERE

Faithfulness implies commitment and responsibility, therefore it may take us a while to make our children understand what it really means to be a faithful person. A faithful child is a child who does not cheat, who does not lie, who assumes the positive or negative consequences of telling the truth.

A faithful child is also a child who knows how to value ties, with his parents, with his siblings, with his friends, pets, grandparents and other relatives.

More about the value of loyalty or loyalty, HERE

Giving thanks to the positive things that happen to them encourages children to always do good. We must teach a child to be grateful not only with words but also with details, gestures, smiles, kisses and hugs ...

Through the Advent calendar, children can learn values ​​such as the gratitude, one of them can be practiced in these Christmas parties. The calendar is an excellent resource to prepare children and the whole family to await the birth of the baby Jesus.

The Christmas it is a good occasion to teach children to be grateful for everything they have and for the family with whom they can share good times and experiences. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Temptation of Jesus MT Nebo UMC January 21, 2021