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Halloween is a popular holiday and adored by children, but sprinkled with all kinds of scary costumes and decorations, which can accentuate the anxiety of the little ones. If you have a cooler baby in the threads, it is advisable to turn the festive costumes of this holiday into more "friendly" and to create, together with him, a little less frightening craft, so that the little one will feel comfortable among the decorations in fireplace.

Cardboard wound wound

It is not mandatory that the appearance of decorative bats be sinister. You can make your child, or with him, a nice bat-shaped craft. To make it, you need, first of all, the cardboard from the toilet paper, which you paint in black and to which you draw a smiling face. Then you need a paper bag from which you cut out the jagged wings, paint them in strips and glue them to the back of the cardboard. To give the bat a cooler look, fill a piece of cellophane with candy, tie it with a ribbon and place a "mot" on the top of the cardboard from the toilet paper, as a hat or capillary ornament for the bat.

Garland with cardboard figurines

The garland is a decorative element suitable for any holiday, but especially for Halloween, when you have the opportunity to hang on it a lot of crafts in the form of cute figurines. The simplest garland for decorating the house is made of twine, on which several colored cardboard hangs. Cut out cards in the specific colors of this holiday, black and orange, in the form of pumpkins, cats and ghosts. Accessorize them with eyes, mouth and nose, so that they take the form of funny or smiling faces, and attach or hang them on the string, from one end to the other.

Haunted house with surprise doors

It is not compulsory for a ghost, a monster or a sinister bat to hide behind the door of each haunted house, which can scare the child. They make a craft, in the form of a haunted house of good fairies and beautiful faces, so that it is to the taste of the little one. You need colored cardboard, watercolors, scissors, glues and floats to cut all the components of the house and assemble them. Make sure you leave the windows "open" to attach miniature pictures of the child behind them, but also with you, grandparents and other close relatives and dear ones.

Candy pumpkin pumpkin

Pumpkin is a symbol of this holiday and is not missing from anyone's houses during this period. Make a hanging pumpkin, using tubes of candy, cardboard and glue. Cut the head in the shape of a pumpkin, glue on the eyes, mouth and nose of the paper, then, glue in two pieces of candy, like hands, and two more, longer, down, on the feet. Grab the pumpkin at the top, attach a ribbon and hang it on a wall of the child's bedroom. You can make several copies of "hanging pumpkins", using other colored candies, to decorate more rooms of your home.

Bentita and mustache cat

There is no need for Halloween to dress your little boy or girl in a creepy spider or sinister wolf. You can also opt for cute and soothing outfits and costumes, especially if you have a slightly scarier child. The black dress, belted in the form of cat ears and some mustaches made of woven cloths in a black robe can turn your baby into a cute feline, with slightly flamboyant but not frightening accents.

Smiling lanterns

The lanterns are another important decorative element in the Halloween night, being the only light source in the house. Although the more you make them sinister, the more you get into the specifics of the holiday, it is advisable to avoid the scary element. If you have a small child, who is so afraid of darkness, the scary faces of the lanterns will accentuate his anxiety. He makes the lanterns from larger jars. Wrap them in cracked paper. Then, from black iced paper, cut the eyes, mouth and nose, in various models, and glue them to the jars. Put a lit candle in each jar and let the smiling girls to provide a warm and pleasant light in the room.

Nice ghost

Although their job is to scare you rather than to entertain you, ghosts can become the most friendly Halloween symbols, if you take care to give them such a comforting look when you make them. Take a slightly longer jar or cardboard box, wrapping it tightly in white toilet paper, but be careful to leave room for your eyes. Stick the doll's eyes and position them so that the ghost's eyes are frightened, not angry.

Themed, personalized bag

Another craft, but also an accessory to wear during Halloween carol, is the bag or bag printed with all kinds of interesting designs, in the specific of the holiday. If you want a more "good" model for the child, try to draw, with nontoxic paint, 2-3 nice spiders on the front of the bag and draw a funny canvas, for more effect. Make sure you write the child's name with it, in different colors, to give it a personal accent, which the child will surely be attracted to.

Pirate jar filled with sweets

The jar filled with sweets should be found in all the houses, during Halloween, being a specific symbol of this holiday. But to give it a decorative touch, try to create a pirate hat for him, from old clothes. Place it over the lid and tie it with string or textile material. Then cut a rectangular cardboard, color it, draw a nice skeleton on it and stick it on the jar.

What other cool Halloween craft ideas do you have for us? Give us your suggestions and possibly your pictures, in the comments section below!

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Symptoms of egg allergy

The second most common substance causing dietary allergy is eggs in infants and young children. It is important that anyone diagnosed with egg allergies should avoid eating all eggs (even if hidden).

It may seem clear, however, that it is important to emphasize: "diagnosed egg allergy" means that a physician has suggested that the child should have symptoms, symptomatic / onset diaries, examinations, and on an individual basis. Usually, the little ones grow out when they are 2 years old, but unfortunately, the diagnosis is a lifelong diet.Without shedding, eczema comes with an egg-free diet, but only for a couple of weeks - and your doctor will make sure you have the egg. Unfortunately, today there are many tests (such as bioresonance), a scientific method that It gives a positive result, the parent will keep the child on an excess diet that is not at all egg allergic. Excessive diet can not only mean financial, life-style distress for your family, but you also have to lose out on nutrients - if you do not, your child may suffer from deficiency.What are the symptoms of egg allergy?

When should the egg be introduced?

There is also a frequent advice on introducing eggs to the white and yeast. In fact, the inability to choose these two completely is completely unnecessary, and the egg is, according to international literature, completely unhealthy. Introduced before age 1 up to 6 months. (But this should not be the very first food tasted). Eggs in extremely cool nutrients, real superfood, full of all things (whole blood protein, D, A, E, B, folic acid, selenium, fatty acids, etc.), you would be left out of your kid's diet.

Symptoms of egg allergy

Egg allergies can occur in about 1 percent of total absence. Here again, the symptoms can be the same as with other dietary allergies (both individually and more):
  • skin (eczema, redness, cheating, etc.)
  • uncomfortable, tired, coughing
  • rubbing (relief, itching, bleeding)
  • runny nose, itchy
  • diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating
  • very rare: anaphylaxis
Keresztreakciу also occurs, which means that eg. in egg allergic people, the body believes that another allergen is similar to egg, so it shows the same symptoms. In eggs, such a reaction may be caused by csirkehъs, tyъktoll (Бgynemыben). However, it is important that this is not always the case, so you do not need to withdraw chicken meat from your child with egg allergy unless your doctor advises it. This component based testing, which can help you identify which component of your egg you are allergic to. The component point may be sensitive, which means that the child can eat eggs well. It's a good idea to run this test as it can greatly improve the life of a child with egg allergies.

No taboos on the secret room of small children couples

No taboos on the secret room of small children couples

If you happen to be trying to conceive (TTC), and aren't familiar with birth clubs and or preconception online communities -- such as the Getting Pregnant group in the our site Community -- that first experience of wading into the pool might leave you scratching your head.

This is because members in these forums tend to speak an entirely different language.

Even casual terms like DD, DS, LO and DH threw me for a loop at first. Decoded, they stand for "dear daughter," "dear son," "little one" and "dear husband," which are quick ways to reference members of your family.

But how was I supposed to know that?

With all of this talk about LMPs, OPKs, BFPs or BFNs, AF, DTD and more, I was all like, "OMG, WTH?!?" when I began lurking in the August 2011 Birth Club five years ago. It got to the point that if I came across a thread with too many acronyms, I threw up my hands in defeat and clicked away without attempting to decode.

What do you think? Is this a BFP or a BFN? I SWEAR, I see a line! (For the record, I retested and found out I was pregnant with my third child three days later.)

Three kids in, I'm now a TTC (trying to conceive) jargon expert. And you can be, too.

To start, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with common getting-pregnant terminology. This genius chart of TTC acronyms will come in handy as you're interacting with others who are in the same boat. For a more extensive list, you can find a complete acronym chart in the Getting Pregnant group.

Now that you have the entire list memorized let's try a test run:

“It's been about two months since I stopped my BC. DH and IDTD last week and now I'm 7DPO. But man, this 2WW is so brutal! Based on my LMP, my EDD would be November 21 if I do get a BFP. Anyone get their BFP yet? Baby dust to all!"

This translates to:

"It's been about three months since I stopped my birth control. Dear husband and I did the deed last week and now I'm 7 days past ovulation. But man, this 2-week wait is so brutal! Based on my last menstrual period, my estimated due date would be November 21 if I do get a big fat positive. Anyone get their big fat positive yet? Good luck (like fairy dust)to all!"

I know it all seems a bit confusing now. But after a little practice, you'll be throwing around two- and three-letter acronyms with the best of them. But before throwing around the acronym AF, ask a teenager what it means.

I was pretty sure I saw two lines, but a digital test confirmed baby number three!

Baby dust to all couples who are currently TTC. May you all get your BFPs -- FX!

This post was originally published in June, 2016.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Skirt mode. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

It owes its spread as a baptismal name to San Modoaldo, bishop of Trier in the 7th century.

"Courageous government".

May 12.


  • Modesta Bor, Venezuelan composer (1926-1999).

Drawings of the name Modoalda coloring page printable game

Modoalda: pictures of the names to color, print and paint

Drawing of the name Modoalda coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Modoalda coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Name Modoalda to paint, color and print


Signs that the kid is iron deficient

Signs that the kid is iron deficient

In infants and young children, it is important to have enough iron in your children's diet. Failure to do so may result in iron deficiency, which can have long-lasting effects.

Signs that the kid is iron deficientProper quality and a balanced diet can help prevent iron deficiency in children. The recommended daily intake of iron in infants and young children is 0.6-1.2 mg / kg iron. Insufficient iron deficiency can also have long-term consequences, so it is very important to have proper nutrition and to detect any signs of iron deficiency.Symptoms of iron deficiency include:
  • sбpadtsбg
  • cold hands or feet
  • painful or plain language
  • fбradtsбg
  • fast heart rate
  • strange curiosity, no food for you
  • izomgyengesйg
Certain diseases can make iron absorption more difficult, regardless of whether the diet is appropriate. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should have their iron levels checked regularly by their physicians (via medicalnewstoday).Related articles in vashiбny:
  • Severe consequences of childhood iron deficiency
  • Hungarian small children do not consume enough iron
  • Ironing with greenery!
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Homemade Christmas card with surprise gift for children

Sending Christmas postcards is a very beautiful tradition with which we get a big smile from our family and friends. And if, in addition, we do it at home with our children, we can organize a very fun family activity. The best congratulations is the one that is made from the heart.

There are many types of Christmas Christmas, but if you want yours to be different, look for a slightly more original design. In Guiainfantil.com we suggest you do with the children this homemade Christmas card with surprise gift. As you can see it has a pop up effect, because it goes out. You are going to leave everyone with their mouths open!


  • red ribbon
  • glue stick
  • green, red and black marker
  • red, white and green card stock
  • pencil, ruler and scissors

1. Start by clipping a square 21 cm long by 21 cm wide on red card stock. You also have to cut a 19 cm long by 19 cm wide square out of white card stock. Lastly, don't forget another rectangle 20 cm long by 9 cm wide on green card stock. Do you already have them all? Don't miss them because they are the basis of this Christmas card.

2. To continue with this craft, draw a vertical line in the center of the white construction paper square, and then draw two parallel lines; one line to the right and another line to the left. Leave a distance of 2.5 cm on each side from the center line.

Following, draw 5 horizontal lines between the lines you just drew; start from the bottom. The first line goes at a distance of 5 cm from the lower edge; the second one goes 0.5 cm from the line you just drew. Continue marking 5 cm away to trace the third line and then 0.5 cm to trace the fourth. Finish by marking 5 cm more to draw the last line.

You have to have something similar to the one in this photo.

3. Fold the square in half leaving the lines out and cut the 5 horizontal lines with the scissors. Now open it up and fold the cardboard inward along the vertical lines you drew in parallel. You will see that when making the horizontal cuts, a kind of cubes are created.

4. Fold the white cardboard square in half again, now leaving the lines inside. Make sure the cubes are folded in and the rest of the openings are out. This is how you will achieve the pop up effect! This will be the inside of the Christmas card.

5. Color and decorate the cubes with the markers to make them look like Christmas presents. You can let your imagination fly and paint everything you want around: the interior of a room, Santa Claus, a fireplace, more gifts, toys, a teddy bear or a Christmas tree ... happen!

Fold the red construction paper square in half and re-fold the white construction paper square with the gifts and decorations on the inside.

6. Spread the glue on the outside of the white cardboard square to be able to stick it inside the red cardboard square. Start by pasting one side first, then the other, so you can make sure the composition is centered.

7. Finally, close the card and glue the green cardboard rectangle on the bottom right of the front of the Christmas postcard. Decorate with the red gift ribbon and add a message.

And you have this original Christmas card with pop up gifts ready!

When we decide to send a Christmas or Christmas card to our loved ones and they receive it, they perceive that we have remembered them in a very special way since we have invested part of our time in buying the postcard, writing the dedication and sending it well in advance. If, in addition, you have done it with all your love, they will feel much more flattered.

So in Guiainfantil.com We propose you some other designs of very beautiful and simple Christmas cards to make.

- 3D reindeer card
This Christmas card is used both to decorate the house during the holidays and to send it to someone very special. Thanks to a small cardboard, the character on your postcard will appear to be sticking out, creating an impressive three-dimensional effect. To make this card even funnier, we recommend that you put some plastic eyes, which you can buy at any stationery store, and a loud rattle for the reindeer.

- A Christmas greeting with a snowball effect
Have you ever had a crystal ball with a Christmas figurine inside that, when shaking it, the snow moved from one side to the other? This Christmas postcard has the same effect. Among other materials, to make this Christmas postcard you need some artificial snow, glitter, a plastic portfolio and colored cards. Any of your family and friends who receive this postcard will be amazed.

- Christmas postcard with a hanging ball
This Christmas card is very simple to make, but it is very colorful. It is perfect to put at the feet of the Christmas fir tree, to congratulate Santa Claus on Christmas when he leaves the presents. To make it, you only need colored cardboard, a string, some brads and an awl. This craft requires adult supervision, as children can injure themselves cutting the ball.

- Christmas card made with tweezers
And finally, we propose you a very original Christmas postcard. With tweezers or pins, you can hang small pieces of paper on which to write a nice Christmas dedication. No one would expect you to send them such a curious Christmas, for which everyone would be very grateful.

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Learn to agree with the children

Learn to agree with the children

There is not a day that I go to pick up my daughters from school where I do not arrive with a big smile. The hope of spending an afternoon with them where we share games, laughter and experiences, and even homework, makes me feel like I'm opening a Christmas present every day.

But, after that first reception, I see how all my delusion It dissolves quickly in the air when I see how my daughters unconditionally demand a snack from me, that I carry their backpack, that I buy them candy, and that I respond to each stimulus of their being without any alternative. Thus, from the understanding mother and affectionate who was waiting behind the school door, there is only an ogre with bloodied eyes with a swollen vein in his neck, who said that the world of motherhood was a whole field of roses?

So, I have had to learn to agree with my daughters.

Motherhood has taught me that, in addition to being loving with my daughters, which is something that comes standard, I also have to be an educator 24 hours a day, storyteller at bedtime, a benevolent judge in every fight, an ambassador for my daughters to other mothers, a parliamentarian in the plenary session of my room and, first of all, impose a semi-democracy in my house, because experience has shown me that the dictatorship did not work for any of us.

My father established a dictatorial regime at home, the kind that end with the phrase "Because I said so, period", and where dialogue was a lost ideal; So, when I became a mother, I decided that a democracy would prevail in my house as much as possible. It was not a random choice, but as a child I felt the need to express my feelings and it was a frustrating feeling not being able to do so.

Now, as a mother, I have realized that the rules are much better followed when we are all who we jointly impose. Thus, learning to make a pact with children became an urgent need in my family.

Of course, we have written one word Constitutionwhere the basic non-negotiable rules of the house have been exposed, but there are many other points that can be discussed.

There are several factors that make parent-child pacts the best of the possible choices:

1. The covenant is a healthy relationship between parents and children, an agreement between the two parties in which neither is imposed.

2. We hold them responsible for their choice, which they must comply with if they want to agree with us again.

3. It gives them the possibility to learn to make decisions.

4. It teaches us to cooperate with each other with mutual respect.

Given this promising prospect, I can only tell you that in my house it works most of the time, and for those that do not work, it is convenient to have a Plan B planned, but that never passes through the imposition of the norm, since that way we would be breaking the basic rule: "the pact between the two parties", and the next time it would lose its beneficial effect.

Tips when making a deal with your children

- It should always involve a effort on the part of the child; for example: it doesn't work when we want him to clear the table but he was willing to do it a thousand loves, even if he is lazy.

- It should be something short-term so you don't forget. Long terms in a child have no effect because time passes differently for them. Only the present moment is valid.

- Avoid the temptation to do a a posteriori pact without notifying it before, that is to say: "since you have gone to your friend's house now you have to do something for me"

- We should never punish them for not complying with the pact, even if it is the first resource that occurs to us, but the consequence will be the refusal to return to agree soon.

- The agreements should not become a business relationship, so they should not be abused. Not everything is negotiable: neither health, nor moral values ​​are.

- You have to wait until they are 5 years old, before they don't have the maturity to do it.

- Must be done from a comprehensive way, not in a forced way or with an attitude of anger on our part.

The pacts they are not infallible, nothing is with children, but I assure you that, even if it costs you, it is the best way to make children cooperate and we can understand each other in a positive way.

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