Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa

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The Chinese horoscope is one of the best known. The Chinese New Year marks which animal will correspond that year and how the children will be born.

According to astrology, some character traits of children are already marked from birth. Does your baby Snake's character match his Chinese zodiac sign?

The so-called 'sixth sense' is what mainly characterizes children born in the Chinese sign of the Snake. They are very intuitive and intelligent, and they are guided by these hunches.

Children with the Snake horoscope will be intelligent and, above all, very clever, capable of taking advantage of any opportunity to achieve their goals.

They tend to be a bit greedy and materialistic, so parents should teach them to share and learn that they will not be happier because they have many toys.

They are good counselors, thanks to their great perception they are able to know when someone is feeling sad and offer correct solutions to problems.

They are very careful with money, they will save the tip we give them and they will know how much they have, but if they are infatuated with something they can spend everything, something that they must learn to control.

Thanks to their intelligence they can achieve very good academic results and achieve success in whatever objective they set themselves.

Those born in these years are the Serpent sign: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

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Dragon. Chinese zodiac dragon sign. discover what your child will be like if he is born under the Dragon sign.

Snake. Chinese horoscope for children. discover what your child will be like if he is born under the sign of Snake

Horse. discover what your child will be like if he is born under the Horse sign.

Goat. Discover what your child will be like if he is born under the Goat sign.

Bow. The monkey as a Chinese horoscope astrology sign. discover what your child will be like if he is born under the Monkey sign.

Rooster. Find out what your child will be like if he is born under the Rooster sign.

Dog. Babies and children of the Chinese sign dog. The Dog horoscope is the eleventh sign of the Chinese horoscope. Astrology can help you to know the character that your child has. discover what your child will be like if he is born under the sign of Dog.

Pork. How is or what will be the baby of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig. Find out how your child will be if he is born under the sign of Pig.

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5 luckiest Chinese zodiac sign in 2021 year of the Ox. 2021. Chinese New Year

Children's Fair and Santa's Christmas at Exporom

The newest exhibition center in Romania, EXPOROM, is preparing to break the second World Record - The longest letter in the world for Santa Claus. The event will take place within the exhibition "Children's Fair & the City of Santa Claus", organized at EXPOROM during December 5 - 9, 2012.

After breaking the world record in the category "The largest salad in the world", EXPOROM prepares a new record with a letter of over 1,000 m in length to Santa Claus, which will be written with the help of over 20,000 visitors expected at the "Children's Fair & City to Santa ". The children who will write to Santa will be able to win, through the raffle, trips to Lapland, in the city of Rovaniemi in Finland.

During the 5 days of exhibition, visitors will enjoy many experiences in the largest City of Santa Claus: Santa's house with his sleigh and reindeer, the adornment of a huge fir tree, the surprise of gifts from children's boots, ice sculptures, concerts, creative workshops for children, parenting workshops within the area allocated to the "Parent Kit" and many fun activities that will surprise visitors. Every day, they will be able to have fun in the City of Santa Claus and will be able to discover the latest news for memorable winter holidays.

In a large space of 12,000 square meters will be exhibited a lot of products and services dedicated to the whole family with special discounts for holidays offered by more than 300 exhibitors from the following fields: clothing, toys, books, sweets and traditional preparations, cosmetics, gifts and decorations, financial-banking, medical, parenting, tourist, after-school services, etc. Those who want unique and special gifts, will surely find the perfect solution at "Children's Fair & Santa's City".

Visitors have free access and free transportation from the Republic metro station to the EXPOROM Complex in Pantelimon.

Shopping hammock for a child On the American market, a shopping hammock product is very popular. It is used in a shopping trolley. The only problem is the controversy that comes with it - especially the safety of use. In foreign forums, we can find many instructions on how to use this hammock safely.

And you, what do you think about this product? Needed, superfluous?

Your child has a fever and suddenly He begins to convulse with jerky movements throughout his body that he can barely control. You see with horror that even his gaze seems lost ... and you go into a state of panic.

Yes, it is one of the worst experiences thousands of parents have gone through: the so-called febrile seizure. Would you know how to recognize it and act correctly when faced with one of these episodes?

This video shows us how to recognize a febrile seizure in a baby: the little one begins to suffer spasms in the body. His muscles contract and he cannot control them and his lips turn purple. The episode of spasms or febrile convulsions is very unpleasant, since the little one loses control of the body, the eyes and may even lose consciousness. But although they are so flashy and scary, at first, they are not dangerous.

Sometimes the febrile seizure appears in a milder form: the child's body stiffens or he simply rolls his eyes. They usually occur in children under 5 years, and they remit approximately 10 minutes after their start. They do not leave sequelae or lead to epilepsy episodes. Remember that fever, although it is alarming and we may be scared, is deep down an ally against infections.

- Lay the baby or children on their side so that they breathe better

- If he is on his back, make sure to tilt his head so that the saliva does not cause him to suffocate

- You can grab him, but not immobilize him

- Do not put any object in your mouth

- Do not put him in the bathtub with cold water

- Do not transfer him in the middle of a febrile seizure

- You can give paracetamol to lower the fever and help you with wet cloths (but warm, not cold)

- Try to remove clothes that are not warm

- As soon as the febrile seizure passes, take the child to the pediatrician to analyze his condition.

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Febrile Seizure - What is it? Is it dangerous? What to do?

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The origin of the name Jun is Chinese and like many names of Asian origin, Jun is worn by both girls and boys.
Jun means "beautiful", "esteemed" and "obedient", "affectionate" "pure", "authentic" and "natural" in Japanese.
It is also the diminutive of "junior" in English.


Jun Miyake, Japanese trumpet player and composer, Jun Matsumoto, radio host, dancer, singer and Japanese actor, Jun Fukuyama, nicknamed JunJun, Japanese actor, Jun Maeda, writer ...

What future for your sun ray to you?

His character :

The Jun are idealistic, sensitive, shy and tender. Man or woman, the Jun are emotional and inspired by all that surrounds them, particularly interested in aesthetics, art and everything that touches directly or indirectly to the human being. They like to be surrounded by their loved ones.


Joon, June, Jam, Jaym, John, Jeane, Jane, Jeen, Jem, Jen, Jenoe, Jean, Jhan, Jhon, Jim, Jimm, Jin, Jinn, and Joan.

His party :

The Jun do not celebrate in France.

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Fissure of the water pocket, what to do?

Fissure of the water pocket, what to do?

Many parents are very concerned about their children's shyness. They strive to get strangers to greet, force them to be with other children ... But the best way to help shy children overcome or lose shame It is by proposing different games or very simple resources such as those that we propose below.

- 'Mom, leave the room that I'm ashamed to undress in front of you ...'

- 'Dad, you can go; I'm ashamed to ask the lady for ice cream ... '

- 'I am ashamed to go with my brother because he falls to the ground when he gets angry ...'

- I don't want to go, I'm ashamed, I don't know anyone ... '

- 'Close the door, mom, I'm ashamed that my sister sees me bathe ...'

- 'And does this child not speak?', 'I'm ashamed ...'

It is possible that, on more than one occasion, your son or daughter has verbalized any of these expressions to you. It is also possible that in some other times, the samples of shame were not verbal, but it was her own body, usually indiscreet, that showed her without words and without control.

Flushing, looking down, running away, being speechless, etc. they are samples that, in reality, are telling us: Mom / Dad I'm ashamed ...

Let us remember that a shy child is one who shows his shyness in a specific situation and at a certain moment. However, a child with shame is one who faces any situation outside of his comfort zone and this supposes an effort or difficulty for him to relate to adults or to his peers.

Let's also remember that shyness is neither a problem nor a diseaseOn the contrary, it is a defense mechanism against the unknown. If we teach to manage shyness, we will be moving forward so that shame does not occur.

And what do parents do when faced with a shy or ashamed child? Far from helping him get through the moment, he usually comes out with some of these expressions that, the truth, do not help him much.

- And this child, who was so embarrassing?

- Speak or is it that the cat has eaten your tongue?

- Don't hide behind me, life will teach you not to be ashamed ...

- You keep on like this and we go home.

- He'll get over it.

- I'm fed up or fed up with so much nonsense ...

And it is that, parents we do not always know how to manage this issue as it well deserves. In the first place, we are going to try to practice empathy with our son or daughter and with their shame (surely you have felt it at some point too) and secondly, please, do not force.

As indicated in the study 'Children's Social Development, A Checklist' (by McClellan and Katz for ERIC Digest), there is evidence to show that forcing shy children to have social relationships is counterproductive, as it makes them feel uncomfortable. Over time, you will stop enjoying things as good as a party with friends or a family outing, so it is best not to force yourself. In addition, when we force, we are forcing the child to do something for which he is not yet ready and for which he does not yet have the appropriate strategies to succeed.

Here are 5 resources to help you play with your son or daughter as you teach him to overcome or lose shame:

1. The animal of shame
During an accomplice conversation, in a suitable place and when their mood is ideal (that is what parents know when it is), we will maintain the following dialogue:

- If your shame were an animal, what would it be?

- What does shame do for you? (I might say, protect me, give me security ...)

- And if I wanted to get close to that animal, how would I have to?

- What should we do so that instead of being protected by shame, you could protect yourself? How can I help you achieve it? (Maybe it is necessary to help him turn him into another animal with stronger qualities).

2. Draw shame
We take paper and pencil, and we are going to draw the shame. What would it look like? Have the child paint it as he imagines it. Later, we will add objects such as a funny mustache or a superpower cape or an exclamation with a motivating phrase.

3. An anchor against shame
We are going to make an anchor. Make the child comfortable and with his eyes closed so that he can get into a situation as soon as possible, even lying down, tell him to bring to his mind a situation in which he felt safe and without shame. Give him some time to think about it ...

[Read +: Tips to initiate children in meditation]

When he tells you that he already has it, tell him to describe it. You can ask: What do you see? Who are you with? Can you describe the place? What are you talking about? Describe the situation and describe how you feel ...

When you are in that state of tranquility, confidence and security, we are going to ask you to anchor. This is: make a fist with your thumb inside and squeeze for a few seconds. What we are trying is that the child anchors that state to that point of his body, so that when he feels ashamed he will make a fist with his thumb inside, that is, he will activate his anchor and if he is well anchored, the state of security and without shame, he will come to him. If he is not well anchored, have him repeat the situation or security state, as many times as he needs, until he is anchored.

4. We read a story or a poem about shame
Tell him a story, where there is a protagonist with shame and show him how the protagonist overcomes his shame. For example, 'The unhappy bear' or 'Teo's nightmare'.

5. Visualization is a very effective technique
Sit in a quiet place, and with your eyes closed, visualize and propose to the child a hypothetical situation of shame for the little one. Talk and train on what it would be like to get out of it gracefully. Repeat as many visualizations as situations show you and thus, the next time your shame occurs you will know how to manage it.

The path of emotions needs training so that our children learn to manage them. With these simple exercises, we will be empowering our children to face their mood on certain occasions and of course, the obstacles they may face. Also, to tell them again as parents: 'I'm here for what you need!'

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