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How to help your son when he is gay

How can we help a son when he is homosexual? The psychologist Monica Poblador indicates some recommendations to promote the psychological well-being of young people.

Source consulted: the text is taken from 'Building Sexualities' (CEAPA, 2008) and other publications of Carlos de la Cruz. Director of Official Master's Degree in Sexology UCJC.

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Feelings that grandparents awaken in their grandchildren

Feelings that grandparents awaken in their grandchildren

Grandparents meeting their granddaughter for the first time - military homecoming

Ionut Iftimoaie became a father

Ionut Iftimoaie, the world boxing champion and actor in the series "La Bloc", is now in the role of father.

On Saturday, January 26, his wife Maria brought to the world a boy of 3 kilograms that they decided to baptize Nicholas Ionut.
The couple went to Elias Hospital in the capital for a routine checkup, and the doctor decided it was time for the baby to come into the world.
Thus, Dr. Filipescu intervened and by Caesarean section brought to the world the little Nicholas Ionut.
Ionut Iftimoaie said he is at the height of happiness and that as he saw, he feels that his boy will become a great champion.
Also, the K1 champion said that both his son and his fresh mom feel very good.
Photo: telegrafonline
Gabriela Hotareanu
January 29, 2008

Meaning of the name Lancelot. Name for children

Fever in children. What to do and what NOT to do

Increasing body temperature above the normal 37 degrees, known as fever, is a signal that the body is fighting an infection. It is a normal reaction of the immune system in the face of a challenge, and since the child's body is a sensitive one, it manifests more often in them than in adults.

Fever is one of the most common concerns for parents, but before going to the guard room there are ways to treat the fever at home and determine when to really worry and consider a medical appointment.

Here's what you should do when your child has a fever:

Follow the general condition of the child and not the figure the thermometer shows you

A degree above normal temperature is not always a cause for alarm. If your baby is lively and does not show any discomfort, the fever should not impatient you.

The normal temperature of a child is 36.5 - 37 degrees, exceeding these values ​​by 1-2 degrees is considered fever. However, besides this value that the thermometer shows you, the state of the child is extremely important.

Therefore, if the thermometer looks below 38.9 degrees and if the child still has a desire to play, eat normally and there are no skin color changes, do not intervene with medication. Because fever is an indicator that the immune system is working, you should give it time to act before going to the pills.

Hydration is an essential factor

It is very important for the baby to drink plenty of fluids when he has a fever because the high body temperature causes dehydration. Water, unsweetened teas sweetened with a little honey and natural fruit juices without added sugar will help keep you well hydrated. Soups are also recommended for hydration. Give the baby small amounts, but often liquid.

Use cold compresses

Use compresses moistened with warm water to restore body temperature to normal limits. One of the methods used by parents in the past and that can be effective is to pack the baby in a wet sheet. The cloth will take over the heat of the child helping to cool it.

Administer anti-thermal drugs suitable for his age

If the temperature of the child goes above 38.9 degrees and gives signs of apathy, drowsiness, shivering and sweating, consider the administration of antithermal drugs. Those containing ibuprofen and paracetamol may be of great help, but you must pay attention to the concentration of the active substance. Choose the medicines according to the weight and age of the child.

What NOT to do when your child has a fever:

Don't wear it too thick or too thin

Even if he has a fever, that doesn't mean the little one has to be dressed too thin to cool down. This is true for too thick clothes. If he has chills and tells you he is cold, use a blanket to warm him, but do not infuse too much.

Fever is generally associated with cold, so parents dress their child well for them to sweat and thus to heal. This method of treating fever is not recommended by doctors. In addition, fever is not always caused by the flu or cold.

The same principle applies to ambient temperature. In the room where the child is sitting the temperature should be pleasant, 21-22 degrees Celsius.

He doesn't force him to eat unless he wants to

If the child refuses to eat, do not oblige him. Make sure you have healthy snacks and do not ignore hydration. Fruit juices can relieve the feeling of hunger, but the little one will get nutrients with their help. Moreover, foods that are hard to digest can even worsen their condition.

Do not use medicinal alcohol or vinegar to treat fever

Although very popular, the method of compresses with spirit or that of socks with vinegar are not recommended by doctors because of the absorption of alcohol in the skin of the child. These tablets can only be used if the vinegar or spirit has been diluted very well with plenty of water and if the child is 4-5 years old.

Neither rubbing with these substances is recommended by pediatricians, even though our grandparents used to use them to the full.

Do not give antibiotics before consulting your doctor

Antibiotics are a separate category of drugs. Do not abuse them and do not give the little antibiotic only at the doctor's recommendation. These pills are not anti-thermal and are recommended only in case of an infection, to destroy bacterial infections. Colds, for example, are a viral disease and do not respond to antibiotics, as their administration can create even greater problems for the child.

Do not give her aspirin

Aspirin, although one of the most popular medicines used by adults and found in any home, is not recommended for children. Up to 12 years of age the child should never take aspirin.

When to go to the doctor

Fever is caused by a mild illness in general, so it can be treated at home without the need for medical intervention. However, there are also situations in which you must ask a pediatrician for consultation or even go to the guard room for the youngest to be seen by a doctor.

The following situations require the consultation of a doctor:

  • In the case of young children, 0 - 3 months with a fever greater than 38 degrees and in the case of children between 4 and 6 months who have a fever of more than 39 degrees;
  • In older children, if the febrile condition persists for 5 days;
  • When in children with fever there are changes in the child's condition: drowsiness, apathy, crying, general bad mood;
  • When fever is accompanied by changes in respiration: dilation of the nostrils during inhalation and frequent breathing;
  • If fever is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea;
  • There is a decrease in urine production.

How do you treat your child's fever? Share these methods with us in the comment section below!

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How to organize an unforgettable party for your child?

Poems are great learning tools for children. Also for the little ones, even if they can't read. You can use poems like this, short and with rhyme, and in addition to having fun, your child will exercise memory and in this case, diction.

'El picotazo' is a very short poem, specially designed for the smallest of the house. It also serves as a tongue twister, so We can say that it is actually a tongue twister poem for children. If you encourage your child to learn it, in addition to having fun, he will be improving the pronunciation of the phonemes 'll' and 'p'.

itches that itches you,

itches that itches you,

stung a hornet.

that they see that it stings,

itchy that itches you

the hen stung.

The hen stung,

the hornet stung,

itchy that itches you

picoton itch.

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Who is home, drinking less?

A study at the University of Virginia found that people living in the home or in a relationship drink less and less often, while Singles tend to drink more alcohol and still have more.

Who is home, drinking less?

Leading research for the Journal of Family Psychology Diana Dinescu He and his staff surveyed 2,425 same-sex twin couples, who included 1,618 pairs of women and 807 pairs of males. All of them said about their family status, that is to say they were married, divorced, widowed, single, never married or living with a partner. Arrows also reported how much alcohol they consume and how often they do it.According to all the data, professionals found that twins were married or lived with someone less and drank less than those who were single. The research also showed that those who lived without marriage, the housewives drank more often, but it was less common for singles, widows, and expats, and for males in a relationship to drink less than house males, and for once in a relationship, more than one person consumed the same amount of alcohol. it has been concluded that when a relationship is over, people tend to drink more alcohol, but the frequency of drinking does not necessarily increase.As Dinescu pointed out, it is important to consider and increase the frequency it has also been found that, for example, in a committed relationship, the frequency of drinking drops, but the amount increases as someone's relationship ends. In any case, it is striking that a serious relationship has a positive effect on people in the area of ​​alcohol consumption, which may also be explained by the fact that the parties also exercise restrained power.
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  • Pasta food

    Pasta food

    Pasta is one of the tastiest dishes! Whether it's green beans or yellow, the food served with tomato and garlic sauce is a delight for the whole family!

    Preparation time

    40 min.




    1.5 kg bean paste (green or yellow)

    2 small onions

    1 preserves tomatoes in broth

    pepper berry


    ground pepper

    4 cloves of garlic

    1 dill or parsley link

    Method of preparation

    Chop the onion and place it in a little oil, in the pot in which you prepare the food.

    Allow it to crystallize, then add the bean paste (from canned or fresh).

    Add salt, pepper and water, until the beans are covered.

    Put it in the oven and let it boil and drain.

    10 minutes before it is ready, put the tomatoes in the broth and chopped garlic.

    After removing it from the oven, sprinkle on top the parsley or minced dill, according to preference.

    The type of kitchen