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Maëlle Meaning - Origin and Names

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Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases

The meaning of the Christmas Tree

How to be supplicated without diet

Nutritionists advise us to follow a few simple rules to keep us supple all our lives. In their opinion, we should replace natural spices with fresh vegetables. We will serve the meals at fixed times and on a regular basis, and at least we will enjoy every kind of meal. Those who do not want to overeat will consume vegetable juices, non-acidic juices and teas that do not cause diuresis. Experts say that everything we eat brings us extra energy, but our dose of vigor depends on the quality of the foods we eat. To always be fit, without reaching the limit of dietary excesses, nutritionists say we have to follow a few simple but effective rules.

Nutritionists advise us to follow a few simple rules to keep us supple all our lives. In their opinion, we should replace natural spices with fresh vegetables. We will serve the meals at fixed times and on a regular basis, and at least we will enjoy every kind of meal. Those who do not want to overeat will consume vegetable juices, non-acidic juices and teas that do not cause diuresis. Experts say that everything we eat brings us extra energy, but our dose of vigor depends on the quality of the foods we eat. To always be fit, without reaching the limit of dietary excesses, nutritionists say we have to follow a few simple but effective rules.
Thus we should not use artificial sweeteners, and we will add natural ones in the "daily portion" in reasonable quantities.

Meals should be taken at fixed times, indelibly and to enjoy every dish. The consumption of cereals over the day will help us to overcome the daily stress more easily. Nutritionists say that the portion of poultry meat should be eaten with whole skin, because it contains an enzyme that facilitates digestion. In this case, overweight people should give up the desert. To be sure that we do not exceed the "healthy" calories, we will replace the salt with natural spices such as dill, cumin, hasmatuchi, rosemary. which does not cause diuresis.
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May 4, 2007

Anorexia is a common and extremely serious eating disorder characterized mainly by starvation, weight loss, body image distortion and an intense fear of weight gain. This is also known as anorexia nervosa.

Girls are more prone to this disorder than boys, and the period when the risk is highest is in adolescence and as a young adult. However, even younger children are not excluded from the statistics on the manifestation of this disease

What are the causes of anorexia?

The causes of this eating disorder are not known. It often starts with innocent dietary behavior on the part of the child and gradually progresses to extreme and unhealthy weight loss. However, there are risk factors associated with this condition:

  • social attitudes regarding the physical aspect;

  • family influences;

  • genetic factors;

  • developmental and neurochemical factors.

Adolescents who develop this disorder are most likely to be part of families with a history of various eating disorders or weight problems, physical or mental illness, etc.

Types of anorexia

There are 2 types of anorexia, both common:

  • restrictive (extremely severe, at the limit of starvation);

  • that of purification (bulimia).

What are the symptoms?

These are the most common symptoms of anorexia. However, each child may manifest the disease differently:

  • drastic and rapid weight loss;

  • intense fear that he will get fat, although in reality he is constantly weakening;

  • distorted image of its shape, body size and weight; he always looks too fat, always says he feels fat, etc .;

  • in girls it is manifested by the absence of 3 consecutive menstruation, without other causes that would cause this;

  • excessive physical activity;

  • deny feelings of starvation;

  • concerned with the preparation of his own food;

  • Weird eating behaviors.

Due to starvation and poor nutrition, other associated symptoms may occur:

  • dry skin when you pinch it and release it;

  • dehydration;

  • abdominal pain;

  • constipation;

  • lethargy;

  • fatigue;

  • hypothermia;

  • emaciation;

  • yellowing of the skin.

How is anorexia nervosa treated in children?

Both parents and teachers, coaches and other people with whom the child comes into contact should carefully monitor their behavior and follow the signals. If you notice strange manifestations of the child regarding eating behavior, a psychotherapist is best suited to diagnose anorexia, where appropriate.

The treatment of anorexia is customized for each case and is based mainly on:

  • child's age, general health status and medical history;

  • severity of symptoms;

  • tolerance to certain drugs, procedures and therapies, etc.

Anorexia is usually treated using a combination of:

  • individual therapy (cognitive and behavioral techniques);

  • family therapy;

  • nutritional rehabilitation (with the help of doctors and nutritionists);

  • medication.

How can you prevent anorexia in your child?

Prophylactic measures to reduce the incidence of anorexia among children are not very clearly defined. However, encouraging healthy eating habits and realistic attitudes about weight and diet might be helpful.

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Claims about interventions for autism spectrum disorder

When interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are promoted, they come with claims of all kinds. Evidence offered to support these claims generally falls into three categories - science, pseudoscience and anti-science.

Science provides the best test we have of how well interventions work. Scientific claims offer objective evidence, without asking you to have faith or to accept testimonials as proof.

Pseudoscientific claims use scientific-sounding words or present theories that sound plausible. But there's no real evidence that a scientific approach has been used. Instead, supporters of these therapies might offer published case examples or parent and expert testimonials as evidence.

Claims based on anti-science generally rely on belief or faith. You're simply asked to believe that the intervention works. Sometimes, the people promoting the therapy might even say that it can't be tested because testing will interfere with it. These interventions are often promoted with convincing stories from other parents.

Scientifically based interventions are based on theories about why something happens. Those theories are then carefully tested. You can read more about how interventions are tested and how to choose interventions.

Identifying fad therapies for autism spectrum disorder

Fad interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be based on anti-science or pseudoscience. They become popular quickly and spread fast, often disappearing later. They sound plausible and can have a 'feel-good' factor that appeals to parents.

To work out whether an intervention is a fad based on anti-science or pseudoscience, consider whether it:

  • is promoted by paid advertisements in magazines, parenting publications or websites, or on TV
  • is promoted as used by a celebrity
  • uses scientific language but presents no clear evidence
  • claims to be popular with medical 'experts'
  • claims total 'cures' in a short time, or claims to cure many disorders with the same treatment - for example, dyslexia and ADHD as well as ASD
  • uses lots of personal stories or testimonials.

If an intervention uses one or more of these strategies, it's probably based on anti-science or pseudoscience.

If you come across a therapy for ASD on the internet and you can't find any information about whether, where and by whom it was tested, beware - it might be a fad.

Where do fad therapies for autism spectrum disorder come from?

Fads are based on ideas that sound good, rather than on scientifically tested evidence. The ideas can come from anywhere. For example, they could come from unrelated fields of medicine, animal observation and studies, or spiritual beliefs. Fads can get circulated in various ways, including the internet.

In the absence of a 'cure', parents seek and find many different ideas about treatment. Also, parents gather information in lots of different ways, especially online. So there are countless opportunities for plausible-sounding 'experts' to promote 'miraculous' new interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Why are fad therapies popular?

Often a fad therapy for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) becomes popular because of its pseudoscientific claims. Although the claims aren't supported by evidence, they might sound plausible or appealing because of how they're presented.

A pseudoscientific intervention can seem credible and attractive when:

  • it fits in with your own philosophy about raising children
  • it focuses on treating a known difficulty in ASD like sensory problems
  • a self-styled 'expert' says it works
  • several parents with children like yours say it works and has changed their lives.

Parents of children newly diagnosed with ASD can be particularly vulnerable to fads. Following an ASD diagnosis for their child, parents often feel desperate and under pressure to help their child quickly. Fads can be appealing. They often offer quick fixes when evidence-based interventions can be costly, take a long time and involve a lot of work.

Fad therapies and the placebo effect

A placebo is a pill or drug that doesn't contain anything that will actually make you better, or affect your health in any way. When people taking these pills say the pills have had some positive results, it's called the placebo effect.

This happens because people falsely believe the placebo is a real pill and will bring change. Simply doing something, rather than nothing, seems to cause a change, although the effects are usually short term.

Fad therapies for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can seem effective. This is because people using them experience the placebo effect. This can happen because people are:

  • doing something they believe is positive, so they expect to see change.
  • paying new attention to their child, so they notice new things that he does, and think that the changes are because of the therapy. Alternatively, the extra attention itself might be causing the change.

Is the placebo effect a bad thing?
Any change in your child - resulting from a placebo or something else - might be welcome. But there might be other interventions that would lead to bigger and better positive outcomes. Also, choosing an intervention is always an investment of time and energy. While you're using a fad therapy based on the placebo effect, you're less likely to look for an evidence-based treatment.

Potato pancakes are very satisfying snacks, which can be served hot or cold, as you prefer.


Preparation time

45 minutes




3 potatoes

3 strands green onion

salt pepper

1-2 tablespoons oil

2 tablespoons butter

Method of preparation

Put the potatoes to a boil, then leave to cool. Clean the peel potatoes and give them to the scrapers.

Chop the green onion and mix it with the potato composition, add salt, pepper and whisk well.

Heat oil with butter, then make pancakes with a diameter of about 30 centimeters.

Put the fried pancakes and let them brown on each side for 3-4 minutes.

Serve pancakes with cream, yogurt or simple.


You can add in the composition of these pancakes and a little cheese or bacon cubes, for a special taste.

The type of kitchen


Potato Pancakes

Because your skin gets tired

Because your skin gets tired

Your day starts early and ends late, you work hard and you strive to maintain an active social life. You are convinced that you have a strong body, which can cope with any experience. Well, it is not so ...

Fatigue, stress, pollution, free radicals and other harmful factors make visible marks on your skin.

And because you rarely have time for beauty sleep, Vichy proposes an alternative for reviving tired, dull and fine lines.

Aqualia Antiox is an innovation of Vichy Laboratories, a range of face care products that is based on a unique combination of active ingredients with optimum efficiency, so that your skin is fresh, bright and smooth everyday. And for him to stay young as long as possible.

Discover the source of youthful skin

25-30 years is the age at which we make the most excesses, and these lead to the first visible signs of oxidative stress on the skin. It becomes dull, marked by fatigue and fine lines. Why?

Stem cells, which are responsible for skin regeneration, begin to function weaker and to defend themselves more and more from the oxidative stress generated by the external environment. The solution lies in a surplus of antioxidants for the skin.

Fresh and bright skin. Immediate. Fine smoothed wrinkles

After 30 years of research, Vichy experts unravel the secrets of regeneration and materialize scientific progress on stem cells, youth tanks, in the first pro-youth antioxidant care. Aqualia Antiox uses the extraordinary power of citrus polyphenol, a recognized antioxidant that protects stem cells, the source of youthful skin.


For a fresh, luminous and smooth skin start every day with Aqualia Antiox. And the results will be observed.

Immediately: gives the skin brightness.

In 15 days: it improves the 3 signs of young skin (brightness, freshness, smoothness).

This range of products contains a fluid for all skin types, a creamy cream for normal - dry skin, an anti-rainbow eye stick with a cooling effect and a 21-day freshness treatment.

You can find them only in pharmacies.

Discover the Antiox range and ask the dermatologist at

June 25, 2010

Mother and newborn

The mother's life changes with the arrival of the little boy's world. In this period it is very important to know what to do and what to buy, but nothing can be used in the long run and all the things you need are expensive.
In fact, the most important things you can give your child are love, time and patience and they are free.
However, you will need a few things to make your baby's life easier.
Moms find it very difficult to choose the best product on the market for the little one, especially if it is the first child. Here are some tips:
1. Bra for breastfeeding

  • because it is provided with lids that open and close, it is very easy to feed the baby as soon as possible when hungry;
  • In general, it is good to look for soft materials that are comfortable and do not scratch the little one.
    2. Baby blanket
  • it is recommended to have at least 6 beds at all times;
  • Choose different materials and colors for each blanket you buy because this way the child will use the sight and tactile feel to experiment with new colors and materials;
    3. Diapers
  • after you have taken into account the advantages and disadvantages, choose between the cloth and the diapers (or a combination between the two);
  • then, decide which of the types of diapers you like best (some can be adjusted on the baby's body, others offer better absorption);
  • disposable diapers are divided into sizes so you have to be very careful to buy the right size for the baby.
    4. Diaper bag
  • when you go somewhere with your baby, you always need a bag to put your diapers, wet towels, a change of clothes and other necessary clothes;
  • look for a bag that can be easily washed and has many pockets that will help you find something easier;
    5. Baby Port
  • if you want to have your hands free, an option is a portable stroller that you put on your shoulders;
  • when it is cold, the heat emanating from your body will warm the baby;
  • the portable stroller also offers a discreet way to breastfeed the child when in public;
  • Caring for the newborn

    6. Cards
  • invest in a book that addresses topics like breastfeeding or how to be a parent;
  • too much information can crush you so you choose titles that offer a simple format, for example chapters to be structured on questions and answers;
    7. Toys
  • choose mobile toys to stretch and include black and white images;
  • as the colors increase and the sense of color develops, introduce more colorful toys, including soft and noisy toys;
  • don't forget to buy an unbreakable mirror.
    8. Bathroom products
  • the sponge with which you wash it must be soft;
  • shampoo and shower gel must be part of a range of baby cosmetics;
  • The towel, like the sponge, must be soft and absorb the water very well.
    9. High chair
  • Although it cannot be raised, the baby always wants to see what is going on around him and the safest option to offer it is a high chair;
  • one of the advantages of the high chair is that the little boy can move his hands and feet to fall or hit;
  • When you buy it, make sure you can pick it up and move it easily from one room to another.
    10. Stroller
  • the child should be taken out for a walk every day to become acquainted with the world around him;
  • when buying a stroller it is good to consider the following: not to miss the top that protects your baby from the sun and rain, the seat is provided with a cover that can be changed easily, to have at the bottom a place for the diaper bag, the stroller must be easy to push and move easily.
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    Does Vitamin C protect the baby from the effects of smoking during pregnancy?

    Does Vitamin C protect the baby from the effects of smoking during pregnancy?