Early Autism Signs. Behavior in 18 month old

2011-2012 school year

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Ice crumb soup

Ice crumb soup

We offer real good luck. Picnic soup can be tasted not only by adults but also by the baby.

Ice cream with coriander milk and ice cream

three tablespoons of olive oil
two tablespoons of spicy coriander
1 kilo rupee
two onions
so celery
5 inches freshly grated gum
1 1/2 liters blade of grass
4 deci milk
so you eat a tablespoon
lime lime
two tablespoons of sugar
fresh coriander
for diners: any kind of bark
The base is boiled with water. I heated the oil, whisked the coriander in a medium saucepan, then sprinkled it with the water on the base and dissolved the soup cubes. I clean, chop and dip the celery, celery, onion and add it to the base. I cover the whole thing and cook until the greens are softened. When the greens are soft, I remove the soup from the heat, add the coriander, and then round it. Finally, in the hot soup, I mix the milk, taste the fish, the ginger, the lime and the sugar. Then I spoon the soup into glasses, cool it, and sprinkle it with chips before eating.
For the baby's food: Half-cooked, half-apples and a little potato, cook steam-cooked for a couple of minutes and fry it with two tablespoons of parsley. You can give me a 6 day card.
You can find more recipes here.
Diabetes testing during pregnancy

Diabetes characterized by high sugar found in the blood
is a disease. Pregnancy diabetes in some women
can. Some women called gestational diabetes after pregnancy,
may have pregnancy glucose patients. Pre-maternal mothers with diabetes,
blood sugar levels during pregnancy will be more difficult to control.
Therefore, the insulin rate in pregnancy should be re-regulated.

The person who learns that she will become a mother
increase in blood sugar levels during pregnancy
visible. This situation will indicate a pregnancy sugar in the mother
And development. Diabetes testing during pregnancy, 24-28 weeks of the period

Candy loading to the expectant mother between 24-28 weeks
It should be applied. In the test, 50 g glucose is given to the mother.
After waiting for one hour, the blood glucose level is measured. This level
as long as the glucose level is below 140 mg / dl during the detection,
means that the mother is not pregnant. But above this value
3 hours, 100 g of glucose is given to the test again
must. At the end of the 3-hour test, whether the expectant mother has pregnancy sugar or not

To be diabetic before pregnancy or
The occurrence during pregnancy carries certain risks to the woman and her baby.
Pregnant mothers with diabetes during pregnancy, blood sugar
risk of diabetes
It should be reduced. Risk of diabetes during pregnancy
diabetes is less than the disease. This situation is absolutely sugar loading
test, and treatment should be started.

What can be the consequences?

Pregnancy in expectant mothers if left untreated
poisoning, high blood pressure, preterm birth and miscarriage.
Some of the babies of mothers who have diabetes before pregnancy
There may be problems. This type of diabetes started during pregnancy
problems do not occur. However, in both ways, the baby being overweight, the baby
may cause problems in development. In such a case the expectant mother will be
the situation may carry some risks. Pregnant mothers in the blood
When sugar levels are controlled, the risks that may occur

Name Arthémon - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Arthemon derives from the Greek word "Arteme" which itself comes from the evolution of Artemis which means in Latin "divine". Greek mythology identifies Artemis as the goddess of hunting, animals and the moon.


Arthemon Hatungimana, former Burundian athlete.

His character :

Arthemon is sensitive and caring. He is very invested in everything he undertakes in his life and does not appreciate chess. From the moment he decides to start something, he will stop only if his goal is reached. He is not at all the type to go from one project to another without having completed them. His great determination leads him to finish what he does before moving on. On the emotional level, he is very attached to his entourage, especially to his family members.


Arthaud, Arthemise, Arthur, Art, Arthury, Arthuro, Arthis, Artem and Artheme.

His party :

There is no party dedicated to the name Arthemon.

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Megamind is funny, kidnapped. But beware, this movie Dreamworks studios plays on the image of the superhero. Our advice: look at it with your children, but from 6 years old only!

What is the story ?

  • For years, Megamind, a supervillain, opposes Metro Man ... tall, handsome, invincible. And yet, Megamind kills Metro Man. But very quickly, the superméchant depresses. What is the purpose in life if there is no good to oppose evil? Megamind then makes a new opponent: Titan. Catastrophe! Titan is even meaner than Megamind.

Why from 6 years old only?

  • Okay, children are fascinated by superheroes. Superman and Spiderman are good, generous, strong, authentic superheroes. Except that the movie Megamind throws trouble. The supermechant is basically a little nice, but not totally. The real supergentil is not really up to par (it's Metro Man who finally is not dead). As for Titan: he is as silly as he is nasty.
  • Better to see this movie with your little movie buff when he becomes able to understand that the human being is not all of a block, black or white. In short, to mourn the real superhero!
  • Megamind, by Tom McGrath, 1:35, Dreamworks.
  • Where to find it?

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