Should I use a lubricant during sex while pregnant?

Should I use a lubricant during sex while pregnant?

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Boy or girl? The father also depends on his siblings

Boy or girl? The father also depends on his siblings

Earache is a more common disease than you might think in children, and it is usually caused by infections that affect the middle ear, which is also known as otitis media.

Generally, it usually remains in pain for a few days, but if the necessary measures are not taken, the eardrum membrane can be permanently damaged, with the consequent loss of hearing in the child.

Loss of appetite, the tendency to sleep sitting up, hearing loss, or fluid discharge from the ear are the most common symptoms of earache, but why do they occur?

The causes of earache in the smallest of the house can be very varied, but usually its onset is caused by an infection in the respiratory tract, such as the flu, but there are other reasons.

- Being exposed to disproportionate noise for a long time can cause earache in the child, due to the 'hammering' that the eardrum receives with excessively loud sounds.

- The obstruction of the ear canal is also the cause of earache in children, either due to accumulated wax or a foreign body that blocks the auditory pathways.

- Being in contact with other people who have an ear infection can cause infection by the child.

- Blood can also carry viruses to the child's ear, so illnesses such as the flu or scarlet fever can also cause earache.

- Earache can be a consequence of water from the pool or bathtub entering the child's ear, as the water may contain traces of a virus and stagnate in the child's ear causing pain.

- Earache can also be caused by a strong blow that partially perforates the eardrum, but this is a fairly rare case.

- Extreme cold, for example that produced when skiing or ice skating, can cause the ear to freeze and lead to severe earache.

- Changes in atmospheric pressure, whether from climbing a mountain or traveling by plane can also be the cause of earache in children.

- Tooth diseases and infections in the pinna or ear can also end up causing pain to be reflected in the ear.

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Everything you need to know about seasonal allergies in children

Seasonal allergies, also known as fan fever or allergic rhinitis mainly affect children and adolescents, although it is quite common among adults. This condition manifests itself especially towards the end of spring and may continue all summer.

Seasonal allergies of children are manifested by nose congestion, redness and irritation of the nose and sneezing. In many cases, it can be confused, at least in the early stages, with a common cold.

Symptoms and diagnosis of allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is equivalent to pollen allergy and is a reaction of the body to this. Irritations and inflammations of the nose and eyes are common symptoms of seasonal allergies, which can be permanent and repetitive every year or can improve and even completely heal in cases where the immune system of those suffering from them ceases to collect pollen. as a threat to health.

3 out of 10 people suffer from allergic rhinitis and most are children. They can appear from the earliest ages when patients are exposed to allergic substances in the environment. pollen which causes them to act when inhaled or in contact with the eyes. It can be of several types, depending on the flowers to which they belong, respectively the period in which they bloom. Thus, children who develop allergies in the spring suffer from this pollen from tree flowers, those who feel more during the summer are allergic to flowers that grow on the ground, and those whose effects are prolonged until autumn may be allergic to weed flowers. Allergies are diagnosed based on pollen samples from the environment.

The eyes of children allergic to pollen are moist, and the conjunctiva may sting or suffer from itching when the atmosphere is loaded with pollen. The nose is flowing and it gets congested in some cases, and the sneeze becomes as banal as breathing. Symptoms may intensify depending on the time of day or even the state of the weather, which may cause the amount of pollen in the air to oscillate, in turn.

Children allergic to pollen can develop in parallel and allergies to dust, cigarette smoke, animal hair or other substances with potential allergen. Their identification can be made based on the exact identification of the moments when the symptoms appear, respectively the subsequent testing to confirm the allergenic factors.

The skin test is the most common method of doing this and is performed by directly applying to the skin the substance which is supposed to cause the symptoms and superficial damage of the skin with the help of a sterile needle, to observe any irritation or inflammation.

The skin test is recommended for children, because it is the least invasive and, by implication, the best tolerated by them, but it is not indicated where there is the risk of a violent reaction that could end with anaphylactic shock. In addition, the allergist will take into account, before testing, the possible drug treatments to which the consulted children are subjected.

Treatment of seasonal allergies

drugs anti-histamines they are often recommended for nasal decongestion and to soothe eye irritation. These reduce sneezing episodes and can be purchased from any pharmacy. In parallel, the doctors recommend the use of nasal drops and sprays, effective in soothing the nasal irritations and for cleaning the area.

Extreme cases are treated with injectable substances in clinics and hospitals, but these types of treatment are rarely used, when allergies cause very severe irritation or inflammation that can degenerate.

Recommendations for parents whose children suffer from seasonal allergies

If you want to reduce the effects of allergic rhinitis, make sure your son or daughter is exposed to as little as possible to the outside environment during the time when pollen concentration in the air reaches its peak.

This can sometimes mean isolation in the house, preferably with closed windows. Sunglasses for children can turn into a protective shield for the conjunctiva, so you should get used to your baby wearing them in the allergic season. To prevent the spread of pollen inside the home, make sure the clothes your child wore outside will not be stored in his room.

In fact, a shower before bed will remove traces of pollen from the skin and is indicated to reduce contact with it. If you have pets, you should be more concerned about their hygiene during this period. Dust can also be a factor that intensifies the symptoms of allergies, so it is important that the home is constantly vacuumed and sanitized.

Fresh flowers have nothing to do at home during this period, and cigarette smoke is also contraindicated for people suffering from allergies, whether they are adults or children.

Has your child experienced seasonal allergies? What measures have you taken? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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Sleep in the baby of 1-2 years

30th week of pregnancyWe have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Your baby can weigh 1300 grams and is about 40 cm tall! Your baby will feel ready to be born during this period.

So what happens to your baby this week?

  • Eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are now final.
  • Her nails are now long enough to scratch when in contact with her body.
  • Your baby has started producing tears.
  • About 2/3 of the weight to be born.

This is positive if your baby moves at least 10 times during the 12-hour period.

If you don't feel movement, lie down on your left for a glass of juice and turn on the music. However, if there is no movement, you should go to check.

In multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets at risk of preterm birth
uterine contractions may be more pronounced. In any case, medications that stimulate the maturation of the lungs may be recommended during these weeks. Pregnant women with these risks should be careful not to stand for long periods.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 30 Pregnancy

This week mild bleeding it is important, if not always. A small amount of hemorrhage may indicate the opening of the uterine canal caused by preterm labor. The condition of the uterine canal should be reviewed by examination and ultrasonography. If there is no opening in the uterine canal, rest and treatments that prevent uterine contractions may be useful.

Nutrition in the Late Period of Pregnancy- Week 30 Pregnancy

As you enter a period of rapid growth, you should be a little more careful about what you eat. Try to consume at least one meal of protein every day, and eat eggs every other day. Consuming plenty of fluids is as important as eating calories.

Hemorrhoids can continue during pregnancy - Week 30 Pregnancy

With the growth of your baby, the balls become veins. Varicose veins in the legs and hemorrhoids in the breech are inevitable. Sometimes grapes can swell up to the grain and be delicate. Local suppositories and pain relief creams can be used for treatment, as well as a hot water bath. Severe swelling and pain may be a sign of clotting within the hemorrhoid. In this case, surgical evacuation may be required.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 30 Pregnancy

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 30th week!

Normally I move 8-10 times a day, but sometimes I can be lazy and not move at all. Don't worry about that, mommy? Thank you for making me take action by listening to the songs I love during this process. I liked the way my mother played me the songs I loved the most during our 30th week. My dear family, what do you like most?