Your Birth Month Defines Your Health and Personality

Your Birth Month Defines Your Health and Personality

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My Sabanero burrito with Santa Claus. Christmas carol to sing with the children

This Christmas carol is sure to be one of your child's favorites. In fact, it is one of the most popular Christmas songs among children. It is 'Mi burrito Sabanero', only that we offer you a very animated version, one danced by Santa Claus himself. Enjoy with your child this carol of My burrito Sabanero with Santa Claus. And to dance!

Edition: Lola Doménech

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High risk pregnancies

When high-risk pregnancies are mentioned; excessive bleeding, preeclampsia known as high blood pressure disease, uncontrolled gestational diabetes, a number of chronic diseases that previously existed in the patient but worsened during pregnancy (eg type1 diabetes, thyroid disorders, large fibroids, various blood diseases, cancers), Multiple pregnancies, advanced maternal age pregnancies, patients with high risk screening test results, various abnormalities seen in fetus. Premature birth threats, cervical insufficiencies and miscarriages in the previous pregnancy increase the risk even if there is a small amount for the next pregnancy. Some of these may be revealed as a result of routine examinations and tests performed before pregnancy. Some of them occur or become heavier during pregnancy without being predicted.

Rather than combating all of these during pregnancy, it is easier to put it under control when the pregnancy is planned. Pregnancy is more comfortable and safer thanks to early interventions to high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, thyroid and anemia problems.

Being strictly followed means always having the chance to intervene early. Many systemic diseases can be affected by pregnancy for better or worse. Prior to conception, a number of routine tests should be carried out taking into account the main risks to which the patient is familiar. If a healthy preparation is made for pregnancy, everything will develop better during pregnancy.

Routine screening tests after pregnancy can reveal problems that may be seen in the baby or the mother. Problems that may occur with double or triple screening tests, detailed ultrasound examinations and routine follow-up can be ruled out by 60-70%. One thing to keep in mind here is that there is never such a thing as zero risk. It is possible to encounter all kinds of events in the process from the moment the pregnancy is learned until the birth. What is important is that they are recognized and managed professionally. This is the only way to have a healthy child.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist from Anadolu Medical Center Contact Nuri directly

How do you talk to the child about patriotism

How do you talk to the child about patriotism

The national anthem and the flag of Romania

Even if your little one cannot really understand the meaning of the national anthem until he becomes familiar with the history of Romania, this may be one of the poems he teaches as a child.
The poem "Un rasunet" by Andrei Muresanu, after which it was adapted "Wake up Roman" was written during the Revolution of 1848, one of the moments when the national consciousness was really strong.
The national flag no longer finds its place in the homes of most Romanians, but it is important to explain to your little one the importance of this national symbol.


National holidays

Teach the little one to respect the most important national holidays and explain the reasons why these days are remembered from year to year.
December 1, National Day of Romania, is a good time to learn more about your little one about joining Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures with Romania, which took place in 1918.
January 24 is another important day. The election in 1859 of Alexandru Ioan Cuza as ruler of the Romanian Country, after his election as ruler of Moldova on January 5, is the most important moment for the Unification of the Romanian Principalities.
Patriotic events are organized and on October 25, Army Day, a good time for your little one to find out more about the sacrifices of Romanian soldiers on behalf of their country.
Heroes Day is celebrated each year with the Day of the Lord's Rise, and on this day the Romanian heroes fallen in the first two World Wars, but also in the War of Independence, are commemorated.

Historical monuments of national character

When possible, visit with your little one some important monuments dedicated to moments of triumph in Romanian history.
Take him to see the Triumph Arch in Bucharest, from where Calea Victoriei starts, named after the victorious Romanian troops returning in an attempt to reunite the nation. In the Carol Park in the capital, there is also the grave of the unknown soldier, which you can visit during an educational walk with your little one.
Other important monuments are the Mausoleum of Marasesti and the Monument of the Romanian Heroes of World War II, from Carei (Satu Mare). When you arrive in Alba Iulia, explain to your little one the historical role of Mihai Viteazul, whose statue dominates the market in front of the Prince's Palace.

Patriotism and civic involvement

Beyond the important data and information on Romania's history, it is important to link patriotism to civic involvement when talking about it with your little one.
In the absence of facts, patriotism turns into empty words that can even lead to xenophobia and arrogance towards other nations. The times when Romanians gave their lives on the battlefield for the territorial integrity of the country are past, but the facts remain very important for patriotism.
Civic involvement, in cases and in projects that bring community improvements is the most important aspect of understanding for your little one. Teach him to volunteer in local beauty and improvement projects. He can do something for his country starting from his community.
You start by exercising your right to vote, won after a Revolution against the communist regime in which thousands of young idealists died. Your example will make the child understand that action is the best way to demonstrate patriotism.
When the patriotic feeling is not accompanied by its citizen and responsible aspects, demagoguery appears. Don't teach your child just to love his country, show him how he can manifest his love without it in a practical way, respecting the law and showing kindness and respect without his compatriots.

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Myths woven over time around attempts to get pregnant often the future parents in scared.

There are a lot of superstitions about how you can or should not conceive a child, about how you choose his sex and especially when and how you get pregnant more easily. Put away the myths of fulfilling the dream of conceiving a baby!

The position where you have sex is the most important when you want to get pregnant!

Fake! Even though there are many theories according to which if you stand with your feet or your bottom up (candle position) after sexual contact you get pregnant faster, they have not been proven by specialists. It is true, however, that sexual positions that favor deep penetration are the most appropriate.

You can choose the sex of the child when you are trying to get pregnant!

Fake! All methods of choosing the gender of the child before conception are simple theories, without scientific basis. Whether you take the month, the zodiac, the numerology or other occult sciences that "reveal" the best conception period of the child, they do not ensure a precise result.

Most "matches" of the baby's sex with the parents' desire are random and not the result of mystical calculations made by the moon and stars.

If you have a sweeper under the bed, do not get pregnant!

Fake! This is just one of the superstitions that exist around attempts to get pregnant. There are popular myths, babies who say that if you go with plants, keep certain plants in the house or do other things, you will not be able to conceive the much desired baby. They are just fables, without a real basis.

If you touch / rub the belly of a pregnant woman, get pregnant faster!

Fake! This is another myth related to the conception of the baby. It is said that if you see a pregnant woman and you touch or rub her tummy, then the pregnancy "takes over" and you manage to get pregnant faster. Don't rely too much on this method. Better to go to the doctor and see what causes you to prevent having a baby.

The foods you eat during conception decide the sex of the child!

Fake! It is true that there are some foods that can increase or prevent your fertility, but in no case that determine the sex of the child.

It is said by the fair that if you eat red meat and salted snacks (pickles, sausages, biscuits, etc.) and processed foods, you are more likely to become a boy.

And if you eat chocolate and sweet foods you will have a little girl. These are wizards, say the specialists. They even ironize on this idea and claim that if you go after eating and some of them means that fraternal twins (girl and boy) should come out.

You will get pregnant faster if you have sex the day, with the lights on!

Fake! The right time for sex depends more on the period of ovulation, than on the time of day when you have sex. It is true that the basal temperature may coincide with this time of day, but it is not a rule.

Even though more studies show that men have a higher amount of sperm in the morning, there is no evidence to prove that it would in any way favor conception. And even less the need for bright lights.

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Red stains


- My boy of 10 months appeared after 3 days of treatment for red in the neck some small red spots like freckles but more often after the ears, then above the eyebrows, on the neck, chest, back, belly; there are fewer hands, and no legs. I call you because we have been in Korea for a month and the visit to the pediatrician and the recommended treatment did not inspire my confidence. I have amoxicillin, ceclodyne, panadol and nurofen. He did not come in contact with other people, he does not have nasal secretions, he does not tear, he behaves as if he had nothing, he eats well, he sleeps as before. Please help me because it is 2 months until we reach the country! thank you!


I cannot tell you with absolute certainty what it is. What you describe looks like and could be an eruptive disease (measles?). This would be the most likely option. It could be an allergy or a set of other less serious diseases. In order to orient yourself how much in the absence of a medical examination you must keep in mind that: - there is no measles without fever. The evidence of fever or lack of fever is obtained only with the help of the thermometer, the most important medical instrument; - there is no allergy without itching.
So, if the thermometer shows that there is no fever and no itching, it is probably something that is not serious. In this case, an adverse reaction to treatment becomes more likely, the evidence being very simple: stop treatment (especially amoxicillin, ampicillin and their relatives produce such reactions) and observe the effect.
Health wishes you,
dr. Mihnea DRAGOMIR
specialist in family medicine

The witch's disguise

The terrifying witch with her broom invites herself to the Halloween party. A magical costume that will amaze your friends! How to make this witch costume? Follow our step by step in pictures ...


  • Card stock (50 x 70 cm)
  • Glitter felt
  • White wax chalks
  • Crepe paper
  • Dark blue, black and purple tulle (100 cm each)
  • Black leggings and T-shirt, possibly a dark skirt


1. For the witch hat, cut out a widest isosceles triangle in the card stock. Decorate it with white chalk and surround these little animals with glittery felt.

2. Glue the hat with tape. Glue colored crepe strips to one end.

3. For the broom, simply surround it with pretty strips of colored crepe paper. Glue them at both ends with glue. At the end of the bottom, stick other bands that you let hang so that they flutter nicely during the flight!

4. For the costume, simply tie a pants elastic at the waist on the black clothes. Attach enough tulle to form a witch skirt. With a black skirt, simply slip some strips of tulle in the waistband! With great makeup, let's go for the witches night!

10 useful tips for reading stories to our children

Reading stories to children may seem like an easy thing, however, anyone who has ever tried it will have seen that attracting the attention of a child is not as simple as it seems. Good storytellers are rare and it is not uncommon for children to quickly lose track of the story and their interest.

In We leave you some guidelines that you must take into account when telling a story so that your children do not fall asleep before their time.

1- Choose a cozy place: The site is important; It should be a place where we are comfortable, without distractions and without external noise.

2- Choose the book together: Surely you will not agree on the book to choose, but if you let him take part in the choice, and you give in from time to time, the child will be more involved in the story.

3- Up to 9 years of age it must have a happy ending: The child must have hopes, learn the moral and think that in life being good always has its reward.

4- It is better to tell it and not read it: By telling it, we get much more attention with our gestures and gaze; we will also add our personal touch to the story, enriching the story.

5- Repeat the story: Much to our regret, when children are under 5 years old they like to hear the same story over and over again because it makes them feel safe. As much as it may cost us, we must put the same emphasis when telling it as the first time.

6- Tell a single story: The objective of the story, in addition to distracting, is that it remains in your memory when you go to bed, so you can reflect on it. Too many stories will cause you to lose the essence of the message.

7- Illustrated stories if they are small: When they cannot read yet, the illustrations make an essential contribution to the book. The child seeks to put an image to the story and helps him to conceive the narrative much better, however, once he learns to read, he will have to abandon the illustrations to focus more on the story.

8- Put enthusiasm:It is important for the child to give us their full attention to put enthusiasm in what we read, to show that we find the story interesting to be able to transmit and awaken that same interest in the child.

9- Put different voices to the characters: Making the story funny is essential. Putting voices, in addition to entertaining them, will enrich the story. One point to keep in mind is that you should not be too strident as this will distract you from the essence of the story.

10- Make gestures and use your gaze: Especially if the story is told, the gestures will emphasize what we want to convey, although without going overboard so as not to remove attention from the story.

Telling stories is one of the greatest pleasures we can give our children, and that at the same time we can experience when we see their happy faces. A story at night will make our children a much more special moment and will be a good reason to go to bed happy.

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Teodota: origin and meaning of the name for girl Teodota

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Theodote. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Teodota

Feminine form of Theodotus. It means the same as Theodore or Theodosius.

Meaning of name Teodota

"Gift of God" or "gift of God"

Santoral of the name Teodota

January 4th

Origin of the name Teodota


Famous people with the name Teodota

  • Saint Theodard, bishop in the 7th century

Theodota name coloring pages printable game

A kit to shudder

Here is a kit of pranks and jokes to make fun and shudder all his friends! Sparkling cushion, ring sprinkler, fake mouse, pack of trapped chewing gum, spider and its web and much more! Clementoni's Farces & Attrapes kit: 22,90 € .Where to find it?

Here is a kit of pranks and jokes to make fun and shudder all his friends! Puffer cushion, sprinkler ring, fake mouse, pack of trapped chewing gum, spider and its web and much more!
Kit of Clementoni Pranks & Snacks: 22,90 €.
Where to find it?

The treasure hunt. Children's fable about the importance of reading for children

Teach your child why reading is so important with this simple "The Word Scavenger Hunt" fable.

Reading teaches us that we can not only Have a fun time and enjoyable living other worlds and imagining millions of different situations, but also we learn a new vocabulary that will help us to mature and move forward in our life.

Read this story to your child about the importance of reading in childhood.

One spring morning, teacher Lechuza announced a pleasant surprise to her students. Instead of studying language, they would do "lsearching for the treasure of words”. Everyone would go out into the forest and try to get five hidden cards using the clues that the teacher would give them.

Two teams were made: the white one led by the Cascabel squirrel and the black one led by the Bowling mouse.

In the white team was the donkey Galileo.

The clue to find the first card was: "It's in the lower part ... of the straw hut."

Bowling Mouse gathered his group together and asked:

- What is a shack?

No one knew, so they stunned out looking for a pile of straw.

Meanwhile, in the white team, Cascabel asked the same question:

- What is a shack?

Galileo replied that it was a kind of hut or hut.

-How do you know? - Asked his amazed friends.

- Ah! I read it in Forest Adventures. It is there where the protagonist takes refuge from the rain.

They all remembered the little house near the eucalyptus trees and ran towards it. Before long, they already had the card in their possession and were waiting for the next clue.

Bowling's companions had to copy the path to the other group, but they were already behind schedule.

The next paper was on a large stone at the bend of the river. Galileo said he knew the word "bend": it was the curve that the river made, it came in his book Wild Nature. Thus, they once again surpassed the black team.

Boliche and his group also couldn't find the card hidden in the "bunker"because they did not know that it was a trunk, nor the one in the hole in the"sequoia " because they didn't even know it was a tree.

To finish the game, the last clue was missing: "In the sound spring you will find the treasure." Hearing it, Cascabel was very happy.

- I know, I know! The "spring" It is the source that is born from the rock! - She exclaimed - It was in a story that my mother read to me before sleeping !.

The white team won the contest and the students learned that:

He who reads is ahead of him who is ignorant.

Find out if your child has understood the message of the fable by asking these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What game did the children play?
  • What did it consist of?
  • Why was the white team winning?
  • Is there a word from the game that you didn't know?
  • Why did the white team know more words?

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